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Jeremy grinned in his tux, his blindingly white teeth glaring underneath the camera lens.

"Thanks darlihn' I can't believe my little wittle Jeremy is all g'won up!"

"G'roff mum" Jeremy struggled underneath his mothers designer clothed, beefy arms. The doorbell rang, "Ah, that'll be Damien."

Jeremy's mothers face brightened, "Why don't a take a cwute picture of you and your friend tog-"

Jeremy gathered up his flowers for Stephanie hastily, "Naw, it's okay mum," Jeremy pecked her on the cheek, "see ya tonight, say bye to Dad for me"

"Jeremy," Hissed Damien from the front seat of his brothers Meceedes, "we're never going to pull this off!"

No shit sherlock.

"Relax," soothed Jeremy, "It'll be fine, we'll have fun, and Steph'll have fun."

"What'll we do at school? That bitch Steph will never shut her mouth!" said Damien sounding panicky.

Jeremy's eyes turned cold, he didn't like it whenever other guys called girls bitches. Especially when the guy didn't even know the girl. Deep down, Jeremy had a heart, just over the prospect of humiliating Damien, the heart was having some trouble communicating to Jeremy's brain.

"We.fine." said Jeremy, through clenched teeth. Finally, Damien's brother smoothly parked along the school curb.

"Ready mate?" muttered Damien. Jeremy nodded. The plan was Damien was going with his girlfriend to the dance, Jeremy was going with Stephanie. After the dance, Jeremy would lead Stephanie into the janitors closet saying he had a surprise, Damien would be waiting in the closet.

The still night air was cold, the chill sent a shiver up Jeremy spin, realising that he had no pockets to thrust his hands into, he ran his hands through his thick, chocolate, brown hair. The newest mens cut, totally Vouge. Inside the large school foyer, fruit punch was being drunk by the majority of guys in tux's and girls in long, flowing dresses. Slim, short, puffy, long, intricate, simple, shapely (Jeremy's eyes noticed), dresses and skirtsscanning the room, Jeremy couldn't find Stephanie. His eyes rested on a tall girl with dark brown hair, her date was a guy Jeremy knew from his maths class. Jack Burton, the brain. Jeremy casually walked up to Rachel.

"Hey Rachel, ermdo you know where your friend Stephanie is?"

"Yeah, she's over there," Rachel carelessly waved behind her, "near the toilets."

"Ok, thanks."

Jeremy followed Rachel's vague directions, there was only one girl standing near the toilets that he had never seen before. The girl was talking to her friend who appeared to be Asain, Jeremy knew her by Alison. Jeremy nearly did a double take, this girl had long, brown locks, her face was slim and milky white with a bronze blush on her cheeks. Her eyes were chocolaty and framed with long, incessant lashes. A long, mauve dress hung of the girls delicate, curvy body.

How come I've never seen this girl around before? She'd be the most gorgeous girl in the school.

Forgetting about Damien or Stephanie, Jeremy headed towards this girl. He had to make introductions.

"Hey," he said smoothly, butting into Alison's and the girls conversation, "I don't think I've seen you around before." He shot her a seductive smile, that would have made any girl melt.

"Oh, Damien!" The girl searched his eyes, "I was wondering when you'd be here, you took forever. The dance is about to start."

Damien frowned, "Huh? How do you-" Jeremy stopped midway. Peering closely at the girl, he reallised. This girl was Stephanie. An barely resistible Stephanie. An irresistible Stephanie. Since when did girls change appearance over night? This was a confusing! Jeremy's brain hurt.

"ErmI meanStephanie! You look ravishing, quite, barely resistible, I mean, resistibleyes, yes, yesno, no, noI mean irresistible. Erm, here are your flowers, yeah, great things, flowers." Jeremy gave a raw laugh, thrusting the flowers into Stephanie's hands. Alison eyed him curiously, and Stephanie just raised an eye-brow, but she was smiling. Suddenly, a hush grew over the wild crow d in the foyer, "Ok, everyone, the DJ is ready. Please leave your coats here. You may enter the hall now, be safe and have fun!"


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