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Chapter 7
"The Chapter Without a Clever Title"

The sign over the arched portico of the single-story building now read Middleton Early Learning Center, but Kim and Ron recognized it as the ABC Pre-School where they'd first met at age 4. Kim parked the Sloth and the two teens got out of the car.

"Ah, Pre-K," Ron reflected. "Where the Possible-Stoppable team began …"

"No time for nostalgia, Ron," Kim said curtly. "I want to find this girl and be back before the soccer game starts again."

The teens hurried to the front entrance and tried the glass door. It was locked. Kim noticed a button and pressed it; a buzzer could be heard inside. Soon one of the teachers came to the door.

"Oh, are you looking for sponsors for your team? I'm sorry, we–"

"No, we're not here about sponsors. I'm Kim Possible and this is Ron Stoppable, and we're responding to your call about a lost child."

The young woman looked confused as she let the two teens into the vestibule of the building. "Lost child? Our call? I'd better go get Mrs. P. Would you wait here, please?" She hurried away.

Moments later an older woman greeted Kim and Ron. "I'm Sharon Pewlative, head of school. It's a pleasure to meet one of our Distinguished Graduates." As she spoke she gestured toward a bulletin board with that last phrase as a heading, filled with photos and printouts of stories from The Examiner website about high school and college students winning scholarships and prestigious honors. In the center of the board was a photo of five-year-old Kim surrounded by headlines beginning TEEN HERO and continuing FOILS VILLAIN or RESCUES DISASTER VICTIMS or SAVES WORLD… AGAIN! "But I'm confused as to why you're here. We're not missing any children."

"Are you positive?" Kim asked. "Because someone from here contacted us through my website."

Mrs. Pewlative shook her head. "It has to be a mistake. We keep a careful watch over all the little ones in our care. Besides, it's impossible for a child to open a door to the outside without setting off a very loud alarm, and we've heard nothing."

"Well, that's spankin' news, because Ron and I would really love to get back to what we were doing this afternoon. But before we go, why don't you count the children, just to humor us?" Kim suggested.

Sharon led Kim and Ron into the room where the children were playing and started counting. She frowned and counted again. Then a third time.

"Miss Melissa," she called, "would you come here, please."

The young woman who had let Kim and Ron into the center hurried over. "Where is Sadie Livingstone?" Sharon asked her.

"She needed a potty break urgently, so I took her to the office to use the one in there. It was just a few minutes ago …" Melissa glanced at the wall clock, "well, maybe more like twenty or twenty-five …"

"And you left her there alone?" Sharon asked, a reproach in her tone.

"I'm sorry Mrs. P, things were so hectic in here I thought I should hurry back. I asked your daughter to send Sadie back to us when she was done."

"Wait …" Kim said, "is Amanda Pewlative your daughter?"

"Yes, she's answering phones for us this afternoon," Sharon said. "One of our staff members had to clock out early."

"Aha," Kim said. "And I'm guessing you've got computers in this office?"

"I'll show you," Sharon said.

At the soccer pitch the cheerleaders suited up to play gathered in front of their bench while those in cheer clothes stood behind. Marcella, Bonnie and Amber were resting and hydrating; Crystal, Charity and the reserves (freshman Pearl and two JV sophomores named Taylor and Bree) were standing, keeping limber.

Mr. Santos the referee came over to the group. "Second half kickoff in three minutes, ladies."

"But Kim Possible isn't back yet!" Crystal protested.

"Well, I'm sorry," the popular town barber said, "but you're going to have to sub for her. Unless you'd rather play six-on-five until she returns."

"Maybe that's the best option," Crystal mused. "Play shorthanded and wait for Kim …"

Over on the sports girls' bench they decided to replace the weary defenders who had kept Kim in check after her two quick goals. Two new girls began warming up.

"Not a good idea, Sis," Amber cautioned. "That's Rochelle Kiner on the left there … a real sharpshooter."

"And Makayla Gaines," Charity added. "She can play tough 'D' and score goals in bunches. Shorthanded against all that firepower is not gonna work."

"We need offense. Let's put Pearl in for Kim," Amber suggested.

The youngest Whatley sister practically jumped for joy at the prospect of seeing action. "I'm ready, Sis!"

