Patrick and Sandy planned to have a surprise party for Spongebob in case he comes back from the Jellyfish Fields. They know that sooner or later, he wanted to return to civilization. They have his house organized for the party and have invited some people to come over. However, they find one person refusing their invitation.

"I said 'no'!" Squidward exclaimed as he slammed the door from his house to their faces.

"Why not?" Sandy argued.

"Because I finally have freedom. I haven't been in a good mood ever since Spongebob came living next to me," Squidward argued back from inside his house. "At least with him living out his own fantasy life in the Jellyfish Fields, that's one big happiness for me."

"But, Squidward..." Patrick tries to get him to consider.

"Forget it, Patrick! There's nothing you and Sandy can say to make me join the party. Nothing."

Patrick and Sandy turned to each other, wondering what they are going to do. After contemplating, they know what to do.

"Actually, there's nothing we can say to make you join, but we can convince you," she started.

"I'm listening," Squidward opens the door to them.

"If you join the party, I promise to keep Spongebob in check every once in a while," she proposed.

"You do?" Patrick is confused, then Sandy gives him the nudge. "Oh, okay. You will keep Spongebob in check. I'll keep Spongebob in check."

"Ugh, fine..." Squidward gives in to their proposal. "I'll come over to the party."

As he closes the door, Patrick and Sandy smiled with satisfaction.

Author's Note: Have you watched Spongebob Squarepants episode, "Nature Pants"? Just wondering how did Squidward joined the surprise party for Spongebob.