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I do not own Kamen Rider or Miraculous Ladybug.

This is the New York Special! This chapter will be extra long!

For this Arc I will be using the Shanghai - The Legend of Ladydragon Special Transcript which I also do not know and will give credit to the .com




/Journal Entry/

Miraculous Build


Miraculous Shanghai:

Kamen Riders vs Miraculous!

[Four Heroes enter the city and a New War will Begin!]

[Kono mama aruki tsuzketeiru]

Evolto shaking the dragon fullbottle then rode on the Build Cycle.

[Kon'ya mo maasugu Hitori no ashiato tadotte…]

Images of Evolto, Damos, Daigo, Kashira, three older boys each with three different colors, a man in a fedora but has a good sense of style and Vernage.

[Hateshinai, dakedo kimi dake wa]

Chloe watches Evolto training while Damos was writing designs with Alix helping him. Vernage tied her bow and walked into a strange machine.

[Dokoka de materu Egao tayasazuni]

Daigo,Kagami, Kashira holding a locket with a picture with Bridgette and Aoba, Kiba, and Akaba guarding the Pandora Box despite Kagami not knowing what is the Pandora Box. The Build crew with Chloe hangs around the cafe.

[There you will…]

Vernage's eyes glow green and wear a familiar golden bracelet.

[Be The One, Be The One!]

Evolto transformed into Cross-Z.

[All Right!]

[Ashita no chikyo wo naaki da senai kara]

Damos as Build(RabbitTank) jump into the sky for his rider kick.

[Be The Knights, B-Be The Knights!]

Cross-Z had the Beat Cross and slammed it into the ground.

[All Right!]

Night Rogue had the Trans Steam Gun Rifle Mode and fired. Then an image of a silver Sclash Driver with a bronze Jelly bottle.

[Tsuyoku nareru yo]

[I wanna get it]

The image then turns with a scene with Kashira transformed into a rusted version of Kamen Rider Grease. Ladybug and Chat Noir fought an Akumaitzed villain while fending off these strange robots.

[Nanika wo tasukete sukutte dakishime]

Chloe, Kagami, and Alix held the dragon fullbottle, bat fullbottle, and rabbit fullbottle in said order.

[Kokoro ni furete todoku yo, tsutaware]

[Be The One, Be the Knights,]

Build on the Build Cycle was being chased by a massive robot. Then turned right when Cross-Z and Night Rogue attacked the legs. Then the Rusted Grease came out of nowhere and lifted the robot and threw it.


Cross-Z, Build, Night Rogue, and Proto-Grease stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

[Okoru yo hibiku yo!]


A man in a hood appeared holding a book…

"So you were wondering how does Marinette know Ouja before meeting Team Build? Well as a noble chronicler of New Rider History it started a few months ago. (Roughly Season 2 or Season 3). My name is Woz…I will tell you a story involving the heroes that Marinette didn't know until Kamen Rider Cross-z's appearance…" Woz said with his hood on.

[Shang Hai, China]

[Magical Eclipse, Sacred Cave]

" It all took place on the day of the Magical Eclipse. Wu Shifu was desperate: the secret he guarded was in danger." Fei moonlight turns red, leaving an opening in a wall. Wu Shifu kneels down.

[Wu Shifu's school Flashback].

"Shame on us, master! Our Kung Fu is not up to your teaching!" Students said as they bowed shamefully and ran away to a man with a fan.

"You still have so much to learn!" Wu Shifu said as he tried to reached his students out but as he follows them he sees Cash giving them money.

"What had become of the ancestral values? Courage, honesty, loyalty? A mysterious stranger was doing all he could to force the master to sell his school. Someone clearly wanted to take over the land upon which it was built." Fei said as her father went back inside the temple.

[Magical Eclipse, Sacred Cave]

"The greed of the world was destroying everything. His school was his life, and his students were like his children. Without a family of his own, he would have no-one to pass on his legacy and all the responsibilities that came with it. To whom would be entrust his heavy secret? What if no-one was there to protect the Sacred Cave during the next Magical Eclipse? Now alone, he had lost all hope." Fei said as her father went to the secret temple behind the waterfall and enter and then came back.

[Wu Shifu's school.]

"And that was when he met... He gave me my name. In Mandarin "Fei" means "to fly in the sky"."Fei said as Wu Shifu heard crying of a baby girl. And when he picked her up she smiled and giggled.

[Timeskip Several Years Later]

Wu Shifu has trained Fei in the sacred art of Kung Fu.

"My name is Fei. My adoptive father Wu Shifu would go on to teach me the values of Kung Fu, and make me the new guardian. But they were still trying to chase us away. And when they took away my adoptive father, they destroyed the school." Fei said as Wu Shifu gives Fei his bracelet but everything changed everything burned that day and Fei practices alone.

[Ruins of Wu Shifu's school.]

Fei bows to a photo of Wu Shifu with a bowl of salt and twigs in front of her.

"In the end, they even got the bracelet. Now I was the only one left to protect the secret of the cave during the next Magic Eclipse." Fei said. While Fei was sleeping, Cash takes the bracelet from her. Next morning, she wakes up suddenly and discovers that the bracelet is gone. Fei was angered by the fact that she let this happened.

[Unknown Realm]

"But before our adventure in Shang Hai starts…we must first go to Paris, France…" Woz said as he turns the page in his Rider Chronicles…marked chapter "Prologue: Before Kamen Rider Build".

[Paris, France]

[Collège Françoise Dupont]

"So school was finally out, and it was gonna be amazing! We were gonna go swimming, hang out at the cinema, visit the museum, take long walks... We even organized a huge potluck picnic for all of us, and this time, Adrien would join us. His father had given him permission!"

Marinette said excitedly as students head down the stairs. Adrien waves goodbye to his friends and gets into the waves back dreamily. Alya was reading an article on missing people and appearances of the mysterious Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Cross-Z seen at night.

[ Ladybug and Cat Noir jump over the rooftops of Paris.]

"That's right, holidays are off to a great start, even for Cat Noir and me!" Marinette said.

[Pont des Arts]

"We did have a few missions,but no akumatized villain in sight. It seemed like Hawk Moth had taken holidays, too! We were starting to relax, because we still didn't know what holidays for Hawk Moth meant."

Marinette said as a kid places his stuffed rabbit on the edge of the bridge while eating ice-cream and drops it. Chat Noir catches the toy rabbit with his stick, and Ladybug uses her yo-yo and returns it to the boy. Then Ladybug and Chat Noir take a photo with the boy.

[ Canal Saint-Martin]

Ladybug and Cat Noir are eating ice-cream.

"Basically, we thought everything was going well…" Marinette said.

[Roof of the Dupain-Cheng bakery.]

Ladybug arrives and de-transforms.

"... until everything started to go wrong." Marinette said.

[Marinette's house, living room.]

"Sorry, Marinette, but I can't get away from the bakery today, and if the package doesn't get set off today, uncle Wang won't get it in time for his birthday!" Sabine asked.

" Alright, I'll go…" Marinette said.

"Thanks, sweetie." Sabine said as Marinette lefted with the gift.

[Place des Vosges]


Marinette took her phone out and the call is from Alya.

{"I'm experiencing a little setback."} {Marinette} said as she nearly dropped the package in process.

{ "Why does that not surprise me in the slightest."} {Alya} said.

{"Save me a seat next to you-know-who, please, I'll be there as fast as I can."} {Marinette} said.

{"But don't you know? I thought you knew!"} {Alya} said.

{"What? What am I supposed to know?"} {Marinette} said.

{"Adrien's gone to Shanghai!"} {Alya} said.

{"Huh?! There must be some kind of mistake! I always know what's up with Adrien. His 5 first names and every corresponding name date, his yearly schedule, even his shoe size! If there were anything to know about him, I would know it!"} {Marinette} said as she check her notes on Adrien.

{"Well, he didn't know either. He told Nino that the opening of his father's shop in Shanghai had been moved up at the last minute."} {Alya} said.

{"Shanghai?.."} {Marinette} said in shock as she looked at the package.

[Agreste private plane.]

"You are a dolphin, leaping from wave to wave in an ocean of tranquility." Bodyguard's phone said as he calms down.

"The opening of this store is essential for the future of the Agreste family, Adrien. Opening it much sooner than expected is very good will be other fun times with your friends." Gabriel said as his hand was on Adrien's shoulder.

"You're right. Besides, I'm glad I get to spend some time with you, father." Adrien said with a hopeful smile.

" I'm looking forward to it, too. But before that, I still have to sort out some organizational details." Gabriel said as he lefted his seat.

[Cabin on the plane.]

"Did you have time to check everything out, Nathalie?" Gabriel asked on the computer.

{ "All the conditions necessary for the Magical Eclipse will be met tomorrow as planned."} {Nathalie} said as he reaches out a briefcase. It scans his thumb and pupil and opens, revealing the bracelet.

"Please, master, think! It is for good reason that the Prodigious was abandoned in favor of the Miraculous! It was secured in that cave because it is too powerful, too dangerous!" Nooroo begged.

"Precisely, Nooroo. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been holding me in check for too long. I won't pass on an opportunity to destroy them with this higher power. What I started 15 years ago I will finish tomorrow. At last…" Gabriel said.

"Why do I even bother to try anymore…" Nooroo thought.

[Dupain-Cheng bakery.]

Sabine was attending to a customer.

"Mom!" Marinette said as she ran inside.

"The package! It'll never make it in time!" Sabine said with worry.

"Yes it will because I'm gonna hand it to uncle Wang myself. You see it's high time I visit my uncle in person! Because my uncle- It's my roots. And I've been trying to connect to Adri- I mean, my roots - for so long! And he keeps- I mean, they - keep eluding me. And without him- I mean them - without my roots- I mean, I feel incomplete!" Marinette said as she trips and confused her parents with her request.

