REDUX A Remake of the first chapter with a new understanding of what I want to write. There will be a few changes in this chapter but this gives me a better way of sorry telling.

Miraculous Build




Since everyone is going to wait for Season 4 my story will take place at least one week after Miracle Queen.

Bourgeois Mansion...

"It's been a week since I have tried to take over France and I've been thinking… People are hurting because of me… I made so many enemies that Hawkmoth used… so many classmates and friends… I'm no different from back then… I'm afraid that I may hurt people for real… So I decide to end it all… maybe people will be happy if I disappear…" Chloe said while writing in her diary.

"Chloe! My dear daughter, it's time for school!" Chloe's dad said.

"I'm coming, father! I plan to end things today at the Eiffel Tower…" Chloe said softly as she left a note on the bed as she closed the book.

Later at school…

"Morning class." the teacher said.

"Morning Miss Bustier." Everyone said.

"Alright, everyone Chloe has something to say." Bustier said

"Hello, everyone. I'm sorry for what happened last week and I want to say I'm sorry for causing trouble whenever I from this day forth I won't cause anyone trouble ever again." Chloe said as she went back to her seat.

"Ha, yeah, right for all we know you're lying about this and will make someone mad or upset another akumatized victim by the end of the class," A brown-haired girl said with a smug face.

"Lila! I know Chloe can be such a pain but she was lost…" a girl with blue hair said.

"Yeah, right Marinette she could die for I care," Lila said arrogantly as everyone in the room gasped.

"Lila Rossi! Go to the office!" Bustiers said as Lila walked past Chloe and said…

"Face it Chloe you're just a liar like me," Lila said as she went to the principal office.

"…" Chole was silent to Lila's words.

"Chloe I'm so sorry that Lila said those things." Bustier said.

"It's alright… I'm actually going to tie up some loose ends today…" Chloe said.

Later after school…

"Sabrina you're my best friend right?" Chloe asked Sabrina with happiness.

"Yeah, Chloe you're my best friend since we were kids after all," Sabrina said.

"Well, I'm afraid that… we can't be friends anymore…" Chloe said.

"What?! Why?" Sabrina asked in shock.

"It's just that I'm too dangerous to be around. I cause trouble wherever I go so I'm sorry Sabrina…" Chloe said as she was walking away and she was trying not to cry.

Sabrina was in shock that Chloe had declared to not be her friend anymore but there was sadness in her voice.

Meanwhile at the Bourgeois residence.

"Well now since I finished the mayor's wife room now for Chloe's room." A cleaning servant said.

As he opened up the door and began cleaning it he found a letter address to her parents and his eyes were widening with shock.

"Chloe! I got to get to the Mayor!" The servant said as he ran out of the room.

Later at the Eiffel Tower

"Well, I guess this is it I have no regrets… although my only regret is not finding the one for me…" Chloe said as she cried. Then the image of Adrien with Kagami or Marinette appeared in her mind.

Meanwhile with Hawkmoth/Gabriel Agreste

"Ahh…Chloe Bourgeois you are an interesting person indeed. One born with wickedness in your heart," Hawkmoth said.

"Now fly away my little akuma and evilized her!" Hawkmoth said as the butterfly flew to Chloe hairpin.

Back with Chloe...

"Greetings Chloe Bourgeois or Miracle Queen I want you to…" Hawkmoth said.

"No…" Chloe said.

"What? I am giving you power that will crush those who have wronged you!" Hawkmoth said.

"The only one who had wronged me is you and I. So I'm ending it today…" Chloe said as she took off the hairpin the Akuma came out. And then stood on the edge and then jumped.

As she was falling her life flashed before her eyes and she felt as if she would be saved.

Chloe was nearing the bottom and she heard the sound of a motorcycle.


The motorcycle used a ramp left by yesterday's extreme sports tournament.

The motorcycle was red, had a gear symbol, and had a strange yellow bottle in the back.

The boy pulled out a light blue bottle with a picture of a rocket on it and inserted it to the bike.

"ROCKET! BOOSTING SPEED!" The bike yelled as the motorcycle was going faster and the back part had the flames of a rocket.

Then he jumped from the bike which turned to a phone and caught her in his arms.

"You idiot! Now we're both going to die!" Chloe said as she was worried for this kind boy's safety.

"Don't worry." The boy said as he pulled out a metal color gun and then took out a bottle shake, twisted it and inserted it.

"FULLBOTTLE ATTACK! HELICOPTER!" the gun said as he aimed it to the air.


The gun fired and came from the barrel was helicopter blades and spun rapidly. Which slowed down their descent and as they landed.