"Hold on now," Bonnie said. "We've already got a lead, I say we put Taylor in as another defender. Charity and I need some help back there."

"No way, Bonnie," Charity insisted. "I'm with Amber. More offense is what we need."

"Okay, I hate to pull rank," Bonnie began …

"Since when?" Liz muttered to Hope.

"… but I'm cheer captain and I say we put in a defender!"

"Crys has forgotten more about soccer than you'll ever know, Bonnie!" Amber said hotly. "She should decide!"

"Amp down, Amber!" Crystal scolded. "Sheesh, if Mom and Gramma Ruby heard you get lippy with a varsity captain like that … the mind boggles. Besides, I think I agree with Bonnie. Another defender may be our best call here."

She turned to a disappointed Pearl. "Sorry Kiddo, I think it's best for the squad we hold you in reserve for a while longer. You do most of your scoring in chaotic situations around the net, and we haven't generated any of those today."

Sharon led Kim and Ron into the office where they saw Manni typing away at the center's desktop PC. They saw no sign of little Sadie.

"Manni," Sharon began, but Kim held up a finger to her own lips and then pointed to the pile of kiddie-sized sleeping bags for naptime in the far corner. The pile was jiggling noticeably. And then they heard it giggle.

Kim approached the heap and pulled the quivering bag aside to reveal a tiny redhead. "Sadie Livingstone, I presume?"

"Kim Possible!" little Sadie cried out in delight. "You found me! Your turn to hide now!"

"Sadie," Mrs. Pewlative said gently, "please go back to the main room now. The big people need to talk."

"But I wanna play with Kim Possible! Manni said—"

The school head frowned. "Sadie …"

"Yes, Mrs. P." Sadie left the office, puppy-dog pouting the whole way.

"All right, Amanda, it's time you explained yourself."

"I wanted to get Kim out of the jocks-versus-cheer soccer match, so I got Sadie to hide and posted the SOS on her web site."

Mrs. Pewlative was aghast. "How could you do such a thing, Manni? Aside from the whole cheating aspect, do you realize the trouble you could have caused me if this 'missing child' rumor got out—" She stopped as boisterous voices were heard from the other room. "I'd better go back to the children. But rest assured, we will be discussing this at length after they go home."

She left the office.

Kim fixed Manni with a bemused stare. "Wow, this was a really stupid stunt, Manni," she told the smirking soccer player. "Your friends had a great chance to win this thing today. They were tying me up in knots with their tough defense. Now, thanks to you, they're going to have to forfeit the soccer and lose the whole contest. What were you thinking?"

"Oh, you mean you're going to go back and dime me out?" Manni said. "Gee, and here I thought you cared about school spirit. Guess I was wrong."

"What do you mean?" Kim said, confused. "Of course I care. This whole week has been all about school spirit."

"And what a week it's been, right? Just like after the football team beat Lowerton. Remember that? Everybody had the Mad Dog Fever then—until a few days later they announced we forfeited that game, and the fever went down faster than your co-captain on Brick Flagg. And why did we forfeit? Because your boyfriend cheated."

Ron looked shamefaced.

"Yeah, I heard the story," Manni said. "Some of my teammates have boyfriends or brothers on the football team."

Kim placed a comforting hand on Ron's shoulder. "Okay, yeah, Ron made a big-time mistake—which he atoned for, big time. But I don't see what that has to do with your little ploy today?"

"Come on, Kim, think about it. If this big event of yours fizzles out it's going to be a total downer for everybody. And look who we're playing tomorrow. Not some school from a hundred miles away like West Whitewater; Cardinal Fermoyle High's right here in Middleton. They know what's been going on here all week. Hell, Megan Hadley's sister goes to Fermoyle. How's the football team going to deal with the mockery? 'Cheating Mad Dogs cheat again!' But at least you'll win your bet. That's what's important, right?"

"So you think you should get away with this?" Kim asked.

"Oh, I'm in for some punishment, I guess—Mom's way cranked—but as for making our side forfeit? You know I'm right about what would happen."

Kim just stared at the smirking girl for a long time. Finally she and Ron turned to go.

"Buh-bye, Kim!" Manni sing-songed. "Oh, and don't bother hurrying back to the soccer field. The second half just started, so you're officially done playing."

