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Chapter 1: Now Hiring

Demetri's POV

Knock, knock, knock.


Sigh. No response.

It's been a few months since Kenna was brought to this room and she has hardly moved from her spot on the guest room bed on her own. Opening the door, Demetri makes his way over to the bed, placing a glass of blood on the bedside table before taking a seat on the beds edge.

"Kenna?" He asks, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "It's time to feed."


Sigh. At least this response was better than the one in the beginning.

When it came time to feed her in the first week she would fight us. That quickly ended however after she ripped Alec's arm off which resulted in a livid Jane making an appearance and using her gift on her until Demetri got her to drink the last of the blood. After that first time she wouldn't fight if Alec was involved or Jane was in the castle.

In the second week she would always waste it, smacking it from the hand that offered it or throwing it across the room. If it was placed next to her she would use her fire to vaporize it, leaving just melted glass and a black sludge. When Alec wasn't there to cut off her senses, Felix was needed to hold her still and force her mouth open so she could be force fed. Very few understood why we kept her alive and didn't just let her join her mate. Only the kings and most trusted of the Volturi were privy to that information.

Demetri would do his best to reason with her but that only resorted in her throwing more things in a rage and ultimately ending in something bursting into flames. These fits of rage ended the day one of her outburst resulted in her mate's urn falling to the floor and shattering.


"Leave me alone! I don't want that damn blood, just leave me be!" Kenna screamed, picking up the table lamp to throw at Demetri after having sent someone to get Felix to help him once again.

"Ken-" Demetri ducked, the lamp smashing up against the door, but somehow managing not to drop the glass. "Dammit Kenna! Watch the face!"

"Fuck you!" Was her clever response, reaching for the brush left on the nightstand after Demetri helped fix her hair earlier that day. While grasping the handle she also snagged part of the table cloth, making everything on the table land on the floor.



"Nononononono." Was all she said in a soft whisper as she leapt from the bed and kneeled next to the shattered remains of her mates urn and his ashes trying to scoop them up. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean too. I'm sorry." She kept repeating.

Quickly placing the glass on the table by the door Demetri rushed over trying to get her to calm down. Sitting beside her he reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Kenna let me-"

"No!" She yelled, turning and pushing him away from her, resuming her attempt to get Samael's ashes in one pile. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Trying a different approach, Demetri kneeled beside her and calmly spoke. "Kenna you need to stop."

Kenna shook her head no and ignored him, her eyes shining with venom.


Turning towards the door Demetri saw Felix walk in and close the door, waiting to see what was needed of him. The track raised his hand, letting the giant know he wanted him to stay there for the moment. Felix nodded his understanding and stayed silent.

"Kenna, let me help. I can fix it." Demetri said calmly.

"But I..."

"Shhhh, it's okay. Come on, let me get you cleaned up and I'll make sure he's taken care of okay?" Demetri said and she stopped looking down at herself. She was kneeling partly in the ashes, her hands and part of her wrists also covered.

"Ugggh." Kenna groaned as she quickly stood, brushing herself off, making sure the ashes landed as close to the pile as possible. "I didn't mean to." She groaned, placing her hands on the sides of her head, shaking it side to side. "I-."

"Hey now, none of that." Demetri said as he cautiously approached her. "I know, It'll be okay." Once the tracker was in front of her, blocking her view, he reached out and pulled her trembling form slowly towards himself. Prying her hands from her hair he placed his left arm around her waist, keeping her right hand down and pulled her in for a hug. Using his right hand he calmly brushed it through her hair, her face buried into his chest.

"I didn't mean to." She said again, slowly dropping to the ground, Demetri following her.

"I can fix it. No one's mad, it'll be okay." Demetri repeated over and over again.

As he kept speaking Kenna's trembling got worse and she began to sob, wrapping her arms around him he began to rock her a little, letting her cry it out for the first time. Demetri looked up and silently dismissed Felix and the giant left them. Turning back to look at the girl in his arms he kept reassuring her until she slowly calmed down. After a few moments of just Kenna sniffling Demetri finally spoke.

"Come with me. I'll get a bath started for you and fix everything out here before you're done, okay?"

Nodding her agreement they both stood up and Demetri guided her to her bathroom and had her sit in a chair near the tub. Turning away from her he ran the bath and added some calming oils to the water for her to soak in. After the tub was filled he turned to Kenna.

"Go ahead and take a bath and I'll be back, okay?" He said, waiting until she nodded yes before walking out the bathroom, closing the door behind him. After he heard her step into the bath he left the room for a new urn. He wasn't surprised she broke it. If anything he was surprised it didn't break sooner.

Making his way to a supply closet down the hall he opened it and grabbed the spare urn off the shelf. Looking at the other three spares he sighed and then grabbed a dust pail, brush and small bag. Based off her reaction I probably won't be needing any of the other spares.


Closing the door and turning in the direction of his Masters voice he immediately made his way over to Marcus, waiting further down the hall and waited for whatever he needed of him.

"How is she?"

"She finally cried, sadly it took breaking his urn for that to happen."

"I see."

"Did you want to see her?" Demetri asked. "She's in the bath, but I can get her changed if you'd lik-."