"Marinette, are you saying that... you want to go to Shanghai?!" Sabine said excitedly.

" Your mother and I have been waiting for this moment for so long!" Tom said excitedly as he runs up the stairs and back with a cardboard box at full speed!

"We always thought that one day you'd want to see your ancestors' country to connect with your Chinese family!" Sabine said as she gently holds Marinette's hand.

"We've been putting money aside since the day you were born - enough for a family trip! We were just waiting for you to ask." Tom said as he opened the box revealing cash.

"For you to be ready!.. Still, this is a bit sudden!" Sabine said as she wiped a tear.

"We can't close the bakery now." Tom said as he looked at Sabine.

"If you want to give uncle Wang his gift in person…" Sabine said as she looks at Tom.

" ... you'll have to go alone." Tom said as he closes the box.

"You're the best parents in the whole world!" Marinette cheered then hugs her parents.

Then later Marinette's Airplane travels from Paris to Shanghai.

[Rundown apartment]

"Let's see…so far so good… I guess I won't intervene…since there's a lot of kamen riders in Shanghai right now…" the green-eyed teen said.

"Right but we need to make sure nothing goes wrong other than the usual Ladybug and Chat Noir trouble…" a blonde teen said.

[*** ***** **** **]

"Well, I bet those brats won't intervene since he thinks that I would sit out…" *** **** said.

"Huh?" the crew asked.

"Sigh…It means that I will cause trouble and the setup will help you fools!" *** **** said.


[Resturant: Masked Ride Family Resturant]

"Look…Cash…You better have the money you owe me or else…" a man with purple hair in a snake skin jacket.

"O-or else what?" Cash asked in fear as he stuttered and tried to calm himself with the fan.

Then the man took the fan.



Snaps it in half and threw it into a fire that was cooking the food.

"Or else…I will take a limb from you and take the money you got and…beat you up…" the man said.


"Is there a way I can avoid that fate?" Cash asked.

"Yes, get me a special bracelet and I may let you live…" the man said.

"Here's the picture…" the man said as Cash looked at the picture.

"Fail me and I will do everything I said…Times 2…" the man said as he got up from the table.

"Oh, you better not disturb me tomorrow. There's going to be a party here or you're vexing dead… got it?" the man said.

"C-crystal…" Cash said in fear.

"Good you're paying…" the man said as he left.

[Shanghai, China]

[Wang Cheng's car drives along the streets of Shanghai.]

"What a joy to see you again, I'm so happy you've finally made the trip!" Wang said.

"Yes, it's a good thing, and this way you'll get your present on time." Marinette said.

"Your visit is my present, Marinette. Your mother told me that you wanted to connect with your roots, and that's the happiest you can make me. The restaurant had a lot of guests planned for this week, but I canceled everything! I took a vacation for the first time since... since your mother moved to France…" Wang said sadly.

"You didn't have to do that for me." Marinette said as she reassured her uncle.

"Of course I did, family is sacred!" Wang said.

"Your English has improved a lot since you last came to Paris." Marinette said as she smiles.

"I have worked hard so it will be easier to communicate with you." Wang said as Marinette's phone receives a notification.

"And now I can tell you all about your ancestors, and show you every family photo!" Wang said Marinette's phone shows a picture of Adrien.

" Next time, I'll take you to visit the wonders of Shanghai, and teach you all the Chengs' traditional songs!" Wang said as Marinette looks at the skyscrapers.

"The Chengs have traditional songs?" Marinette asked.


[Masush Palace Hotel room.]

"The Bund district is so impressive, father! Have you ever spent time in Shanghai outside of work?" Adrien said as he admired the view of Shanghai.

"Of course I have." Gabriel said as he checked his clipboard.

"Then there must be some places you could show me. It would be great to see them together!" Adrien said.

"I... suppose. But before we do, I have some details to work out for tomorrow's opening night." Gabriel said.

"I guess I'll just stay at the hotel and wait for you…" Adrien said sadly.

"On the contrary, take advantage of this beautiful day to walk around. I'll join you in the early afternoon." Gabriel said as he put his hand on Adrien's shoulder.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

Wang's car arrives and they go in.

"... So your great-great-great-grandfather designed dresses for the Beijing opera performers." Wang said as Marinette receives a notification and saw a picture of Adrien.

"Marinette , Marinette, it's Marinette!" Bastille said as it flies over to Wang while scaring Marinette.

"Yes, Bastille, I'm very proud to finally introduce my grandniece Marinette to you!" Wang said.

"Nice to meet you, uh... Bastille!" Marinette said.

"Bastille has always been in the family, look. He was already there with grandpa Yan and granny Mei Chei, and with Xia Bing, your mother." Wang said as he showed her family photos.

" Xia Bing?" Marinette said.

"Yes. She only took the name Sabine when she moved to France." Wang said.

"Wow... I've never seen that photo of mom." Marinette said calmly.

"Magic ingredient! Magic ingredient!"Bastille repeated.

"Yes, Bastille, I haven't forgotten. Do you remember my style of cooking?" Wang said.

"Huh? Uh... Oh, right, you always improvise around something that fate brings you." Marinette laughs.

"And today, fate has brought you, Marinette." Wang said.

"But... I don't have any ingredients on me. I know! I could go for a walk and see if fate brings me Adri- I mean, a magic ingredient!" Marinette said as she saw a photo of Adrien that came up on her phone as a notification.

"Aren't you afraid of getting lost? You don't even speak Mandarin!" Wang said.

"I won't get lost. I have my phone. It has a GPS and a translator." Marinette said.

"Very well, but don't go too far. You can find everything you need in the neighborhood." Wang said.

"I'm sure our meal tonight will be very special indeed!" Marinette said as she runs off then Bastille squawks.

[Streets of Shanghai]

Marinette was walking along a street.

"You want to put Adrien in a soup?" Tikki asked in a teasing tone.

"Of course not, Tikki. We're gonna look for a magic ingredient and make most of our little walk to go say hi to Adrien." Marinette said.

"You mean 你好?"Tikki asked.

"You speak Mandarin?" Marinette asked about the language.

"Of course! Kwamis speak all languages."Tikki said.

"Um, yeah, that makes sense. You never know who your next holder's gonna be." Marinette said.

"And how will you find Adrien?"Tikki asked.

"See? It's easy. We're here,he's there, we just need to follow this map. This is gonna be super easy!"Marinette said as she showed her phone to Tikki.

[Bund District]

Adrien walks along the Bund district with his bodyguard.

"Hey, aren't you Adrien Agreste, the famous model?" Lian asked as he notices Adrien and calls his friends.

"Can I take a photo with you?"Kang asked.

Adrien's bodyguard steps forward menacingly, but Adrien stops him.

"Please, let them, I don't mind" Adrien said as the boys took selfies with Adrien.

Adrien's bodyguard looks around and notices a stand with superhero action figures. He sneaks away and takes some. He realizes that Adrien sees him so he hides the figures.

"Hey!" Lian said as he points at the river.

[Remenants of Wu Shifu's school.]

Gabriel's car arrives. He comes out and walks towards a waterfall behind the school.

"I'm here, Nathalie. Now all I need is to find the perfect person to akumatize."Gabriel said as he presses a camouflaged button, opening a secret passage behind the waterfall; he dials Nathalie.

But unknown to him *** **** was watching him from the shadows.

"Well, the fun is about to begin…." *** **** smirked.

[Streets of Shanghai]

Marinette walks along a street.

"Oh wow, it didn't look so far away on the map." Marinette said.

[Nearby around Marinette]

Fei walks from an alleyway to the Bund district.

"I'd like to see people as people, think of them as stories: their smallest pleasures, their greatest joys, their disappointments, their successes. That's how my adoptive father would have wanted me to see them." Fei narrated as she notices that a truck is about to fall onto a mechanic and keeps it up with her leg, allowing him to get out. He gives her strawberries on a stick, which she hands to a little boy who dropped his own.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Stop crying, don't worry about it.)" the mother said.

They gasp when they notice the new stick. Meanwhile Fei stops an elderly lady from crossing the street, preventing her from getting hit by a car.

"谢谢。 (Speaks Mandarin: Thank you.)" Elderly lady thanks her savior.

Fei disappears after another car passes by.

"To be the guardian he wanted me to be, I must forget who I really am. I must get the key back at all costs! And for that, I need money. There was someone who could tell me the truth about what happened to my adoptive father, but I have to pay him."Fei (narrating)as she look for anything valuable and spotted Adrien's ring.

Fei runs over to a billboard and disguises herself. She walks in Adrien's direction. His bodyguard notices her and steps forward. Fei vanishes in the crowd and, hiding again, changes her disguise.

"Father? You're done?.. Ah, yes, of course, I understand... Later? Yeah, sure! As you wish. See you later then." Adrien said sadly.

"Your father won't ever change. You can depend on the consistency in a soft cheese, but in a human being? What I wouldn't give for something to eat…" Plagg groans.

"I've got what you need, Plagg! Remember Wang Shifu, Marinette's uncle? His Thousand Delights restaurant is in this town! There's a place I'd like to go. Do you mind?" Adrien said as he remembers about Marinette's uncle.

Plagg gets excited. Adrien turns to his bodyguard.

Marinette tries to get to Adrien but bumped into Fei and

"Sorry!" Marinette said as Fei took Marinette's purse.

Fei walks away, and Marinette waits for the green light impatiently. Fei opens the purse she stole from Marinette. Tikki pretends to be a toy. Fei reaches her out and examines her. Marinette waves her arms.