Sharon met them outside the office door. "I'm truly sorry about this, Kim. I can't understand how Manni thought such a thing was acceptable. This really makes me wonder if I'm fit to teach these little ones here … that my own daughter would behave so badly …"

"Don't blame yourself, Mrs. Pewlative," Kim said. "I'm sure you're not at fault here."

"Yeah," Ron agreed. "Just like Drakken's and Frugal Lucre's moms probably aren't at fault for their sons—"

"Ron, Mrs. Pewlative can hardly be compared to the mother of a supervillain!" Kim said archly.

The trio headed for the exit, but were stopped as excited preschoolers rushed out of the playroom and crowded around Kim.

"Children, please!" Mrs. Pewlative said. "Kim Possible has to be on her way. She has important things to do."

"Oh, we can stay a few minutes, if that's okay," Kim said.

At the soccer field, the sports girls scored a quick goal to tie the match 3–3.

Kim and Ron stayed and entertained the youngsters for a while, then Sharon led them back to the vestibule.

"I must apologize again for Amanda's outrageous conduct, Kim. I assure you, nothing like this will ever happen again."

"I believe you," Kim said as she looked over the school's display of graduates, a frown on her face.

"Is something wrong?" Sharon asked.

"I'm just wondering why Ron's picture isn't up here, too." Kim replied.

"No time for nostalgia, KP," Ron murmured.

"Oh, did Ron also learn here? I wasn't aware of that," said Sharon. "Even so, this display is all about things like college admissions, scholarships, and of course significant feats like yours, Kim. Don't misunderstand, Ron, I mean no disrespect to student athletes—I myself played soccer for Middleton High, and it was a great experience—but we've had so many youngsters go on to play sports for their schools. We'd need a much larger bulletin board if we celebrated every athletic achievement."

"Wait, so you actually know who Ron is?" Kim asked.

"Oh yes, we're huge Mad Dog football fans at home. My husband lettered in football back in the day, and Dani, our younger daughter, has been gushing about 'Unstoppable Ron' for weeks. Frankly, young man, I think she has a bit of a crush on you," Sharon said with a smile.

Ron blushed, rubbed the back of his neck and grinned awk-weirdly.

Kim was still miffed. "Well, what you should know about Ron is that he's a lot more than just a high school football star. He's been my partner on all my missions, including the ones in those news stories, and he deserves as much credit for saving the world as I do. So if you don't think he rates a spot on your wall I'd prefer that you took my picture down too, please and thank you."

Mrs. Pewlative finally sensed the indignation behind Kim's words. "I'm so sorry. Of course you're right. I'll see what I can find in our files."

Kim looked over the display again. "Maybe that's not necessary." She reached toward a pushpin holding one of the newspaper stories about their missions. "May I?"

Sharon indicated her permission.

Kim removed the printout and revealed the other half of the photograph of preschooler Kim: preschooler Ron holding her hand and giving a thumbs-up with his other hand.

Kim handed the printout to Sharon. "There, much better!"

At the soccer field, the sports girls scored again for a 4–3 lead.

Kim and Ron were on their way back to the soccer field. Ron wondered why Kim seemed to be driving more slowly and carefully than usual. "Aren't you eager to get back, KP?" he asked.

"I'm not sure what to do, Ron. I think Manni has a point about the harm to school spirit if we demand the forfeit. I guess I'm hoping the squad will win without me doing anything."

"Not like you to just sit around and hope," her partner/boyfriend remarked. "The Kim Possible I know figures out what's right and then goes out there and makes it happen."

"Well, when we're saving the world I usually know what to do. But this high-school stuff it seems to get trickier all the time."

Marcella dove to her left, but couldn't quite get a hand on the sizzling shot from Ellen Norton that made the score 5–3 in favor of the sports girls.

The cheerleaders gathered together as the jocks celebrated. "Okay, how do we turn this around?" Crystal asked.

"More offense," replied Amber. "Let's put in Bree and Pearl."

"In place of who?" asked Crystal.

"Taylor's got the fresher legs," Amber said. "My vote would be to pull Charity … and Bonnie."

Bonnie thought this over. She'd opposed the event and especially the bet, and would be more than happy to sit out the rest of the match. But then she thought: what if we pull off the comeback? What if we win even after Miss Perfect deserted us. Wouldn't that be great?

