Please note before reading: This story contains elements of both HP and Persona combined into a single shared universe. I have (for the most part) chosen to leave the year ambiguous but it will be set in the modern times (HP is set in the 1990s and P5 in the 2010s).

Some elements have been changed for both stories and elements from Royal have been included. This also contains some major Cannon Divergence from the HP timeline.

Magic is a mysterious force. It's been around since the universe began, influencing things behind the scenes. Even though it's a supernatural force, it still abides by the laws of nature. For example, energy can't be created or destroyed, but it's state can be altered into something else.

The Metaverse for example. Thought to have been sealed away from the real world after the defeat of Yaldabaoth, however under a mysterious set of circumstances by the wills of magic, this realm of existence remained. No longer governed by humanities desires and instead by dreams and ambitions, fusing with the world of dreams.

That still doesn't mean people's twisted desires are gone. Palaces still spring up from time to time only to have their Treasures stolen by the enigmatic Phantom Thieves.

The public view on this group varies. Some claim them to be heroes, others no more then lower criminal scum. They were have believed to have disbanded but reports have stated otherwise. Especially after that trial.

"As in closing, these are nothing but rumors your honor. the Phantom Thieves are just fairy tails. It's like saying magic is real." The elderly man finished.

Dumbledore sighed, he really didn't want to be doing this. Glancing over at the accused he knew too well to be the leader of The Phantoms and a boy that reminded him so much of another. Though Akechi had turned himself in in place of Akira, people still insisted on the boy being tried. Even though it took quite a few memory charms, Dumbledore would see to his wishes. The Ministry wasn't an issue, in fact they had been supporting him after a "visit" from the FTOH, flushing out many of You-Know-Who's Death Eaters and corrupt officials.

One of them being Umbridge whom nearly had a heart attack after finding a calling card wrapped around her favorite set of Blood Quills.

The judge's hammer finally hit the gavel, marking the trial's end.

Dumbledore made his way through the crowd where he came across a certain boy.

"I don't think you'll be needing these anymore Akira." The elderly wizard spoke as he placed a hand onto his shoulder, gesturing to the glasses. Akira smirked at the old man's demeanor.

"Lively as always Professor." the young man replied in a snarky tone.

"Don't worry about you and your little friend group. Your secrets are safe with me." Dumbledore winked.

"Seems like Minvera's left already. Wasn't that cat of yours with her?"

Akira's face changed to one of worry only to relax as he remembered that McGonagall was an Animigus.

"They'll be fine." Yet Dumbledore's expression shifted to one of worry "She's just gone to check up on Harry."

Two cats strode up the road that was Privet Drive. One being a tabby with marks around its eyes that make it look like it's wearing glasses, the other being a tuxedo with striking blue eyes and a yellow collar. The two felines stopped in front of a house that looked like the others on the street numbered "4".

"So this is the house Professor?" The tuxedo spoke, his attention on the other cat, whom promptly nodded.

"Yes Morgana. Now remember what we practiced?" Morgana nodded at Mcgonagall.

"Transform when none of the household is looking. Got it."

Morgana remembered his training sessions he had been going through. Even though the whole thing was purely experimental magic and potions, Morgana now found himself able to take on a full human appearance. Helping him get one step closer to his dream of being human.

He had learned of Animagi, wizards who were capable of turning themselves into animals, and had practically begged Dumbledore to allow him to try it in hoping it would allow him to become human. Dumbledore was reluctant since the process wasn't designed to work on animals or any non-human creature for that manner but eventually decided to try using some more "experimental forms of magic". Surprisingly it worked and Mona was registered as a cat animagi (which he now insists Ryuji or anyone else other than "Lady Ann" call him by "Like I've told you! I am not a cat! I am an Animagus!")

On cue, the two cats were gone. In their places stood an older looking women wearing a pair of spectacles and dressed in robes and a black haired young man dressed in a t shirt and jeans still retaining those blue eyes he had while in his cat form. Quietly they approached the one of the house's windows and watched.

