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Adam's tiredness and grogginess from the early morning are all remedied by the smell of coffee brewing. He walks into the kitchen already knowing whom he will find awake. Emma is sitting on the counter, her feet dangling, while she reads the newspaper. Noticing she is all dressed and showered with her hair how she likes, Adam can tell she didn't get a full night sleep.

"How long did you sleep?" He asks her while pouring a cup of coffee.

Emma usually makes coffee for the team even though she doesn't drink any herself.

"What time did you leave my room?" Emma asks.

Just about everyday that Emma has lived in sanctuary Adam has read her to sleep. And just about everyday that she has lived in sanctuary Emma asks for the same story each time.

"About midnight." Adam answers her.

He looks at his watch it is near seven thirty.

I guess about four and a half hours. Emma says answering his first question.

"I felt Shalimar having a nightmare so I went into her room and woke her up. She thanked me and started telling me what happened, but fell back asleep in the middle of the story."

"So you couldn't fall asleep without knowing the ending?" Adam suggests.

Emma smiles and looks at him.

"No." She says shaking her head. "Have you ever just known something was wrong, but didn't know what?" She asks him in all seriousness.

"Can't say that I have." Adam replies. "But I'm confident everything will be all right." He answers honestly.

"I hope so." She says just as the computer starts beeping for Adam.

In sanctuary after everyone was up, had eaten, gotten showered and done their morning exercise, Adam makes an announcement.

"We have an assignment." He says.

"Does it have to do with Eckhart?" Brennan asks.

"No. Some government people gave it to us. It appears that this man…."

Adam says turning on the computer screen revealing a picture of him. "Has gone AWOL from the war."

Everybody stares at the picture of a tall muscular man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is dressed in an army uniform and hat. They are trying to absorb all of his physical characteristics. Emma's eyes are wider than everyone else's. 

"Not only that…." Adam continues "But he has stolen something of great asset to the military. Which I am guessing is very important to the government people."

"Why are you guessing?" Emma asks a bit coldly.

"Because my sources wont tell me what it is. I bet we will find out what it is once we capture Private Davenport."

"I'm confused Adam." Jesse says. "Why would the government want Mutant X to capture an AWOL private with a military asset or not?"

"First of all it's only a few generals who are working above Private Davenport. They know about Mutant X, because two of them are new mutants and the one that isn't already knows about us. Now they all have reason to believe that Davenport is a new mutant. If the whole government knew that it wouldn't be announced on all the local channels." Adam says turning on about five news stations at once. They all showed Private Davenport's picture while talking about him and the situation.

"So let's find him." Brennan says with great determination in his voice.

          At that very moment Brennan chooses to hate him. He doesn't know anything about Private Davenport or the situation, but he knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an AWOL private.

"Good." Adam says. "Jesse, I want you to see if this guy has used credit cards, made phone calls, any thing that would have his name on it. Shal, you go look up some back round information on him. See if you can find out what type of mutant he is and what he can do. Emma, you check the computers see if he has any friends or relatives he would go to…."

"I can't," she interrupts.

Everyone goes quiet and looks at her. She has head resting on her closely drawn knees.

"Why not?" Adam asks.

"My head hurts I can't concentrate on anything." She answers him.

"That's fine," he tells her. "Go to your room and rest. We're probably going to need you later on today."

Emma nods her head and leaves.

Everybody goes on with his searching task. Shalimar watches Emma as she leaves. She is such a good actress. Shalimar thinks to herself. When Emma is not using her powers, she can fool all the boys into thinking whatever she wants them to think about her. She still hadn't learnt to deceive Shalimar. Shalimar saw the fear and panic in her eyes. Each of her steps was filled with sorrow. Though she truly did believe Emma had a headache. She could see it in the uneasiness of her steps.

After bumping into the hallway almost five times, Emma finally makes it to her room. Her head feels like something is trying to hammer its way out through her skull. How could he do this to me? Is all Emma can think to herself. Each time she repeats it, her headache grows worse with not being able to answer it. She doesn't even realize she hasn't made it past the doorway. She shuts the door and slowly walks toward her bed. Her head feels light. The room begins to spin. She grabs her stomach as she fights a wave of nausea from making its way up. The last thing she remembers is the room going blurry before she collapses.