Yeah, it would—and it would be especially great for Bonnie if she was on the field if it happened.

"I want to stay in," she declared.

"Okay, then I could come out," Crystal offered.

"No way, Sis!" Amber said. "You've got offensive and defensive skills, we need you."

"Take me out," Marcella offered. "I've been terrible in goal. Bonnie can take over for me."

"Ladies, let's go," the referee said, tapping his watch. "This is soccer, no timeouts."

"You okay with that, Bonnie?"

After a moment's thought Bonnie agreed. Why not? There'd be less running, and she could hardly be blamed if she allowed any goals since there'd be only one defender in front of her.

"We're making a change, Mr. Santos," Crystal said. "We need a minute to switch the goaltender gear."

The cheerleaders formed a tight circle around Bonnie and Marcella to afford them some privacy while Marcella quickly removed the gloves and the padded tights and jersey she was wearing and Bonnie put them on. Someone handed Marcella an oversized MHS hoodie and sweatpants to wear, and then Bonnie took a few practice shots from her teammates, all of which she stopped.

Play resumed.

Kim guided the Sloth into a parking space and Kim and Ron made their way to the soccer field. Ron was spotted by a group of his football teammates, who called for him to join them. They found themselves between the boys and a group of girls from the varsity soccer team.

"Hey Keisha, what's the sitch?" Kim asked the team captain, a long-legged senior.

"We're up five to three," Keisha told her, "but you guys are on the attack. — Come on, Marcy, get that ball outta there!" she shouted.

The black-and-white ball ping-ponged from player to player until JV cheerleader Bree gained control and fired a shot at Traci, who blocked it but left a rebound, which Pearl Whately adroitly pounced on and fired past Traci to make the score 5 to 4.

Kim applauded and cheered for Pearl.

"Oooh, nice play," Keisha remarked. "That little kid's got good instincts for the game."

Megan Hadley and several other sports girls came over, holding their smartphones.

"Hi Kim, you're back. Find the missing girl?"

"We did, yeah. She's fine."

"Listen, right after you left there was all kinds of buzz on social media that the whole thing was a setup. Manni Pewlative was dropping a bunch of hints before she suddenly went dark a while ago. What's going on?"

Kim blew out a breath and filled the girls in about what had happened at the Pre-K.

Megan and her companions were appalled. "OMG, what is that girl's damage!?"

Kim shrugged. "Beats me."

"Well, that's it, we have to forfeit." She put out a hand for Kim to shake. "Congratulations."

Kim did not take the offered hand. "Well, not so fast …" and she proceeded to go over the arguments for continuing the event.

"Oh, that's a good point," Megan said. "No way do we want the team to lose to Fermoyle."

Megan's teammate Allie Crowley laughed. "Yeah, Meg wants her quarterback in the mood to dance the night away."

"That's a consideration," Megan said wryly. "Also, my sister would tease me for months if Fermoyle won."

"We should pause the game and get everyone together to hash this out," Kim said. "We all need to be on the same page here."

On the field, the cheerleaders were back on the attack. Soon, though, there was a break in the action when the ball rolled out of bounds.

Kim walked out onto the pitch along with Megan. They gestured for all the players to join them as well as all the non-playing jocks and cheerleaders.

Mr. Santos came over too. "Miss Possible? Miss Hadley? What are we doing here?"

"Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Santos," Megan said. "But an issue has come up."

"Something that's called the integrity of this match into question," Kim continued. "We have to decide how to proceed."

Kim quickly outlined the sitch for everyone. After a brief discussion, the girls readily agreed that the match might as well be played to the finish, since there were only a few minutes left on the clock.

"We can keep playing the game," said Bonnie Rockwaller. "But we're calling the bet off, right?"

Most of the cheerleaders seemed receptive to this idea.

"I … don't agree," Kim said. "I think the bet is a major part of why the student body got so into this. I've overheard lots of people in the halls talking about who's going to win the bet. I wish I'd thought of it myself, and I'm glad Traci did."

"Really?" Marcella said.

"Let's ask the fans," Kim said. "Hello, everyone!" she called out.

"Play the game already!" a voice replied.

"Yeah, we apologize for the delay, and we'll go back to playing soccer in just a minute. But first I'd like a show of hands: Who here knows about the bet that the two sides have on this thing?"

