I know I only just started this fic but I feel that I'm basically copying different parts of other stories and mashing them together. Yes, many of the ideas are my own and I've not directly copied anything (especially without permission) but I still don't really like what I've done, particularly from the first chapter onward. I've introduced Remus too fast and it's ruined what I had planned. I'm going to leave what I have up but I'm going to spend some time working on another fic while I focus to get my mind back on track. Anyone's welcomed to use what I have so far if they want (credit due, of course) but I'm going to continue with a fic that I've already written a few chapters for. Sorry for the disappointment! Once I've written a few chapters of how I want the story to go, I'll either say this is complete, or I'll delete it completely.

Let me know your thoughts, please.

Amber Serpent