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Chapter 11:

When The Stones Roll

When you see a cloudy sky, it can mean a few things. One, weather wise, it means rain is approaching or it's just simply cloudy. Two, somewhere in the area, someone is gloomy. In this case, it's both. It's cloudy in Beach City and Steven Universe is standing outside his therapist's building after just finishing up an appointment with him.

As Steven was approaching his car he stopped and took out a piece of paper from his hoodie pocket. As he stared at it, he remembered the conversation he just had with Dr. Ellis.


"Are you really sure this is necessary? Can't I just stay out of space for a while?"

"At this point, I don't think it will be that simple. Yes, you've made a lot of progress these past few years, but with what happened to you recently in space, it seems to have reopened some old only that, but if your friends and family went through the same event, relying on them for comfort may not be enough."

As Steven thought about what Dr. Ellis just said, he couldn't deny that it made sense. While he looked down in disbelief, he noticed his therapist writing something on a small piece of paper. Once he finished writing on it, he handed it over to the troubled human-gem. Looking it over,Steven recognized what it was.

"You can have a couple days to think on it. However, if you feel as though your trauma is getting worse, I recommend taking medication."


Steven looked back at the paper, now revealing to be a prescription for antidepressants.

As he sighs and looks up in the sky, he remembers back to when he went to Homeworld to talk with the Diamonds about how to control his diamond powers and Blue suggested he use her clouds to make him feel better. Back then he refused to because it wouldn't actually solve his stress. But now, even though to him, it wasn't a natural way to cope with his anxiety, he just might have to swallow his pride. Along with the medicine.


Steven looked down and realized that his therapy session made him a bit famished.

To soothe his hunger, he decided to eat at Fish Stew Pizza.

Sitting alone at the booth, Steven rested his head on his hand as he waited for the pizza he ordered earlier when he walked in. In just a few minutes, he saw the gem that worked here, Bixbite, approaching with the young adult gem's order.

"Thanks Bixbite" Steven thanked the gem as she nodded and walked back to the kitchen.

As soon as she left, the hybrid rested his head on his left hand while the other one went for the first slice. As he was savoring the taste of his favorite pizza, he couldn't stop thinking about whether or not he should fill his prescription for anti-depressants.

I know a lot has happened recently, but do I really need pills? I mean, I've gone through plenty of rough stuff in my teens and didn't need any medicine for it then. Oh come on Steven, that isn't something to brag about.


Entering through the restaurant door was one of the new residents of Beach City. Or rather, temporary resident of Beach City before she heads back to college, Shawna Gatsby. The human-gem watched as she made her way to Kiki at the counter.

"Hey, I'm here to pick up a pizza I ordered over the phone." Shawna said to the working Pizza twin.

"You got it. We should be finishing it up soon. Do you mind waiting a bit?" Kiki asked nicely. As she said, she went back to the kitchen

"Not at all. I got stuff to think about anyway." The college student replied with a smile. Kiki made her way to the kitchen, leaving the brunette at the counter. As she was waiting, Shawna saw a familiar face at a booth, Steven.

Noticing he looked a little down as he was eating by himself, she decided to be friendly and have a conversation with him. She left the counter and made her way over to the human-gem.

"Hey Steven!"

Hearing his name, Steven noticed a familiar face walking towards his booth. Her name was fuzzy to his mind having met her only once, but regardless, he knew that was the same girl that was interviewing everyone in Little Homeschool for a college project. Not wanting to be rude, Steven responded.

"Oh, hey, uh, Shawna right?" Steven asked with slight shame, having to guess her name.

"Yep. What are you doing eating here by yourself?" She asked out of curiosity.

"Long story" He said plainly.

"Mind if I sit with you?" She asked. Even though he doesn't know her too well compared to everyone else, who met her before he came back home, he had to admit that he was feeling lonely. Perhaps some company from a new friend would help cheer him up.


As soon as she sat on the opposite side of the table, Steven asks her about the progress of her project that brought her to town in the first place.

"So how's your documentary going so far? You getting more footage?"

"Yep. I'm surprised that it's going better than I thought." She answered honestly.

"By the way, what are you calling it anyway?" He asked.

"I'm calling it 'When the Stones Roll'. Kind of a way for saying how gems, the 'stones' are 'rolling' forward with their lives after going through all the hardships they went through." She explained. The way the young journalist talked about it with such excitement reminded Steven of another aspiring journalist. Actually, more like conspiracy theorist.

That title sounds like something Ronaldo would totally say.

"Actually Steven, while I have you here, would you mind if I cash in that request I made a couple days ago?" She asked referring to her interviewing Steven for her film.

Steven blinked as he remembered back when Shawna asked him to be a part in her documentary along with everyone else and he agreed. However, with everything that happened recently, he didn't know if now would be a good time or not. But then again, Dr. Ellis did tell him to sit on the idea of taking pills and see if he actually needs them and something like this to take his mind off of the recent events might be just what he needs.

