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June - Harry, age 17

Harry watched as Ginny walked away, looking back towards the door that she had led him to. When she had first arrived, he didn't believe her. He was with Snape when it happened. There was no way it could be true. Yet she dared to say his guardian was alive at St Mungo's.

He had kept to himself mostly over the past week. Though he couldn't help but feel hurt and confused at the idea that this was the first he was hearing anything in regards to his guardian. Ginny claimed it was so they knew that Snape was fine. Harry just wasn't sure how to feel.

With a sigh, he opened up the door slowly and stepped into the room. He leaned heavily against the door as he stared across the room and to the hospital bed. Snape was there. He was hooked up to several machines. They were all around him and monitoring everything about him it seemed. Harry carefully eyed and IV of some sort of potion.

Harry frowned as he stepped closer, looking at the liquid carefully. Blood replenishment. Taking in a breath, he sat down next to Snape and looked down at him. "Dad," Harry breathed, reaching and carefully holding the man's hand.

Snape heard the boy's voice. He hadn't been expecting it. The man was sure that he was in some sort of afterlife. He was sure that he was dead. Just as he was sure now that Harry was dead as well.

It had all been for nothing.

The man's eyes slowly opened as he gently squeezed his son's hand. The tears welled up in his eyes, however, he fought with everything in him to keep them from falling.

Harry took in a breath, blinking as he gripped tightly at Snape's hand. Somehow. Somehow despite it all... Snape was here and alive. He released the man's hand, leaning forward and wrapping his arms carefully around Snape's shoulders. Tears blurred his vision and Harry blinked several times, causing them to fall.

"Yo-you should not be here." Snape swallowed hard. The man found himself unable to lift his arms to hug the teenager back. He turned his head slightly looking down to see the many machines he was hooked up to. None of it made any sense to him.

Harry's hold tightened just slightly before he leaned away, raising a hand to rub away the tears that had fallen. "Wh-what? You shouldn't be here," he muttered softly, a hand falling to rub at Snape's arm.

Snape shook his head as he closed his eyes tightly. "You were su-supposed to live, Harry. You were..." the man's voice trailed off as a single tear escaped his left eye.

The seventeen year old stared at Snape for a long moment, blinking as his vision remained blurred. "What?" He breathed, shaking his head. "I-I am... you are too."

Snape's brow wrinkled, his eyebrows pinching together as he tried to comprehend the words. A moment later the man shook his head silently. The teenager wasn't making any sense at all.

Harry stared at the man a moment before gently shaking his arm once more. "Th-they got you to St Mungos," he whispered, thumb rubbing over Snape's hand before gripping it tightly.

Snape's eyes moved around the room as he tried to make sense of the words. "St...St. Mungos?" His tone was hardly above a whisper as his eyes moved to Harry once more.

Harry blinked, taking in a slow breath before he leaned forward once more. Mindful of the bandages around the man's neck, he curled his other arm around Snape tightly while resting his head down. A sharp intake of breath shook his shoulders, grip tightening just slightly. He could only give a faint nod before whispering a soft, "Yeah."

Snape swallowed hard as he willed his emotions to remain under control. The man lost the battle a moment later as the tears began running from his eyes. They were alive. They were both alive.

"How?" The man questioned in a whisper.

Shoulders raised slightly in a small shrug, Harry's face remaining against Snape's shoulder. He wasn't even sure how Snape survived, he had been sure the man had died. "I-I... I didn't know you were here," he finally breathed, eyes closed tightly as hot tears burned. Pulling away slowly, Harry gave a small grin. "You've been here for a week," Harry muttered softly, shaking his head slowly. It had been a terrible week for Harry.

"No one told you?" Snape questioned in a soft voice. The man was thankful that his tears had slowed. He was sure that he had never felt so overcome by his emotions in his life. The man's eyes moved slowly to look at the potion that was dripping into his through an IV. A moment later his eyes slowly traveled back to his child.

Harry reached, rubbing the tears away from his guardian's face before dropping his hand back down to his arm. "I-I mean... I knew they brought you here. But... but I thought..."He shook his head, chin quivering just slightly as he released a sigh. "Doesn't matter."

A soft sigh escaped the man as he closed his eyes tightly for a fleeting moment. As they opened once more he cleared his throat. "I want to go home."

"I imagine." Harry grimaced slightly, even being at the hospital made Harry's stomach twist. "I'll see what I can do. Ginny said today was... was the first day there was a real response from you. I dunno if they'll let you out today." Harry frowned as he spoke the words, gripping Snape's hand tightly.

