I guess not very many people do, but I've loved all of Judy Blume's book and I've read nearly all of them (not Summer Sister). I've grown out of a few, but I picked up Judy Blume's book on censorship not long ago. It inspired me to write something...even if it isnt really in Judy Blume style. The characters are from "Thanks to you, Rachel Robison." and "As Long as We're Together." Judy Blume owns all the characters (most of 'em) and I own the story line! YAYNESS! Please RR 3 Me


"Stephanie, what are you doing?"

Stephanie pulled her eyes away from the mirror.

"Mum, did you know the formal school dance is in 14 days." Stephanie replied in a deadly whisper.

"14 days, 2 week's, millions of hours! Look at your room, and what is that stuff on your face?"

"Make-up mum!" said Stephanie sounding hysterical.

Stephanie's mum's gave a motherly smile, "I'll do your make-up on dance night, honey."

"You will? Thanks you so much," said Stephanie, ripping out a tissue and trying to wipe of un-even eye-shadow, "did you know mascara is the most difficult thing in the world?"

Reminded of her young self, Stephanie's mum left the room chuckling.

The next day Stephanie was shopping with Alison and Rachel at the mall.

"I've never really noticed these shops before." Said Stephanie in awe.

"That's because these dresses are way past our purses." Said Rachel, frowning at a dress on display that was $175.

"I've been in these shops millions of times," said Alison pulling a face, "my mum has millions of fancy dressesit's a lot of fun shopping for yourself though."

"Hey!" said Stephanie, "look at this!" she pulled out a long, mauve dress. It was ruffles down the bottom and was shoe-strapped.

"How much?" asked Rachel.

Alison rolled her eyes, "It's perfect Steph, go try it on!"

"But how much is it!" insisted Rachel. Stephanie laughed and headed towards the changing rooms.

"It looks perfect!" squealed Alison excitedly.

"Hmmm" commented Rachel, raising an eye-brow critically.

Stephanie had come out of the changing rooms, she sucked in her stomach and straightened her back.

"It's mine," said Stephanie, "I'm going to find the cashier so I don't have to carry this whole thing around."

"How much was it?" Rachel shouted.

A few hours later when they came out of the mall, they each had a shopping bag clutched safely in their bag, and a large grin.


Jeremy opened the door, "Hey, hey!" he high-fived a tall blonde boy, "go upstairs, the rest of the crew are up there."

Jeremy rummaged the cupboard for chips and headed to his room. His 6 mates had come over to hang.

His mates grabbed the bowl of chips, munching eagerly. "Whadd'ya wanna do?" asked Jeremy lazily.

His friend, Damien, sat upright, "Hey, what about we play truth or dare?"

Jeremy looked side-ways at Damien, curiously, "Isn't that a girls game?"

"Naw," Answered Damien, "truth or dare?"

Jeremy didn't want to look like a coward, "Dare."

The boys stopped munching their chips and listened.

Damien smiled evilly, licked his salty fingers and said, "I dare you, to invite Stephanie to the dance."

Jeremy looked at him blankly, "What Stephanie?"

"Your knowStephanie." Smirked Damien.

Jeremy chewed on his chip slowly "Oh," said Jeremy waving a careless hand behind his, "That's just-WHAT!?" Jeremy spit out his chip, realising what he got into.

"It's your dare mate."

"He's right-"


His mates mummers spread agreeingly around the circle.

"Fine," said Jeremy, thoroughly put off, "I'll- I'll do it."