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Waterspout struggled to lift the sphere of water before sighing. He rubbed at his water covered arms. Waterspout hummed and tried to clear his head once more.

"Why is this so blasted hard?" Waterspout questioned and dropped the water. He grunted and rubbed at his head. "Because I keep overthinking it…" Waterspout muttered to himself while sighing.

Waterspout leaned on the pole next to him. He could feel the remains of his body swish around. It was like living inside of a fish tank.

"I'm not even human anymore…" Waterspout stated to himself rubbed at his head with annoyance. "I'm just living water. I feel like a walking aquarium." Waterspout muttered to himself as he started to walk away.

The aquatic superhero continued his walk. He wanted to know more about the man who had managed to do this to him. Not even Batman seemed to have a lead on who this person was. Then again? Even batman had his limits on what he could accomplish when it came down to it.

Still? Waterspout wanted to know. Whoever had killed his father and caused him to mutate? They were still out there. Waterspout wanted to find them.

(With Deadshot)

Deadshot looked down on the putrid city of Gotham. He didn't care why his employer wanted control of the city. But he was curious slightly on why he wanted a nameless scientist killed.

"I thought you'd have killed him by now…" The voice stated as Deadshot crossed his arms.

"You should have paid more." Deadshot put in emotionlessly. "The Bat is double. He's been tracking me all over the city and I've barely managed to stay out of his way. Last I've heard? We got a witness that survived." Deadshot stated which made the voice sigh.

Deadshot watched as Lex Luthor straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

"Should I remind you what I know can put you behind bars?" Lex questioned as Deadshot glowered. "I remind you what is at stake shall you not kill off any witnesses. I'm sure Ms. Waller would love to know one of her candidates is busy freelancing in Gotham." Lex put in while Deadshot crossed his arms.

The assassin knew Lex wasn't joking about his threat… However? Deadshot knew it worked both ways.

"And if you do?" Deadshot stated while crossed his arms over his chest. "Then my 'Client Confidentially.' Will have to be checked." Deadshot threatened which made Lex sigh.

Lex allowed himself a small smile which made Deadshot raise an eyebrow under his mask.

"Seems you understand business more then I assumed." Lex put in as Deadshot hummed. "Fine, I'll wire the money, Mr. Lawton. Just kill the Bat and any witnesses in Gotham. I can't have anyone threatening my buyout." Lex added which made Deadshot nod.

The holographic drone dropped to the ground. Deadshot grabbed at it and launched himself off the building.

(In Metropolis)

Lex turned to look at Mercy before tapping his fingers on the desk.

"Contact our asset and let him know if Lawton steps out of line?" Lex questioned with a finger across his neck. Mercy nodded and then turned to the side.

Lex knew Deadshot was as much a threat as he was an asset. He knew enough about Lex's dealing to undercut the bottom-line Lex set out to achieve.

Still? Lex was no fool. And if he had to kill one loose end to make his deal? Well, that was just business when it came down to it.

(At Arkham)

Ivy looked at the dirt in the corner of her room. She could do very little at the moment. Nobody wanted to risk the plant controlling super villainess put and about.

Part of Ivy was amused that someone would want her locked up so much. Their best doctor turned out to be a scientist bent on causing chaos.

Ivy's thoughts turned to both Barbara and Waterspout. She hadn't seen Barbara since her transformation. Part of her wondered if Barbara had called for Batman to come and arrest her. She had kidnapped Gordon.

Then again? She didn't what happened to Barbara. But she did know about Waterspout.

They were linked, and Ivy put all her effort towards discovering what happened to form it. Waterspout continued to call to her when it came down to it.

Waterspout was nothing more then someone who was transformed by nature like she was. Yet he seemed to reject the nature of his gift. It both confounded her… And interested her.

"Soon when I get out?" Ivy said and hummed. "We're going to have a long talk, spoutsy…" Ivy stated while cracking her neck.

She turned to the side and sighed. It was going to be a while till she learned how to control her powers.

But when she did? Not even Arkham would be able to escape. Then not even Batman would stop her.

Author notes

Phew. Another chapter done! I want to point out that Waterspout and Ivy will be having a deeper bond. Next chapter will be in 1-2 months or so. I want to apologize for the story being delayed. Next chapter will also show more of Waterspout talking to Ivy and trying to locate Deadshot. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

P.S: Next chapter will be 1200 words hopefully.