"Adrien! Adrien! Adrien! Adrien…" Marinette said as he tried to go after Adrien. Fei steals Marinette's phone, kwagatama, and earrings as Adrien gets into a discretely turns back to Marinette.

"Hey! 你!停下! (Speaks Mandarin: You! Stop!)" Jaio said as he chase and his boys chased Fei. The light turns green, and Fei runs across the street, bumping into Marinette in process.

"Oh, sorry! Oh no! That poor girl needs help! Shoot!" Marinette said as she sees the boys chasing Fei. She decided to help the girl and then Adrien's car left.


The boys chase Fei, and Marinette runs here to hide and transform.

"Tikki, spots on! Uh, Tikki? Tikki! TIKKI!" Marinette said as she relized that she was robbed of her purse, phone, and her Miraculous.

From a distance a man with a giant purple kanabo on his back was watching her along with a woman with purple hair with a katana, a little girl with purple hair, and a teenager .

"Well…It seems that girl has lose her strength Sakura…" the woman said.

"Come on Saeko…she needs to be strong…cause her life will get tougher and tougher…"the man named Sakura said.

"Come on dad…we have to go to that Rider Party you've been planning for months…" the teenager said.

"Fine…" Sakura said as he rolled his eyes.

[Streets of Shanghai]

Fei confronts the boys and defeats them without even physically touching them. She runs off, leaving them on the floor. They chase her, but Jiao notices the kwagatama on the floor. He goes in a different direction abd bumps into someone.

"WOAH!" the guy with a duran lockseed necklace.

"Spike you alright?" his wife asked.

"Yeah Mia, so what's the matter kid?" Spike asked.

The boy explained the situation.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

"Marinette is in Shanghai? What an incredible coincidence!" Adrien said with excitement.

"Or fate." Wang said.

"Love is beautiful! Love, love!" Bastille squawks.

"No, Marinette's just a friend." Adrien laughs.

As a guy in a red jacket and a red cowboy hat facepalms his face while his wife comforted him. As files for Cash fell to the floor involue a strange multi-color USB looking device.

"Maybe we can surprise her! Do you mind if we wait here with you?" Adrien asked.

"Oh my, that would be delightful! You can help me prepare our meal, if you like." Wang said.

"(Speaks Mandarin)Thank you," Adrien said.

(Wang laughs. Bastille notices the Eagle action figure in Adrien's bodyguard's pocket.)

[Alleyway. Sunset.]

"I had lost my Miraculous, my kwagatama, and Tikki. Without my smartphone to guide me, or to translate what I'm saying, I had no way to get back to uncle Wang or get myself understood to get help." Marinette narrated as she tries to communicate through gestures with local people, but they don't understand her.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Apologies.)"Old man said.

Marinette was disappointed. The man tells her with gestures to follow him.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Come.)" the old man said.

[Thousand Delights restaurant's kitchen.]

Adrien and Wang make xiaolongbao. Adrien puts some dishes to wash.

"Bastille, get me some chili peppers from the pantry, please." Wang said.

"Chili peppers! Chili peppers! Comin' in hot!" Bastille squawks and flew off as Adrien laughs.


A man hands Marinette a notepad.

"I'm looking for these earrings, did you see anyone wearing them?" Marinette asked as she drew her earrings.

"(Speaks Mandarin: I don't understand. Oh, wait.)" The old man said as he went into a building.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Is this what you need?)" The old man said as he brought out a plate..

Marinette sighs.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

"Is Marinette often late?" Wang asked as he looked at the clock.

"Marinette? Yeah, all the time. It would actually be unusual for her to be on time!" Adrien said.

"I'll call her anyway." Wang said as he calls Marinette's phone.

[Alleyway outside Cash Antiques.]

Marinette's Phone rings…




Fei throws the SIM card out and puts the phone back in the purse and walked away.

But then a man with white hair in a blue trenchcoat and a blue cowboy hat picked up the SIM card.

"Well isn't this interesting…" Yamato said with a devious smirk.

Tikki looks nervously at the phone.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

{"It's Marinette, leave a message, beep!"} {Marinette's voicemail said}.

{"Marinette, this is uncle Wang. I hope you didn't get lost. I've got Adri- uh... a surprise! See you soon."} Wang said as he hushed Adrien and hung up.


Marinette finishes drawing a picture of her with arrows towards her earrings.

"(Speaks Mandarin: She's very talented, this little girl!)" Man said in excitement.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Can you draw me one, please?)" Old man said.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Oh yes! Me too, please!)" Man asked as Marinette is confused. She sighs with disappointment.

Then an old lady tells her with gestures to follow her and offers earrings.

"Oh! These are nice, thank you, ma'am! It's not what I'm looking for, but it's very kind of you." Marinette said.

"(Speaks Mandarin: When you wear them, you will look very pretty.)" The old lady said as she gently puts the earrings in Marinette's hands.

"Thank you." Marinette said.

[Cash Antiques.]

A vinyl record is playing.

"I would come to this place every day to sell whatever I'd gotten my hands on. Little by little, I'd pay the one who was to carry out my revenge." Fei narrated as she went in.

"Cash!" Fei shouted.


As Cash was thrown out of his office beaten up then Sakura Marikawa-Minami walked out with his large purple Kanabo covered in blood. And he noticed Tikki's little head.

"I'll take that…" Sakura said as Fei frozen in fear.

"SQUEAK!" Tikki squeaked to mimic a toy.

"I'll be back by next week. Remember… break it or disturbed me today and you die…" Sakura said as he left the pawn shop.

"Fei! What treasures do you have for me today?" Cash asked as he was still injured.

As Fei shakes Marinette's purse, revealing its content. Cash looks disapprovingly.

"You're going to tell me there's nothing of value in there again?" Fei said.

"I want to help you, really, but everything has a price, and the price of these things is not very high. Not enough to save me from Sakura's promises. Even if the items were high importance…he'll find a way to raise my debt…" Cash said.

"I'm tired of stealing. I want you to tell me his name." Fei said.

"Until you bring me enough things to pay that price, I can't give it to you! This purse is not bad, this phone's just junk, the earrings…" Cash said as he looked at the items the earrings especially.

"But they're antiques!" Fei said.

"I know more about that than you. They're commonplace. 200 Yuan for it all." Cash said arrogantly but his injuries hurt.

"What?! Are you kidding me?!" Fei shouted as she banged the table.

"You know, Fei, I like you a lot. At 200 Yuan I'm actually doing you a favor, in memory of the noble Wu Shifu and all he stood for." Cash said.

"So if you respect his values, why can't you introduce me to the man who can tell me who burnt down my father's school?"Fei said.

Then a man in a Blue and white Trenchcoat entered the shop.

"Doo a doo… the enemy is…doo a doo…closer than you know…" Yamato said as he "window shop" some items and then leave without paying.

"Because, just like the school, those values no longer exist. What matters today is driven by the market. Cash is king, baby! It's sad, but adopting is the key to success. 200 Yuan. Wait a minute…THAT GUY STOLE MY WARES!" Cash said as he went to the door and to see that Yamato disappeared… again…

"At that price, I'd rather take these things back to that poor girl!" Fei said as she was about to grab the earrings but Cash stopped her.

"Wait... That's a great idea! If you find her, your poor girl can buy them back. This pitiful stuffed animal must be very valuable... to her! Sentimental value and feelings are priceless." Cash said evilly.

"If I bring you the owner of these things and she buys them all back from you, will you finally tell me what I want to know?"Fei asked as she takes Marinette's ID.

"A deal's a deal." Cash said as Fei leaves.


Fei walks around looking for Marinette with the ID.

"Hey! (Speaks Mandarin: Hey! Let me see.)" the man asked Fei and she walks over and shows the ID.


[Streets of Shanghai]

Marinette continues to roam around the streets of Shanghai.

"I had lost all hope of finding my things. Now, I was just trying to find my way back to uncle Wang's restaurant to ask for his help, but I was completely lost." Marinette thought.

"(Speaks Mandarin: There, that's her! It's the little girl from before!) (Speaks Mandarin: Little girl, come back! We found your necklace!)" Jiao arrives and attempted to giveback Marinette her necklace.

"Sorry! You're the girl they were chasing earlier! They're running after me now. I guess you don't speak a word of English, either…"Marinette runs away from the boys and then bumps into Fei.

"(Speaks Mandarin: It's her! She's the thief!)"Jiao said as he points at Fei.

"Yes, I speak English. Follow me!" Fei said as she and Marinette ran away.

The boys chased them, and they hide in a small area between houses.

"I lost them. Something wrong?" Fei said as she panted.

"I'm so glad I found someone who understands what I'm saying! People here are so nice, but it's been impossible to explain my situation to them." Marinette said as she wipes her tears.

"I'm sure I can help. Tell me what happened to you."Fei said.

"Someone stole all my things: my purse, my phone, my earrings…" Marinette said as she shows the earrings that she got from the old lady.

"You found them?"Fei asked in shock.

"What? These? No, a nice old lady gave those to me."Marinette said.

"What about the real ones? Did they have... sentimental value?" Fei said.

"Yes, someone important gave them to me. Someone who trusted me…" Marinette said.

"I also had a jewel stolen from me. One that someone special had entrusted me with. Like you, I want it back at any cost." Fei said as she feels guilty.

"So, you get it?" Marinette said.

"Yes, I'll help you!" Fei said.

"Really? Thank you! I need to go back to my uncle's. He has a restaurant in Shanghai, but I don't know the address…" Marinette said excitedly as the boys heard her.

"It's them again. Follow me!" Fei said as she drags Marinette through a passage.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

Bastille and Adrien's bodyguard are playing with the action figures. Bastille laughs. Adrien is checking out a piano.

"{Marinette, it is me again. I and- the surprise - are very worried.} Please call me back. I should not have let her go out alone."Wang said.

