Today was a beautiful day on a long stretch of highway. the birds were chirping as squirrels were running from one side of the highway to get to the other. A few dead leaves blue through the breeze as a car drove through the highway. The car was no ordinary car as it was a 1968 Buick LeSabre.

The car was a distinctive dark blue color and from all appearances it was well taken care of despite its age. the driver cannot be seen since the windows were tinted but it was clear he was wearing mirrored sunglasses.

As a rest stop area was shown to be only a few miles away the driver quickly turned his car so he could stop at the rest stop.

Once the rest stop came into view the driver quickly pulled over into the rest stop and quickly came out of his car. The driver was a young man appearing in his early twenties. What was most distinctive about the young man was the fact that he had snow white hair that was slick back. The driver was wearing a leather jacket covering his orange v-neck shirt that had some kind of necklace underneath. For pants he wore dark navy blue skinny jeans with black steel toed boots for footwear. The young man pulled out a water bottle and started drinking from it before he noticed the audience.

The young man quickly chug down his water into his throat before he decided to answer the audience.

"Oh hey I didn't see you there. Now I bet you're wondering who I am, well the short answer is my name is Lincoln Marie Loud."responded you young man who now identified himself as Lincoln.

"Now I bet you're wondering Lincoln why are you driving your 1968 Buick LeSabre on this particular highway on this particular day. Well the short answer is I'm returning home after ten years of being away. You see I don't want to go into too many details but 10 years ago I saw something I shouldn't have and I was forced to run away from home."said Lincoln before he noticed that the audience was giving him a look.

"Now I know that look you're giving me. You guys are probably saying something along the lines of Lincoln if you run away from home why you coming home now after ten years. Well long story short I just barely found out it was safe to return home. So yeah I'm coming home to face everyone I left behind when I disappeared all those years ago."said Lincoln as he pulled out his wallet and pulled out a photo.

The photo was a younger Lincoln next to a man and a woman whom are most likely his parents. Just a few inches away from Lincoln was five little girls that's based on appearance must have been his sisters.

"This this is the family I left behind which includes my father Lynn Loud Sr, my mother Rita Loud, and my five little sisters who I left behind Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn Jr. I haven't seen any of them in over ten years and I got to tell you it's probably going to be the most difficult conversation I'm going to have in my life."said Lincoln as he started chuckling nervously.

"But first I'm going to go see Grandpa Albert way affectionately call Pop-pop. He's the one who found me and to this day I don't know how and told me it was time to come home. So before I go in face my past I need to consult with him."said Lincoln as he put away the photo into his wallet and back into his back pocket.

Once the wallet was secure Lincoln went back into his vehicle and started the engine. Once the car started drove back before driving back onto the highway and continuing his drive back to his hometown, which he has not seen in ten years.

Lincoln continue driving staring at the highway until he saw a sign that sad Royal Woods ten miles away. Lincoln let out a huge sigh as he knew that today was the day he had to confront something that has been long overdue.


About thirty minutes later Lincoln arrives on to the outskirts of Royal woods and decided to stop his car. Once he killed the engine he drove off the road so it's the not disturb any motorists that were coming by.

"Do I really want to do this? Knowing my sister's they probably hating my guts or what I did, well most likely Leni won't hate me. That girl is too sweet to hate anyone."said Lincoln with a nervous chuckle before he started the engine once more.

"No Lincoln you have to do this. What would Josuke or the rest of the gang say if they saw me now. Afraid confront my past."said Lincoln as he drove back onto the road and made his way into Royal Woods.

"Wow Royal Woods has not changed at all in the ten years I have been gone."said Lincoln as he began looking around Royal Woods and saw that everything was the same as it was all those years ago.

"Look there is Flips food and fuel. I wonder if that no-good con artist still runs it. Oh and over there is the aloha comrade. Man Royal Woods has not changed one bit since I've been gone."

Lincoln began to become grim face when he said that as he wondered one thing and one thing only. How it is family react when he disappear or his best friend's Clyde McBride and Ronnie Anne Santiago. How did they feel when he just up and disappeared on them without even so much as leaving a note as to why he did it.

Lincoln begin to feel the immense pressure as he gripped steering wheel of his car extremely hard. Lincoln knew he had no choice when he had to run away, but still disappearing for ten long years without so much as leaving something to tell them where you are going.

"If only I never met that scumbag I would have never have left my family behind."said Lincoln as he continued driving down Royal Woods.


About a hour later Lincoln went to a large building on the outskirts of town which he knew was the retirement home where his grandfather was now living.

Letting out another huge sigh Lincoln exit is Buick and made his way it's the retirement home. Once he was inside he made his way to the front desk where a nurse was currently working.

"Excuse me I'm here to see Albert."said Lincoln as he walked over to the nurse.

"Oh I'll call him right away and see if he's expecting anyone."said the nurse said she was blushing a little as she found Lincoln to be extremely handsome.

Lincoln just grinned a little as he knew he was quite in shape for someone his age and how to clean face despite having gotten into many fights during his ten years on the road.

"Excuse me Albert you have a visitor here... about 20 years old... white hair... uh huh okay I'll tell him."said the nurse said she hang up the phone.

"Albert said he'll be here in a few minutes."

"Okay thank you."said Lincoln as he went over to a nearby chair and sat down and started twirling his thumbs as he waited or his grandfather to come over.

