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Part 1:

Severus and his sister, Septina, stood in front of the Hogwarts Express, waiting to board the train that would take them to their new school. An air of coldness emanated from the pair that had nothing to do with the oddly chilly air. They seemed utterly unconcerned by the fact that they stood alone, surrounded by families saying farewell before the train would signal that it was time to board. A fact that would've proven incorrect had anyone had the courage to look into their dark eyes.

Dark. If anyone had been asked to describe the pair, that is the word they would have used and it was an accurate description. They had dark hair and dark eyes and wore dark clothes. The only thing that wasn't dark about them was their pale, white skin. Staring at them, one got the feeling that they were living wraiths.

As they stood there, Severus felt awareness creep along the base of his neck. He turned towards the source of the feeling and saw a young man emerge from the gateway into their world. The young man had dark, ebony hair that blew wildly in the breeze and eyes of vibrant blue. Before Severus had a chance to examine his feelings, his sister stiffened, body wracked with intense pain. Moving quickly, he grabbed her arm and they melted back into the shadows.

With gentle hands, he rubbed her stomach and cleared the blood from her throat. The empathic part of him winced in shared pain; these visions were always brutal and caused more pain than they were worth. It was a harsh reminder that great gifts had a terrible price attached to them. She calmed down after a moment; her face was paler than usual. The whistle blew, summoning all to the train and they made their way through the press of people to the compartment that had been set aside for them.

As they entered, a voice asked from somewhere to their right. "I say, are you two all right?" They turned towards the voice and saw the young man from earlier.

Severus glanced at his sister, she nodded weakly. "We're fine." His voice was unintentionally sharp but he didn't apologize-even when he saw the confused expression cross the other man's face. They moved into the compartment and started to put their things away.

He shrugged and followed them in, sitting down to watch them. After a moment of waiting for them to speak, he stuck out his hand and introduced himself. "I'm James Potter."

"Severus Snape." He replied, reluctantly accepting the hand. "This is my sister, Septina." She shook the hand after her brother let go, then sat down beside her brother.

The room was silent before James spoke up again. "Is this your first year at Hogwarts?"

"Yes." Septina said, mask firmly in place guarding her pain.

Again, it was quiet. "Have you never heard of small talk?"

"It wasn't a required course of study." Severus glared at him. "Small talk is a waste of time better spent on study or in meditation."

James shook his head, disbelievingly. "Your attitude will not help you at Hogwarts. It could use some work."

"So could your manners. In case you hadn't noticed, we didn't exactly invite you in here. Nor have we done anything to encourage you to believe that we want you around." Severus snapped, glaring at the boy.

James sighed. "Look, I'm just trying to help you. This is my third year at Hogwarts. If you want to be a success there, you'll need help."

Now it was Septina who glared at him. "We are here to learn to be wizards, not social butterflies. You do have enough intelligence to comprehend the difference between the two, right?"

"Hey, James! Where are you?" They heard someone holler down the hall. Footsteps were heard coming their way and before James could answer, the owner of the voice looked in and saw them. A frown crossed his face as his brown eyes narrowed, a lock of dark hair falling across his brow. "Don't tell me they let you in. And here I thought we had standards." Sirius Black commented, meeting their glares with one of his own.

"Well, they let you in, Black. Your particular brand of stupidity must be catching." Severus drawled, watching him squirm. The animosity between their families was legendary and obviously, Sirius Black had not intention of letting it fade away. Severus would not disappoint him.

"And here I was thinking that Hogwarts was a school, not a kennel." Septina smirked, blowing on a nail with a bored expression on her face, backing her brother.

Sirius flushed. "You Snapes need to learn a few things."

"Are you offering to teach us?" Severus asked, eyes wide in faux excitement. "I can already feel my brain drop to my toes."

"In anticipation of his offer or just because he's standing there?" Sept queried, eyebrow raised teasingly.

Sev turned to her, a grin on his face. "Are you complimenting him, sister dear? That's not like you to give anyone that kind of gift-especially one like him."

"You are so right, it must be the Black family brains creeping over me. Forgive me, Sev?"

He shook his head, thinking. "I don't know if I can. I think permanent damage has already been done to your fragile brain."

"Don't be such a git." She slapped his arm.

"Is that the best you could come up with?" He turned to face Sirius, a pained expression on his face. "You have an unusual talent, Black. In less than a moment, you've ruined one of the finest minds in England with your idiodicy."

