Emma and Emmanuel sit together on the couch as the minutes tick by too fast.

"I'm really sorry Emilia…. I mean Emma."

"Sorry about what?" Emma asks.

"Not calling you when you were taking care of Lady. Taking her without warning you. Trying to dump her on you again after not talking to you for three years. I guess I'm sorry for the last five years."

"Your forgiven," she says with a small smile. "I'm sorry too," she adds.

"You? For what?"

"Holding a grudge for so long to the point I almost convinced myself I hated you. Not telling Adam you were innocent when he first tried to capture you."

"Adam was one of them trying to capture me?" Emmanuel asks in shock.

"Oops, did I forget to mention that?" Emma says, covering her lips to hide a smile.

            Emmanuel tackles his sister on the couch and tickles her sides until she giggles in hysterics. He doesn't stop until she cries "uncle". Emma would like to give him a mental image of feathers tickling his body, but her head still hurts too much. Instead she settles for falling down on his lap. Emmanuel lifts her up to his chest and gives her a bear hug. Emma's whole body seems to relax.

"I'll miss you," he whispers to her in French.

"I know," Emma answers.

"Emmanuel," she says, laying her head down over his knees allowing him to stroke her hair, "there's loop holes to Lady's power."

"What do you mean?" he asks her.

"You said you can't read her stories or take her to plays. There's ways of getting around it so that you're not lying."

"Like how?" he asks with excitement.

"Just tell her that you are going to read her a story by whatever author. Specify that he wrote it and now your reading it. Than your not lying; you are actually reading a story by that author. Same thing with going to plays."

"Is that how you got her to call you Emma? You talked your way around it?"


Adam cleans up in the lab. He glances out at Emma and her brother a couple times and is happy with what he sees. When he hears the lab doors he turns around and sees Lady.

"I thought you were playing with Jesse," he says.

"I was," she tells him, "he showed me how to download music off the Internet."

"That's nice," Adam smiles.

"Adam I was thinking," she says and then pauses. Lady doesn't like to ask for things, but in this case it's something she really wants. "When we were on that roof and I had those devices behind my ears. I really liked not being able to hear you guys lie. My dad told me what is happening to my hearing. I can say that I'm not much surprised. So I was hoping that maybe to give my ears a break at times, you could loan me those gadgets." Lady finishes as she fidgets nervously.

"I can't loan them to you Lady," Adam says. Adam watches Lady's face drop. "Loaning means you'll return them. But what I will do is I'll give them to you."

            Lady looks up from the floor at Adam's grinning face. Lady smiles big and lifts up her arms. Adam picks her up and she hugs him tightly.

"Thank you so much," she says.

"You are sure welcome," Adam tells her.

            Adam walks over to his desk and puts the audio blockers in a black box for Lady. "Don't lose these, okay? They're the only pair you'll probably ever have."

Lady nods her head and looks at the box just as Adam's cell phone rings.

"All right," he says to the person on the other line and then hangs up. "Your ride is almost here," he tells Lady.

            A blind person couldn't miss the disappointment on the little girl's face. Adam pulls her face in and kisses her on the cheek.

"You'll be alright," he tells her.

Adam walks out with her into the living room. He puts Lady down and she walks over to her aunt. Emma sits up and puts the child on her lap. Brennan, Jesse and Shalimar also make their way into the living room.

"Are you going to like London?" Emma asks her.

"I like rain," Lady responds. "I think I'll have a hard time remembering to put a 'u' after the 'o' in words like color."

"They'll know you're from America. Maybe they'll take it easy on you," Emma tells her.

"What about daddy? He's not from America?"

"He already puts a 'u' in color and all the other words that require one."

            Lady smiles a little, then her eyebrows narrow at the realization of something.

"Wait a second," she says. "I can't lie about my name or my ears bother me worse. What am I supposed to call myself?"

            The room is silent for a minute, than Adam speaks up.

