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Author's Note: As far as I know Natsumi's surname isn't given in the anime so I've given her one here.

It was a beautiful day with an azure blue sky and not a single cloud in sight. Out at sea a pod of dolphins were eagerly pursing a school of fish that flashed a bright silver in the sun. Seagulls cawed to each other as they followed the chase, occasionally swooping down to try and snatch a stray fish.

A single ship moved across the vast expanse of water. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, at a glance it appeared to be a simple barge. No-one would have suspected the true, deadly nature of its cargo.

The barge came to a halt and the anchor was dropped. The captain raised a pair of binoculars to his eyes and cautiously looked all around. Satisfied that there was no one else present he barked orders to three of his crewmen. They immediately went below deck and reappeared pushing a trolley loaded with blue drums. One by one they threw the drums overboard until they were all gone.

While the barge headed back to shore, the drums sank through the water until they reached the sea bed, sending up small clouds of silt. Most landed harmlessly but one of them scraped against a large rock. An improperly sealed weak point gave way and the lid came loose.

A thin tendril of dark green fluid began to drift upwards from the damaged drum…

Makoto Ichijou stood on the deck of a gleaming white yacht and stared out at the sparkling blue waters. He inhaled the sea air, marvelling at how fresh and clear it was.

Ichijou was a tall, strongly built teenager with red shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. He wore a pair of black trunks.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Yamana Michiru asked.

He looked over at her. She was a beautiful girl with gold-brown hair and brown eyes. A red bikini with yellow stars clung to her slender figure.

"It certainly is" he agreed as she walked up to the railing and joined him in gazing out at the sea. "Good thing you're a childhood friend of Natsumi-san's."

She smiled. "Natsumi is generous."

Some time ago Natsumi had invited them out for a day's sailing on her uncle's yacht. They had all had a great time and had even managed to reunite a baby dolphin with its pod. Naturally when she had asked them if they'd like another day out at sea they had jumped at it.

"It's so peaceful out here" Yamana mused.

"I know, it's good to get away from the city for a while" Ichijou commented. He looked out at the waves while mentally composing a new song about the sea.

"Keep it down. Ore-sama is busy."

They turned to look at Hibino Hareluya. He was the same height and build as Ichijou, with black spiky hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and black shorts, he was sitting at the stern with a fishing rod.

"I didn't think you'd be interested in fishing Hibino" said Yamana.

"Ore-sama decided to make the most of our time out here. Ore-sama is going to catch the biggest fish out there and have it for dinner tonight" he replied.

"Just take care you don't fall asleep" Ichijou warned.

Hibino glared at him. "Are you calling Ore-sama lazy?"

"Careful Hibino, if you get angry you'll scare the fish away" Yamana pointed out.

He calmed down and nodded. "Quite right. Okay Ichijou, Ore-sama will let you off this time." With that he went back to his fishing.

"Do you think he'll catch anything?" Yamana whispered as she and Ichijou resumed gazing out at the ocean.

"I doubt it" he whispered back. "I saw him leave some ramen noodles when we had lunch. I think he's using those for bait."

They both laughed softly.

The oceans covered two-thirds of the planet Earth. As their custodian, Aquaman was always busy. Today had been fairly routine. A mini-sub had malfunctioned leaving two Japanese oceanographers trapped on the seabed and running out of oxygen. Fortunately he had arrived in time to save them. Now the oceanographers and their sub were safely aboard a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel

"Thank you again for saving our lives Aquaman-san!" one of the scientists called as he waved to the superhero from the railing.

"Glad I could help" the former king of Atlantis called back from the water. Clad in his orange scale mail with green leggings, boots and gloves he was an impressive sight. His long blond hair and matching beard added to his majestic appearance.

Pity Mera couldn't have come too he thought as he began swimming away. She'd have liked sushi.

He hadn't made it far when he came across a pod of dolphins. He sensed right away that they were afraid and worried about something. Telepathically he asked what was wrong.

Water dark. Fish sick. Fish dying they replied

Concerned by this Aquaman quickly swam in the direction the pod had come from. He soon noticed that numerous fish were floating limply, their mouths hanging slackly open.

They're all dead he realised with growing horror. What could have done this?

He swam further down, finding yet more dead fish. On the seabed all of the plants and corals were also dead and discoloured. The water was murky, clouded by a dark green haze. Aquaman swam closer until he could see through the obstruction. His fists clenched as he realised that he had found what was killing the sea life.

Laying around a large rock was a cluster of blue drums. The lid of one of the drums had come loose and the dark substance was spewing up from inside it.