Snape made a disapproving sound at the words. The man was sure that he could heal himself fine. He was smart enough to do so. He wanted to be home with his child and in a few days time, preparing to go to the cottage with him. Not lying in a hospital bed. "I will..." He paused, coughing softly before clearing his throat once more. "I will speak to someone about it." The man attempted to sit up a bit straighter.

The teenager stood, nearly rolling his eyes as he reached and pulled the pillows to rest slightly higher up. "Careful," he muttered, sitting back down one Snape was sitting up , he tapped the small bedside table to create a glass of water. "Relax a little first... then we'll focus on getting home."

A frustrated sigh escaped the man. "Are you well? How badly were you hurt?" The man looked over what he could see of Harry's body as if searching for some sign of injury.

"I'm... I'm a lot better now," Harry sighed softly, shoulders relaxing fully as he offered a normal grin. "I healed up all right."

"Brilliant." Snape's arm moved, his hand reaching out to gently brush Harry's check. "You are brilliant."

Harry rested his head against Snape's hand, a smile remaining. "How are you feeling? Need something? Besides going home."

"I am fine with you here," Snape breathed with a soft smile. The man's hand fell from Harry's face to his side. "I am more than fine."

Harry rubbed Snape's arm as the hand fell away, sighing softly. "I'm so glad you're here." He shook his head, looking down to his guardian's arm.

"I thought we were both..."Snape trailed off after a moment with a soft sigh. "Never mind what I thought."

"Yeah... never mind all that." Leaning forward, Harry sighed heavily while wrapping both arms around Snape once more.

The man suddenly realized that Harry was a patient as well, a slight frown forming on his lips. "Are you supposed to be resting as well?"

"I've been home." Harry pulled away, shaking his head. "You think I would come here to get help willingly too? But I'm fine now... really. Some cuts and all but I handled that." He paused, shrugging. "Didn't want to be around anyone."

Snape hummed softly at the words. "Everything is okay at home?" The man leaned back on the bed slightly, attempting to make himself more comfortable.

"Everything is fine. Nothing has exploded. It's been very quiet." The teenager frowned, adjusting the covers slightly as Snape moved in an idle manner. "If I knew you were here I would have been here instead."

Snape shook his head slightly. "I don't want you here worrying about me." The man paused as he swallowed heavily. "You should be out living your life Harry."

"I am. I'm living it as I want right now," he huffed at the words with a scowl. "I can also worry all I want... especially after everything that happened."

Snape smirked softly at the words. "Fine, you may worry. There is no reason to do so though." A cough escaped the man as he spoke the last words.

"Right." Harry smirked as he reached over, picking up the glass of water and holding it out.

Snape took the glass from the boy, drinking a swallow of it before holding it back out to him. "You can see that I am fine, thanks to you."

"I didn't really do anything. I was sure they came too late." He sighed, taking the glass and placing it back on the side table.

"You did not listen when I told you to leave me." Snape shifted slightly against the pillows.

Harry shook his head, leaning forward to rest his arms on a leg. "Course not. Like you wouldn't have left me if I was in the same position."

"Never." Snape leaned his head back. "I could never." The man coughed softly once more.

"You should rest a bit. I can talk to them about getting you home tonight? Or tomorrow at the latest." His right hand gripped Snape's for a brief moment.

Snape hummed softly. "Shall I whine and beg like you used to?" The man smirked slightly.

"If I told you that you couldn't leave here, I bet you would." Harry grinned widely, giving a huff of breath.

Snape chuckled softly before coughing once more. "You know better than that."

"Anyone should whine if they have to stay here." Harry frowned, moving the water closer to the man for easier access. "I'm sure surviving the killing curse twice will give me some type of pull to get out of here."

Snape rolled his eyes at the child's words. "Just see if I can be home as soon as possible. I can rest just as easily there."

"Okay. Okay." He stood, grinning softly before moving across the room. "I'll be back. Try to rest." Harry dimmed the lights down, looking back over to Snape.

"Behave yourself," Snape muttered as he laid down a bit further. "I love you."

"Love you. Loads." Harry's grin remained as he watched the man before opening the door and stepping out. He was sure it would be a struggle to get Snape out. But he couldn't blame the man wanting to get out as soon as possible. Truth be told, Harry wanted him home as soon as possible too.