Laurie admire's his wife's sleeping face on his shoulder. This has proved to be one of his favorite things to do to pass time, he could stare at Amy all day if he could. He liked the idea of memorizing every inch of her from every mole to every freckle that she had. They had decided to drop by Meg's first before they headed to Orchard house because Amy really wanted to meet her nieces. As they were nearing Meg's home, he decides to gently wake Amy up.

"My lady, we are almost at Meg's. You have to wake up if you want to meet your nieces."

Amy sleepily looks at him and he thinks that it is one of the cutest things he's ever since in his life. He knew that Amy had him wrapped around her dainty little finger.

"Okay, I'm up."

Amy stretches her arms out and fixes herself while Laurie tucks some of the golden curls that strayed behind her ear. He holds onto the side of her face and couldn't help but kiss her. Laurie had wanted to do that for a while even though they spent the entire first half of the carriage ride kissing and giggling, he found that he just couldn't get enough of his wife. Amy deepens the kiss and grabs onto his neck while Laurie pulls her closer by the waist. The carriage halts its movement and Amy pulls away from a starry eyed Laurie. She giggles at his expression and upon hearing her giggles Laurie grins at her.

"Come on, my lady. It's time to see Meg and John, then meet Daisy and Demi."

He gets out of the carriage and offers one of his hands to her intending to assist her down the carriage. Amy reaches for his hand and smiles at him. Laurie places his hand onto the small of her back as they walk towards Meg's door. Amy softly knocks at the door and is pleasantly surprised that Marmee was the one who answered the door. Amy has tears in her eyes and looks up at her mom. Laurie smiles at Marmee in turn while Marmee looks at Amy with a few tears of her own. Marmee hurriedly reaches out for Amy and she hugs her.

"Amy, oh my god, my child. I haven't seen you in a while, I've missed you my darling."

Amy lets the tears flow from her eyes and Laurie is tempted to wipe the tears off her eye but he lets Marmee do the job. He wanted to let mother and daughter reunite in peace.

"Marmee, I've missed you too. There wasn't a day in Europe that I hadn't thought of coming home. I wish I came home earlier though ... Be..Beth."

Amy sobs into Marmee's arms and Marmee does the same. With their mutual feeling of grief, they hold onto one another. Meg hears all the ruckus in her house and finds Amy and Marmee sobbing into one another's arms. She approaches them and Amy looks up teary eyed.

"Meg, I missed you!"

Meg rushes into Amy's arms and gives her a tight hug.

"Amy, I missed you so much. I thought that the letters would do but nothing compares to seeing you here in the flesh."

Amy looks up at Meg with tears in her eyes and Meg starts tearing up on her own.

"Meg...I miss Be..Beth."

Amy chokes that out in between sobs while Marmee and Laurie give her comforting pats on the back on both her sides. Meg holds onto both of Amy's hands with tears in her eyes, she couldn't believe that her baby sister was back. The loss of another sister was awful but having another back made her feel so much better.

"I know.. I miss her too. At least she's in heaven now."

"I only hope that she's happily playing her music for the angels in heaven now."

Marmee looks between her two daughters and smiles at them glad to see them together.

"Now girls, I'm sure our dear Beth wouldn't want us crying over her departure day and night, let us try to move forward from this grief."

Meg looks at Marmee and agrees with her. Marmee breaks the silence taking in the sight of her youngest daughter.

"Amy, darling. You are all grown up and how well have your years aged you."

Meg drinks the sight of Amy in and notices her as well.

"Oh, Amy look at you. You look so beautiful."

Amy blushes at their admission.

"Thank you, Meg and Marmee but I believe that I still cannot compare to the two of you."

Laurie finally clears his throat and makes his forgotten presence known. He smiles down at Amy because he thinks his wife was incredibly unaware of her beauty when compared to the other March girls so he butts in and says.

"Oh hush, Amy what they say is true. You are beautiful."

Amy blushes at Laurie and punches him playfully on the arm. Her ring glints at Marmee and Meg when she made that move. The two women look curiously at her ring finger. Amy suddenly notices this and gives them a little smile while Laurie looks smugly at them because they finally noticed her ring. Meg clears her throat first.

"Uhm..Amy. I believe you forgot to mention that in your letters."

Meg points out Amy's ring and Marmee breaks the silence.

"Yes darling, I believe you didn't write about that to me as well. Are you engaged?"

Amy feels shy but she pushes on.

"Actually, I'm married."

Meg and Marmee snap their heads at her.