"Well, your welcome miss." The boy said.

"T-thank you but I was trying to kill myself," Chloe said nervously.

"Huh? Well…do you need a nice talk?" the boy asked awkwardly.

"Hmm… sure what's your name?" Chloe asked

"Banjou Evolto," Evolto said as his eyes shine red for a second.

Meanwhile with Hawkmoth

"I can't believe she actually did it… but no matter there is still an Akuma ready to evilized a lost soul," Hawkmoth said in shock by the fact that Chloe threw herself off the Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile at school.

Detention room…

"Stupid Chloe… getting in my way of my Adrien-kins." Lila said as a butterfly touched her necklace which she transformed into Volpina but also has the power of Chameleon

"Well, hello once again Volpina I must ask you to take Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous, and in exchange, you can keep these powers," Hawkmoth said.

"Yes… Hawkmoth…" Lila said evilly as a purple aura covered her.

Meanwhile with Evolto and Chloe.

"So, why did you try to off yourself?" Evolto asked Chloe.

"Well… I wanted to help the city… from my darkness…" Chloe said.

"Now why would you do that?" Evolto asked.

"Well, are you new to Paris?" Chloe said to avoid the question.

"Yeah, I just came from Japan," Evolto said as he knew that Chloe avoided the question.

"I guess you never heard of Ladybug and Chat Noir." Chloe said.

"Who?" Evolto said who tilted his head.

"Let me explain…" Chloe said as she told them who Ladybug and Chat Noir were and the most recent events.

Several Minutes later…

"Man sounds like a redemption arc for you Chloe. But even though you want to change and want to help, you're trying too hard. Just let it flow and stuff…" Evolto said.

"Hmm… I never thought about it like that…" Chloe said

Just then…

"CHLOE BOURGEOIS!" Lila yelled.

"Huh?" Evolto said as he turned around and saw a girl in a fox outfit.

"And you are?" Evolto asked.

"I'm Volpina and you are dead meat and Chloe too! You always thought you were better than us well, I will eliminate you and have Adrien to myself of course." Lila said as she charged at Chloe then.


"Ouch! Huh? How strong are you?" Lila asked in shock.

Evolto's hand was covered in blue flames of some sort.

"Eh, I know that I'm stronger than you," Evolto said with a smile.

"Grr… I get you! HOLD STILL!" Lila said as she was trying to hit him with her baton.

"STOP DODGING!" Lila yelled

"If I stop I would get hurt…" Evolto said

Just then…

"WE'RE HERE!" Ladybug and Chat Noir said as they appeared out of nowhere.

"Chloe! What happened?" Ladybug asked.

"I tried to kill myself and Hawkmoth came and I refuse and this boy saved me but he is fighting Lila," Chloe said as Evolto was fighting Lila hand to hand combat and was winning.

"You can't punch what you can't tell! Illusion Multiply!" Lila said as they were many clones of her.

"Now which one is which?" Lilia and her clones said.

"Oh, yeah?" Evolto said as he pulled out the silver gun he had and inserted a new bottle.

"GATLING! the gun said then fired!


Then appeared a strange-looking gun that was orange and looked like a minigun in one hand.

"Uh oh," Lila said

Evolto spun around and began firing on Lila and her clones and hit Lila.

"AGGHH!" Lila screams in pain.

"You should give up while you have the chance," Evolto asked as he pointed the guns at Lila

"Yeah? Well, not in your life!" Lila said as Lila charged up a new attack from her baton.

"EVOLTO! LOOK OUT!" Chloe screamed as she went in front of Evolto from the attack.


Chloe was sent back and was burned from the chest.

"CHLOE!" Evolto/Ladybug/Chat Noir yelled out in shock.

As Ladybug held Chloe.

"I'm okay it's just a burn." Chloe

"Get her some help…" Evolto said coldly as his eyes were glowing blood red.

"What are you going to do?" Chat Noir said.

"I'm about to rain in the pain." Evolto said coldly as his eyes flashed red as he turned to Chat Noir with a pissed face.

Evolto took out a red and black device with a hand crank and put it on and then grabbed a flying small blue dragon in the air.

"You beat me? Ha! It's just luck that you were able to shoot me." Lila said.

"….You never faced someone like me before…" Evolto said as he took out a blue bottle with a picture of a dragon shook it and inserted it into the dragon.

"WAKE UP!" the dragon said as Evolto placed the dragon into the device.

"CROSS-Z DRAGON!" the device said.

"Huh?" everyone thought

Meanwhile with Hawkmoth...