"Toxic waste" he said, his voice filled with anger and disgust. "I have to seal that drum before any more of that filth can leak out."

But as he started towards the drums a sudden weakness came over him, as if his strength was being drained away. Disoriented, he raised a hand to his forehead.

"What, what's happening…? I shouldn't be this badly effected…"

He suddenly felt his gills burn and he clutched at them as he struggled to breath. In desperation he tried to swim for the surface but his strength gave out and he lost consciousness. Weighed down by his armour, he sank helplessly into the green murk.

Unaware of what was happening under the waves, Hibino was still at the stern gripping his fishing rod and waiting for a bite. His patience, not one of his strong points, was fast running out. He fidgeted, shifting his weight and tapping his fingers. Ichijou and Yamana couldn't hide their amusement as they watched him.

"Come on, take the bait" he muttered.

"You know fishing is supposed to be relaxing" said Ichijou.

"Be quiet! Ore-sama is trying to concentrate" Hibino growled.

"I think I'll go for a swim" said Yamana. "Would you like to come Ichijou?"

"No thanks." He lowered his voice and added, "I'm having too much fun watching Hibino."

She chuckled. "I'll see you later then."

"See you in a bit."

"Good luck Hibino" she called.

Hibino muttered something that sounded like a thanks. Smiling, she jumped over the railing and dived into the ocean, disappearing beneath the surface with barely a splash.

As she swam down through the pristine blue depths Yamana was surprised to see that there weren't any fish around.

Natsumi told us that these waters were teeming with sea life she thought. Has Hibino scared them all off?

She relaxed as she saw some fish. Her relief instantly turned to alarm as she realised none of them were swimming, merely floating lifelessly in the water.

What happened here?

She swam deeper until she had almost reached the ocean floor. Her eyes widened as she saw a strange green cloud on the seabed. Peering into the cloud she could narrowly make out the silhouette of a man laying on the sandy surface.

Yamana swam back up as fast as she could. Whoever he was he needed help.

"Hibino! Ichijou!" she yelled as she surfaced. "There's a man in the water! He's drowning!"

Without hesitation Ichijou dived in. Hibino was about to follow but stopped as he remembered that he couldn't swim. Clenching his teeth in frustration he gripped the railings so hard his knuckles went white.

Ichijou and Yamana swam down past the dead fish until they reached the ocean floor. They could see the outline of the man in the cloud. Both of them closed their eyes and plunged into the green murk. It took only a second of blindly reaching around for them to each find and grab an arm. They hauled him up and began swimming to the surface, supporting him between them.

Thank God for buoyancy Ichijou thought. We'd have had a much harder time with this guy on land.

They made it back to the yacht to find that Hibino was waiting at the stern. He crouched down and helped pull the unconscious man aboard.

"He may need CPR" said Ichijou as he and Yamana climbed out of the water.

"Well Ore-sama's not performing mouth to mouth" said Hibino. "You can do that Ichijou."

"Why me?"

"Yamana found him, Ore-sama dragged him up, it's only fair you contribute something."

"Wait" she said before he could reply. She pointed at the man. "Look, he's breathing."

Sure enough his chest was rising and falling regularly, although his skin was pale and clammy.

"What a pity" Hibino mused.

Just then Natsumi came up on deck wearing her green and orange surfing outfit.

"What's going on?" she asked. Then she saw the unconscious figure and her eyes bulged. "That, that's Aquaman."

"The guy who talks to fish?" Hibino asked dubiously.

"I thought he looked familiar. I've seen him on TV" said Ichijou.

Aquaman groaned as he started to come to. He squinted against the light and sat up. Yamana crouched next to him.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I, I think so" he replied. His Japanese was a little rough but understandable. "What happened?"

"We found you on the ocean floor" she explained. "You were in the middle of this green cloud."

"That green cloud is some kind of chemical waste. It's leaking out of drums and killing the fish in the area" said Aquaman.

"We saw that" said Ichijou. "But how come it didn't effect us?"

"It must be absorbed mainly through gills." He wobbled slightly as he stood up, Yamana and Ichijou steadying him.

"Take it easy" she advised.

"I will" he replied. He leaned against the railing and took several deep breaths, the colour slowly coming back to his face. After a moment he seemed far more steady. He nodded at them.

"Thank you for saving my life."

She smiled. "Don't mention it."

"I'm Makoto Ichjou" he said. "This is Yamana Michiru, Hibino Hareluya and Mizuni Natsumi."

"I'm Aquaman" he replied. "Although I suspect you knew that already."

"It's an honour to meet you your highness" said Natsumi. She bowed.

"It's okay, I'm no longer king of Atlantis" he said.