"What? How did that happen?"

Meg looks excitedly at her sister anticipating the answer to her next question.

"Oh Marmee, discuss that later. The bigger question is to who she is married?"

John comes into the room with the twins while Marmee and Meg look at her expectantly.

"Oooh Meg... Amy and Laurie how pleasant it is to see you both."

John hugs them both and introduces them to the twins as he points them out.

"That is Aunty Amy and Uncle Laurie, go on girls say hi."

Daisy and Demi immediately rush towards Amy, they looked amazed while looking at her. Amy crouches down and hugs them both while Laurie pats both of their heads. Daisy snaps her head at her dad.

"Daddy, Aunty Amy looks like a princess."

John and Meg laugh at their daughter while Demi refuses to let go of her hold onto Amy's skirt. Amy looks affectionately at the two children while Laurie gives her an adoring look. Laure thinks "Mhmm, she looks splendid with kids by her side. I can't wait for us to have some of our own. We haven't discussed this yet maybe I should soon."

Marmee steers their conversation back to Meg's question because she really wanted to know the answer.

"Darling, I just wanted to ask as well, who are you married to?"

John curiously looks at her while Meg gives her an expectant glance remembering that Amy hadn't answered her question yet.

"Amy's married already?"

"Yes, John now hush we are yet to find out to whom."

Laurie sees his wife tense up so he reaches for her hand and gives her an encouraging squeeze. Everyone in the room notices what Laurie did and their eyes grow wider. Amy finding the courage she needed, clears her throat and speaks.

"I'm married to Laurie."

All of them gasp and soon their shocked faces morph into smiles. Laurie wanting to back up his wife answers as well.

"We had just made it official a few days ago while on the ship, Aunt March bore witness to it."

Marmee looks at the two of them and finds Laurie wrapping one arm protectively around Amy's waist. She used to think that it would always be Jo for him but seeing the way he held her youngest daughter, she knew that he was deeply in love with her.

"Well my congratulations are in order."

Meg clasps onto Laurie and Amy's hand.

"Congratulations indeed but I had hoped I got to attend the wedding."

Laurie smiles at that and instantly answers.

"Oh don't worry, Meg. I am sure that grandfather would want us to get wed again in Concord in a few weeks. He wanted to bear witness as well."

Marmee, Meg and John smile at that. John and Meg engross Laurie in a conversation. Marmee takes the opportunity to speak to Amy who was talking lightly to Demi and Daisy. She asks the two children to acquire their drawing books because they would be leaving to go to Orchard house soon. The twins leave and Amy looks shyly at her mother.

"I hope you aren't mad at me, Marmee. Everything just happened."

Marmee smiles at her daughter.

"Oh darling, I can never be mad at you. Plus Laurie is a good guy. We've known him for quite some time already."

Marmee then gives her a meaningful look before speaking again.

"Are you sure about him? You can still back out if you want?"

Amy giggles at this and she smiles at her mother because she thinks that Laurie would feel offended if he ever heard her mother say that.

"I am sure mother. He takes care of me and he makes me happy."

Marmee has a few tears in her eyes and Amy wipes it away.

"I just didn't expect for my youngest to be married when she came home. You're still my baby."

"I will always be your baby. We just had to make one more addition to the family now."

Marmee laughs at that.

"Oh please, darling, Laurie has always been part of the family. This will be like nothing has changed. I can't say the same for your father though."

Amy gulps at this and Marmee gives her a comforting smile.

"Oh, what would father say?"

"Do not worry, Amy. I'm sure if anyone's going to be nervous about this, it would have to be Laurie."

Marmee and Amy laugh at this. John, Meg and Laurie seemed to have finished their conversation and they head on over to where Marmee and Amy were. Laurie wraps one arm around Amy's waist and he kisses her cheek as if it were the most natural thing to do while Meg and Marmee melt at the sight of the two of them. Marmee decides to take charge.

"Oh we have to go to Orchard house now. I still have to prepare supper for all of us."

They all nod their heads and make their way towards Orchard house. Laurie and Amy trail from behind. He finds it weird that his wife was unusually quiet. So he wraps an arm around her shoulder and whispers into her ear.

"A penny for your thoughts, my lady."

Amy is startled but she relaxes when the familiar scent of Laurie hits her.

"Oh, sorry I zoned out, my lord."

"What are you thinking of? What could it possibly be?"

Amy isn't sure if she should tell him that she's worried about seeing Jo but she decides that he wouldn't let this go, not until she told him what has her bothered.