Almost all of the spectators raised hands.

"And who's interested in how it turns out? Like, maybe you've got a friend on one of the teams, and you'd be happy for her if she got to use the cheer squad room all season. Or maybe you're rooting for the cheer squad because you want to watch the jocks pay off the bet at the dance tomorrow? Hands again, please and thank you."

Again, many hands went up.

"See?" Kim said.

"So they get to cheat and steal our locker room?"

"Okay, nobody on this field —" Kim gestured to indicate the assembled girls "— did any cheating today that I know of. Second, there's no reason to think we wouldn't have the exact same score in this game if what happened hadn't happened. This match is still anybody's to win, and I'm excited to see how it turns out!"

"Sounds great to me," Megan said, and the rest of the sports girls seemed to agree. "Just one more thing: Now that we know why Kim had to leave the game, the cheerleaders should be allowed to put her back in if they want. Is that okay, Mr. Santos?"

The referee nodded yes.

A few minutes later the game resumed with Kim back on the field replacing Taylor. The cheerleaders again went on the attack trying for the tying goal. This time the other side managed to get hold of the ball and fire it at the squad's net, where Bonnie blocked it. When she put the ball back into play, though, it was quickly intercepted by another sports girl who attempted a shot that Bonnie wasn't ready for. The cheerleaders gasped, then sighed in relief when the shot hit the goalpost and trickled wide.

Amber took possession and advanced the ball along the left sideline. Three defenders stuck close to Kim, who made a move to shake them off and get herself into position in front of Traci. Amber sent a high pass Kim's way and the teen hero headed it over to the right sideline, where Crystal gathered it in and slammed a shot past Traci to tie the match at 5–5.

The cheerleaders and their supporters whooped and celebrated.

"What if the game ends tied?" Kim asked as they prepared to resume play.

"We go to penalty kicks to decide a winner," Crystal said.

"Oh" Kim said. "With Bonnie as our goalie?"

"Unless you want to take over."

"Maybe we should try to win this in regulation," Kim said.

"Sounds like a plan," Crystal agreed.

Now there was less than a minute left to play. The cheerleaders continued to fire shots at the jocks' goal, but nothing was getting through the tight defense. Likewise, the sports girls were unable to clear the ball away.

As the seconds ticked away, Amber attempted a pass to Pearl near Traci's net, but a defender knocked it out of bounds. The referee awarded the cheer squad a corner kick.

"How much time, Mr. Santos?" Kim asked.

"Ten seconds," was the reply.

The cheerleaders set up for the kick.

"Bonnie!" Crystal called out. "Get over here!"

"What?" Bonnie replied. "I'm the goaltender."

"Not any more," Amber said. "Now you're on offense."

"We're going all out to score on this play," Bree said.

"And what if they get the ball and shoot at our goal?" Bonnie asked as she joined the rest at the jocks' net.

"That'd be bad. So we won't let that happen," Kim declared.

"Just remember, Bonnie," Pearl cautioned, "you can't use your hands here."

"I know that," Bonnie said crossly.

The five cheerleaders arrayed themselves in front of the goal. Crystal expertly sent the corner kick right to Kim, who started a countdown in her head just as if she were in a villain's lair with a doomsday device counting down to zero.


The sports girls switched strategy and made no attempt to mark Kim closely, content to crowd all passing and shooting lanes with their bodies.


Kim slowly dribbled the ball parallel to the goal, looking for an open teammate.


Amber was marked. So were Bree and Crystal.


She saw a chance to pass to Bonnie, but held on. Her co-captain had virtually no offensive football skills and would most likely squander the chance.


Things were looking dire. Kim could see no better option than to fire the ball at Traci as hard as she could, hoping for a rebound that Pearl or somebody else might be able to knock in. But that was a desperation move.


The desperation move now seemed like the only option. Kim drew back her powerful right leg and made ready to blast the ball, then saw what appeared to be a better play.


Bonnie, in her struggle for position with the volleyball player marking her, had briefly turned her back to Kim.


The teen hero nimbly stutter-stepped and then left-footed the black-and-white sphere right at Bonnie's—


—Spandex-clad rear end. The ball hit the brunette squarely on her shapely booty and caromed directly into the net before any of the jocks could react.