"Lady is a title in England. Why don't you just go by your first and middle name?"

"That's a good idea," Brennan jumps in. "What is your middle name."

            Lady and Emma have identical looks of slight embarrassment on their faces.

"Sapphira," Lady hesitates a little.

            Adam chuckles. Emmanuel and Jesse grin.

"I don't get it," Brennan says.

"Sapphira was a woman in the bible that God killed for lying," Adam clarifies.

"I didn't know about her powers when I was naming her," Emma defends herself.

            Everybody in Sanctuary is either laughing a little or smiling. Then they all hear a car pull up and someone walking in.

"Hi there," Adam says and gives the women a small hug.

            The woman is a tall brunette with curly hair. She has an oval face and ice green eyes. Everybody in the room, excluding Adam who's known her a long time, is quite taken by her presence.

            "Who am I here to transport?" she asks Adam.

"Emmanuel," he tells her pointing in Emmanuel's direction.

She walks over to him. "Hi Emmanuel," she says with a smile on her face. "I'm Ariel, I'll be posing as your wife on the flight to London," she says shaking his hand.

            Emmanuel jaw is hanging down. He looks like a teenager with puppy love. Emma pinches his side and he quickly regains his composure.

"You're the daughter?" Ariel asks Lady, inwardly smiling from the exchange she's seen with Emma and her brother.

"Yes I am," Lady tells her.

"Alright," she says lightly squeezing Lady's shoulder, "your ride will be here soon. She'll be posing as your mom. I'm taking your dad on a different flight, but we'll all meet up in London."

"Okay," Lady says and nods her head.

            Emmanuel leans in and gives his sister and daughter a hug.

"Be good, I love you," he tells each, giving them both a kiss on the head. Emmanuel makes his way around the room he shakes each of the boys' hands and gives Shalimar a kiss on hers. "Take care of my little sister," he tells them all as he's leaving. Emma rolls her eyes and smiles at him. "Auvoir," he says to her in French.

"Auvoir," she answers, smiling sadly.

            "Umm? He's older than you?" Jesse asks, trying not to sound impolite at such a sad moment.

"By three minutes," Emma tells him.

"He's your twin." Jesse looks around the room nobody is surprised. "And again I'm the last to know."

"It's okay Jesse at least I love you," Lady says with a huge smile.

            A chorus of shocked voices saying 'hey' and 'what?' sounds through the room. Lady isn't sure who threw the pillow. She just smiles and laughs. Jesse comes over and sits where Emmanuel once was.

"That is so true," Jesse says giving Lady a kiss.

            Lady's face goes somber when she hears a car door shut. She looks up at her aunt with her blue eyes and frowns. "Will I see you again?" she asks her.

"Maybe," is the only answer Emma could think of. Emma holds Lady close and showers her with twenty or so kisses.

            Every body looks up at the blonde haired woman who enters the room. She has a really slim figure and straight hair. With her blue eyes and soft smile, she's not so much beautiful as she is cute.

            Her and Adam exchange a friendly peck on the cheek.

"Did Ariel already stop by?" she asks him.

"Yes, she picked up Emmanuel."

"That girl. It's rare for her to ever be late."

"Unlike you?" Adam teases.

"I like to make an entrance," she claims as she's walking to the couch Lady is on.

            The woman bends down by the couch, letting all of her long hair fall to the side.

"Hi pretty girl, what's your name," she asks in a friendly voice.

"Lady," Lady answers softly.

"Lady," she repeats. "Were you named after the Disney character?"

            Lady turns around and looks at Emma. She had never questioned until now where she got her name.

"The character was one reason of a few," Emma tells.

"It's all right to be named after Disney characters," the woman says, "that's how my sister Ariel got her name."

"Ariel's your sister?" Lady asks.

"Well my half sister. We were all named after old stories I got Alice like in wonderland and my brother is Kay after the "Snow Queen." After a moments pause Alice says. "Our plane will be leaving in a couple hours. Why don't you give everyone a nice big hug goodbye and then we'll leave. Okay?" she says, patting the little girls knee.

