Before I Wake To Find You Gone

By: General Quistis ( and Zhakeena (

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Five weeks later…

            "I just can't believe these reports from Junon. SOLDIER is definitely improving," Rufus told Tifa.

She turned to him with a worried look on her face. "I don't like the sound of it," she admitted.

He stared at her unbelievably as she spoke, "I forgot to mention to you that Vincent visited a week ago. What he said was very disturbing for me… but he's blaming us plus Cloud & Aerith for the disappearance of Sephiroth."

He frowned slightly. "Disappearance of his son?" he asked.

"That's what he said," she replied.

"He personally talked to you and confronted you about it? What did you tell him?" he asked as he got up from his office seat and put down the reports on his table.

"I told him that I really don't know anything about it… which is true. I mean, you weren't holding any secret operations for them, right?" she asked.

He shook his head and flipped his hair as he approached her. "Of course not! I'm practically counting on the parenting skills of those two in the development of Sephiroth whether he's gonna a be another bad seed or not." He replied with a ridiculous look on his face.

She sat down on the couch. "What made me worry is that report which Heidegger had sent to you from Junon. What if it's true? I mean, Heidegger once proposed to you that he insists on finding Vincent and Lucrecia so that he could get Sephiroth to join SOLDIER for the so-called benefit of ShinRa, right? What if that old tub of lard just kidnapped the poor child and took him to Junon?" she asked as she clasped her hands together on her lap while still keeping her gaze up at Rufus.

He knew that Tifa had a point, but he tried to keep a straight face.

"Have you tried questioning Heidegger about it or maybe he mentioned new additions to SOLDIER in that report?" Tifa asked.

He shook his head. "I'm afraid not, Tifa, I…" he trailed off when somebody just entered his office without any warning. They both turned to that person and they were surprised to find out that it was Elena.

"Anything wrong, Elena? You shouldn't be barging in just like that," Rufus snapped.

She nodded her head in apology. "I'm so sorry, President Rufus and Mrs. ShinRa… but… I must speak to you now or shut up forever when something bad happens again…" she said.

"What do you mean?" Tifa asked as she got up.

Elena approached them. "Please don't tell General Heidegger that I was the one who informed you that on the day that we left Nibelheim to return here in Midgar, he kidnapped Sephiroth and kept him in Junon, training him to become a SOLDIER." She explained.

Tifa and Rufus both stared at Elena in awe. "What?!" the latter cried out in annoyance.

Elena clenched her fists. "General Heidegger even warned me about being a snitch… he said that he'll kill me if I tell anyone… but I can't risk losing too many lives again because of Sephiroth's danger, President Rufus… so I just decided to tell you and Mrs. ShinRa…" she trailed off when Rufus turned his back to them.

He was clenching his fists in too much rage as he went to his desk and pressed the intercom button and spoke to the secretary. "Get me General Heidegger. Tell him to come ASAP here in Junon and tell him to bring the child Sephiroth with him."

Tifa smiled reassuringly at Elena. "Don't worry, Elena, we're gonna make sure that Heidegger wouldn't do anything bad to you." She said. With that, Elena thanked them and left the office.

Rufus smiled smugly at them. "Hmf… maybe it's also high time for me to get a new General who would also serve as the Head of Public Maintenance and Order Division of this Company," he said with an evil glint in his eyes before eyeing his shotgun that was resting on the coffee table.

Tifa interrupted him as she approached him and pressed the intercom button and spoke to the secretary with a stern tone, "Tell Reno to head for the ShinRa Mansion in Nibelheim and take Vincent and Lucrecia Valentine here in Midgar. Tell Reno to tell the Valentines that I requested for their company here because we have found their child."


            Sephiroth wondered why Heidegger had been so cranky ever since that morning, and it worsened when they were asked to head for Midgar, but he just kept quiet and didn't ask him.

"Hmf… he might yell at me again… oh well… as long as I can handle my weapon properly and remain the best there is…" Sephiroth thought silently with a secret smile on his face.

Upon arriving in ShinRa HQ, Midgar, they headed straight for Rufus's office. On their way there, they didn't know that Samara was watching them from one corner of the hallway. She eyed the two curiously with a deep frown on her face. "Someone is going to die…" she just thought quietly.

