This is something I've wanted to do for a while although had trouble starting it till the Christmas gone as I'd only finished watching The Rising of the Shield Hero before then. There's several fics that also inspired this including those by The Dark Wolf Shiro, Issei - The Gaming Gear by SeerKing, Book 1 of the Gamer Series: This is my life as a Gamer! (both original and Rewrite) By ImBoredSoJustDoingRandomFanfic and The Traversing Gamer by Noble the Unknown Primordial.

Anyway, I figure that this can be a bit of a test to see if I could write in first person as well as previous attempts often ended with the MC going on tangents in their mental monologues. I will admit the Game is a bit of a hodgepodge of different ones given I wanted something that isn't just a copy of someone else's at first glance. This is also why I decided to start in Highschool of the Dead, although its also cause its not got anyone too strong for him to accidentally run into at this point. Honestly though it was a toss up between this, Breath of the Wild, Fairy Tail, One Punch Man or the DC-verse and they have been each used in a previous run through when I started working on this idea as a whole. Many of the beginning ones involved Breath of the Wild being the starting point although including other characters into that came out as rather awkward. Also I had trouble deciding on the starting/ main powers for him along with working out stuff like who would show up, some ending up hitting blocks. Anyway I'd like to think this was a good final product for it although I'll admit I'm worried about starting him off too strong given a good portion of his powers coming in quickly here.

As always constructive reviews are always welcome, more so here as i'm not sure if I'd continue this at the moment or not.

AN: This is the rewritten version for those who have seen the first iteration of this story.

Welcome to the [Game], Player!

Uh...What? What is going on and why is there a blue box from a game in front of me.

Due to unfortunate nature of your death, you have been granted the boon to enjoy your new life in a world chosen at random as a [Gamer].

That's odd... It's like that web novel [The Gamer] or those fanfics that turn people's lives into a video game with how the boxes disappear and reappear. Although I don't remember how I died...

W-Well... That's because of two Players who were fighting near to your world. One of them crash landed on your home town destroying it and you.

...Great... So this is to make up for my death?

Yep. Both [Gamers] have also gifted you a [Gift Box] which I'll give you once you've completed your [Tutorial] in your first world.

First World? Do I not get to choose like some of those fics or was it made by one of those idjit-Players?

Your first [World] was chosen based on your own preferences. Animes, Manga, Games and even Movies. Plus its a relatively safe place for you to start as the general strength of others there is low so you'll soon be able to become strong enough to survive there. Also, don't worry about those two [Gamers], they won't be able to intefere with your development in this [World].

Ah... Thank you. I don't want to be the plaything for two beings who can destroy a town from just crashing into it and even survived re-entry into the atmosphere. Although which world am I going to wake up in.

You'll find out soon, Teehee.

Before I can think anything back to the text box, it disappears leaving me in the empty blackness of whatever void I'm in. My sight comes back to interior of a bullet train which is fairly busy. I've got no luggage with me either so hopefully its all been moved beforehand or something.

Shaking my head so I can focus, I turn my gaze to the new screen that I had ignored while looking around.

Let's start the [Tutorial]!

Right, let's get to this then. I need to know what sort of Game I'm dealing with here.

[Quest: Complete the Tutorial!]
Objective: Learn how to play the game.
Reward: 1000EXP, ¥2000, [Legendary Gift Box] x2

Not that I would decline such a thing given I've no idea what I'm dealing with. Also looks like I'm in some version of Japan given the rewards has the Yen symbol in front of the money. Okay then. What do I have to do?

Say or think [Status] to bring up your [Status].

'Status' I think, blinking at seeing the screen that appeared in front of me.

Name: Kichirou ?
Age: 17
Class: The Gamer
Title: N/A
Level: 1
Experience: 0/1000
Race: [Human]
HP: 200/200
MP: 175/175
STR: 4
DEX: 4
END: 4
INT: 5
WIS: 3
CHA: 2
LUC: 3
Health Regen = 8/min
MP Regen = 6/min
Stat Points: 0
Money: ¥0

Traits: None

Perks: None

So, I'm called Kichirou now, huh? I didn't think I'd get the same name as one of my own characters, especially one I'm pretty sure is cursed in some regards given the annoying habit to hit a block with a story in regards with him. I wonder if its just the name or the actual appearance as well? Although the more confusing thing is why my surname shows up as just a ?... Is the Game having fun at my expense by keeping it secret for now or do I just not have one at the moment.