A young boy was struggling to sweep the floor in an already clean house. He was far too small for someone his age.

"The nerve Ablus has leaving the boy with these Muggles..."

"Why is that Professor?"

"I know you've dealt with worse, but the Dursleys are just... It put it lightly, not the best place for the boy. The good thing is they don't..."

Just as Minvera was about to finish her and Morgana's attention were brought to the now present fat man beating the poor boy with an old cricket bat.

"Oh my, I wasn't aware it was this bad." Minvera said in shock a little too loudly. She was lucky enough to have no been around when Harry got his beatings by his uncle.

Morgana said nothing. He only watched, eyes filled with disgust and rage. Old fatso here might be getting a visit by the Phantom Thieves in the not-so-near future.

"Looks like I may have to have a little talk with Joker and the others once we get back that is..." Mona grumbled to himself. Mcgonagal patted him on the back.

"We'll talk to Elder about this once we get back. For now, it's best that we get going! The residents of the house are starting to get a bit suspicious."

With that, the two transformed back into cats and scurried off into the night

Vernon heard a sound.

"Petunia dear? Was that you?"

"No Vernon I haven't said anything."

The elder Durlsey found his attention directed at the front door as he walked over. Opening it with his cricket bat still in hand, he took a look outside only to find no one else around, only the quiet streetglow of Privet Drive and two cats running off. Likely scared by off by him opening the door.

"Probably some of Ms. Fig's cats wandering the neighborhood." Vernon mumbled to himself, slamming the door behind him. "Learn to keep your bloody animals in the house! We don't want the things digging up our bloody garden!"


Mr. Dursley was frustrated. He wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because of his freak of a nephew or the fact that a close co worker of his confessed to committing fraud out of nowhere.

"There goes my bonus..." He grumbled as he settled down in his office at Grunnings. Ready for another day of yelling at people and selling drills when his secretary came into the room with a pile of papers.

"Mr. Dursley these are for you." She said as she left.

Mr. Dursley grumbled as he sorted through company reports and email printouts when a small black and red object fell from the stack.

Snagging the card, Vernon turned it over.

And his eyes nearly popped from their sockets at the all too familiar words.

Steal your heart

Sir Vernon Dursley,

It has come our attention that you have been mistreating and abusing your own nephew, a one Harry James Potter, alongside the many other sins of your abuse and general unpleasantness towards others. We will make you confess to your crimes by stealing your treasure. If you don't believe us, we assume you saw the news report about your co worker.

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Deep within the pits of Vernon's soul, his shadow self writhed. This wasn't good, someone had ratted him out to those criminals.

Reaching for his phone, he was going to call Petunia and warn her to lock the house, when he though otherwise. He didn't want to worry her and Dudley just yet. Maybe he could find a way to avoid this.

For the rest of the day, Vernon tried his best to be "nice", rather begrudgingly. His fellow workers found it strange that Vernon was acting "decent" for once. From, abet reluctantly, helping others to even promoting a worker who had been asking for a raise for awhile. Even by the time he got home he kept up the act.

Harry was confused by what was going on. First of all, he didn't receive his daily beatings and secondly the Dursleys were acting off. His uncle went straight for the tool-shed when he got off work and began to board up the house like if a bad storm was about to hit while his aunt paced back and forth in worry. Even Dudley was confused.

"Dudley whats wrong Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia?"

"I don't know. Mummy just said that some "robbers" are coming after daddy." He mumbled before running up to his room. Harry just shrugged.

The rest of the afternoon went on like this. Harry luckily enough got dinner because Dudley didn't touch his plate, at least that was better than scraps for once. Now that it was time for bed, Harry found himself just lying there. Usually he would cowering in fear after a beating wishing for someone to take him away from this hell as he drifted into the realm of dreams.

He just lay there listening as the Durlseys set up their makeshift campsite in the living room so they could "keep an eye out for these criminals".

