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Kristin studied herself in the mirror. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "This is not my color or style." She sighed as she looked at the bank of lockers behind her. "I guess the old adage beggars can't be choosers applies here." She'd had to break into a dozen lockers before she found one with an extra set of scrubs in her size.

Walking back to one of the open lockers, she helped herself to a brush and a hair band. She pulled her hair into a pony and then twisted it into a bun. "Let's see what else I can find. Nothing here," she said, slamming a locker closed. She moved to the next one, rooting through before closing it. One glance into the next locker and she shut it. All it had was one sweater. She'd heard of being a minimalist but that was taking it too far. She moved down the row.

"OOOH, someone's getting married," she exclaimed. There were a half dozen wedding magazines stacked on a shelf in the locker. She flipped through one of the magazines, stopping as a gorgeous dress caught her attention. She ran her fingers over the intricate lacy details in the picture. "Stunning," she murmured. Closing her eyes, she could picture herself in the beautiful off-white gown. Rachel, in a miniaturized matching gown, would trot happily beside her as they made their way down the church aisle to Brady. Opening up her eyes, she carefully tore the page out of the magazine and folded it in quarters. She tucked it into her bra next to her cell phone. She couldn't risk forgetting either item in the scrubs' pockets. She returned the stack of magazines, closed the locker and moved on.

"This girl likes makeup," she mused as she eyed four makeup cases in one locker. She pulled one out and unzipped it, revealing several colors and types of lip makeups. She uncapped and studied several before choosing a dark almost burgundy color. It wasn't a shade she would normally wear which could help if anyone spotted her. She borrowed an eyebrow pencil and drew on full, exaggerated brows. Returning to the locker, she noticed a few pairs of reading glasses magnetized to the inside of the door. She tried each of them on, turning to study herself in the mirror. "This pair will do," she decided. She left the last pair on and shut the locker. Making her way back to the mirror, she studied herself from several angles.

"With a little planning, I could have come up with a much better disguise but for short notice, this isn't bad. Not bad at all."

She opened the locker room door and peeked out. The hall was empty. She slipped out and quickly moved toward the stairs. She opened the door and stepped inside, listening for the echoing of voices or steps. The stairwell was apparently empty. Good, she thought as she started walking down to Victor's floor. The fewer people who see me, the lower the chance that I'll be recognized, she thought.

At the correct floor, she cracked the stairwell door open and listened. Complete silence. Easing the door open, she stepped out into an empty hallway. Halfway down the hall, she noticed an unattended cart full of equipment. Nonchalantly, she grasped the handle and started walking with the cart. She slowly crept down the corridor toward Victor's room. She peeked around the last corner, studying the nurses' station, recognizing no one. She was in the clear. Moving quickly, but not so quickly that she'd draw attention, Kristin headed toward Victor's room.

A few feet from Victor's door, she allowed her cart to slow to a stop. She pasted a huge smile on her face. "Hello officer. I have medication for Mr. Kiriakis."

The young officer gave her a disinterested once over before nodding toward the door. "You can go in."

"Thank you," she said sweetly as she opened the door. She turned so that her back was toward the room and she could pull the cart in after herself. She slowly turned back toward Victor, trying to study him peripherally before he could see enough to recognize her. He didn't seem to be moving. She turned to fully face him. He was sound asleep. "Excellent," she murmured. As she glanced around the room, her eyes landed on an object laying on the chair. "That will work."


John disconnected the call and frowned. He shook his head. "I woke Brady up from a nap. He says Kristin isn't there. She left a while ago, saying she was going to take a walk."

"A walk?" Rafe repeated, frowning. "Does that seem in character to you? Given the current situation?"

John's brow furrowed. "No."

"Should I send units to the airport and train station to look for her? Do you think she's fleeing?"

John squinted, thinking. Finally, he shook his head. "Nah. Kristin does run when she thinks she's about to get caught but she usually turns to covering her tracks first. Besides, she wants a baby more than she's ever wanted anything else in her life. Now that she has one, she's not giving up and running away without her."

"You think she's going to try to cover her tracks."

"Yes," John agreed.

Rafe's eyes widened and he turned to look down the hall.

John's gaze followed Rafe's. "Victor," they said in unison.

Without discussion, both men moved quickly down the long hall toward Victor's room. Outside the door, the officer standing guard nodded at Rafe. "Commissioner."

"How's Mr. Kiriakis?" Rafe asked. "Have there been any issues? Visitors besides the approved list of family members?"

He shook his head. "No. Mr. Kiriakis' nephew, Justin Kiriakis went in with Detective Grant and the doctor. There haven't been any visitors since then, just medical staff."