"A new miraculous?" Hawkmoth said

"I don't know sir…" Hawkmoth's assistant said

Back with Evolto...

Then Evolto turned the crank and people heard music. Think about Cross-Z's transformation music.

As two strange devices were making half a silhouette on both sides one in front and one behind being filled by something.

"ARE YOU READY?" the device asked.

"Henshin!" Evolto said as the walls closed in on him.

Fantasy-themed music played.

" Wake up burning! Get Cross-Z Dragon! Yeah!" the device said.

"What the? What are you!" Lila asked in fear?

"I'm a Kamen Rider from Japan. I'm the son of Kamen Rider Cross-Z! RRAAAHHH!" Evolto said as he took out a sword(Beat Crosser) and charged.

"Come on we got to help him!" Chat Noir said as he was then pulled by Ladybug.

"Not so fast Kitty Cat let's see what will happen. I can tell that guy is no ordinary person," Ladybug said.

As Evolto kept punching and slashing at Lila. Her body couldn't take the pain forever even when she is akumatized.

Lila tried to fight back but Evolto/Cross-Z wouldn't stop and grabbed her neck and threw back to the ground.

"Alright time to finish this!" Evolto said as he spins the crank again for a new sound.

"READY? GO! DRAGONIC FINISH!" The device said as Evolto as a blue and orange Chinese dragon surrounds him. Then he jumped into the air and the dragon launched it's fireball launching Evolto at Lila and did a roundhouse kick at her.


The necklace was destroyed and the Akuma was free.

"I got this!" Ladybug said as she caught the butterfly.

"No more akumatizing little butterfly." Ladybug said.

As Evolto took out the dragon that was in his device.

"Hey, Chloe you alright?" Evolto asked.

"Yes…" Chloe said

"CHLOE!" Chloe's parents yelled out in concern as they hugged her.

"Chloe we were so worried about you!" Chloe's mother said

"Yes, when the servant found this letter we came as fast as we could I'm so glad you're still alive." Chloe's father said.

"I'm okay dad it was that boy…" Chloe said as she pointed to Evolto but he was gone…

"Where did he go?" Chloe said to herself.

One day later.

"Okay, class we got four new students joining us for now on." Bustier said.

"Wait but there's only three." A student said.

As the portal opened up.

"Sorry, I'm late! I was in a world full of quirks and whatnot. Greetings, I'm Sento Damocles, or call me Damos for short." Damos said.

"Umm, okay can we get back to the portal later or what?" a student asked.

"Yo, I'm Kashira Sawatari." Kashira said.

"Greetings, I'm Daigo Himuro. My father is the prime minister of Japan." Daigo said.

"Hey, guys, I'm Banjou Evolto. It's a pleasure to meet you guys." Evolto said with a familiar blue and white jacket.

"It's you…" Chloe said as she stared at Evolto.

"Yep," Evolto said with a smile.

"… and you still haven't zip up your pants since yesterday," Chloe said as she playfully laughs.

"Huh?!" Evolto said in shock as he looked down.

The entire class started laughing as he zipped up his pants.

"Heh, Evolto just like your dad you know that." Damos said while he was chuckling.

"Well, I hope we can get along," Daigo said.

"Yeah," Gears said.

Four Heroes enter the city and a New War will Begin!

Kono mama aruki tsuzketeiru

Kon'ya mo maasugu Hitori no ashiato tadotte…

Hateshinai, dakedo kimi dake wa

Dokoka de materu Egao tayasazuni

There you will…

Be The One, Be The One!

All Right!

Ashita no chikyo wo naaki da senai kara

Be The Knights, B-Be The Knights!

All Right!

Tsuyoku nareru yo

I wanna get it

Nanika wo tasukete sukutte dakishime

Kokoro ni furete todoku yo, tsutaware

Be The One, Be the Knights,


Okoru yo hibiku yo!

Meanwhile at the top of the Eiffel tower

Five men stood at the top floor.

"Heh let the rider wars begin again." A red hooded man said as he vanished in smoke followed by four other hooded men disappearing in smoke as well.


"Missing people and monsters, seen at night?" Ayla said as she was reading a newspaper.

"Welcome to our cafe/Homebase Chloe and class." Gears said.

"Are you sure you still want to be with that boy?" Kagami's mother asked Kagami.

"Hey Kagami," Daigo said with a smile as Kagami blushed?

"Get away from her!" Daigo yelled as he shot Smash with the Trans Steam Gun.

"BAT!" the steam gun said.

"Joeketsu." Daigo said coldly with the gun at his temple.

"MISMATCH." The steam gun covers Daigo in smoke.

[End of Preview]