"What do you think they want from us dear? And how did they find out about the Freak!?" Petunia asked as she examined the Calling Card. Vernon made his way into the living room with a heavily locked trunk containing the Dursley household's most prized possessions which be placed on the ground next to a few household items that could be used as a makeshift weapon in case these "Robbers break into the house".

"It has to be the work of none other than... those people." He whispered whilst making a face of disgust, Petunia following suit. "You've seen the news about those criminals. They leave these cards to some poor bloke they're targeting and the next thing you know, the person's out of their mind mad in the slammer! We must have been ratted out thanks to those freaks."

Pentunia nods, handing her husband back the card. Dudley stepped into the living room with some of his toys.

"Mummy I'm scared."

"Don't worry Didykins. We'll make sure those criminals are brought to justice." Vernon lets out an affirmative grunt as he picks up his favorite cricket bat and makes his way over towards his sleeping bag. The other Dursleys soon follow.

"Better get some shut eye then. We've got everything we need to protect ourselves from these "Phantom Thieves" as they call themselves." Vernon scoffs at the name as he gives the calling card one last glance over before turning off the lantern and chucking the card into the dying fire in the fireplace.

Flames danced around the burning red paper. The logo on the front appeared to give off an eery glow as the residents of the house began to drift off, unaware that the Thieves were already inside.

Who were these people? Were they going to harm him? Harry's mind raced.

He wished he had someone or something to protect him. Yet deep in his soul he felt something, something telling him it would be alright.

At last his mind wondered off to sleep. His dreams were strange, in his mind he stood near a group of people. Their faces obscured by masks. He tried approaching them when one of them turned and removed his mask. Appearing behind the person was a large crow looking creature.

"What is that thing?"

He was about to ask when a large roar caught his attention. Turning around the boy was met by a ginormous creature that looked like his uncle.

That's when he woke up this his uncle screaming.

Harry poked his head out of the cupboard only to find his uncle a mess on the kitchen floor, crying and pleading. Nothing in the house had been disturbed. The boards and box full of valuables left in the same condition as before.

"I've been so bad to the poor boy. Why should I even call myself his uncle."

"Vernon dear, whats wrong? Did the Freak do this?" Petunia was in a panic. She finally locked eyes with Harry and the panic was replaced with anger. Dudley was in the living room, hiding in his sleeping bag.

"YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HUSBAND?" She snapped going for her broom.

"I-I didn't do this Aunt Petunia..." Harry protested, only to be whacked over the head by the handle rather harshly. Rendering him near unconsious.

"We should've never taken you into this house if we'd known what you would've done! First the card now this!?"

"W-What card..." Harry groaned out in pain.

"You know too well Freak! You let those criminals into our house!"

Harry felt himself being lifted up and carried by his shirt collar like a cat by his aunt. Soon enough the cold nightime air hit him as he was sent flying.

"Don't you think of coming back!" Was the last thing he heard his Aunt shout as she slammed the door and as he finally lost consciousness.

Harry felt like he had been hit by a stone. His head hurt and last night felt like a dream.

"Oh my, Is he ok?"

"How did he even get here?"

Where were those voices coming from? And why was everything moving?

He must be dreaming. Any moment now, one of the Dursleys would be either jumping down the stairs, rapping on the cupboard door, or yelling at him for sleeping in.

But none of that came.

Harry's senses were slowly beginning to awaken. It felt like he was being held onto by something made of leather, like a glove.

Slowly his vision came into focus. At first all he saw was a black and white blob then the blob formed into a person.

It was a young man whom harry could've mistaken for himself it it wasn't for the fact he lacked a scar and had gray-black eyes. He was wearing what looked to be a black vest and jacket with red leather gloves. It seemed he finally took notice of Harry.

"Now that's out of the way. We can report back to Elder and get back to hunting You-Know-Who's Horacruxes."

"Hey everyone?"

"What's wrong Joker?"

"The kid's awake."

The movement screeched to a halt as Harry saw more people enter his field of view. They looked familiar...

Just like the people he saw in his dream