John arched his brow. "Medical staff?"

The officer nodded. "Yes. The doctor. The respiratory therapist. There's a nurse in there now."

"Did you look at her badge?" Rafe asked, already reaching for the doorknob.

"No. She was wearing scrubs and had equipment. She seemed legit."

"Always confirm," Rafe said through gritted teeth, pushing the door open. As he stepped into the room, the nurse froze. She was leaning over a sound asleep Victor, a pillow clutched in her hands, inches from his face. "What are you doing?"

Dropping the pillow onto Victor, the woman spun, backing up against the wall as she did so.

Rafe moved farther into the room, reaching for his firearm as he identified Kristin. He heard footsteps as John and the officer both joined him.

John slowly eased into the room, watching as Kristin moved back like a cornered animal as Rafe held her at gun point. His gaze swung toward Victor who lay motionless in his bed, hopefully just sleeping. The alarms and machines surrounding Victor were all silent which was a good sign. The pillow Kristin had dropped, loosely covered Victor's face and neck. Not wanting to startle Rafe, he moved cautiously until he was standing beside the younger man. "I'm going to move the pillow off Victor's face."

Without taking his eyes off Kristin, Rafe responded. "Please do."

Kristin squirmed, scanning the room. Rafe and another armed cop stood between her and the door. Several nurses and other staff members had gathered in the hall and were peeking in, whispering. She'd never get past the cops and the crowd. There was a window behind her but they were on the 3rd floor. Breaking the window and jumping would probably result in injuries, or worse. She'd survived a long fall before but she was a bit older now and Dr. Rolf wasn't exactly available to treat her this time.

Rafe took several steps forward, eying all the equipment near Kristin. If she grabbed for any of it, Victor could be hurt and some of it could be used as weapons. "Kristin, put your hands on your head."

With no way to escape, Kristin sighed. Her best option was to cooperate. With the right lawyer, she'd be out on bail by night fall, with her daughter in her arms by the end of the week.

"Turn around and slowly step back toward me." He watched, a little surprised, as Kristin followed his directions. With his peripheral vision, he could tell that the young officer beside him had cuffs out and ready. Once she was standing at the foot of the bed, Rafe addressed the officer. "Officer Smith, arrest her."

Kristin froze again, cringing as the cop grabbed her hands and pulled them down behind her back and cuffed them. She closed her eyes as he recited her Miranda rights. She'd heard them enough times to have them memorized and had no intention of saying a word.

As the officer lead Kristin from the room, the crowd in the hall split, creating a path between the two sides, cell phones held high to capture as much on video as possible.

"What on earth is going on?" Kayla asked, maneuvering past people and into the room. She hurried toward Victor, who was waking up and staring around the room, blinking, obviously a little disorientated.

"He was attacked by a crazy woman dressed as a nurse," someone in the hall volunteered.

"Kristin," Rafe added quietly when Kayla looked at him questioningly. Once she was inside, he slid the door closed.

John took a step back from the bed, making room for Kayla. "He was out when I got to him," he explained. He held up the pillow. "I think I got it off in time. He started to come to immediately."

Kayla was already removing her stethoscope from her neck and leaning toward her patient. Once she had finished checking all his vitals and ensuring that his IV and all the machinery in the room were still working properly, she looked up. "There doesn't seem to be any further damage."

"I sure as hell hope not," Victor grumbled. He looked at Rafe. "I want to press charges against that bitch."

"Of course," Rafe said. "After what I witnessed, charges would be automatic."

John raised his free hand to his chin, stroking it in contemplation as he studied his former father-in-law. "Why, Victor? Why would she suddenly attack you like this?"

"She's insane," Victor snapped. He turned to Kayla. "Get me some water."

Kayla arched a brow at him though she reached for the water pitcher and a plastic cup. "Please goes a long way."

"I'm not a child. I don't need you to teach me manners."

This time, she raised both brows. "No? Then you should use manners without my coaching." She extended the cup toward him and he snatched it, scowling at her.

After shooting Victor a last suspicious look, John turned to Rafe. "If you don't need any further assistance from me, is it okay if I go speak with Brady?" He gestured toward the door. "With all those people around, Kristin's arrest isn't going to stay quiet for long and Brady should hear it in person, from me."

Rafe nodded. "Of course. Thank you for your help."

"Don't mention it." He held up the pillow still clutched in one hand. "I assume you're going to want this as evidence?"

"Yes." Rafe glanced around, noticing gloves in a wall dispenser. He pulled a pair on and accepted the pillow. "Thank you, again."

With another nod, John slipped out the door.