"I'm sure everything's fine."Adrien said.

"I'm still going to call the police." Wang said.

"And I'll go out and see if I can find her." Adrien said.

"Are you sure?"Wang said.

"She can't be very far. And I do speak Mandarin! Stay here, I won't be very long."Adrien said to Wang and his bodyguard.


"It'll be much easier to find Marinette as Cat Noir." Adrien said.

"And how will you explain Cat Noir's presence in Shanghai?"Plagg said.

"I'll figure something out." Adrien said.

"Plagg, claws out!" Adrien said as he transforms into Cat Noir.

Cat Noir takes off to search for Marinette.

[Police car.]

The officer receives a signal for a missing girl.

[Street with a store.]

"{(Speaks Mandarin: French middle schooler Marinette Dupain-Cheng was lost in Shanghai.)}" News announcer said on TV.

"I think we're okay now. Why were you alone in Shanghai?" Fei said.

"I'd gone out to meet with a friend, and then I realized that someone had stolen my things." Marinette said as passerbies look at Marinette.

"Come on! Put these on, in case we bump into those kids who were chasing us again."Fei said as she gave a hat to Marinette.

"Why do you have all these costumes in your bag?" Marinette asked.

"I... I just got back from a costume party! Let's take a bike. I thought of something about your earrings. I know a street filled with pawn shops. Maybe your thief tricked one of the owners into buying your things, pretending they were theirs."Fei said as Fei and Marinette are in disguise.

"Oh... Okay. Oh! Do you think we could find the number of my uncle's restaurant so I can call him? He must be worried." Marinette said.

"Uh... I ran out of credit. I can't call anyone, sorry. Don't worry! You'll be able to reassure him in person very soon." Fei said as she takes a bike.

[Bund district.]

Fei and Marinette ride along the streets.

"What's your name, by the way?" Marinette said.

"Fei."Fei replied.

"I'm Marinette. I'm so lucky I ran into you!"Marinette said as she then hugs Fei but she felt guilty.


"(Speaks Mandarin: Hello!) Don't worry, I'm Cat Noir, Paris' superhero." Cat Noir/Adrien said.

"Paris? What are you doing here?"Passerby asked.

" I'm looking for a French girl who went missing in Shanghai."Cat Noir/Adrien asked as he showed the guy a picture of Marinette.

"Never seen her but good luck!" the passerby said.

"Well…isn't this interesting…I must make…chaos…Fahaha!" *** **** laughed evilly.


Fei and Marinette continue riding.

"Ugh, I knew I should have started Mandarin lessons a long time ago... What about you? How come you speak English, Fei?" Marinette said.

"My father loved that language, he wanted me to know it. Besides, his Kung Fu school had lost all its local customers, but... he thought he could teach Kung Fu-loving tourists. But his school went up in smoke, and with it, everything he believed in." Fei said.

"Not everything: you're still here."Marinette said.

"I've become the complete opposite of what he believed in!"Fei said with fury.

"I don't get it. He wanted you to be mean and a selfish coward?" Marinette asked in confusion.

"Why would you say that?" Fei asked.

" Fei, you've been helping me for hours now even though you don't even know me, and you were super brave protecting me from the kids who were chasing me! You're such an amazing person! So... If your father wanted the opposite for you…"Marinette said as she hugs her.

"I'm not as amazing as you think. We're here." Fei said, as she parked the bike around the Pawn Shop.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

"[(Speaks Mandarin: We are still looking for French middle schooler Marinette Dupain-Cheng.)]" News announcer said on TV.

"{It's Marinette, leave a message, beep!}" {Marinette's voicemail} said as Wang hangs up.

Adrien's bodyguard calls Adrien's cell phone.

"{You've reached the voicemail of Adrien Agreste. Leave a message and I'll…}" {Adrien's voicemail} said as the Gorilla went out to find Adrien.

"Gonna be okay, gonna be okay." Bastille squawked.

"I hope so, Bastille. I hope so." Wang said.

[Outside Cash Antiques.]

[Cash's Junks]

"Look this way, I'll go that way." Fei said as she pointed at Cash's Antiques but was graffitied to say Cash's Junks signed by KR DiEnd and another graffiti of a Purple Snake on the window.

The two entered the shop.

"There! They're here! My Miracul- uh, my earrings!" Marinette said as she pointed at her earrings.

" Wow, what luck!" Fei said as Cash came out who somewhat recovered from his injuries eariler.

"Hello, sir, I really need to get these earrings back, they're very, very important to me, I'm so happy to have found them! Fei could you please translate?" Marinette said.

"That won't be necessary, I speak English. So... These earrings are very precious to you?" Cash asked as Fei looks at him angrily.

"Yes, infinitely precious!" Marinette said.

"100,000 Yuan to get them back." Cash said as some one in a red hood came in.

" 100,000 Yuan? Is that a lot?" Marinette asked.


"(Speaks Mandarin: You said it's worth 200 Yuan! They aren't even worth 200 Yuan!)"Fei said as she banged the table.

"That's the last applied demand, baby: it's precious to her, then it's precious to me!" Cash said.

"(Speaks Mandarin: That's too expensive!)"Fei shouted.

"(Speaks Mandarin: If she pays, I will guarantee your answer.)"Cash said with a smirk.

"That's disgusting, using other people's misfortune to get rich!"Fei said.

"You're the one who robbed the girl, you're the one who brought her to me afterward, so tell me, which one of us uses people's misfortune more? " Cash said.

"Stop it, Fei. I'll pay." Marinette said.

" But that's a huge sum!"Fei said.

" I'll call my uncle and explain everything. Could I please use your phone? Could you give me the number of the Thousands Delights restaurant, please?" Marinette asked for Cash's Phone.

"I know it, your uncle is a great chef!"Cash said in genuine joy.

"Yes, and I'm so ashamed I have to ask him…"Marinette said.

"(Speaks Mandarin: Her uncle's restaurant is very busy, she can afford to pay.) Here's the number. Honestly this will help me in my debt from Sakura he's unhinged and I swear I thought I saw a large purple mechanical King Cobra in the window." Cash said as he gave Marinette the phone and the number.

Meanwhile, Fei quickly takes the earrings from Marinette's pocket and replaces the Miraculous with them.

"Thank you, sir, that's very nice of you. And I hope you will settle your debt." Marinette said as she dials Wang.

Then the man in the red hood left the store but lefted something a golden USB looking device. The note said: "Purchase for Cash: Gold Gaia Memory as requested to bring fear signed by Red Hood."

[Thousand Delights restaurant]




Wang's phone rings and hangs up before he gets to pick it up.

[Cash Antiques.]

Fei canceled the call.

"We'll find another way." Fei said.

"But Fei!"Marinette said.

" If you don't buy these jewels now, I can't guarantee that I'll still have them later. If a customer wants to buy them, I'll sell them."Cash said as he picked up the item he had bought to protect himself from Sakura.

"Fei, I can't lose them again!" Marinette said.

"Believe me, no-one will buy them at that price." Fei said She drags Marinette away.

"Fei, what are you doing? You don't want the answer to your question? You don't want to know who went after your father? Have you forgotten who you are?"Cash said.

Fei hesitates for a minute but gained confidence.

"Actually, I just remembered who I really am!" Fei said as she leaves the shop with Marinette.

[Alleyway outside Cash Antiques.]

"I'm taking you back to your uncle!"Fei said as she ran to the bike.

"Fei, I really can't leave without m-" Marinette said as Fei places the Miraculous in Marinette's hand.

"Hop on the bike, quick!" Fei said.

"You stole my earrings?"Marinette said in shock.

"Weren't you the one who wanted them back?" Fei said.

"Yes, but not like that! Stealing is wrong. That seller paid a lot of money to buy my earrings from whoever sold them to him! If he can't sell them back, he'll have lost all his money! And the guy he owes money to sounds like a monster…" Marinette said.

"Marinette, I promise I'll explain everything. The guy Cash is in debt to is a nice guy but when he's mad that's when ou get worry. But you've got to get on the bike, NOW!" Fei said as she constantly looking at the entrance of the shop.

[Cash Antiques.]

Cash takes the earrings and to see it was fake.

"She juked me…" Cash muttered


"That little brat JUKED me! GET THEM! AFTER THOSE TWO BITCHES!" Cash yelled as he told his 30 men of his gang to go after the girls.

[Alleyway outside Cash Antiques.]

"What if that poor man's taken on a debt to buy these earrings?" Marinette said as the bike was shot at?!



Secruity guys and gang members with guns ran out.

"Marinette, stop arguing and RUN!" Fei said as she runs away, dragging Marinette along. The men chase them.

[Meanwhile at the Masked Ride Family Resturant]

A party was brewing filled with Kamen Riders from all over the world from the U.S. to Japan and even some rookies from France.

These heroes are celebrating the Founding of the K.R.A.(Kamen Rider Association and Academy)!

"Flashy Hun…you got to relax…I thought I told you this is a no work vacation!" a beautiful brunette woman in a red dress said.

"I know Nettles but there's a guy with a Gaia Memory in this city and it's my job to catch him and destroy the Gaia Memory." Flash said.

Across the table…

"Hey, Mia you think those boys will find that Marinette Dupain-Cheng?" Spike asked as he and his wife Mia were dancing.

"I don't know but we must have hope!" Mia said.

Away from the dance floor.

"I can't believe you got bigger boobs than I do." a pink haired pale "teenager" girl said.

"I just got good genetics and true vampire powers dear shiki…" the blond vampire woman said.

"Our husbands are getting along well…Seras." the shiki girl said.

"Right I think it's because they can sympathize one another Megumi…" Seras said as a Golden Bat toy thing was playing poker with a few drive shift cars.

