"As the chosen Hero of the armament of protection, I hereby declare the current champions chosen by the Holy Sword, the Holy Spear, and the Holy Bow have not stood up to the name Hero."

"For they have let truth chained for their own desires."

"For they have done nothing in the face of injustice."

"For they have conquered by their own ideals instead of by the needs of the people."

"I hereby declare that the King of Melomarc and all the persons on his side have done a great sin."

"For they have deliberately weakened and attacked the one whose sole purpose is to protect."

"For they have festered evil and struck down the innocent."

"For these reasons I beseech thee to judge them as thy see fit and strip them of thy Divine protection."

"... And if thy judge them true and pure. Strike me down... and let my lifeless body be payment for my own foolishness..."

Naofumi Iwatani has read enough fantasy books that he knows that any Binding items that are called "Holy" has a god or something in the like that powers them.

In all honesty, this was a gambles still. But that small spark in the gem of the shield strapped to his arm just as he finished his decree made it worth it.

A.N. the three stooges will have their ability to learn skills instantly be removed, as well as the ability to use the ones they have by shouting the skills name.

The weapons will also be nerfed significantly if the user intends to protect the King and his co-cospirators or attack Naofumi and his allies.

And of course Nafumi can undo it himself.