Summary:Professor Albus Dumbledore was forced by a manipulative, headstrong, and intimidating hokage, Tsunade Senju to give out a mission. So Albus Dumbledore rashly blurted out the first thing that came into his mind: get rid of Voldemort. So Team 7 were to go to the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry disguised as students and teachers to complete their mission. But can Dumbledore really depend on a bunch of children to stop the all powerful dark wizard from coming back?

Jumping up and down and rubbing hands together in glee* I just know I'm gonna have fun writing this!

I'm gonna write a new chapter every...uhh...week! How does that sound?

I love both Harry Potter and Naruto. Surprisingly, now that I think about it, both Harry and Naruto are very similar to each other... I'll indirectly tell you about that in the next chapters.

The timeline of this entire thingy majigy is little different.

You can put it this way, Naruto already experienced and went through the genin test, chunin exam and everything. The rasengan, too. Which means they're already thirteen when they're eleven, so they can attend the first year at Hogwarts. Or... you have to be thirteen to attend your first year at Hogwarts. Whichever you want, as long as both Harry and Naruto can meet up at the same age and everything. And in this story Sasuke didn't get the curse mark.

I'm also gonna add some Japanese words in this book(or,more or less 'Japanese terms' cuz I don't really know Japanese, I just hear them from Naruto and pick them up). Can you suggest any?

Like, does 'dattebayo' mean believe it, or ya know?

Or should I just put 'dattebayo'?

Nevermind, I'll do all three!


Okiey Dokiey. IKUZO!!!

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Have fun reading!