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The lady of the Woods

I watched them as they wandered through, so tall, so strong, so proud.

The man… a King of his race, I can feel it in him. He will be a good
ruler … that he will be, but he has yet to conquer his own demons.
It matters not, he will have aid, whether he would wish it or not.

The creation of Aule, the dwarven one. Long has been his kind's grievance
against the elven race, but this ones heart has been swayed from that
solid hatred. Long will be his friendship with the elf in his company

The elf, one of the fair folk, a prince of his people. His heart will
awaken to the call of the sea. The warning of the lady of lothlorien
resounds in his head, he will heed it not. That shall be his downfall.
Yet who call truly call it a downfall when he shall be tied to many hearts
err his time on Arda ends. Nay! He will overcome it.

The bark beneath me stirs. The tree's heart awakens, but not for good.
It's branches gently creak to life, moving, inching, ever so slightly
towards the path of the three hunters. Blocking their path, hindering
their way, troubling their passing. His message is being passed from
heart of tree, to heart of tree, awakening the evil in them.

I will not sit by.


Legolas Greenleaf turned his head, ever so slightly towards the tree by
his side. He could sense the oppressive atmosphere around him. They
were not welcomed here. He listened and watched as his companions rested,
weary from their travels.

But suddenly, there is a change, a different note in the trees minds,
a voice soothing their worried thoughts, ebbing their troubled thoughts away.
The oppressiveness fades away and is replaced by silence.

They are at peace.

A smile slowly graces the fair face of the elf. He closes his eyes, and murmurs a few quiet words of thanks...

...to the lady of the woods.

- end-

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