"Uhm...I...We're finally gonna see Jo after all this time."

"I am aware, it would be nice to see her again after so long."

Laurie gives her a smile and Amy feels the insecurities rise. She was worried about Laurie seeing Jo. What if he realized that he still loved Jo? What if he feels like marrying her was a mistake? What if he decides to get a divorce from her to be with his one true love? Does he still love me? Would he still kiss me? Would he still hold me the way that he does? Would he be ashamed about us being husband and wife? A thousand thoughts were running wild in Amy's head and her face started looking like she had seen a ghost.

Laurie was well aware of Amy's insecurities when it came to Jo so when he chanced a look at Amy and saw that her face had gone pale. He sighed and he wanted to reassure her. Laurie was sure she was worried about him seeing Jo but he had no second thoughts. He loved Jo like a sister and Amy, she was his everything. He can't think of any day without her presence anymore. So he interrupts her thoughts before its plagues her mind.

"My lady, whatever it is that you are worried about. You know that you can tell me right? I am your husband and you are my wife, we are supposed to trust each other. Maybe I can help with whatever it is that worries that pretty little head of yours."

Amy looks into Laurie's eyes and sees how genuinely worried he is so she relents and tells him what was plaguing her mind.

"I am scared, my lord. I know you told me you loved me and that we are husband and wife already, but I was wondering if you've really gotten over Jo?"

Laurie frowns at her words and seeing this Amy blabs on about her worries.

"You know you don't have to pretend with me. I know you've loved Jo for years and I wouldn't be surprised if you were having second thoughts and ..."

Amy wipes a few tears away from her eye and this makes Laurie frown deeper. His silence wasn't helping so she still talks about it.

"We got married too abrupty. I'm not even sure anymore if it was the right choice to get married this early and I am sorry for imposing my feelings on you. We should have given each other more time. I'm sorry about all of this. Actually it's funny how Marmee asked me earlier if I wanted to back out and that it wasn't too late if I wanted to but you know what? She wasn't asking the right person. I worry that you would want to back out on this. I'd understand Laurie if you wanted to and I would let you as long as you be happy..."

Laurie was getting tired. Amy was assuming wrong and he felt so bad that she was feeling this way because of his past actions. He's never felt this way about anyone, not even Jo. The type of love that only grows stronger and deeper as each day passes by. To end all of Amy's rambling about it being okay for him to divorce her, he decides that the best way to shut her up right now is to kiss her.

"It'll be okay with me honestly it would hu...mmmppf."

Laurie pours all of his feelings into the kiss and Amy eagerly responds back with the same intensity. After a few minutes they break away from each other and Laurie lays his forehead on hers, staring at her intensely.

"My love, you have to stop your incredulous train of thought. I love you and I absolutely adore everything about you even your quirks. I admit that I went a bit too far with my infatuation with Jo before but that was all it ever was. I still love her but only as a brother loves a sister. I don't think that we got married too soon. Marrying you was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life and it made me feel at ease because it had been bothering me that although we were engaged some of your suitors still tried to pursue you away from me. I got to thank Henry for finally giving me the courage to lock you down. I wouldn't be able to bear it if you were somebody else's wife. I might be a bit offended that Marmee asked you that but it is nothing that I can't look over since she is now my mother as well. I can't think of any reason as to why we shouldn't be together. I love you as the birds love the sky and as the flowers love the sun, so don't tell me that it'll be okay if I divorce you because I honestly wouldn't know what to do without you, Amy."

Amy swoons at his reassuring words and she feels bad for ever doubting her husband. She kisses him with passion and this brings a smile to Laurie's face. The sound of John calling them is what breaks up their moment.

"Hey lovebirds, save that for when you're in the love nest. We have to get inside the house now."

Amy and Laurie blush at John. Laurie tugs on Amy's hand and pulls her inside the house. When they get inside the house, they find Mr. March with his arms crossed while looking at them. Amy feels the nerves come back and Laurie gives her hand a squeeze as if to say "come on, we have to tell him." Mr. March looks at their joined hands and spots the ring on Amy's finger. He clears his throat and looks pointedly at them.

"Amy, look at how beautiful you have become. I've missed you so much."

Amy pulls away from Laurie's hand and runs to Mr. March to give him a hug. Mr. March smiles at this and hugs his daughter. They pull away and Mr. March's face returns to giving them a pointed look.

"Laurie, thank you for accompanying my sister and dear Amy across the sea."

"I couldn't let them travel all alone, Mr. March. It was my pleasure to accompany them."

