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Pre-Read by: Zenapax

I Fell For You In San Francisco: Tickets

Keitaro didn't have a good start to his summer vacation. When school let out, he learned that his dad was ill and his mom had broken her leg. He immediately went to their aid, spending the last two weeks with them. During these two weeks, he cooked, cleaned, bought groceries and did every other chore while his parents recovered.

They were close to being fully recovered when his sister Kanako came back from her internship in Greece. When he told her about what happen to their parents, she told him that she'll take care of them for now on and that he should go back to the Hinata Sou tomorrow. Not wanting to pack his bags just yet, he went to the local mall to unwind. He played a few arcade games, read a few comics, eats lunch and watches a movie he has waited for since coming to help his parents. After the movie finished, he hurried home to get packing. He dodges people like Michael Vick dodging the Minnesota defense, when he bumps into a large man.

"Hey kid! No cutting in line."

"Cutting in line?" He moves to the slide to see a short line of people ahead of the man. "Sorry sir. I was trying to get home. What's going on in here?"

"You're not from around here, are you? Anyway, every year around this time, a raffle called Lucky Sucker takes place."

"Lucky Sucker?" he asks as both men walk closer towards the game.

"Yeah. Lucky Sucker is a raffle game where you spin this wheel and it will land in either a gray space or green space. If you land on the green space, you win a trip to a major city in one of the other continents outside of Asia."

"WOW! But what if you land in the gray space?"

"If you land in the gray space, you get a sucker. There are 200 spaces, but are only five green spaces. That's why it's called Lucky Sucker. Either you're lucky or you're a sucker." The man turns away and walks even closer to the game. Keitaro decides to stay in line. He knows that with his luck, he'll end up being a sucker, but would try anyway. It takes a few minutes before he's the next one to play.

"All right! Who's our next victim?" says the host, looking at Keitaro. "You are? Good. Come up and spin the wheel!" He nervously walks to the wheel, takes a deep breath and spins it as hard as he can. He waits patiently as he can hear the spinner click each of the metal spacers on the wheel. As the wheel spins slower and slower, he notices that he's only a few spaces away from one of the green spaces. The wheel inches closer and closer to the space when on the last metal spacer, it bends the spinner, making it stop just before the green space. He stares at the floor, feeling robbed as people watching him sigh. "Too bad sir." He grabs a sucker in a nearby basket. "I hate to say this, but you are a..." Suddenly, they hear a click and look to the wheel to see that the spinner is pointing to the green space. Both the host and Keitaro are bewildered of what just happen. "Well, that never happened before." He puts the sucker back in the basket. "In any case. You're the first of the lucky five to win. What is your name?"

"HUH? Keitaro Urashima."

"Well Mr. Urashima, since you are the first one to win, you get first pick at your prize." Two lovely women roll out a board with five large numbered envelopes next to the host. "In case you or anyone out there in the crowd doesn't know, you Mr. Urashima will pick one of those envelopes. In it contains the place you travel to. Now, which envelope would you like?"

Keitaro is still in shock that he won. He looks at all five envelopes and can't decide. Without thinking, he says the first number that comes to mind. "I'll like envelope number three please."

"Are right." One of the women grabs the envelope and hands it to the host. "Thank you Karinka. Now Mr. Urashima," he opens the envelope. "You won two round trip tickets to San Francisco. You and a friend we be staying at the Radisson Miyako Hotel for one week, where you'll see all the sight that this lovely city has to offer." The host put everything back in the envelope and hands it to Keitaro. "Everything you need is right there. Both the airfare and hotel are paid for. Have fun on your trip."

"Thank you!" Keitaro happily skips all the way home, carefully holding the envelope. Once he's back at his parents' place, he heads straight to his room to pack his things. Once he's finish, he opens the envelope and carefully exams the contains in it.

"OK. Both tickets say that I leave at 9 pm in four days." He's overjoyed as he can imagery himself in San Francisco. Suddenly, he realizes that he's holding two tickets. "Wait a minute. Did he say that I can bring a friend?" He thinks back and remembers the host telling him that. "At least I won't be lonely, but who do I take?"