"But, brother dear, you started it with that puerile line of conversation." Sept retorted. "Don't give Black so much credit, he doesn't have the kind of power it takes to sway a Snape."

Sirius sat by a stunned James, who watched the twin's debate. "Don't worry about them. That is the way they all talk. No one quite knows why."

"But how can that possibly be normal?" James objected, head spinning as he tried to keep up with them. "And are they all that intellectual?"

"Yes." Sirius spat the word out.

"Do you know them well?" He asked, taking off his glasses to polish them.

"Know them?" He scratched his head as he looked at his friend. "It is impossible to know a Snape. No one is crazy enough to want to know them. They do live around my neighborhood though."

James put his glasses back on, looking up as a shadow fell across the floor. A slender young man with gray eyes stood there, his look as he examined the quiet occupants was shy. "There you are. We were worried when you didn't show up." He said, sitting down by Sirius and James. "I'm Remus Lupin and you are?" His hand ran through his loose brown hair nervously.

"Seriously annoyed." Severus replied crushingly. His dark eyes were snapping, a rush of pain was swelling in his head. Another headache, great.

"I don't think I follow." Remus said, eyeing them warily now.

"That much is obvious." Septina replied. "What do they do at Hogwarts to make inconsiderate people like you?"

"I don't understand you two. With the kind of life you've been born to, you'd think you could manage to get common courtesy down."

"Spare us the sermon on brotherly love, Black." Severus stated, glaring at him. "There is a whole train full of people who would love the kind of 'assistance' you offer to us, why don't you go find them and leave us in peace."

Black jumped to his feet and pulled James and Remus out the door. He turned to glare at them. "Okay, you know what? You two could be incredible human beings if you'd just give yourselves half a chance."

"How kind, words of advice from you." Septina muttered, feeling the burn now. "You'll forgive us if we ignore it, won't you?"

"And Black?" Severus added, waiting until he was looking straight at him. "The next time you start a sentence with that attention grabber, make sure that what follows lives up to the expectation it promises."

The compartment door slid shut with a bang and they waited a heartbeat before allowing the tension to drop from their bodies. The twins leaned back against the seat, trying to regain control of themselves.

Sirius turned to James, anger darkening his eyes. "Sorry you had to meet them. There is no excuse for their kind of behavior."

James nodded his head absently, as though he agreed. But his intuition was telling him that what just happened was a performance for their benefit. Oh, it was convincing, no doubt about that. The twins had meant every word they said but still...there was something about the two that didn't add up.

Remus caught the curious look in his eyes as he glanced back at the Snapes' door. "I wonder." He said the words so softly that Remus almost missed it.

Severus and Septina exchanged looks of mutual guilt and relief. "Think we did to much for our first meeting with them?" She whispered, leaning against his shoulder. Her eyes closed again, feeling a new wave of pain wash over her as the vision returned to her mind.

"No." He flatly said, closing his eyes as well. "Remember who we are, what we are here to do. We are no longer people, we are what we are."

"Aye." She gasped, clapping her hand over her mouth. "I mean, yes. A lot depends upon us."

They were silent, feeling the burden resettle on their shoulders. Shoulders that would need to toughen up more if they were to survive. Severus finally roused himself from the little catnap they had slipped into, remembering something. "What did you see?"

Unbeknownst to them, James had returned realizing that his wand was missing. His hand dropped when his attention was caught by the odd question. Leaning against the door, he listened carefully, squashing down a feeling of guilt.

Septina leaned forward and rested her head on her hands. She breathed in deeply, held it for five beats, then slowly released it. "A new moon rising. A river of blood. Fear riding unchecked in the night. Death rearing his hideous countenance over the land. The usual indiscernible improbabilities of my visions." Wry.

Sev wrote the words down, studying her half-pityingly. "New moon? A new threat. Toward us or the opposition?" He mused, before asking her a few more questions. "What kind of moon was it?"

Tilting her head, she tried to recall. "At the moment, it was turning from crescent to half. Why?"

"I think it means that the danger is steadily rising, not yet at its full potential." He answered, writing down her words quickly. Tearing the paper out of the pad, he tossed it up and watched as it disintegrated in the evening light. Standing up, he pulled down their trunk and opened it. Handing her a Hogwarts robe, he exchanged his normal one for the school's. "Better get this on, wouldn't want to..." His voice trailed off when he saw something on the floor.

She followed the path of his eyes and saw it. "I believe that wand would belong to one of our good new 'friends'. How much you want to bet it is James Potter's?" Ironic.