But she was nervous because she didn't know who was going to die…


            "Lucrecia," Vincent began.

She just stared at him blankly.

Reno scratched his head. "Just hurry the hell up. The chopper's waiting outside," he said before leaving the room.

Vincent approached Lucrecia and helped her up from the bed. "We're going to Midgar, let's go." He said gently.

"But Sephiroth isn't home yet," she said.

"Oh man, I think this woman's crazy already," Reno thought upon hearing that from outside.

"He will be home, Lucrecia; we just have to pick him up. He's in Midgar waiting for us," Vincent said reassuringly. She just nodded her head sadly. "Will it be safe there?" she asked.

"As long as I'm here, you're out of danger, okay?" he asked.

She didn't answer. She just walked with wobbly steps while Vincent guided her outside to the chopper.


            Sephiroth looked up strangely at Tifa, then to Rufus, while listening to Heidegger speak up, "Gyah! All I wanted to do was help you, President Rufus! And so I present to you the strongest of all the soldiers of ShinRa!"

"You just made a move to ruin my Company's reputation again by kidnapping Sephiroth! You call that helping me?" Rufus snapped impatiently.


"You're fired," Rufus said.


"Stop that, get out of here!" Rufus snapped.

Heidegger frowned at him and grabbed Sephiroth's hand. "Let's go, child." He said.

"Where are you taking him?" Tifa demanded.

"I'm taking this child with me! He is going to be the best!" Heidegger snapped as he dragged Sephiroth to the door.

Tifa ran after them. "You're not going anywhere with that child! He's not yours!" she argued as she grabbed Sephiroth's hand.

The little boy sneered at her and he instantly got his Masamune.

She hated the sight of that weapon and because of surprise, she let go of Sephiroth as Heidegger stopped in his tracks and let go of the boy.

Everyone was in awe upon seeing such a weapon in the hands of a little boy… and he was able to draw it properly without difficulty… the same style that the old Sephiroth had done before. "You're not going to do anything stupid to me, are you, Tifa? Or do you want me to injure you so badly you won't be able to survive this time the way you did before?" he warned angrily with a mean smile on once innocent face.

Silence filled the room for several seconds and that's when Sephiroth suddenly came back into his senses and stared at his Masamune unbelievably, then turned his widened green eyes to Tifa. His mouth dropped open as he took a few steps backward. "Wh…where did those words come from?" he asked with teary eyes as he dropped the long weapon to the ground. He covered his mouth with his right hand as he stared up at Heidegger.

Heidegger was looking at Rufus. "President Rufus was right… Sephiroth is a dangerous fellow… Vincent and Lucrecia should've just thought twice about having a child…" he thought in awe as he took a few steps backward and grabbed his gun, aiming at Sephiroth. "This damned child should die," he mumbled with an evil glint on his face; but before he could harm the little boy, Rufus grabbed his own shotgun and shot Heidegger on the left shoulder… but Heidegger was able to pull the trigger, and when he fell, the bullet just fired to Tifa's direction, hitting her left thigh.

"Tifa!" Rufus cried out in alarm as he rushed to her.

"I… I'm fine…" she said despite the pain.

Sephiroth's eyes were wide in awe as he watched the blood come out from Heidegger's wound. Heidegger struggled to get up, but he couldn't.

The child had some bloodstains splattered against his face and his clothes; he touched it with his trembling hand and stared unbelievably at it, the memories from his first life coming back into his senses.

All eyes turned to the door when Vincent and Lucrecia entered. The latter's eyes grew wide upon seeing Sephiroth standing there with some bloodstains. "Sephiroth!" she said happily as she ran to her son.

Sephiroth looked up at his mother and suddenly, all the bad memories from his first life seemed to fade away. "Mommy!" he said happily he welcomed his mother with open arms, but before he could get the chance to embrace her, Heidegger grabbed his gun again and aimed at Lucrecia.

"The root of Sephiroth's evil should die first!" he thought with an evil glint in his eye before he pulled the trigger.

"NO!" Vincent cried out as he watched the bullet hit Lucrecia straight into her heart.

