[A/N: This is just a prologue, a sort of introduction to the main story. Plot comes in the next chapter. Promise.][Oh, and Weiss isn't mine. Probably a good thing, too. I wouldn't know how to handle them.][A palindrome, by the way, is a word or verse that is the same when read backwards or forwards. Like "madam, im adam" or "wow".]

Prologue to Palindrome

Brad Crawford was sick of Weiss. Why he hadn't killed them all off slowly and painfully a long time ago was beyond him. They've become almost like flies now, getting in the way of every mission and always foiling his best plans.

Thoughts of his most recent mission nagged him. He had Weiss cornered in every way. Farfarello somehow managed to trap Siberian under the flooring of the building in which they were fighting. Brad had always known that Siberian wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Bombay lay unconscious on the ground. It's never really too difficult to knock out the little pest. The most entertaining part was yet to come when Nagi made good use of Bombay's darts and arrows as he propelled them across the room at Balinese. Brad was enjoying himself immensely until Abyssinian appeared out of nowhere and managed to single-handedly completely turn the tables. Weiss had once again gotten away from him.

Brad decisively resolved to terminate Weiss immediately.

Of course, if there was anything Brad knew, it was the intricate art of termination. The first rule was the most important, as first rules often are: hate your enemy. Simple enough. To eliminate as stubborn an enemy as Weiss, one needs to focus his hatred entirely on the goal. He could do that. No problems there. The second rule was also very important although not with the intensity of the first, as second rules tend to be: know your enemy. This would take some research but that's what he had Schwarz for after all. The third rule proved to be more of a battle tactic: terminate as a whole. One must eradicate the ant pile, not each individual ant.


Fujimiya Ran was sick of Weiss. Why he hadn't killed them all off slowly and painfully a long time ago was beyond him. He wasn't sure why but he kept getting the distinct feeling they were trying to get on his good side, and he was not about to have any of it. Ever since the last mission, Omi has been making breakfast for everyone in the morning, Yohji obediently took his smoking outside, and Ken actually picked up after himself.

Omi making breakfast wasn't so unusual, but the consideration of waking up early every morning to get the ingredients necessary for everyone's favorite meal was too much even for him. Especially since it took so much work on his part that he often barely managed to get any breakfast himself before running off to school.

Yohji hasn't smoked inside for a week which is improbable but not impossible. Usually Ran could get him to take it outside with a healthy dose of yelling. However, now Yohji headed out the backdoor for a smoke before he could even get some nagging in.

Anyone would consider these things strange if they'd have known Weiss for as long as Ran had. Nothing; however, could have prepared him for this. The morning after last week's mission, Ken had cleaned his room. Ran stood in the doorway, watching, shocked in his own indifferent sort of way. Ken was the type of person who had to buy new socks every week because he couldn't find any of his old ones. He was not the type of person whose room had any visible floor.

"Yes, Aya?" Ken said from the ground of his room where he was sorting his clothes into piles of 'wearable' and 'un-wearable'.

"What are you doing?" Ran asked in his monotone manner, marking the most he's said to Ken all week.

"What? Isn't this good?" Ken replied, puzzled. "I thought you'd like this."

"Hn." He didn't consider that a valid answer.

Ran had always been a man of very few words. He said what was needed to be said with as little redundant speaking as possible. He stepped away from Ken's room and made his way down the hall. He also wasn't a person who favored change. The only change he looked forward to was the death of Schwarz and perhaps a raise from Persia. Everything else was added to his list of things to be suspicious of.


The major problem facing us today is that there was a certain key factor that the stoic leaders of Schwarz and Weiss didn't know of. Brad, since his last botched mission, has been exceptionally cruel to his fellow teammates. Nagi, for one, was sick of hearing it. If anyone did any work around here, it was definitely him and he still got bitched at the most. In fact, all the put-downs from Brad had made him question his own worth in the elite Schwarz. This will actually result in just as large a problem for Ran as for Brad.