"Oh, what happened?"

"That's a long story and there's no time for it now. I need to get those drums off the sea floor before more toxic waste can leak out" said Aquaman.

"You'll need Ore-sama for that" said Hibino.

"What do you mean?"

"Just get Ore-sama down there and you'll see" Hibino replied with a grin.

Soon afterwards Aquaman was back underwater, a safe distance away from the toxic cloud. His left hand was closed around Hibino's wrist.

What does this boy have planned?

There was a sudden burst of light as Hibino reached behind his back and pulled out a heavy silver tarpaulin, seemingly from nowhere.

How is that possible?

As baffled as he was, Aquaman realised right away what Hibino's plan was. He gripped the edge of the tarpaulin and flung it over the cloud as if it were a net. Hurriedly he scooped up the drums with the tarpaulin, along with the toxin that had leaked out. With another flash of light Hibino took out a cable that Aquaman used to secure it. He then swam back up to the yacht with Hibino.

"Are you sure about this?" Natsumi asked as he put the bundled-up drums on the deck. "I don't like the idea of toxic waste on my uncle's yacht."

"Don't worry. Ore-sama's tarp will hold it" Hibino replied. "Not a single drop is getting out of there."

"Thanks Hibino-san" said Aquaman. "Now all we need is to find out who's responsible for dumping it."

They all heard splashes and looked over the railing to see several dolphins surface and begin chattering animatedly. Aquaman raised his eyebrows.

"They say they saw the ship these drums came from and they knew where it is."

"Oh yes, you talk to fish" said Hibino.

He sighed. Not that again. "I don't talk to fish. Their brains are too primitive for that. I can talk to dolphins because they have enough intelligence for conversation."

"Well anyway, let's get over there. Ore-sama is going to rule the world and no-one's going to get away with poisoning it."

Aquaman was a little perplexed by that but decided not to question it. "I appreciate your help but this could be dangerous."

Hibino grinned. "Ore-sama is dangerous."

"At least let us give you a lift there so you can save your strength" Yamana suggested.

He nodded. "All right."

The dolphins led them to a small island. What would have been a tranquil sight was marred by an ugly industrial building built along the coastline. Tall smokestacks belched black smoke into the sky. The factory had a small port with a barge in dock.

Aquaman frowned as he saw the large sign in front of the building. "Stagg Enterprises! I might have guessed."

The dolphins chattered and he nodded. "That's the boat that dumped the toxic waste."

"Then let's get them" said Hibino eagerly.

"No, I'll handle this" Aquaman replied. "All of you wait here."

He jumped over the railing and swam for the port.

Hibino fumed. "How dare he dismiss Ore-sama like that? Natsumi, take us after him!"

"Okay" she said unsurely.

"Is this a good idea?" Ichijou whispered. "Aquaman is a superhero after all. I'm sure he can handle this."

Yamana shook her head. "I have a feeling that he's going to need us" she replied. "Besides how would we get Hibino to stay behind?"


Aquaman leapt out of the water and landed on the dock. He marched into the factory's main building through an open garage door.

Inside was a large chamber filled with numerous vats filled with bubbling chemicals. Men in boiler suits were operating various pieces of equipment while robot arms carried hazmat containers.

Overseeing it all was a grey-haired man wearing a blue suit with a red bow tie. At his side was a hulking, brutish-looking black-haired man in a lilac suit with a red tie. Aquaman recognised them at once as the unscrupulous industrialist Simon Stagg and his bodyguard Java.

Stagg looked over and saw him. A look of panic crossed his face but he quickly masked it.

"Ah Aquaman, how can I help you?"

He glared fiercely at him. "So you weren't content with polluting the oceans around America Stagg? You had to come over to Japan and dump your poisons here as well?"

Stagg's poker face didn't flicker. "I admit that after that unfortunate business back home I thought it would be wise to check on some of Stagg Enterprises overseas divisions, but I have no idea what you mean by dumping. All of our manufacturing processes conform to strict environmental regulations."

"Really? Then you won't mind if I take the chemical drums I found to the Japan Coast Guard?"

Stagg's calm expression turned furious. "Get him!"

The boiler-suited henchmen stopped what they were doing and charged the superhero. Aquaman easily evaded most of their blows and shrugged off the few that connected while throwing them around as if they were rag dolls. In just a few moments all of the henchmen lay groaning in pain on the floor. None of them were seriously injured but they would think twice before attacking him again.

That's one of the few good things about being seen as just 'the guy that talks to fish.' Your enemies underestimate you he thought.

"I'll get him boss" said Java. He started forwards but Stagg put his arm in front of him.