Sephiroth's eyes widened in shock as he opened his mouth to let out a silent scream as he watched his mother fall to the ground.

She raised her gaze from the floor to him and reached out a bloody hand to him. "S…Sephi…Sephiroth… my dear beloved son…" she struggled to say.

Sephiroth just stared down at his mother's hand as he slowly made his way to her, wanting to hold her hand. He grasped her hands into his but he did not say anything.

Vincent ran to them and knelt down beside the dying Lucrecia.

"Too much blood loss can kill her… all the JENOVA from her body are flowing with it…" he thought silently as he took her in his arms and embraced her tightly as tears fell from his eyes.

She smiled lovingly at him. "I love you, Vincent… please take care of our Sephiroth…" she whispered before finally closing her eyes.

Sephiroth's green eyes became blank in terror as her hand slipped away from his and dropped lifelessly to the ground. He bowed down his head and listened to the sobbing of his father.

With that, he walked away from his parents and went to get his Masamune that was lying on the ground. He picked it up and he smiled angrily. "ShinRa caused this… they should die… if they did not start with the JENOVA project in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. Mommy could still be alive; daddy could still be happy… we'll all be happy… why must they do this to us?!" he mumbled under his breath as he swung the Masamune to Heidegger's direction, eventually slicing him into two, then turned to Rufus and then to Tifa.

"Shit…" Rufus muttered.

Tifa watched Sephiroth in horror as he approached them with an angry look on his face.

Vincent stared unbelievably at Sephiroth. "No…" he wanted to say, but he couldn't speak. He was in too much shock. Sephiroth is only a little boy… and he is already capable of killing people… and Vincent and Lucrecia swore to one another that they would protect their Sephiroth from all the evils of the world…

He clenched his fists in disappointment. "No… Sephiroth… don't… for your mother's sake, please… don't…" he thought silently as he watched Sephiroth kill Tifa and Rufus.

Vincent closed his eyes, wishing that everything was a nightmare… and he'd be waking up inside his coffin again… but it wasn't. It all happened before his eyes… and it made him lose hope.

Sephiroth turned his gaze to his father and smiled innocently at him. "Don't worry, daddy. We'll get even with the evil people for doing this to mommy…" he said before walking to the door with the Masamune still in his grasp, leaving Vincent feeling so numb and jaded.

Sephiroth stopped in his tracks when he saw Samara standing by the doorway with her hair covering her face. He couldn't tell if her head was bowed down or not, but he didn't care anymore.

He saw her left eye looking up at him with a blank stare, and he knew for certain that she saw everything.

They just stared at each other for a few seconds more before he decided to just leave her there. The long blade of his Masamune brushed against her white dress, staining it with blood.

She bowed down her head as she gazed blankly at the floor before turning around and followed Sephiroth with her gaze. She watched as he boarded the elevator with a mind full of blank thoughts.

Samara turned to her side when she sensed some movement from behind her. She saw Vincent carrying the dead Lucrecia in his arms with a blank stare on his face. He gazed wearily at Samara as he stopped by the doorway. "Tell your mom and dad that we visited. Did you see Sephiroth?" he asked.

Samara did not answer. She just continued to hide her face behind her hair.

Vincent smiled wearily at her. "Don't worry. On our next visit, you can play with Sephiroth. He's a very good boy, you know?" he said with a calm tone before looking away and proceeded to the elevator.


            Cloud didn't know why he had the urge to go to the front door of his house and open the door, but he just followed his instincts. He gazed quietly at Aerith, his sleeping wife, as he quickly put on his slippers and went out of their room. "It's 3 am…" he realized as he got down the stairs and rushed to the front door. Upon opening it, he thought he was going to have a heart attack upon seeing his friends' daughter standing in front of him with her hair covering her face.

"Whoa!" he cried out in surprise. "Wh…what are you doing here, Samara?" he asked with a weak smile on his face, but it eventually faded away when he noticed her bloodstained clothes.

She looked up at him, her hair slowly revealing her blue eyes. She smiled calmly at Cloud. "Hello, Mister Cloud. Can I sleep over here? Mommy and daddy went for a trip to the Lifestream this afternoon and I think they won't be returning for a long time." She said…



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