"I don't go for bum odds." He picked it up, handing it to her gingerly.

She grimaced as she accepted it gingerly. "You don't mean we have to endure more of his helpfulness?"

Severus tweaked her ear, affectionately. "Afraid of him?"

"Terrified." She drawled, faking a shudder. "That wasn't even close to funny."

James' lips thinned automatically, half tempted to march in there and give them a piece of his mind. With some effort on the part of his common sense, he restrained himself.

"It wasn't meant to be, Sept." Severus seriously said, turning a thoughtful gaze out the window. "I can't remember where I read this but the Potter family wizards are...quite unique. They carry a brand of magic that could lead us away from our task. It's called genuine human kindness."

"Dully noted. So, we use a finder's spell and send it to him." She put the wand of the seat and whispered a few words, waving her wand hand over it. James was startled to feel it drop into his pocket. "What about the rest of my vision?"

"It must tie in with the new threat. The Professor might know, we'll find out as soon as we arrive."

Septina pulled on her robe, shaking her head in amusement. "I cannot believe that he is actually going to be at the school. Are the Board of Director's that crazy?"

The train whistle blew then, startling James out of his thoughts and cutting off Severus' reply to the query. James quickly made his way back to his friends, head caught up in a whirl wind of speculation. It seemed that there was more to the Snape twins than just bad manners and Siri's theories. They were hiding something and performing spells that no first year student should know how to do-and doing them accurately. He'd keep an eye on them, it was the Gryffindor thing to do.

One thing was for sure, this was going to be one interesting year at Hogwarts.

Sorting Ceremony:

The first years walked in, nervously aware that the other students were watching them. James was sitting with his friends and sent them a sympathetic smile, remembering his first year well. As he looked through the line of students, he was startled to see that the Snapes weren't among them.

"Now that's weird." Sirius muttered, a puzzled look on his face.

"What?" Peter asked, looking up from straightening his scarf. His blonde hair curled lightly around his ears, hazel eyes twinkling at his friend, "Wow. You do have more than one expression to your facial repertoire."

He glared, mock punching his friend. "Professor Dumbledore isn't in his seat."

Remus nodded, in agreement. "That is strange. I've never known him to be late for such an important occasion."

"Now, wait just a moment before you guys jump to any of your wild conclusions and look at the facts." Lily said, looking up from her book. Her long red hair was pulled into a tight ponytail, green eyes studied the dais. A slender hand pointed towards another empty chair. "The Defense Against The Dark Arts chair is empty as well. Maybe he's just waiting for the teacher to show up."

"Then where are the Snapes?" James mused quietly. He winced when he saw Sirius' curious expression become one of malicious glee.

"I knew they wouldn't let those two in!" He crowed.

Lily and Peter exchanged confused looks before turning to James. She addressed him because she had the feeling that she wasn't going to like anything Sirius had to tell her. "Who are the Snapes?"

"New students. We met them on the train." James said.

"They are more than that. They are the worst kind of wizard." Sirius expanded flatly, frowning as he tried to explain them without sounding crazy. "Snapes, well, they aren't normal. In any way. They know things that wizards our age shouldn't and they can do things that they shouldn't be able to."

James hushed his friend as soon as he realized that Professor McGonagal's attention had turned to them as the first Gryffindor was announced to the room. They moved over to make room for the new comers. As he watched the next student approach the dais, he caught sight of Professor Dumbledore sitting in his chair, a huge smile on his face. Sitting beside the Headmaster was a Professor he didn't recognize. That must be the new DADA teacher, he mused. But when did they enter?

A slight movement among the first years caught his attention and he saw that the Snape twins standing in their midst, as if they'd always been there. How in Merlyn's name did they do that? Sirius is right about them being unnatural, but then, I already knew that.

"Longbottom, Francis!"

A sturdy looking boy with reddish blond hair sat down on the stool, nervously rubbing his hands. His blue eyes wide with trepidation as the Sorting Hat lowered over his eyes.


The hat shouted out after a moment and he got up.

"That's two for us." Peter commented, resting his head on his hand. "I wonder how many we missed that went to the other houses."

"We're a little behind everyone else." Remus said, watching the first years.

Francis Longbottom stood up on his shaky legs, making his way over to the Gryffindor table, tripping over his own feet. He fell on his face and the room erupted into laughter. Septina bent down swiftly and helped him up, while her brother guided him on his way. Face red with embarassment, he glanced back to thank them, but was surprised to see their sneers and quickly sat down. He wondered if he'd only imagined their help, the transformation was so smooth.