Calm down... Calm down...

Now, the rest all looks rather straight forwards to be honest. Strength - how much I can carry about and the power I can put into attacks. Dexterity - how fast I can move and react to things. Endurance - how long I can last doing physical tasks. Intelligence - how smart I am in regards to logic and how good at magic I am. Wisdom - common sense and perception. Charisma - how persuasive someone can be as well as leadership and looks. Luck, well that's obvious, but it also helps with getting better stuff from my Loot drops. They all rather fit for me actually, I wasn't very social beyond a close group of friends and wasn't very athletic either and was more book smart then people smart.

Looks like I can even focus on [Race] to bring up more information about it.

Race: [Human] - Humans are the dominant species on the planet Earth in most universes. Short lived but capable of adapting with various levels of ease, even if they are considered the weakest of all races.
Human Racial Bonus:
-Passively increase EXP for [Skills] by 50%

That makes sense I suppose, plus I can use all the help I can get given I'll need to get stronger to be able to face whatever is coming in the future of this world.

Also looks like the EXP from this [Quest] is going to give me my first level up. No [Traits] or [Perks] at the moment which makes sense as I'm new here and looks like I've not usurped someone else's body.

Stats can be increased by performing special actions, training, completing [Quests] or by using Stat Points gained when levelling up.

Makes sense, it'd be harder to get stronger if I couldn't naturally up my Stats on my own. Plus, unless I got a boost in Stats, for each level, I have to rely on passive effects of future [Skills].

Now that you've seen your [Status] let's move onto [Skills]. Please say or think [Skills].



[Gamer's Mind] (Passive)
Description: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through in most circumstances. Allows a peaceful state of the mind. Immunity to psychological and mental status effects, prevents possession.

[Gamer's Body] (Passive)
Description: Grant's a body that allows for the user to live the world like a game. Pain from damage does not last more than a few seconds. Sleeping restores HP, MP and heals all temporary status effects.

[Fiction Adaption] (Passive)
Description: Allows the player to learn and use any ability, regardless of logic. Also allows for the player to find [Skill Books] which can instantly teach a pre-determined ability, should you choose to absorb its knowledge. Doing so will destroy the book.

[Observe] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 10 MP
Description: A skill to observe objects, situations and beings that allow the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. The greater the amount of knowledge and insight the user has, the more information can be displayed.
-Also affected by INT and WIS.

Ooh, [Observe] and [Fiction Adaption]. Those are both good for me seeing as I can check my strength against others and use [Skill Books]. Anyway, I just need to find some of them with useful abilities so that I can grow stronger.

Now that you've seen your [Skills], next its time to see your [Inventory]. Within the [Inventory], you can also equip weapons, armour and clothing to yourself. This will be shown on the left side of the screen.

'[Inventory]' I think to myself, staring at the new screen that had appeared in front of me at the thought. The new screen mostly consisted of various boxes on the right side while on the left was a picture of my new appearance, kinda like a reverse to how things are displayed in [Breath of the Wild]. And... damn.

I was expecting that I wouldn't look like him but seems like it wants to just curse me more with it. I mean chocolate brown hair like Vegito with longer and wider and feathered bangs that form a messy fringe that reaches down to my eye level to frame almond shaped, emerald green eyes. My looks are more cute then handsome although still average given my low CHA stat. I stand at about five foot six with a skinny build although I look more like I've just started to recover from some sort of illness. Even the starting clothes resemble the first version of my character's usual outfit I came up for him: a long sleeved and baggy, black and white striped jumper with a dark blue body warmer left open on top, loose fitting black jeans with a black belt looped around the top and comfortable black and blue sneakers that conceal my body but not seem to hinder movement.

They also seem to be my starting clothes as they have no sign of Defence or Durability stats that I'd expect but I suppose at least that means I can always stick those clothes back in my [Inventory] to repair them fully through the Game. There's also a variety of other clothing for every season which fits with what I imagined the character would have so I assume this is going to be my normal wardrobe and any armour I use I'll have to get myself later on.

For working out how starter clothing works in the Game, gain +1 INT

Now to finish this Tutorial, access your [Quests]. [Quests] accepted are displayed in this [Menu] and will allow you to keep track of your progress with them.