"Your husband is a Fangire while my is a Undead…I can see some similarities…" Megumi said.

Then a girl with blue flame hair stepped onto stage and played wild party music.

Across to another table.

"Lily! I got you something my little flower…" Sakura said to his daughter.

"What is it?" Lily asked.

"I got you a pet! A Magic tiny god of Creation and she's a Ladybug!" Sakura said.

"SQUEEE!" Lily said as she hugged Tikki.

"I love her already!" Lily said.

"Okay Kwami…I know you're alive you're safe with…friends…Tikki of the Ladybug Miraculous…." Issei said.

"You know?" Tikki asked as she flew out of Lily's hands.

"Yeah, I heard of the hidden treasures of this world…powerful and yet easy to obtain…" Yamato said with a butterfly net.

Just then…

Marinette and Fei entered the Masked Ride Resturant looking tired.

[Mere Minutes Ago]


Fei and Marinette run from the men and ran.

"These guys... seem mad at us!"Marinette said as she ran.

"Believe me, you have no idea how furious they are!" Fei said as she ran.

"What do you mean, these guys? The other ones seemed pretty dangerous too when they were chasing me and shouting at me! Fei, please let me go get help!"Marinette said.

"The only person who can help us here is me and the Kung Fu my father taught me!" Fei said as she prepared to fight.

Then the group of boys from earlier step in from behind.

"What's happening?!" Marinette asked.

"We, the proud street vigilantes, fight evil, (starts stammering) even when uh... it strikes out at uh... more evil!"Lian said.

"Go home, you're gonna get hurt!"Fei warns the boys.

"We don't take orders from a thief!" Lian said as he points at Fei.

"A thief?"Marinette asked as she looks at Fei.

"He- he doesn't know what he's talking about! Run!"Fei said as she and Marinette ran then ran into the Masked Ride Resturant. As the boys held off 3 of the 30 men while the rest give chase.

[Masked Rider Resturant]

"I can't believe you stoled my earrings back!" Marinette said as her earrings were then stolen again!

"Yoink! The Miraculous are mine!" Yamato said as he ran with the earrings.

Then Issei trips Yamato and caught the earrings.


"WOAH!" Yamato said as he fell.

"You got to stop doing that brother…" Issei said as he returns the earrings.

"Here kid this is yours I believe…" Issei said with a smile.

"Thank you!" Marinette said as Tikki flew to Marinette!

"MARINETTE!" Tikki said.

"TIKKI!" Marinette said.

"What is that?" Fei asked.

"Um…this well um…." Marinette stuttered.

"That's my flying pet!" Lily said as she went to Marinette.

"Lily I do believe that's her pet…" Sakura said.

" ? What are you doing here?" Fei asked.

"Here to have fun before I terrorize Cash again…" Sakura said evilly.

"Are you sure this guy isn't evil?" Marinette asked.

"Yeah, he's just umm….Psychotic…" Fei said.

"I prefer the term…Insane by Choice…" Sakura said.

Just then the 3 boys from earlier was thrown into the Resturant beaten up.



"HEY! STAY AWAY FROM THE PRETTY LADIES MEANIES!" Lily said as she kicked one of the gang members.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT!" the gang member kicked Lily that launched her to her mother's arms.

"HAHAHA! That'll teach her!" another gang member laughed.

"HEY! WHAT WERE YOU DOING TO MINE DAUGHTER!" Sakura yelled as a aura of a king cobra surrounded him.

"We do as we want! You we're part of the Cash Gang! You heard of us right?" gang member asked.

"Cash?...Heheheheh…HAHAHAHAHA!" Sakura laughed evilly.

Frightening the gangs and the two girls.

"Now I know that Cash will be DEAD by today's end…" Sakura said as his voice gave everyone shivers.

"Do you know who we are?!" the gang all yelled.

"DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?!" the KRs all yelled.

"AMBER MCLAIN-FENTON! PLAY SOME BATTLE ROCK MUSIC!" Sakura yelled as he readied his Kanabo.

"RIGHT!" Amber said as she and her ghostly band played fighting music.

Then the Kamen Riders ran at the gang.


The gang tried to use there guns but they just flew away onto a giant gun-magnet.

Sakura was stuffing food down a guy's throat and then drown the guy with alcohol while laughing manically.

Flash Judo-flip one guy into a group.

Yamato stolen five guys belts and their pants fell down then Issei whacked all of them with a chair.

Spike puts a large pot in one guy's head and banged it rapidly.

While they were fighting Fei and Marinette escaped the restaurant but were followed by 6 guys to escape the carnage.


Followed by a weilhem scream!

[Rooftops of Shanghai.]

"This city is too big. I can't do this alone... M'lady, a French girl we both know, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, has gone missing in Shanghai. I'm already there. If you get this message, meet me, I need your help." Cat Noir/Adrien calls Ladybug.

[Wu Shifu's school.]

Gabriel observes the moon as the Magical Eclipse starts.

"The time has come." Gabriel said.

"Master, please reconsider! You'll trigger a magic that is much too powerful for you! The magic guardian of the Prodigious is a formidable opponent, you'll never be able to defeat him!"Nooroo warns him.

"Who said I would be the one challenging him?" Gabriel said as he turns around when he hears voices and hides.

"What's this place?" Marinette asked.

"This is where I live."Fei said.

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng?" Gabriel said in confusion as he spied on them.

"This is where I have to be right now. Sorry, that's all I have." Fei said as she offers a beverage to Marinette.

"Fei, why do we have to be here?"Marinette asked as she drank the beverage.

"I have to guard my father's legacy."Fei said.

"But, your father…" Marinette said as she looks down at his portrait surrounded by flowers.

"... died along with his school."Fei said.

"Oh- I'm so sorry…"Marinette said.

"They did everything to make us leave. Everything! Intimidation, burglary... They took everything from us, even the bracelet he had entrusted me with. The jewel I told you about, it's as precious to me as your earrings are to you, except that this jewel had a power."Fei said.

"Who are "they" exactly?"Marinette gasped.

"Precisely, I don't know. It's my search for their identity that brought us together today, Marinette. There's something I've got to tell you. I-"Fei said.

"You really thought you could get away from me, Fei?" Cash said as he came out from the shadows.

"You... You know each other?"Marinette asked.

"Of course we know each other! How do you think I ended up with your earrings in the first place, kid? She stole them from you, and then she stole them from me!" Cash laughed evilly.

"I... I- I was about tell you, Marinette! I- I swear!"Fei stammered.

"You saw how desperate I was to get my earrings back, and you knew I'd be willing to pay a huge price for them!"Marinette said as she had tears.

"I'm sorry! He told me he knew someone who could tell me what happened to my father! But he demanded a huge sum of money in exchange for the truth!" Fei said.

"Truth isn't I'll make an exception…I was the one who burn down this dump!" Cash said.

"Now you're going to call your uncle right now and ask him for the money he owes me!" Cash said as he offered the phone to Marinette but Fei punches the phone.

"I won't let you do this. Run, Marinette!" Fei said in front of Marinette.

Then 5 guys appeared out of nowhere behind Marinette and Fei.

"All this greed…"Gabriel said.

[Start Flashback]

Nathalie hands a briefcase full of money to Cash, who in his turn gives her the bracelet.

"Even back then it worked in my favor." Gabriel said.

"Deal's a deal." Cash (flashback) said.

[End Flashback]

[Wu Shifu's school.]

As Gabirel was about to transform.

A guy fell down to the ground!


The guy was all bloodied and not moving.

"What the?" Cash said in shock.

"Well, I finally found you Cash…I hope you're ready to vexing die…" Sakura asked as he jumps down with a bloody kanabo in hand in his left and a Rider Deck in his right hand.

"I-I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!" Cash said as he took out the Gaia Memory.

"GOLD!" the gaia memory said.

"I don't know what that is but it's strong…" Gabriel thought.

"Nooroo, dark wings rise!" Gabriel transforms into Hawk Moth.

Hawk Moth releases an akuma from his cane.


"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Fei yelled.


Then one by one the goons were taken out.

Then the goon that held Fei and Marinette fell down.

"That was easy…" Spike said while wearing a belt with a blade.

"These fools are weak…" Issei said with pink-

"IT'S MAGENTA!" Issei yelled.

Right…magenta belt.

"Right brother…" Yamato said with a light blue gun.

"Don't you dare talk about my father! I may have failed him, but it's over. I'll find the answers all by myself! Marinette, you have to stay with me, I'm the only one who can protect you!"Fei said as Marinette noticed the Akuma and tried to run.

"You haven't protected me so far, all you've done is lie to me!" Marinette said.

"You have to trust me!"Fei said.

"I can't! I'm sorry what happen to your father but there are some people are not worth it!" Marinette said.

"I shouldn't have stolen your earrings, please forgive me."Fei said.

"I forgive you but I can defend for myself. You did what you had to do, and I've gotta do what I've gotta do." Marinette said as the Akuma went into the gaia memory.

"King Cash, I am Hawk Moth. You want to be rich? Something very valuable is hidden behind that waterfall. If you help me get my hands on it, I will make you rich beyond your wildest dream."Hawk Moth said.

"A deal's a deal."Cash said as he transformed.

"GOLD!" the gaia memory said as he transformed into King Cash.

"The silver blades on your fan will slice through anything, and the gold ones will turn anything they touch into a statue."Hawk Moth said.

"Time to get rich. Now Sakura fear my POWER THAT YOU DON'T!" King Cash said.

"Heheheheh…HAHAHAHAHA!...Do you think that scares me?! Come on guys let's trash him!" Sakura said as he showed his deck to reflect on King Cash's gold.

And a belt appeared on Sakura and he made a gesture of his hand as a biting cobra.

