So... it's basically this- at the current moment, I've got lots of... shit... going on. And I just need to take a break, so it might be a very long while 'til the next chapter, unless I'm suddenly hit by overwhelming insperation. I'm very, *very* sorry, all.

Chun-Li - I can't *find* that song, or I would download it. I blame it all on Kazaa. ::shrug::

Chiru - ::grins:: Yeah, I got two chapters up in... two days, I believe. I felt crappy about the short chapter. Damn my conscience... ::cough:: Anyways, ^_^ ::hug:: Thanks!

Rena - ::rubs forehead:: Okay, okay. Do all that... uh... stuff... you said you'd do. And then you're forgiven. But not a moment before