The screen that appeared was fairly empty with just the [Quest: Complete the Tutorial!] sitting at the top with (Complete!) appearing to the right of it before a new screen appeared.

[Quest: Complete the Tutorial!] (Complete!)
Objective: Learn how to play the game.
Reward: 1000EXP, ¥2000, [Legendary Gift Box] x2

You have levelled up! 1 =} 2
You have gained 5 Stat Points

Beginning Installation of body's background life/memories and Rules!

What!? You're doing that now and not when I was unconscious...AHHHH~! FUCK!

[Gamer's Mind] activated.

Thank Gaea? Gaia? whatever... My head felt like it was going to explode from the memories for my background here. The rules are fairly simple really. No telling anyone about the Game unless they have an Affection or Reputation of 80+ with me. No interfering with Gamers on their first world. No fighting between Gamers in Neutral Areas. Different worlds have different limits on the numbers of Gamers that can operate in them but can't exceed that number. And lastly... No NTR'ing other Gamers.

Those rules are fairly simple I suppose and I wouldn't do the last one anyway given most Gamers would be practically God-level compared to me right now and pissing any of them off is the last thing I want to do.

Now for my backstory. Hmm... Looks like the brief version is that I grew up with a congenital heart defect which was only recently cured - due to the Game stepping in and awakening my inborn mana. My 'parents' here split up over it and my paternal grandfather, Ichirou Shido, took charge of my medical costs to make himself look good. My moving to this city was my grandfather's way to keep an eye on me by using my half-uncle?, Koichi, while preparing 'pops' for become a politician. I did have to take down the old pervert gramps from his idea of me having a 'live in' maid to keep an eye on me in case my condition goes backwards.

As for the city I'm heading to well... it's Tokonsu City... So yeah the world is going to end in the near future and I'll need to get stronger quickly before it happens. It's bad enough I'm related to the douche-bag teacher but I get the feeling the guy won't take too kindly to me being in 'his' school.

So, I should probably see what is in those [Legendary Gift Boxes] first thing so I can see what other things I might need to learn.

You have a [Legendary Gift Box]. Do you wish to open it? [Y/N]

You have gained [Skill Book]: [The End - Gamer Edition]
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Byakugan]
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Self Regeneration - Gamer Edition]
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Mana Generator]
You have gained [Race Card]: [Homo Magi (DC)]

Woah... [The End] and [Byakugan] in one go... This Gamer must be open to letting me grow in my own way if I'm recalling those two powers correctly, meaning if I learn these two I can learn new abilities from vast distances away from others and while not even facing them. [Self Regeneration]... if I recall is from [That time I was reincarnated as a Slime] and allows for faster healing but is probably nerfed slightly cause of 'Gamer Edition' addition to the name like [The End]. [Mana Generator] is probably the magical counterpart to [Self Regeneration] which means I can boost both of my Regens at the same time in the long run.

The [Race Card] must be one of the ways I can change my [Race] myself but [Homo Magi] I've not really heard much of given I only know one character classes as that in the DC Comics: Zatanna and she was solely focused on using her magic to deal with threats.

Now, let's start from the top and learn the specifics about them.

You have gained the [Skill]: [The End - Gamer Edition]
[The End - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: The [Abnormality] of [Medaka Kurokami] that allows the user to be capable of learning other [Skills] by sight alone and completely master them. This doesn't mean that the user can copy the original's fighting style and also is limited by physical restrictions that may apply.
-Passively increase EXP Gain for [Skills] by 21%
-Matching or compatible [Skills] used in sight of user gains them appropriate Skill EXP.
-Can learn a [Skill] being used in sight at the cost of 10,000MP. These [Skills] automatically start at Level 1.