Mr. March then stares at Amy's ring finger. Feeling Amy tense up, Laurie wraps one arm around her waist and he moves them closer to Mr. March.

"I hope you have a good explanation as why my youngest daughter has a ring on her finger, Theodore."

Laurie cringes at Mr. March calling him Theodore, knowing full well that he used this name so that Laurie knows that he meant business.

"My apologies, Mr. March for not asking for your or Marmee's permission but Amy and I now married."

Mr. March glares at him and Amy shrinks back into Laurie. Since Laurie wanted to put Mr. March at ease, he continues on.

"I know that this looks bad but trust me sir I am hopelessly in love with your daughter. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for her. I was in a very bad state before and I admit to all of those mistakes but with Amy I want to better. I want to give her anything she wants, provide her with anything she needs, and most importantly give her all the love that I can give. I don't know what I would do without your daughter, sir. I love the March family as much as Amy does and it would mean a lot to me if we had your blessing. And, regarding the wedding, sir, I assure you that we will be wed here in Concord as well so that you may bear witness to it."

Mr. March is taken aback by Laurie. He thinks that this Laurence boy has finally grown up. This boy was around them growing up so he had already counted him as a family member, he guesses that this just made things official. Mr. March was quite fond of Laurie and his grandfather so he accepts their union. His face breaks out into a smile but not before he asks Amy a single question.

"Are you sure you love him, honey?"

Amy stares at Laurie gazing up at her and then to her father.

"I'm sure, father. I love him and there isn't anybody else that I would want to marry."

Laurie's heart melts at her words and out of pure impulse, he kisses her temple which earns him a giggle and a kiss on the cheek from Amy. Mr. March sees this interaction and couldn't help but think how natural their actions were around each other, almost as if it were second nature. He smiles at them and feels happy for his little Amy.

"Then I give you both my blessing. I trust that you would be a good husband to my daughter, Laurie."

Laurie smiles at Mr. March.

"Of course, Mr. March. Only the absolute best for my darling Amy."

Mr. March shakes Laurie's hand and Amy feels a swell of pride. Marmee then calls out to Amy and her husband.

"Amy, the twins want to show you some of their drawings and honey please call Jo she's in the attic."

Amy looks nervous again and Laurie instantly picks up on it understanding why, so he asks her.

"Do you want me to be the one to tell her?"

Amy looks hopefully at Laurie and he squeezes her hand.

"Only if it is alright with you, my lord."

Laurie smiles at her.

"Of course it is. Do not worry too much, my lady. Now off you go the twins want you to see their drawings, madame artiste."

Amy playfully punches his arm before giving him a kiss and then she's off. Laurie watches his wife walk away and then heads on to the attic to call Jo. He gets a bit nervous as well because it has been a while since he's seen her so when he gets to the attic and he finds Jo. He can't help but feel happy. She's sleeping on one of the chairs, he attempts to nudge her awake.

"Jo, Jo, Jo. Wake up. wake up."

Jo stirs awake and immediately launches herself in a hug at Laurie. He smiles at her.

"Teddy! Oh you're back."

"Are you glad to see me then?"


"Oh I was worried."

Jo moves to sit down and gestures for Laurie to do the same.

"Here come sit."

Laurie sits down next to her. They look at each other and laugh.

"How's Amy? Did she bother you all the way from Europe with her preening?"

Laurie laughs at Jo's question and couldn't help but smile at the thought of his wife.

"Yes but I like that."

Jo finds his words weird but doesn't press on it.

"Where is she now? Did she not come straight home?"

"Your mother has her down with Meg, we stopped there on the way. There was no getting my wife out of their clutches."

Laurie thinks "oops, this is certainly not the way to break it to her." He's gotten used to Amy being his wife that he said it unconciously. Jo looks at him confused.

"You're what?"

Laurie thinks that he might as well tear off the band aid now.

"I've done it now. It was meant to be a surprise."

He stands up and looks at a confused Jo. Laurie then tries to contain his smile so that he doesn't put Jo off but a smile still slips off his face, it always does when he thinks of Amy.

"We were engaged and we were hoping to wait but that is to say that we are now man and wife."

"You and Amy?"

Laurie instantly answers.


Laurie looks at a conflicted Jo and he honestly thought he would feel even a bit of the romantic love that he once held for her but he finds that the feeling never comes. All of his romantic pursuits are that of Amy March and he smiles at the mere thought of her. "Good lord, I'm in deeper love now with Amy than I was with Jo before" he thought. Laurie sits down next to Jo and she asks him a question.

