The Lies We Live

LM, Samson, and Stormraven: Thank you for your kind words-especially about my original character, I was so worried about her coming across as a Mary Sue. Thanks for taking the time to write to me, I appreciate it more than thank yous can say. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to do this, I've been having problems with

I am not sure that there will be a sequel b/c I haven't the guts to take out Voldemort. If I did write anything else in this 'verse it would probably be something that takes place after the final battle. But I am not ruling out anything, yet.


Thank you for putting aside your doubts and reading my works. I enjoyed your comments very much.

Well, I am attempting to continue this tale. Can't promise a miracle though. I will be frank, part of the reason I wasn't going to continue this *was* the Septina/Sirius factor. It may just be me but I don't feel comfortable putting an original character with a cannon character. But, considering the events in Order of the Phoenix, the idea hasn't left my mind. In fact, it has been steadily growing.

One question-when you mention Harry's blindness, did you mean physical or mental?

To anyone who cares:

I have posted the first part of the third piece. I have called it "Dance With Death", story id #1483893. Hopefully, the story will continue to write itself as it has been.