"Sure. Might as well. Do you want to just get it over right now? I see you've got your camera gear with you." He noticed the camera bag she was carrying.

"Nah, not here. I mean, this place is ok, but I'm kinda against doing it at a restaurant. Anywhere in town that makes you comfortable? A place with good lighting too maybe?" She asked, hoping he had any ideas on where he'd answer her questions honestly in a relaxed environment. Steven had a few ideas, but one location seemed perfect for him.

"I have one in mind."

Back at the beach house, Steven was sitting on his couch as he saw Shawna setting up her camera on a tripod right by the table.

"I can't thank you enough for this Steven. Are you sure the gems won't mind that I interview you here?" Shawna asked, hoping she wasn't asking too much.

"Don't worry about it. They're busy at Little Homeschool today. They won't be back until later in the afternoon." Steven said to soothe her worries about any interruptions.

Before the college student could tell Steven that everything's set up, both of them heard steps on the upper level that made its way towards the stairs. They saw that it was none other than Lion.

"Oh, hey Lion. Come down here to say hello?" Steven said as he hugged the predatorial cat's mane.

"Wow. So that's Lion huh? I've seen it around little homeschool, but I never got to see it this close up" Shawna said. Seeing the big pink cat up close was both beautiful and intimidating.

Steven noticed Shawna's slight nervousness towards Lion and decided to give her and the feline a proper introduction.

"Don't be scared. Lion's sweet once you meet him."

The gem-hybrid gestured Shawna to come over to Lion. Although she was reluctant, she didn't want to seem rude. After all, Steven is kind enough to let her interview him at his house.

As Shawna reached out her hand to pet his head, instead of accepting it, Lion turned around and made his way back upstairs instead. Both of the humans were surprised.

"Uh, Ok Lion. Sure, just go back upstairs." Steven spoke towards Lion with slight disappointment at the cats action.

"Did I do something to upset him?" Shawna asked worryingly, hoping that she didn't do anything to turn it away.

"Oh no, I should be apologizing for that. I mean, Lion can be distant sometimes, but he would at least stare at someone for a couple seconds before moving on. But it's like he wasn't even trying." The young gem explained.

"Well don't worry about it Steven. I'm sure he'll warm up to me eventually." She replied back, assuring Steven that she didn't mind the big cat's behavior. After that, she was ready to get things started.

"Anyway, you ready to get started?" Shawna asked as she had her little booth ready.

"Ready when you are" He replied as he sat on the chair at the opposite side of the table. Shawna turned on her camera. Steven noticed the red light showing, meaning that it was recording.

"Ok Steven, how would you describe your life with the Crystal Gems before you learned about Homeworld?"

As he looked back at his early childhood, he remembered he was happy being around the gems, his dad and the other residents of Beach City. From living with his dad in the van, to watching the gems construct the beach house and eventually moving into said house once it was complete.

"Back then, I was happy getting to know them and spending time with them. Whether if it was just Amethyst and I getting fried bits, all of us sitting back to watch a movie, and even singing together sometimes. A lot of the time though they went on missions without me because my powers didn't awaken yet, but I was excited because they told that I had powers similar to theirs and that sooner or later I would join them. Eventually, I did." He answered honestly with a smile as he thought back to when he was ready to be a Crystal Gem.

After he replied, the interviewer asked her next question.

"Ok, now when you did go on missions with them, did anything change?"

As he continued to look back, he couldn't deny that along the way, he learned things about gems, the gem war and even his own mother that resulted in him having slight trust issues with his alien family.

"Well, when I learned more about the gems history, I realized there were things I wasn't being told and that was frustrating."

"What happened afterwards?" Asked the college student.

The first thing that popped into his head was when he dreamed about Pink's palanquin and wanted to know more about it, but was denied to find out by the gems. Him and Greg going to Korea to find the palanquin is the perfect example. Of course, there were consequences because of it. Steven breathed in and out

"I decided to find answers on my own. But things didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped. One thing led to another and, well, mistakes were made" Steven answered, referring to his father's kidnapping, him turning himself in to Homeworld and Lars getting hurt. He paused there, deciding to not to go into deeper detail.

Shawna could tell right away that Steven was hiding something. She could also see that it was personal and that he probably wouldn't want to share it on camera. However, the human-gem realized that even though he met Shawna recently and didn't know her to well, he would feel bad leaving her out in the cold like that.

Before Shawna could move on to her next question, Steven continued his answer to the earlier one, with more details.

"But even though mistakes were made, I learned from them. After that, I didn't want history to repeat itself with the gem war. So instead of fighting, I just wanted to talk to Homeworld and fix the corruption that the gems spent thousands of years to fix. It wasn't as easy as I thought to talk with the Diamonds, but eventually, they understood. Next thing I know, we arrive back on Earth, cured all the corrupted gems and are now living side by side with gems."

Shawna was surprised with everything Steven just explained.

"Ok, wow Steven. I gotta be honest with you, I didn't think you were going to say any more after 'mistakes were made'."