"Are you in love?"

Without a moment's hesitation Laurie answers with a grin.


Laurie sees Jo's face and he wants to finally settle things with her. He admits that he had not handled things well with her rejection and now their friendship felt a bit strained.

"Jo, I wanna say one thing then we'll put it away forever. I've always loved you but the love I feel for Amy is different. And I think you were right about this, I think we would have killed each other."


"I think it was meant to be this way."

"Oh Teddy."

"You know, you're the only one that calls me that, Jo. Teddy."

"What does Amy call you?"

Laurie snickers and he feels giddy all over again talking about Amy.

"My lord."

Jo looks at Laurie and realizes that there was something different about him. He looked much more certain and mature.

"That sounds like her. Well you look deserving of it."

Laurie smiles at that because he thinks of the changes in him brought about by Amy.

"Can we still be friends, Jo please?"

Jo laughs at him and holds onto both his hands.

"Of course my boy, always."

Laurie smiles at that and remembers that Marmee had asked to fetch Jo for supper.

"Come on, Jo. Marmee is asking for you downstairs."

"Okay, Teddy."

The two of them grab onto each other's arm and link them just like they used to do. They converse and talk about what either one of them has been doing but when they reach the end of the stairs Laurie immediately excuses himself from her and heads over to Amy. It came as a surprise to Jo at how much he has changed. Before, Laurie would have stayed with her with their arms linked.

Laurie on the other hand was ecstatic to be friends again with Jo. They happily conversed as they went down the stairs but the moment he caught a flash of golden hair, he excused himself from Jo. Laurie couldn't help but gravitate towards his wife, didn't all newly weds stick close to one another. He wraps his arm around Amy's shoulder and smiles brightly at her. Laurie gets the butterflies when his wife smiles at him and kisses his cheek.

Marmee turns to look at Jo and Amy follows her movements. Amy was happy but at the same time incredibly nervous to see Jo. "I hope she isn't mad at me for marrying Laurie" she thought. Despite them quarrelling a lot growing up, Amy had always admired Jo and the opinion of her big sister is one of the things that mattered the most to her. She slowly approaches Jo and stares into her eyes. Amy thinks that Jo still looked beautiful despite her tired eyes.

"Laurie told you?"

Jo attempts to smile at Amy because she hasn't seen her in a while. Although she looked like a woman now, Jo couldn't help but still see her as her baby sister.

"Yes, Yes."

Amy looked incredibly nervous so Jo continues on her words.

"Amy, I'm so happy for you. This, this was meant to be."

Jo copies the words Laurie told her in the attic earlier. Amy relaxes and is relieved by her sister's approval so she grabs onto her hands.

"I'm so relieved, thank you. I wanted to write Jo, I wanted to write and I wanted to explain everything but everything was happening so fast. And really I was worried that you'd be angry at me."

Amy gets teary eyed and Jo softens at her sister. Jo loved her sister dearly and no matter what she did, Jo knew that she could never be mad at her baby sister.

"No. no."

"No? You're not angry with me?"

Jo shakes her head.

"Life is too short to be angry at one's sister."

Amy let's out a laugh of relief and clearly relieved that her family is alright with her decision to marry Laurie. But then she remembers Beth and then she feels pain in her heart again. Her eyes tear up while looking at Jo.

"I really miss her .."

Jo looks at Amy and understands how she feels.

"I know.."

Amy then seeks comfort from her sister and hugs her. After being away from

her family for so long, she finally felt at ease. Sure, she enjoyed the balls and the beauty of Europe but nothing compared to being in the same room as her family. Amy was just incredibly happy to be back.

Jo wraps her arms around Amy and feels relieved to have one of her sisters back when another just left to be in heaven. She has been feeling incredibly lonely since Beth's death, this made her think of a few rash decisions she was going to make but now that Amy was here and their whole family was here, she can't help but feel whole for the first time in a while.

Marmee looks at her two daughters embracing one another and feels warm. She looks at Jo as if to ask if they were okay. Jo gives her a reassuring look. Marmee was initially worried because a few days ago she remembered that Jo told her that if Laurie were to come back to propose to her, she would accept this time around. It was confusing to Marmee because she knew Jo had never held romantic feelings for Laurie so she asked Jo if she loved him. Jo didn't directly answer the question but she did tell her that she didn't want to feel lonely anymore. For Marmee, Jo's decision wasn't a good one because she thought that she was trying to fill up the loneliness of her heart with the affections of another even if she didn't reciprocate his feelings genuinely and it was indeed a bad way to cope with grief. That is why it was a surprise to find Laurie hopelessly in love with Amy when they arrived, she worried that Jo would be a mess but to her surprise she was okay. "It all turned out as it was supposed to" Marmee thinks to herself.