"No. She's not ready yet." Marcus said. "Keep me updated on any other changes, if she asks for anything, I want to know."

"Yes Master." The tracker said, bowing slightly to Marcus, watching as he walked back towards his library.

Turning back around he reached into his pocket for his phone, sending a message to the new secretary.

Demetri: Need a new brush and bedside table lamp brought to the guest room.

Food: I'll bring it right away sir.

Walking back into the bedroom Demetri collected the broken pieces of urn, lamp and hairbrush into a bag and used the dust pail and brush to place the remains into the identical urn and returned it to the bedside table after placing the table cloth back. Leaving the room once again the tracker made his way to the nearest trash can, bringing him to the kitchen that was installed for the humans they had in their employment.

After returning to the room and closing the door he heard the tub draining. Waiting for Kenna to leave the bathroom he stayed by the door until she returned to the bed, eyes resting briefly on the urn before staring unseeingly forward. I don't know if this is better or worse. Noticing her hair was dripping wet he walked into the bathroom and grabbed a dry towel. At a human pace he made his way over to Kenna and raised the towel to her line of sight.

"You should dry your hair sweetheart." He said softly waiting for her to say anything.

After a couple of minutes with no response the tracker sighed and placed the towel over her hair, carefully drying it in silence. Interrupted by an approaching heart beat and knocking on the door he set down the towel and opened it.

"Th-the lamp and brush you asked for, sir." Said the new secretary.

Taking the items he closed the door without a word and made his way over to the bed, placing the new lamp and brush down before resuming in drying her hair. Once dry he picked up the brush while watching Kenna's face. Still staring forward she gave no acknowledgement of any movement made. Once again at a human pace he began to move, slowly running the brush through her hair, untangling any knots present. Without any real idea of how to style her hair he left it down and draped over her shoulder.

Placing the brush back on the table he stood up and made his way back over to the glass of blood and picked it up. Returning to his place by her side he waited for a few moments before speaking again.

"You need to feed Kenna." When she gave no complaints and made no movements he sighed and brought the glass up to her lips. Surprisingly she open her mouth and the tracker began to pour the now lukewarm blood into her mouth. After she emptied the glass he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped what little blood remained on her mouth, placing the cloth back in his pocket. Standing up he picked up the glass and made his way to the door, closing it softly and walking off to dispose of the glass.

*End Flashback

"Will you drink on your own today?" Demetri asked once again, not expecting a response.


Freezing he looked over to Kenna in surprise. "What do-"

"Why won't you just kill me?" She asked, voice dead but for the first time in over a month she was looking straight at Demetri.

After blinking away the shock Demetri responded. "After everything you've been though you deserve happiness. You can't get that if your dead."

"You don't know that."

"Maybe not, but I don't really like when things end on a... sour note." He said giving a sad looking smirk.

"I want to be with him." She said with such conviction that Demetri once again fell silent, thinking carefully over his response.

"He wouldn't want to see you this way. Sam-He would want you to live a happy life before your end." Demetri said, stopping himself from saying Samael's full name after watching her flinch slightly.

"He wanted me dead." She said, remembering his words to her before she had to-. Don't think about that! She screamed in her mind.

"No! That bitch siren wanted you dead." Demetri said. "I know you may not want to hear this, but he was gone long before you met him. That beast was not your true mate. Your mate would love you more than anything, he would use every part of his being to see you happy and alive. He would want you to live, not die. He most certainly would hate to see you waste away like this, begging for death!" He finished in a shout, watching as his words slowly sunk in.

"How do you suppose I do that then without him?! He was what I was waiting for. What do I do now?"

"The same thing you were doing before you met him. Even before you knew of him you were happy, and you can be that way again." Demetri reassured her. "It's going to be hard, I can promise you that. Most likely the hardest thing you've ever done, but it will be worth it. I will be right here to help drag you through those hard times, but you need to try. If you can't do it for yourself, at the very least do it for him."

Silence reigned throughout the room as Kenna stared at Demetri, thinking over his words before she turned her face away, looking down at her lap.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked lowly.

Smirking down at her he said, "Don't you remember? I like you. That and if you're gone, Jane might remember she's mad at me." Chuckling slightly at the shudder that runs through Kenna at her memory of Jane during her first week here he then waits patiently for her response.

"Okay." She says and snatches the glass out of his hand, quickly downing it like a man dying of thirst would an ice cold glass of water. Handing the glass back she looks up at him, a fire in her eyes. "Who do I have to kill to get some human blood around here?"

Barking out a laugh, Demetri accepts the glass and gives a short bow. "As milady wishes." Before making his way out of her room he's stopped short when Kenna speaks again.

"And Demetri?" Turning to face her he waits for her to continue. "We're not friends." His smile falling briefly, before returning, he gives her his response.

"Whatever you need to tell yourself sweetheart." He finishes with a wink before quickly shutting the door behind himself, barely dodging the table lamp as it crashes against the door. Chuckling, he pulls out his phone and sends off a message to the secretary.

Demetri: Send a table lamp up to the guest room.

Food: Yes sir.

"Hope you like brunettes." Demetri says on the other side of the door before walking back off to the kitchen to dispose of the glass. At least I don't have to hunt for bunnies anymore.

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