Currently facing each other after having not seen each other in more than ten years was Lincoln and Luna Loud, and to say that the atmosphere was intense was and understatement. One could easily say that it was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

Lincoln could tell the intensity of the room, it was almost like the intensity he felt back in Tokyo. Lincoln was surprised to see how much Luna has changed since the time he has been gone. For one thing her hair was never that short when he was still around ten years ago. When did she cut it? And when did she get all into rock and roll? To Lincoln it was a bit strange but he knew he had no say in it as he lost his right to do that ten years ago.

Others in the rooms felt the same intensity.

The twins we're extremely surprised as they just found out not too long ago that they had a long-lost big brother and that their parents and most likely their older sisters never told them about it.

Lana looked at Lincoln and then noticed that his hands had a bit of calluses, indicating that he has used his hands for hard labor. The fact that he also smelled a bit like motor oil didn't ask her eyes she would know that smell anywhere as she was the one usually in charge of maintaining Vanzilla, the Loud family's main mode of transportation.

Lola was admiring how handsome Lincoln was as she was a princess she expected him to be as handsome as a prince, and he certainly didn't disappoint. Lola began wondering if he was a good Prince or a bad Prince, because if he was was that the reason why their family never told them about him.

'Hmm... he appears to be way two hundred twenty...two pounds I would estimate but there is very little fat on him. The white hair is similar to Pop-Pop's and judging by his facial features there is no doubt in my mind that he is a Loud. But why did the older members of our family failed to notify me of his existence?' wondered Lisa ash she was analyzing Lincoln. Like the other she was interested but more on a scientific level as she wanted to collect his DNA just to be sure that he was indeed who Luna exclaim he was.

Lucy meanwhile was keeping quiet because although she that not too long ago that Lincoln what's her older brother,she quickly composed herself to her usual quiet self. Now Lucy will admit that she was curious as she sense that Lincoln was carrying a lot of baggage, Like he has seen and done things that he has been less that proud of.

"So... you decided to show your face after ten years."said Luna with clear venom in her voice.

"...Yeah...I thought it was time to come home... I see you're into rock and roll now."replied Lincoln who I was expecting this kind of reaction from his siblings, after all why wouldn't they be angry with him.

Rita meanwhile was trying her best not to bite her nails as she knew that things were about to get ugly she could feel it.

Soon Luna started to slowly walk towards Lincoln with her head held down her eyes covered by shadow because of her bangs.

'I know this feeling anywhere!' thought Lincoln as quickly reacting to what Luna was about to do next.

As soon as Luna was close enough to Lincoln she raised her head, her eyes full of rage as she swung her right Phish. Lincoln's face but luckily for Lincoln he intercepted it with his hand before she could connect.

"Well now this was the reaction I was expecting. Now Luna I know I screwed up big-time but there's no need to resort to violence."

"Yes there is! You think you can up and come back after being gone for ten years and pretend like it never happened! Well let me give you some news Lincoln! We we're doing just fine without you so how dare you come back and try to act like nothing happened!"Yelled Luna has she tried to strike Lincoln again and again but each time her face was intercepted by his palms.

"You don't think I know that Luna. When I was on the streets there wasn't a single day that went by that I didn't think of you guys and I know I can never make up for disappearing on you without saying so much as a goodbye but all I'm asking is that you give me a chance."said Lincoln as tears started to fall down Luna's face.

"Shut up! And stop blocking my fist. You deserve to get hit you piece of garbage!"

"...Fine.. I won't block the next one so give me your best shot."said Lincoln as he lowered his arms.

Seeing and opportunity Luna swan her arm back as far as she could and before anyone could stop her she threw a really fast and hard punch towards Lincoln's cheak, making a loud sound as soon as it connected.

Everyone was completely silence as although Luna hada bit of a violent street, they never expected her to use full force against someone. But what happened next surprise them.

"Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow!"Exclaimed Luna as she moved her fist away to reveal that although there was a graze on Lincoln's cheek her fingers or red, like they have just punched a brick wall.

"Satisfied?"Asked Lincoln as didn't appear at all fazed by the blow as he just touched his cheek.

'Man that was a hard punch. But compared to Kai and Satoshi that was nothing.' thought Lincoln as Luna looked at him.

"Why did you even leave in the first place! Were we such bad sisters that you just couldn't take it anymore and decided to run off so you wouldn't have to deal with us anymore!"

"No Luna quite the opposite you guys were the best sisters a guy could ask for but I had my reasons for leaving and I couldn't tell any of you, But all I want is to make up for greatest sin... leaving my beloved family behind without a word."

"...You mean that!"

"Come on Luna, you know for a fact I'm a terrible liar."said Lincoln with a small smile on his face.

"Then promise."

"Promise what?"

"Promise that you will never disappear on again. That you will stay."

"I promise that I, Lincoln Loud with my honor as a man to never in and leave my family again."said Lincoln with no hesitation whatsoever.

"Big brother!"explain Luna she charge towards Lincoln and gave him a big hug.

Lincoln was relieved to see that Luna was no longer mad with him, at least for now so he hug your back when he suddenly heard something.

"Hey what's with all the excitement down there? Am I going to have to fork you to be quiet hahahahah get it?"said a female, about fourteen years of age as she came down the stairs.

The young female in question was a brunette who had her hair in a ponytail courtesy of a yellow scrunchie, For clothing she wore a sleeveless white shirt with a flower pin to her chest, are yellow plaid skirt with matching socks, and shoes with flowers on them.

It didn't even take Link in a second to figure out who it was because there was only one person who would tell a pun that bad.

"Big brother!"Exclaimed the young female as she stopped in our tracks the moment she spotted Lincoln.

"Hey Luan... I'm back..."said Lincoln as he had a feeling this was going to be a very long day.