            Lady nods her head gloomily. Alice makes her way back over to Adam. Lady turns around and gives Emma a bigger hug. Emma returns the hug and lets herself linger for a moment before letting the child go. Emma slides her fingers lightly down Lady's face and gets one more good look at her niece before she has to leave. Lady then climbs over Emma's lap and onto Jesse.

"I have something for you," he tells her.

Lady looks at him with her full attention. Jesse pulls a necklace out of his pocket. It looks similar to the dog tags they give you in the military. Only the first have a picture of Nine Tails from Pokemon and the second Nine Tails' name.

"Thank you," Lady says elated and hugs Jesse.

            Jesse kisses her and she moves on to everybody else. Each gives her a hug and tells her they will miss her company. Lady looks at everyone one last time and then turns to Alice. Alice gives her a reassuring smile and picks her up. Lady lays her head down on Alice's shoulder and waves bye to Emma, letting a few fugitive tears escape her eyes. Emma waves back and watches the little girl vanish into the hangar.

            The moment the child is out of sight Emma hugs her knees to her stomach and hides her face. Jesse who doesn't look much better himself gives her a one armed hug and retreats to his room. The two other boys pat Emma on the back and fine something else to do so she can be alone. Shalimar on the other hand sits on the couch and pulls Emma closer to her. Emma lets it all go and cries all over Shalimar.

*Night time*

            Sanctuary has calmed down for the night. Emma has fallen asleep out of sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. Shalimar is off in the dojo doing palates. Adam is in his room reading.

Jesse comes to Brennan's door and knocks. Brennan opens the door and lets Jesse in.

"I have something for you," Jesse says.

"A Pokemon necklace?" Brennan asks with mock hopefulness.

"No," Jesse says, smiling at his friends joke at the same time pushing back the fact that he still missed the little girl. "But I promise I will get you one for Christmas."

            Brennan shakes his head, but still has a hint of a smile on his face. Jesse opens his hand and it reveals a small piece of paper. Brennan takes the paper from Jesse and unfolds it. Brennan is so surprised by what the paper contains he has to sit down on his bed.

"Jesse I can't," he says looking at the paper that has his colleague Gray Matthews' phone number on it.

"I know," Jesse says, "and Emma couldn't forgive her own twin." With that said he leaves Brennan alone with his own thoughts. As Jesse walks toward his own room he silently prays his hours of searching on the computer wouldn't be wasted.

            Brennan stares at the phone number all night and when he awakes from a fitful sleep it's the first thing he looks at in the morning. The whole night all he could do was think about his army buddy and everything they went through together. In his mind he knew if Emma could forgive Emmanuel after the hell he put her through he should at least try and forgive Matthews.

            Then why won't my hands stop shaking every time I reach for the dog on phone? Brennan thinks to himself.

            As if on cue Emma opens his door and walks in.

"Are you alright?" she asks. She had been able to sense his stress from the next room.

"Come here," Brennan says leading Emma to him by the wrist. Brennan hands her the phone and the number. "Would you dial that number for me and make sure I talk?" Brennan asks.

            Emma looks at the name on the phone number and then looks up at Brennan surprised. Brennan shrugs his shoulders in a twitchy nervous manner. Emma smiles a little and dials the number. She hands the phone to Brennan who clutches it tight and puts it to his ear. Emma stands there and waits until she hears Brennan speak when he does she leaves.

            "Hello, is this Gray Matthews?" Brennan asks, his voice a tad chocked.

"Private Mulwray!"  The voice on the other end says. "You sure love to take your sweet time don't you?"

"Aw you know me," Brennan says now completely relaxed.

"So, how has time been to you my friend?" Matthews asks.

"Do I ever have stories to tell you, brother," Brennan says.

"I'm all ears buddy," Matthews declares, "I'm all ears."

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