Rain Bozu

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Amano Nagi imagines he has powers to influence the weather like his sister, Tokyo's 100% Sunshine Girl.

They were responding to a wedding that day. In her prep room, the gorgeous white-gowned bride expressed to them her totally reasonable desire to be married under a miraculous blue sky.

Neechan held sway over the elements. Her prayers moved the air's moisture, parted the grey clouds, and reversed downpours. But Nagi imaginatively broadened their sales pitch so he too contributed a share of the brightness.

This teru teru bozu getup he wore wasn't merely a marketing gimmick agreed upon with Hodaka. Children hung the tissue paper dolls as good luck charms for fairer days ahead. It made sense to tap into the widely believed superstition from a business perspective.

He ran around Hina, Hodaka playing the inexperienced monk. Requesting a rainbow wouldn't theoretically be beyond the abilities of a weather maiden, yet still, Nagi's notions soared.

Nagi was Rain Bozu – the "Rain Boy" – to his sister's 100% Sunshine Girl.

Unblocked sunlight reflected off every window, illuminating the city almost godly gold.

Splashing his gumboots in the shrinking puddles, he released a prayer not by Hina becked. And lo, a seven-coloured ribbon painted the atmosphere.

Their family finally felt whole again, as if Okasan herself reached down the cumulonimbi to give them her blessing.

Hodaka, that guy…Nagi thought he was a weirdo, but the squall had cleared fast.

The clouds didn't obstruct, and this made Nagi the happiest he'd ever been.