About a minute later an old man with similar white hair to Lincoln's came walking to the nursing station. He was wearing a short sleeve white button-up shirt, blue pants which where held up by orange suspenders and white shoes. Lincoln immediately recognize them as his grandfather Pop-pop.

"Hey... Pop-pop."said Lincoln has he got up to shake his grandfather's hand.

The two shook hands before Albert gave him a look over.

"Well you're certainly looking better. Much better than when I found you in Tokyo."said Alberta as he noticed that Lincoln was in much better condition.

"Yeah... I gained some weight and I stopped drinking...and smoking."said Lincoln as he placed his hand behind his head and started scratching it nervously.

"Well let's go to the dining room and get something to eat you must be starving after the long trip."said Albert as he in Lincoln begin walking to the cafeteria.

As they enter the cafeteria they notice a woman in a scooter arguing with a few of the staff members.

"Just ignore Scoots she's like that with everyone."said Albert as he and Lincoln sat down on a table.

"Today we're having steak with some eggs, I hope you like them Lincoln because let me tell you the cooking here is delicious."

"Well I guess this is the first time we're talkin since you found me in that alleyway in Tokyo."said Lincoln as he decided to break the ice.

"Yeah, my body was a private detective and managed to track you down but I got to say you didn't make it easy. When he came back to me I was surprised to find out you were in Tokyo. I was even more surprised to find out that you were in a Tokyo biker gang."said Albert with a serious look on his face.

"I had to survive in the cesspool I called my home for the last ten years. Kai didn't really give me a choice when I joined up and besides say what you want about "Shiroryuu" but we never hurt any innocent civilians ever."said Lincoln who did not like his friends being insulted.

"Lincoln I heard a lot of the bad things you did while in Tokyo."

"I was a different person back then. When you're in that life you have to do what you can to survive and you have to do what you're told that's the way it works. Of course I don't have an excuse when I became the head so yeah... I'm pretty much responsible for everything I've done in my life. I'm not proud of what I've done but I have no regrets."said Lincoln with absolute seriousness in his voice.

"Well I can't exactly judge you since when I was your age I was quite the ruffian and I did my fair share of mischief when I was young and stupid as well. But the military and your grandmother sent me straight."said Albert as their food arrived at the table and was placed near them.

"So have you gone to see your family yet."said Albert as he decided to get straight to the point.

"Not yet. I need to talk to you first before I could get the nerve to go and see my family."said Lincoln as he was gripping the table extremely hard.

"Well I don't have to tell you like I told you in Tokyo how devastated Rita and my granddaughters were when you up and disappeared without saying anything that night."said Albert as he was not happy at all.

"Like I told you in Tokyo Pop Pop I didn't have a choice. That scumbag said leave or else and you know the more than anyone that when he said something he meant it."said Lincoln as he did not like recalling the person in question.

"But I told you when can he's been dead for a while now. And good riddance I say one less evil in the world."said Albert as he to hated the man Lincoln was talking about.

"Yeah and I had no way of knowing that since I was literally in another country "said Lincoln as he took a bite out of his stake.

"Lincoln I know but you have not had an easy life but how do you think my daughter and your sisters felt when you just disappeared on them. You were Rita's first born and she felt like a failure of a mother when you just ran off. My granddaughters wouldn't stop blaming themselves for your disappearance now I know you had no choice but still."

"What can I say that I'm sorry we'll sorry won't cut it for them especially Lori. Knowing her she probably hates my very being."said Lincoln with some anger in his voice.

"Well I guess you have a point but this is something you have to do Lincoln for both sides to heal. I know this sounds harsh but this is the true you need to go home. It's time to stop running."said Albert with absolute seriousness in his voice.

"I know, but this will probably be the most difficult fight in my life. No this will definitely be the most difficult fight of my life."said Lincoln as he and his grandfather continued eating.

"I know Lincoln and if you ever need anything you can always come back her for advice."


A while later Lincoln exit at the retirement home and went back to his Buick with a mission in mind. To return to his childhood home and confront the family he left behind.

Once he started his car he quickly drove out of out of the parking lot and made his way back onto the road with newfound determination.

Albert meanwhile had watched everything from afar.

"You have not had an easy life Lincoln. You had to see the worst in humanity and we're willing to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your family. Hopefully those wounds you have inflicted on yourself will heal and you and the rest of our family will finally have peace.

Once the Buick was out of sight Albert return to his retirement home hoping that Lincoln will do the right thing.

Lincoln meanwhile was continuing to drive using the memory he had to return to his childhood Street... Franklin avenue.

After a few minutes of searching he found it and began to drive on it. Once Lincoln was on Franklin avenue he stopped the car and parked it on the street. taking a deep breath he got out of his car and quickly locked it before walking onto the sidewalk.

"If I'm doing this I have to do this with my own two feet."said Lincoln as he began what sounds like a long march to his past.

As Lincoln walk down the street every step felt like a uphill battle as he honestly did not want to do this but knew he had to. After what felt like hours of walking when in reality was only a few minutes Lincoln arrived at his destination... his old childhood home.

Just in front of Lincoln was a house that look like it was hit by a tornado filled with toys and other materials scattered all over the yard and roof.

"Well this place hasn't changed a bit since I've been gone."said Lincoln as he felt himself losing his nerve.

Taking a few deep breaths Lincoln managed to get his nerve back and began walking up to the house and after a few minutes a walking he made his way to the front door.

"Well here goes nothing."said Lincoln as he began knocking on the door, waiting for someone to answer.