Laurie smiles as he looks around Orchard house and finally he notices his wife crying onto Jo's shoulder. This turns his smile into a frown. He didn't like it when his wife was upset, it made him feel sad as well. Laurie crosses the room and he heads towards his wife. Jo notices him and she gives him a small smile. Laurie gestures to Amy as if to say let me handle her and Jo nods at him understandingly. Laurie taps onto Amy's shoulder. She turns around and stares at Laurie.

"Jo, may I have a moment with my wife?"

Jo nods at him and heads towards Marmee.


Laurie stares at his wife's tear strained face. He wipes a few tears away with his hand before wrapping her in his arms in a hug. Amy hugs him back and cries onto his chest.

"My lady, this will pass. You know it upsets me whenever you cry. I quite like it more when I see you smiling."

Amy stares up at Laurie and wipes her tears away.

"Thank you, my lord. I just missed Beth, that is all."

"I miss her too, Amy. But she wouldn't want you crying all the time because of her."

"That she wouldn't."

Amy smiles up Laurie because he always knew what to say. Laurie holds onto his wife's cheek, admiring her face. Laurie unconsciously chokes out his next words.

"I love you."

Amy's eyes soften at him and she thinks that she's lucky to be married to someone she loved.

"I love you, too."

Meg interrupts their moment with a giggle and says.

"And I love you, three. You guys are so cute but we have to eat now. Supper is ready."

Amy and Laurie blush because they admittedly forgot about their surroundings again. They follow Meg to the dining table but not before Laurie tugs Amy back for a bit and whispers in her ear.

"Maybe I'll show you how much I love you when we get back home to our room."

Laurie winks suggestively at her while Amy flushes and elbows him in the rib, clearly scandalized by what he said. Laurie kisses her fast on the lips before leading her to their seats. He assists Amy to her seat like a gentleman and this surprises the whole March family. They think that Laurie has indeed changed and for the better.

Mr. March clears his throat to say grace before a meal and then after he announces for everyone to dig in. Everyone chats merrily all throughout supper. Laurie latches one hand onto Amy's under the table as they eat. Amy didn't seem to mind eating with one hand because she didn't let go of his hand for the remainder of supper.

As supper ends, everyone starts to bid each other goodbye. Meg, John and the twins have already left because it was way past the twin's bed time. Amy and Laurie plan to retire for the night as well. Mr. March, Marmee and Jo were by the door bidding them goodbye.

"Take care of my little girl, Laurie, or else."

Mr. March gives Laurie a threatening look while he smiles back in turn.

"I will, Mr. March."

Marmee and Jo hug Amy and say their goodbyes.

"Bye, Amy. I'll see you tomorrow then I'll show you the things I've written."

"Bye, darling. Ring us up if you need anything, okay?"

Amy smiles at them all.

"I will, don't worry. I have Laurie with me."

At that Laurie offers his hand to her and Amy clasps hers onto his. They head outside and make their way home. When they get inside the Laurence house they aren't surprised to find a note from his grandfather, it said.

Dear Laurie and Amy,

I have checked myself in at a hotel for the night. I know how newly weds must be. I only hope that when I come back, you bear me the news of a grandchild. I hope the both of you enjoy your night. I'll see you both in the morning.

With all my love,

Mr. Laurence

Amy and Laurie start giggling at the letter then it bursts into all out laughing. "Grandfather and his antics" Laurie thought. Then his eyes settle onto Amy who was still laughing. "She truly is a sight for sore eyes" he thinks. Amy notices Laurie staring at her and she smirks at him.

"Cat got your tongue, Mr. Laurence."

Laurie grins at her and he wraps his arms around her waist pulling her close.

"Mhmmm, maybe so, Mrs. Laurence."

Amy looks amused at him.

"So what are your plans for the night, mister?"

A mischievous glint appears in Laurie's eye.

"How about I just show you, Mrs. Laurence?"

And with that Laurie pulls Amy in for a kiss. She smiles back at him. He pushes her into the wall and deepens the kiss while abruptly placing his leg in between her thighs. Amy wraps her arms around his neck and sighs happily.

The night progressed on from then and Amy must say, it was a long long night.