"HENSHIN!" Sakura said as he became Kamen Rider Ouja from grey images of Ouja.

"DURIAN!" Lockseed said as a zipper opened above Spike.

"LOCK ON!" Sengoku driver said.

"HENSHIN!" Spike said.

"DURIAN ARMS!" Sengoku driver said.

"MR. DANGERIOUS!" Sengoku driver said as Spike became Kamen Rider Bravo.


"ACCEL!" Flash took out a red gaia memory and place it in the Acceldriver.

"ACCEL!" the Acceldriver said as it made motor sounds.

"Henshin!" Flash said as he became Kamen Rider Accel.

"You're under arrest for using an illegal weapon…" Accel said.

Then Issei and Yamato took out cards with their picture on them and inserted into the belt and the gun.

"KAMEN RIDE: DECADE!/DIEND!" Decade driver/Diend Driver said.

"HENSHIN!" Issei and Yamato said as they change in Decade and DiEnd.

"Now prepared to be destroy by the Destroyer of Worlds…" Issei said.

"Surrender your treasures!" Yamato said as he aimed his DiEnd Driver at King Cash.

"What the?! WHAT IS THIS?! MIRACULOUS?!" Hawkmoth said in shock.

"GET THEM!" Ouja said as he ran at King Cash.

"Tikki, Hawk Moth's here in Shanghai, too!" Marinette said.

"Do you think Fei is being sincere, Marinette?" Tikki said.

"I'm not sure yet. But for now," Marinette said.

"Tikki, spots on!" Marinette said as she transforms into Ladybug.

Ladybug's bug-phone beeps, and she checks her voicemail.

"{M'lady, a French girl we both know, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, has gone missing in Shanghai. I'm already there. If you get this message, meet me, I need your help.}"Cat Noir's voice message said.

"Aw, nice kitty." Ladybug said as she calls Cat Noir

[Rooftops of Shanghai and Wu Shifu's school]


"Meow, m'lady!"Cat Noir picks up the communication device in his cane.

"{I've just arrived in Shanghai, kitty. Have you found her?}" {Ladybug} asked.

"Not yet, but with you here I'm sure we will together." Cat Noir asked.

"{FYI, that French girl's not the only one here. I just saw an akuma!}"{ Ladybug }said.

"What?! I'll be right there." Cat Noir hangs up.

"{Hurry up, Cat Noir.}" Ladybug as she decides to face the villains.

[Behind the waterfall.]

"It's time to prove that money can open any door." Hawk Moth said as King Cash was sent crashing through the doors of the Sacred Cave.

"No-one is allowed into the Sacred Cave!" Fei said as she jump kick at Hawkmoth.

"Who do you think you're dealing with, little mosquito?!" King Cash said as he sends gold blades towards Fei; but was blocked by KR Bravo's swords and KR Accel's slashed at King Cash.

"You're wasting your time." Hawk Moth said as he grabs Fei's arm and threw Fei at the waterfall.

"And time is money!" King Cash said as Fei, screaming, ends up in a Decade slashed with his Ride booker Sword.

"ADVENTO!" Ouja's Venovisor said as he summoned a Rhino monster and rammed King Cash.


[The Well behind Wu Shifu's school.]

Fei tries to climb it but then Ladybug's yo-yo appears next to her.

"Grab on!" Ladybug said.

[Stairs in the Sacred Cave.]

Then King Cash and Hawkmoth blocked the stairs entrance to make sure the KRs don't follow.

Hawk Moth and King Cash make it down.

"Where's the fortune you promised me?"King Cash demanded.

"Soon, soon, have patience."Hawk Moth said.

"FINAL VENTO!" Venovisor said as Ouja with the Metalhorn jumped on Metalgelas to do the Heavy Pressure Finsher.

"MOVE!" King Cash said.


As Ouja smashed through the rock barrier.

"HERE'S JOHNNY!" Ouja said.

"AAAHHH!" Hawkmoth and King Cash screamed as they ran.

[Well behind Wu Shifu's school.]

Ladybug pulls Fei out.

"Who are you?"Fei asked.

"Ladybug." Ladybug reply.

"I'm Fei. You're one of the good guys, right?" Fei said.

"Yes." Ladybug said.

[Sacred Cave.]

Hawk Moth walks over to the wall at the end.

"Now I can finally see if this was a good investment."Hawk Moth said.

"So you were my mysterious buyer! I've never made so much money on a lousy trinket. But it better be worth it cause Sakura is literally right behind us! And I was not expecting him to still come after me!" King Cash said as he made a wall of Gold.

"Another one?!" Ouja said.

"FINAL VENTO!" Venovisor said as Ouja jumped on Evildiver and smashed through the gold with the Hide Venom.


Then Ouja, Bravo, and Accel charged at King Cash.

"Time to change tactics!" Decade said as he pulled out the Ryuki card as well as DiEnd pulled out a copy of Ryuki as well.

"KAMEN RIDE: RYUKI!" Decade/DiEnd Drivers said.

"Henshin!/Summon!" Decade and DiEnd said.


Decade became Ryuki and Ryuki was summoned and both ran at Hawk Moth.

Fei and Ladybug make it to the cave and hide behind a rock. The moon turns red, and so does the light pointing at the wall. The light then disappears. An opening for the bracelet appears.

"I've been waiting for this moment for 15 years." Hawk Moth said as he places bracelet in the opening.

"That's my bracelet! So Cash really did stole it!" Fei said in shock.

"Is there anything special about it?"Ladybug asked.

"I don't know. I was just supposed to protect the cave and the bracelet, but I've failed." Fei said as the bracelet starts glowing. Hawk Moth and the KRs covers his eyes while Ladybug and Fei gasp. Mei Shi materializes.

"Human, prepare to face the judgement of Mei Shi, the lion protector of the Prodigious!"Mei Shi said.

"Great a guardian of a great treasure…that's all we need…" DiEnd said.

"We need to move!" Decade said as he pulled out a Ride Card.

"FINAL FORM RIDE: R-R-RYUKI!" Decade Driver said as the KR Ryuki transformed into a dragon Dragredder.


"The Prodigious?" Ladybug asked.

"Do you know what this is?" Fei said as Mei Shi moves to a side and sits down. A passageway opens.

"No, but if Hawk Moth wants it, I've gotta stop him from getting stay right here." Ladybug said as Ladybug heads towards Hawk Moth, who walks into the passageway. There is a box at the end of the passageway. He touches it and it crumbles, revealing the Prodigious inside it. Hawk Moth takes it and cleans it from the ash.

"Put the Prodigious around your neck, human, and prepare to face my judgement."Mei Shi said.

"Who told you I had any intention of facing you?King Cash, the time has come to honor our deal. Turn him into a gold statue." Hawk Moth said as he walks away. King Cash prepares to send gold blades at Mei Shi.

"SWING VENTO!" Venovisor said as Ouja gets the Evilwhip and wrapped around King Cash.

"Oh no you don't!" Ouja said as he pulls King Cash and Accel slashed at King Cash.

"Oh no you won't! That's not in the rules!" Mei Shi said as Ladybug ties Hawk Moth's legs with her yo-yo and lifts him in the air, making him drop the Prodigious and his cane.

"NO!"Hawk Moth scream as he tried to grab the Prodigious but was blasted away by Ryuki in Dragredder form.


"I'm taking over my father's mission." Fei said as she grabs the Prodigious and makes a battle pose.

"Fei, I told you to stay away!"Ladybug said.

"You're the one I'll be judging then, human." Mei Shi said

King Cash sends gold blades towards Ladybug, who jumps to dodge them. Bravo blocked the attacks with his swords. With this, she drops Hawk Moth, who lands and takes his cane. King Cash attacks Ladybug, who protects herself with her yo-yo. She tries to hit him with her yo-yo, but he shields himself with his fan.

"Hurry, Cat Noir…" Ladybug said as she continues dodging the blades.

Fei decides to put the Prodigious on.

Fei transforms into Ladydragon.

"I am Ladydragon!" Fei announced to the world.

"Greetings to our new Renren!"Renglings said.

"New what?"Ladydragon asked.

"Renren, the person who wears the Prodigious"Long Long said.

"Who are you talking to?" Ladybug said as she dodges King Cash.

"Tiny Floating Creatures…" Decade said as he fought Hawk Moth.

"The Destroyer of Worlds is right. Only the Renren and those who have greater powers can see us." Hou Hou said.

"Some kind of magic little creatures, but apparently I'm the only one who can see them."Ladydragon said.

"The Prodigious is mine, King Cash!" Hawk Moth said but King Cash was being double teamed by Ouja and Accel. King Cash did try to attack Ladydragon, who dodges the hit.

"We are the renlings, the spirits of human values." Tang Tang said.

"Each of us can turn you into a different animal if you are worthy of the virtues it represents." She She said.

Renren dodges King Cash and attacks him. Using his fan, he protects himself and sends her off.

"If you want me, Tang Tang, the renling of patience, to turn you into a mantis, you must show patience." Tang Tang said.

"Thanks, but I don't have any patience right now, sorry." Ladydragon said as she still dodged attacks.

"I'm Xiong Xiong, renling calm." Xiong Xiong said.

"Calm? Is this a joke?!" Ladydragon said as Ladybug battles Hawk Moth, who grabs her yo-yo and throws her.


DiEnd fires off his Diend Driver gun at Hawk Moth.

"Calm like a bear, big and strong like a bear." Xiong Xiong said as Hawk Moth points at Ladybug with his cane.

King Cash prepares to slice Ladydragon but was blocked by Accel's Engineblade.

" Xiong!" Ladydragon took a deep breath.

Ladydragon transforms into a bear.

"EH?! NANI?!" the KRs yelled in shock.