McGonagal's voice trailed off, she frowned and studied the paper. Then she turned towards Dumbledore, who nodded that she should proceed. She turned around, hiding her confusion.

"Snape, Severus!"

Exchanging confused looks with his sister, Severus approached the dais and sat down ramrod straight on the stool. With his eyes staring straight ahead, he ignored the chuckles of the students and waited for the hat to descend. The hat rested on his head and he cleared his mind of all his thoughts, waiting.

"Interesting, very interesting. A sharp mind,

a healthy dose of loyalty, and a strange sense

of morality for one with your heritage-that's

surprising. There's a surprising amount of

courage in you and determination.

"Where should I put you?

"Gryffindor might be right, though I don't want

to rule out Hufflepuff. They would make much of

your loyalty. But your mind is very keen, eager

to learn. Ravenclaw would be best for that. Your

mind would not be wasted there.

"But there's something here_something that_I

think, yes, it had better be_"

The voice trailed off and Severus clenched his hands, forcing himself to remain calm. He could feel his sister's worried eyes resting upon him.


The hat finally shouted and was removed. Except for the Slytherins, the room was silent.

Severus stood up and looked at the professors, one of whom nodded slowly. The eyes were approving. He turned back around with a slight smirk on his lips as he joined the Slytherin table.

"I might've known." Sirius muttered, watching him.

"Snape, Septina!"

James hushed his friends and watched as she approached the hat in the same dignified manner her brother had. She sat down, eyes staring at one of the Hufflepuff flags that decorated the hall. It was their absolute calmness in a situation that had all the first years trembling, which only served to heightened James' natural curiosity.

"Oh, yes. Difficult, like your

brother. Interest in learning,

almost as deep and passionate

as your brothers. A leaning

towards puzzles, highly unusual.

A desire to be seen as an

individual, different. There's

an independence about you, you're

willful too. But fiercely loyal

and honorable, like your brother.

"Gryffindor might be just what

you need to get by. But with your

capacity for learning, Ravenclaw

would be best. Of course,

Hufflepuff would feed your odd

sense of morality. And yet, there's

something here inside you,

like in your brother_

"I think the best place for you and

your talents would be_"

She tensed nervously, feeling her brother do the same. It was as if he was aware of what the hat was saying to her.


Septina was so relieved, she almost cried. After glancing back to see the professor's reaction, she made her way to her brother's side.

James would've given anything to know why the hat had taken so long to place the two. In his three years there, the hat had never taken that long to decide about anyone. Curious.

"And so, even the hat can be intimidated by the Snape family." Black said, glaring at the pair.

Remus shook his head, wondering if the whole year was going to be swallowed up by Sirius' obvious dislike for the twins. "But one would've thought that they would end up in Ravenclaw with what James has said of their intelligence."

"No. Those two are pure evil." Sirius was firm. "Slytherin suits them both only to well. We better be ready for anything now that they are with the likes of Malfoy and his kind."

James shook his head. "Be fair, Siri. Nothing has ever been proven against any of them."

"They aren't in that house for nothing." Sirius shot back. "I'm telling you, we're in for some serious trouble this year. James, you know that I don't mind your curious nature. But in the matter of them, I beg you to let it go."

Lily looked at the twins, then between James and Sirius. Her eyes were suspicious, and concerned. "What is going on?"

"Nothing." James said, turning away from her to knowing gaze. "Siri, you are overacting."

"Am I?" Sirius challenged.

On the other side of the room:

Lucius Malfoy tapped Severus on the shoulder. "Why don't you two join us?" The scathing look he directed at the first years made it clear how he felt about them-even if they were Slytherin first years. They looked away from the imposing blonde man with his piercing gray blue eyes.

Severus smiled tightly at him. Even though they were cousins, they'd never gotten along very well. "May be tomorrow. We have no desire to set ourselves apart, yet." There was definite promise in his last words that his cousin caught appreciatively.

Septina spoke when Lucius looked at her. "Besides, one never knows what prospects there are in the_innocent, untrained minds of first year students."

Malfoy smiled, his white teeth flashing. "This is going to be quite an interesting school year."

"I couldn't agree with you more." Severus said, glaring at Black.

The sound of Dumbledore's voice stopped all the discussions in the room. "Once again, I welcome you to a new year, one which I hope will prove enlightening. I have a few words of warning before our feast begins-since our good professors made me promise that we will not sing our school's song tonight." He said, with a smile that promised mischief to said teachers in the near future.