Mr. Santos signaled that the goal was good. The cheer squad had a 6–5 lead. Pandemonium erupted briefly, but quieted down so the final second of the game could be played. That second ticked off uneventfully and the cheerleaders and friends celebrated, while the sports girls and their allies commiserated.

Bonnie, who by the rules was credited with scoring the match-winning goal, soon found herself on the receiving end of congratulatory embraces from her squadmates. She moved from one to the next, arms spread wide, until she found herself face to face with a certain azure-eyed platinum blonde.

After a moment's hesitation, Tara threw her arms around her former best female friend.

"Great game, Bonnie," she said. "You really came through for the squad."

"Was there ever a doubt?" Bonnie said, her voice husky with emotion. "I couldn't let your mom's hard work on the locker room last summer go to waste."

Tara pulled back to look into the brunette's teal eyes, then hugged her again.

Soon the defeated sports girls came over to the victorious squad to add their congratulations, and boyfriends and other supporters began to insert themselves into the festivities.

Megan and Traci and Beth Becket all approached Kim just as Ron joined her.

"Middleton, your new soccer queen is crowned!" Ron enthused. "What a match, KP! Two goals, two assists! You rock!"

"Thanks, Ron," she said, before pursing her lips for a congratulatory kiss, which her boyfriend leaned in to deliver.

The teens had time for only a second's lip contact before Ron was pulled away by Tiny, Kyle Monson and several other brawny Mad Dog footballers (of the American-style game).

"No time for smoochies, you two," Kyle said. " 'Unstoppable' here's due at a mandatory football team meeting in three minutes."

"Oh, okay," Kim said. "See you after the meeting?"

"Sorry, Kim, but you won't," Tiny said.

"After the mandatory meeting there's a mandatory team dinner," Kyle explained.

"And then all players are going to be escorted home and tucked into bed early," Traci continued. "Alone."

"Coach Barkin has strictly forbidden any contact with persons of the female persuasion other than close relatives until after tomorrow's game," added Megan.

"Okay, well, I'll be cheering for you tomorrow!" Kim called after her rapidly disappearing BF, who waved goodbye to her.

"Oooh, Ronshine denied," Jess said teasingly. "Poor Kimmie. I am so glad I'm dating a golfer and not a football player, so I can spend the evening getting busy with my hottie. Aren't you glad you're dating a golfer, Liz?"

"So glad," Liz said, smiling up at Logan. "How about you, Marcella?"

"Oh, I am very happy with my soccer player, thank you very much," the raven-haired Latina said as she hugged Tony close.

"And I'm extremely happy with my chess captain," added Tara.

"Well, your chess captain is extremely happy with his cheerleader," Kevin said.

"Oh, come on, you guys," Traci said. "I'm sure your boyfriends go into training right before their events too."

"Traci, Traci, Traci," Jess said, shaking her head. "You want me to tell you what Steve and I got up to in the C Hall janitor's closet three hours before he tied the Lowerton Links course record last week?"

"Jeez, Babe, a little discretion?" Steve pleaded, his face reddening.

"Oh, sorry, Stevie," Jess said contritely. "I just can't help bragging about my incredible superstud sometimes."

" 'Sometimes' ?" quipped Marcella.

"Try 'incessantly,' " put in Liz.

" 'Ad nauseam,' " suggested Tara.

Jess stuck her tongue out at her friends. "Come on, Stevie, take me home."

"Ten a.m. in the squad room tomorrow, Jess," Kim called.

The other three cheerleaders plus Beth and Traci also drifted away, leaving Kim and Megan to themselves.

"Well, this week sure had it's ups and downs," Megan said.

"I'll say. But at least we're all still friends."

The two teens began to walk back to the parking lot.

"Can I ask you something, Kim?"

"Go ahead."

"What's it like, doing what you do?"

"What, the missions thing? It's just something Ron and I enjoy. Nothing special—"

"No, I didn't mean that," Megan clarified. "I was wondering, at a football game, what's it like being there on the field, cheering for your boyfriend as he scores a game-winning touchdown on the last play. I'll bet it's amazing."

"Tell you what, Meg," Kim said. "Come to the squad room tomorrow morning. Maybe we can set something up."

to be continued …