King Cash retreats. Ladybear hits him with her paw. Both he and Hawk Moth end up being pushed against a wall.


"Alright!"Ladybear said.

"Thanks, uh…" Ladybug said.

"Ladybear, apparently; for now." Ladybear said.

"Lucky Charm!" Ladybug said as she gets a basketball.

"What are you supposed to do with that?" Ladybear asked.

"I don't know yet."Ladybug said as she looked around.

Hawk Moth and King Cash run towards them. Ladybug throws the basketball at Hawk Moth and jumps at him. Ladybear fights King Cash. He sends gold blades at her.

"Tang!" Ladybear said.

Ladybear transforms into a mantis.

"Okay, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it." Ladymantis said as she dodged the blades.

"Xiong!" Ladybear said as she transformed into a bear. She hits King Cash with her paw. He sends more blades.

"She!" Ladysnake said.

Ladymantis transforms into a snake.

"We've gotta destroy his fan in order to de-akumatize him!" Ladybug said as she protected herself from Hawk Moth while Ladysnake slithers towards her.

"Take this! Volia!" Bravo said as he pushed down the sword on the sengoku driver.

"Durian Squash!" Sengoku driver said as Bravo's "mohawk" began to power up and bursted with energy and whip his head at Hawk Moth that send him through the wall.


"Got it. Long!"Ladysnake said as she attempted to become a dragon.

[Incomplete transformation sequence]

Ladysnake fails to transform into a dragon.

"What's wrong?" Ladybug asked.

"I should be able to turn into a dragon and gain control over natural elements. I'd love to electrify his armor with lightning, but I can't transform!" Ladysnake said.

"The power of the dragon is the most powerful of them all. Your intentions must be noble and just if you aim to use it." Mei Shi said.

"Of course my intentions are just. I want revenge on the guy who destroyed my whole life!" Ladysnake said in anger.

"Revenge is the opposite of the values of the dragon. Your judgement and your intentions are clouded!"Mei Shi said.

"The statue is right! As much as he deserves it…he's not worth it…just a weakling…" Ouja said.

"Revenge isn't the same thing as justice!" Ladybug saiddodging Hawk Moth's attack.

"Then I'll find another way to defeat him. Hou!"Ladysnake said as she transforms into a monkey.

Ladymonkey attacks King Cash from all sides, but he throws her into a lake. He slices a pillar, making it fall into the lake. Ladymonkey holds her breath and dives down.

"No!" Ladybug said.

"I got her!" Bravo said as he jumped into the water.


"FREEZE VENTO!" Venovisor said as King Cash literally frozen in place.

"FINAL VENTO!" Venovisor said.

"ACCEL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!" Acceldriver said.

Then Venosnaker came out.

Then Ouja ran at King Cash and did a backflip to do a bicycle kick King Cash while cover in venom and Accel was engulfed in orange flames jumping of and unleashed a spinning heel kick.


"AAGGHHHH!" King Cash scream as he De-transforms.

The Gold Gaia Memory was destroyed.

Then Chat Noir jumped out of nowhere surrounding Hawk Moth.

"FINAL ATTACK RIDE: R-R-RYUKI!" Decade Driver said as Decade jumped into the air and Ryuki/Dragredder fired a fire blast at Decade to kick Hawk Moth,

"NO!"Hawk Moth said in horror.


Then Ryuki/Dragredder vanished.

"Where's my money?" Cash asked as Ladysnake slithers out of the water as a snake and joins Ladybug and Cat Noir. The akuma lands on Hawk Moth's finger.

"It's just you against us three, Hawk Moth. It's over!" Ladybug said.

"Let's see who you are…" DiEnd said as Ladysnake became Ladybear.

"You mean you're over!"Hawk Moth said as Hawk Moth sends the akuma towards Mei Shi. It enters the ball.

Everyone gasped.

"Ah crap…" Ouja said.

" YanLuoShi, I am Hawk Moth. Surely you're not going to let a girl who mistakes revenge for justice become the holder of your Prodigious!" Hawk Moth said.

"EVERYONE OUT! NOW!" Accel yelled.

"Like Yama, the king of the inferno, , I will cause carnage and destruction until she returns the jewel to me!" Mei Shi said as he starts transforming and growing

Ladybear transforms into a monkey. They all run away.

[Wu Shifu's school.]

YanLuoShi makes the earth above them crumble, and he makes it to the outside. Cat Noir ties up Cash.

"We've gotta break the ball, the akuma's inside!" Ladybug said as she shielding them all with her yo-yo.

Ladymonkey transforms back into a human.

YanLuoShi swallows the ball. He and Hawk Moth head away.

"Fear, humans!" YanLuoShi yelled.

"Adrien! Not the Bund! YanLuoShi, stop or I'll remove your pow-" Hawk Moth said as he gasps seeing that YanLuoShi is heading for the city.

Enraged, but unfazed, YanLuoShi blasts him.

" I take orders from no-one!" YanLuoShi said as Hawk Moth turns into ashes.

"Should've known that would happen…" Decade said blandly.

"Okay, is this bad news or good news? "Cat Noir shocked like the rest.

YanLuoShi walks across the river towards the city. Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring flash.

"Let's recharge and meet up to think of a plan." Ladybug said as she and Cat Noir take off. Ladydragon looks down with guilt, surrounded by the renlings.

"GO! WE'LL SLOW HIM DOWN!" Bravo said.

"KAMEN RIDE: J!" DiEnd Driver said as DiEnd summons the gigantic Kamen Rider J.

"FINAL FORM RIDE: D-D-DECADE!" Decade Driver said as Decade transformed into a gigantic Decade Driver and attached himself onto KR J and became Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form.

[Bund district.]

Tourists are taking photos and videos.

YanLuoShi starts blasting the buildings, and people run around in panic.

"Everyone out now!" KR G4 said as he fired off a rocket from his rocket launcher.


Ladybug ties YanLuoShi's legs with her yo-yo and pulls while Cat Noir jumps at him. YanLuoShi grabs him and throws him down. He drags Ladybug round with her yo-yo, and she lands in some trees.

"Ying!" Ladydragon said as she jumped at YanLuoShi.

Ladydragon transforms into an eagle.

"Hu!"Ladyeagle flies over to YanLuoShi then she transforms into a tiger.

Ladytiger jumps onto YanLuoShi, who grabs her and throws her down. He then tries to blast her.

"Ma!"Ladytiger said as she transforms into a horse.

Ladyhorse gallops away and hides behind a stand. She returns to her human form and peeks, panting.

"It's all my fault!" Ladydragon said as she saw the destruction.

"Give me back the Prodigious, you are not worthy of it!"YanLuoShi said.

But then was punched by Giant Decade.


"He's right." Ladydragon said gloomfully as she reaches for the Prodigious, preparing to take it off.)


"Ouja is right, you're the only one who can defeat him. Only the power of the dragon can reach the akumatized object that's inside of him." Ladybug said as she lands next to Ladydragon.

Cat Noir lands next to them.

"I wish I could use the power of the dragon, but I am not worthy of it!" Ladydragon said as she starts crying.

"You can do this." Cat Noir said.

"No, I can't do anything right!" Ladydragon cries as she ran away.

"No, wait!" Cat Noir said.

"Ying!" Ladydragon said as she become an eagle and flies off. YanLuoShi continues destroying the place.

" We don't have a choice. I'm gonna try to use my power on him."Cat Noir said.

"Cat Noir, no!" Ladybug cried out as cat Noir went for YanLuoShi.

"Cataclysm!" Cat Noir said as he tried to destroy YanLuoShi but the monster turned himinto dust.

"No!"Ladybug cried.

YanLuoShi prepares to turns her into ash in order to let her die.

"KING DURIAN ARMS: MR. VIOLENCE!" Sengoku driver said as Bravo went into King Durian Arms form.


"KING DURIAN SPARKING!" Sengoku driver yelled out as Bravo unleashed a powerful slash.

"TRIAL! MAXMIUM DRIVE!" Acceldriver said as Accel became Accel Trial form.

"THAT'S IT! WHITE DRAGON INFINTE DIVIDE!" DiEnd yelled as he transformed into a white dragon with black markings.

"SURVIVE!" Venovisor became a wrist mounted visor.

"UNITE VENTO!" Venovisor Survivor said as all of his contracted beasts became a horrifying monster called…

GENOSURVIVER…a creature composed of Venoviper, Clone Evildiver, Clone Metalgelas, Clone Dragredder, Clone Darkwing, Clone Volcancer, Clone Destwilder, Clone Gigazelle , Clone Biogreeza, and Clone Blancwing.

It roared at YanLuoShi.

"COME AT ME!!" Ouja Surive said as he ran at the statue.

"FINAL VENTO!" Venovisor Survive said.

All the attacks hits the statue guardian.


Then the giant statue fell on it's back.

"We got him!" Decade said as he was about to punch him but YanLuoShi blasted him but it didn't turn him to ash but did knock him out to his dragon form. But the others weren't lucky Bravo, Accel, and Ouja were ash in mere moments.

As Ladybug got away, she swings away to a building. She sees Ladyeagle and follows her to a the roof of the Custom House. She sees her crying as Fei, so she wipes her own tears and goes down.

"Fei…" Marinette said.

"Marinette?"Fei cries.

"I'm sorry I didn't forgive you earlier." Marinette said as she sits down next to her.

"No, Marinette, I don't deserve your forgiveness. I lied to you, I stole from you, and everything that's happening right now is because of me. My father would be sad to see how miserably I've failed!"Fei cries.

Then all of a suddened.

"The girl is right…why forgive some who lie to you?" Red Hood asked.

"It's because it's what a human would do. I know that you were just trying to do the right thing."Marinette said as she puts her hand on Fei's shoulder.