"Don't bother. I can defeat him myself with just one finger."

He pressed a button on a control panel. Aquaman heard a whirring sound above him and looked up to see a robot arm gripping a chemical drum. The arm let go of the drum which plummeted down towards him. Without thinking he punched it hard. The drum burst, dousing him with green slime.

"AGGRRHH!" Aquaman screamed as the chemicals burned his skin despite the protection of his costume. He collapsed to the floor and lay there unable to move.

Stagg laughed. "Don't worry. I'll give you a burial at sea with the rest of the waste."

Aquaman tried desperately to get up but his limbs felt like they had turned to lead. He could only glare up at his foe futilely.

The yacht had arrived at the factory port. Natsumi watched anxiously as Hibino, Yamana and Ichijou disembarked.

"Please be careful" she said.

"We will" Yamana reassured her.

Hibino led them through the garage door into the factory building. There they found Aquaman laying in a pool of toxic ooze while Stagg stood over him with a triumphant grin.

"Aquaman!" Ichijou exclaimed.

"Ha! Ore-sama knew this would happen" said Hibino smugly.

Stagg looked over and saw them. "More intruders! Java, get them!"

With a growl the brutish bodyguard charged them. Ichijou raced ahead to intercept him and landed a volley of blows that would have dropped most opponents but Java was barely slowed. He responded with a haymaker that sent Ichijou sprawling to the floor.

Hibino laughed. "Not bad but you won't be so lucky against Ore-sama."

Java came at him with big, swinging punches but he expertly dodged them and countered with a rapid-fire series of punches and kicks. The brute grunted as the blows found their mark but he kept coming. His hands closed around Hibino's neck and he tried to throttle him. Hibino kneed him in the gut and broke his hold. They seized each other's arms and began to grapple furiously.

As they fought Yamana hurried to a wall and picked up a fire extinguisher. A quick check confirmed that it contained water and was fully charged. She ran over to Aquaman, removed the extinguisher's safety pin, took aim and pulled the trigger. A jet of water flew from the nozzle. She swept it across Aquaman's prone form, washing the slime off of him.

"Thank you" he said as he got up, his strength restored.

She smiled and nodded.

Aquaman looked over and saw that two of the henchmen had recovered and were sneaking up behind Hibino. One of them was raising a blackjack.

He leaped forwards and knocked out the blackjack-wielder with a single punch. The second pulled a knife but Aquaman caught his wrist and applied pressure, forcing him to drop it. He then took out the henchman with an uppercut to the jaw.

Hibino crouched slightly, getting under Java's guard and then stood, lifting his opponent over his head. Java roared and struggled but couldn't get loose. With a fierce grin Hibino hurled him into a bank of machinery, knocking him out.

"Well done" said Ichijou as he stood up and rubbed his jaw.

"Ha, no problem for Ore-sama."

Seeing that his forces had been defeated, Stagg turned to run but Aquaman leaped through the air and landed right in front of him. Unable to stop himself he ran right into the superhero, rebounded off of him and fell to the floor.

"Keep away from me" he said fearfully as he scooted backwards.

"I'm not the one you ought to worry about" Aquaman replied.

"What?" Stagg heard someone walk up and turned his head to see Hibino peering down at him with a wicked grin.

"It's been a while since Ore-sama used this" he said as he pulled out a feathery fan.

Soon afterwards they were all back on the yacht, watching as Stagg and his accomplices were taken into custody by the Japan Coast Guard. Under Hibino's tickle-torture Stagg had cracked and confessed everything. The tarp containing the drums of toxic waste had also been taken to be used as evidence. When they had gone Aquaman turned to Hibino and the others.

"Thank you all for everything you've done" he said. "Not only did you save my life, you've also saved the sea life in this area."

"We're glad to help" said Ichijou.

"I have to get back to Atlantis now. I hope I'll see you all again soon" said Aquaman. With that he dived back into the water and swam away while they all waved after him.

"Well that was interesting" said Hibino. "Now what?"

"We still have a few hours until we're due back" said Natsumi. "We can relax out here a little longer."

"Maybe Hibino could have another try at fishing" Ichijou suggested.

He shook his head. "Seeing all those dead fish has put Ore-sama off the idea."

"It's terrible that people would dump chemicals into the ocean like that" said Yamana.

"Do not worry Yamana" said Hibino reassuringly. "When Ore-sama rules the world no-one will dare pollute it."

"Thanks Hibino" she said brightly.

"In the meantime let's have some more ramen. Saving the oceans gives Ore-sama an appetite."

"Same as everything else" Ichijou muttered under his breath.

Yamana and Natsumi giggled as they all went below decks.