"That makes two of us." Steven said as both he and her laughed at that comment.

"Well, I have just one more question for you then."

"Fire away" Steven said with confidence.

"After everything that's happened, are you happy with how things ended up?"

Steven couldn't help but think about how to answer that. Of course he was glad that he helped free gems from corruption, gave them better lives and disbanded Homeworld's caste system of to make life better for gem kind there too. However, he couldn't help but frown upon what had happened afterwards when he was coping with all those changes around him.

But, that didn't stop him from remembering what got him to accept all those changes and allowed himself to move forward because of it.

"If I'm being honest, back then, it was hard to adjust to everything changing around me. I mean helping construct Little Homeschool was hard for all of us for the first two years. But personally, it felt weird seeing all my friends not coming to me for help. It's something I wasn't used to. And, well, let's just say I didn't handle that as well as I thought." Steven explained as he thought back to when he lost control of himself and changed into a monster.

After he said that, the young adult looked down in deep thought. Shawna wondered if he was going to stop there. Luckily for her, he didn't. And this time, his mouth slightly curved upward.

"But then, when I lost myself, everyone I cared about was there for me. I remembered that I'm never alone and no matter where I am or what I do, they will be there for me." He said with a smile before he continued again.

"Since then, I went out on my own to find myself just like everyone else did here in Beach City. On Earth."

As she watched him finish, the young college student knew that was the perfect line to wrap up his interview.

"And with that, it's a wrap!" Shawna exclaimed as she stopped her camera from recording any further.

"Steven, that was Perfect! I can't thank you enough. This is sure to get me a good grade."

Although he was surprised, he was glad that she seemed happy with what he told her for her project.

"You're welcome Shawna. I'm sure you'll get a good grade. I mean, you've worked so hard on this documentary."

"It's only been a few months. Compared to what I'll do in the future, this whole thing will feel like nothing." The college student smiled and rolled her eyes as she dreaded her future work. As she was packing up her camera, the curly-haired gem had a question of his own.

"Out of curiosity, what made you want to be a journalist?"

As she continued putting away her stuff, she thought about how to answer the question. To answer, she decided to think back on her childhood.

"I've wanted to be one for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with the media. Instead of watching kids programming, I watched news channels instead. It turned into a passion. I was editor-in-chief of my school's student newspaper and before I knew it, the University of Truman offered me a journalism scholarship."

After she gave the basic story of her life, Steven couldn't help but be impressed by her dedication.

"Wow, now that's commitment. Your family must be proud of you" Steven said. After he did, Shawna was silent for a few seconds and without turning back to the human-gem, decided to respond.

"I…. wouldn't really know actually. I haven't talked to them in a while."

Steven was curios of her response.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Do you not get along with them?"

"Sadly, yes. But don't worry about it. I've got friends who I consider family." She said in a calm tone. She just finished disassembling her camera and tripod. She put her bags around her as she began heading towards the door.

"Oh, well that's good. And hey, I'm sure everyone here in Beach City considers you a friend too." He said, assuring her that her friends at home aren't the only ones she has now. She turned around to face him with a gentle smile.

"Thanks Steven. I owe you for this."

"No problem Shawna and don't worry about owing me anything. Helping you is good enough for me." Steven replied as he watched her walk the beach back to town.

As she disappeared into the city, Steven made his way up towards his room. He found Lion sleeping in the corner. Although the human-gem wanted to complain to the cat about it's behavior towards Shawna earlier, he decided to sit down on his bed. He reached his hand into his pants pocket and pulled out the prescription his therapist wrote up.

Wondering if he should fill his prescription or not, he looked out the sliding door, showing the sun set outside. He smiled thinking back at what he explained to Shawna during the interview about him not being alone. Even though what happened at the zoo opened up some old wounds for himself, Connie AND the gems, he knows that whatever comes next, they won't have to face it alone. They'll be together.

With the prescription in his hand, he opened up a drawer on the side of his bed and put the prescription in it before he closed it.

"Thanks Dr. Ellis, but I think I'll stick with the things that helped me last time." He said to himself, referring to his friends and family.

Out in the cosmos, a lone ship is traversing the depths of space. Within the space craft is two people, Drake and his trusted anthro-lioness partner Sol.

As Drake sat on his captains chair deep into his own thoughts, the green lioness was busy piloting the ship.

"Sir, we are nearing Earth." Sol told him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Drake looked through the window and saw the blue planet. He was confused about the patches of green and white that were on it planet, but realized it must have been land and clouds. Even though he was originally from Earth, he never actually saw the planet itself from space.

"If you don't mind me asking, how many years has it been since you left Earth?" Sol asked her boss in curiosity.

As he closed his eyes, trying to count the years in between then and now, he remembered what his life was like for him before he left. Some memories were happy and warm to him.

However, he also had some sad, irritating and tragic ones.

He opened his eyes and decided to answer his partners question.

"Fourteen Years"


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