"Yes, but I've failed to follow my father's values. He would never have devoted all his energy to seek revenge. He would have kept on doing good around him!" Fei said.

"Then maybe you have to slightly change your values…find a balance between…light and dark…hatred and love…good and evil…" Red Hood said as he disappears in smoke.

"Then you know what you have to do." Marinette said as Fei gasps and smiles. She looks at the renlings. YanLuoshi approaches them.

"Good luck…Chao!" Red Hood's voice said.

"My Prodigious!" YanLuoshi said as the girls get up, and Fei transforms.

YanLuoShi blasts the building, which crumbles, making the girls fall down. Shown in slow motion, Ladydragon sees Marinette falling.

"Long!"Ladydragon said as she becomes a true dragon.

" Mei Shi, stop destroying everything!" Ladydragon yelled as she catches Marinette in a wind ball and lifts her to a different building; surrounded by wind and electricity.

He sees her and tries to blast her. She swirls around the blast and shoots water from the river at him. He tries to blast her again, and she fights back with lightning. Marinette runs to a hidden corner on the roof of the building.

"Tikki, spots on!" Marinette said.

"Lucky Charm! Perfect!" Ladybug said as she gets a giant vase. She puts the vase down forms a plan.

YanLuoshi's blast overpowers the lightning bolt, and Ladydragon bumps against the water. She surrounds him in electrified water.

"Calm down, Mei Shi! I don't want to hurt you. I'm not here to destroy you or to get revenge, I'm here to save you and to bring you back to your senses!"Ladydragon said.

"I'm not Mei Shi anymore, I'm YanLuoshi!" YanLuoShi yelled as he breaks through the water.

He tries to punch Ladydragon, who escapes. His second attempt sends her flying, and Ladybug catches her with her yo-yo as Ladydragon returns to her human form.

"I did a little shopping."Ladybug said as she pointed at the vase.

"Red with black spots? Strange pattern for a Chinese vase." Ladydragon asked in confusion.

"This isn't a Chinese vase, it's the solution to our be swallowed with a lot of water, if you get my drift." Ladybug said to Ladydragon's surprise, she jumps inside.

"Absolutely!YanLuoShi!" Ladydragon yelled as YanLuoShi continues to fight Decade and Diend who both were in their dragon forms.. Now in her dragon form.

"You're finally giving me back what's mine?"YanLuoShi said.

"Yes, but first, you should have a big drink of water to cool down,"Ladydragon said as she swirls above the water and the vase and sends a stream of water at YanLuoShi. He is forced to swallow it, and Ladybug destroys the ball using her yo-yo from inside the vase. The akuma flies out, and YanLuoShi falls, spitting all the water out.

"Voilà! No more evildoing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! Gotcha!Bye-bye, little butterfly!" Ladybug said as she cures the butterfly.

YanLuoShi de-transforms, and Ladydragon lands next to him, returning to her human form.

"What happened? You were able to access the power of the dragon?"Mei Shi asked.

"I had some help."Ladydragon said as walking over to Ladybug as DiEnd and Decade walked over to them.

"Pound it!"Ladybug and Ladydragon said.

"Am I the one who did all that? What a terrible violation of humanity!"Mei Shi asked as he looks around and saw all of the destruction he caused.

"Don't worry, we're gonna fix everything for you. Miraculous Ladybug! "Ladybug said as she and Ladydragon lift the vase.

The city and the cave are back to normal, and the people who were blasted by YanLuoshi reappear. Ladybug runs over to Cat Noir and hugs him when he reappears.

"Kitty!" Ladybug said.

"WE'RE ALIVE!" Bravo said.

"You focused on the greater good and let go of your revenge. You now possess all the required values of humanity. The Prodigious is in good hands with you, Renren." Mei Shi said as he bows and fades away. The renlings look at her admiringly.

[Sacred Cave.]

The heroes and Kamen Riders surrounds Cash, who is still tied up.

"Aw, come on, let's wipe this place clean. How much do you want? Hold on, hold on! W-we can talk this out, right?" Cash begs as Ladydragon walks over angrily.

Ladydragon unties Cash's legs.

"You destroyed my father's school, made me an orphan and forced me to steal for you. "Ladydragon said as she De-transforms as Cash gasps.

"You caused me to betray all the ancestral values that my father had taught me. From the beginning, you have always been the source of my misfortune. And for what? Money! There are no words to describe what you are, but today, I will let justice take its course." Fei said as she kicks, shattering his fan from a distance.

"Well done, Fei." Tang Tang said proudly.

"Here's to a true, wise Renren!" She She said.

Fei transforms into Ladydragon. She takes the bracelet and puts it on. Much to her surprise, the bracelet glows, and the spirit flies out of it, and it's Mei Shi, in his spirit form. Unlike Renren, he is visible to all.

"About time! I was wondering when you'd finally put it back on."Mei Shi said.

"Mei Shi?"Ladydragon, Ladybug and Cat Noir said in unison.

" You thought that was the end of my mission? It was only the beginning." Mei Shi said.

"Ladybug, Cat Noir, thank you for your help." Ladydragon said as she turned to the heroes.

"Now we only need to find Marinette." Cat Noir said.

Ladybug is shocked and realizes she is in big trouble.

"Yes, that's right, we've gotta... find Marinette!"Ladybug laughing nervously.

"Eh…she'll be fine…Cash you however you're toast either way…" Sakura said evilly.

"But I still have time!" Cash said in fear.

"But remember when your goons chased Fei to a restaurant and kicked my daughter all bets are off the table. And my wife wants to have a few words with you…" Sakura said.

"Also you're charged with the following crimes: Murder, Arson, Blackmail, Extortion, Illegal Weapons purchasing, theft, selling stolen properties, and most importantly connections with the Terrorist called Red Hood…" Flash said.

"Red Hood? But he gave me advice tonight…" Fei asked.

"Don't trust him…he's a danger to everyone once he gets his hands on the Pandora Box…he'll be unstoppable. He'll destroy everything…." Flash said as he took out a teleporter and disappeared,


[Sky above Shanghai. Moonlight.]

"So we're going home?"Astro Cat said.

"Sure, why not? I mean, only if you insist." Cosmo Bug said as they giggle nervously.

"Say, which direction do you reckon would be the shortest way to go around the world: 'cross the Arctic or the Antarctic?" Astro Cat asked.

"Oh, what a fascinating question! And it so happens that I've always wondered myself but never had the chance to find out!" Cosmo Bug said as she giggles nervously.

"You know what? We should do it right now, and next time we see each other back in Paris, we can check our stopwatches."Astro Cat said.

"That's an excellent idea. I'll go this way." Cosmo Bug said as he points backwards.

"And I'll go that way. See ya soon! Woohoo!" Astro Cat said as he pointing back.

They fly in opposite directions. Cosmo Bug sighs with relief, lands and de-transforms. She runs off.

[Thousand Delights restaurant.]

Astro Cat lands and de-transforms.

"You know, Marinette, on your birthday, it's a tradition that you try to slurp the longest noodle possible without breaking it as it represents longevity." Fei said.

Wang uses his chopsticks to do so. He finishes it, and Marinette, Adrien and Fei applaud.

"Here in China your 60th birthday is often the first birthday you celebrate." Wang said.

"What?! You've never celebrated your birthday before?" Marinette said in surprise.

"Never, and I'm very happy to do it for the first time with you and your boyfriend Adrien." Wang said as Marinette gets up.

"Uh... we're just friends!"Marinette and Adrien said at the same time while blushing.

"Anyway, come on, open your gift!" Marinette said as she places the package on the table.

Wang leaves his plate to open the package as the doorbell rings. Marinette opens the door and sees the boys from earlier.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to scare just wanted to give this back. "Lian said as he gave her kwagatama.

"My kwa- my homemade necklace! Thank you, thank you!" Marinette said with a smile.

" Let your friends in!" Wang said as he checks his new accordion.

"An accordion?"Marinette asked.

"It's a nod to Sabine, Marinette's mom. I've raised her. I've always told her how I dreamed of learning how to play the accordion! But I never took the time." Wang said witha smile but frowns as he never learn to play the accordion.

"I know how to play if you want!" Fei said as she plays the accordion breathtakingly. She notices that the boys are staring at her. They look away, blushing.

"Congratulations, Marinette! It seems like you have found the magic ingredient for this meal after all."Wang said.

"I think that if someone's the magic ingredient, it's definitely sister Marinette. Is it okay if I call you "sister"?" Fei said.

"It's more than okay, sister Fei. How do you say it in Mandarin?"Marinette asked.

"(Speaks Mandarin: 姐姐.)" Fei said.

"(Tries to speak Mandarin: Jie Jie Fei.) Oh no, what did I say?!" Marinette said as everyone starts laughing.

"It's too embarrassing to translate, Marinette." Fei said.

" If you want, when we go back to Paris I can teach you some Mandarin."Adrien said.

"Badly- I mean gladly! Amazesome!" Marinette groans.

"Sometimes even her English sounds weird." Fei said.

"Coming to China, I found so much more than I'd ever hoped for: an amazing uncle, a new friend, and a new Mandarin teacher." Marinette thought as Adrien looks up at Marinette, who turns away, blushing.



[Hours Later]

"Sir! Captain Flash!" a G3 unit said.

"What is it?" Flash asked.

"Cash and his goons escape custody…" G3 unit said.

"WHAT?! HOW?!" Flash yelled.

"It was Red Hood he broke them out…" G3 unit said.

"Great…give me word of any resurface…" Flash said.

[Months Later.]

After Miraculous New York.

"Sir! Cash was spotted in New York!" G3 unit said.

"Good sent Ouja and Kamen Rider Birth to take him…" Flash said.