You have gained the [Skill]: [Byakugan]
[Byakugan] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 50CP/Min (100MP/Min)
Description: The bloodline limit of the Hyuga Clan of Ninja and one of the three great Dojutsu, the [Byakugan] offers the user a near 360 degrees diameter field of vision with the one blind spot being the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. It also has a powerful range of vision, able to magnify up to cellular level on its targets or view great distances and even through obstructions as well as Chakra and infrared. It also grants incredible clarity and insight, able to clearly see and analyse all minute details, even at high-speeds, granting a highly accurate sense of prediction to anticipate the flow of events and actions of others. When activated the user's eyes turn a light shade of lavender with no visible pupils.
-Allows the user to see clearly (INT x Skill Level) meters all around the user regardless of obstructions.
-Allows the user to see Chakra of those within their range of vision
-Allows the user to magnify up to Skill Level times more then normal vision at cost of distance

You have gained the [Skill]: [Self Regeneration - Gamer Edition]
[Self Regeneration - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: [Self Regeneration] is a [Skill] that restores the user's damaged body to a greater degree then natural regeneration. As a result of this it also strengthen the user's life force and as this [Skill] levels up, the increases grow to further aid the user.
-Passively increase HP per END by Skill Level
-Passively increase HP Regen by 1% x Skill Level

You have gained the [Skill]: [Mana Generator]
[Mana Generator] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: [Mana Generator] is a [Skill] that allows the user to generate additional Mana for their use. As this [Skill] levels up, the amount of Mana generated by it increases as well as the user's reserves.
-Passively increase MP per INT by Skill Level
-Passively increase MP Regen by 1% x Skill Level

The latter two are more useful then I expected given they'll let me increase the amount of points I get for both HP and MP. Its annoying that [Byakugan] is barely useful at this time but once I get my MP Regen up enough I can keep myself from being surprised and when I get enough for [The End] I can start learning the [Skills] I want to learn and develop my own fighting style easier.

Now let's have a look at that [Race Card].

You have unlocked the [Race]: [Homo Magi [DC]]

Race: [Homo Magi (DC)] - Homo Magi are a naturally adept at magic race who evolved in a parallel but separate line alongside Homo Sapiens. They are capable of living from centuries up to thousands of years without showing their age depending on how powerful their magic is.
Homo Magi Racial Bonus:
-Passively increase WIS by 50%
-Passively increase MP by 50%
-Passively increase EXP for [Skills] by 50%
-Passively increase EXP for 'Magical Arts' and 'Magic/Magick' [Skills] by 50%
-Gain [Skill]: [Mana Manipulation]
-Gain [Trait]: [Mana Affinity]

[Mana Manipulation] (Passive) Level: Max
Description: Allows the user to freely manipulate mana which is the energy within most living beings.
-Passively increases INT by 5%
-Passively increases MP by 10%

[Mana Affinity] (Passive)
Description: The Homo Magi are able to wield magic of considerable might and this shows in their large reserves which you have.
-Double MP gained from INT

That makes a fair bit of sense then, [Homo Magi] means I'd be naturally inclined towards magic although it seems to focus more on naturally increasing my reserves and WIS which would also increase my MP Regen. [Mana Manipulation] adds a bit to my INT as well as a small boost to my reserves but the main pay off towards my MP is [Mana Affinity] that doubles how much I get for each INT point. The increase to my [Skills'] EXP is really good as well but for maximum use I'd need to focus on 'Magical Arts' and 'magic/magicks' so I assume that's stuff like Transfiguration, Conjuration, Elemental Magic and such - Hogwarts lessons basically for a full 100% boost. I also get to keep the 50% increase in general for EXP for [Skills] that my equipped [Human] gives me so its not like I'm losing anything by going through the upgrade. I should hold off though till I see what is in the second [Legendary Gift Box] first.

You have gained [Race Card]: [Hybrid]
You have gained [Race Card]: [Human (Esper)[OPM]]
You have gained [Armour]: [Scarf of the Sword Hero]
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Light Ferry]
You have gained [Sacred Gear]: [Legendary Sword Blacksmith]

Two more [Race Cards], a piece of [Armour], a [Skill Book] and a [Sacred Gear]. Let's start with the [Race Cards] first.

You have unlocked the [Race]: [Hybrid]

Race: [Hybrid] - Hybrids have two or more [Races] naturally balanced allowing them to access the [Racial Bonuses] from both to a lesser degree.
Hybrid Racial Bonus:
-Divide [Racial Bonus] of equipped [Races] by number of [Races] equipped (i.e. 2 [Races] would half their [Racial Bonuses].)
-Maximum number of Equipped [Races] is equal to 2 + (Level/100)

You have unlocked the [Race]: [Human (Esper)[OPM]]

Race: [Human (Esper)[OPM]] - Espers are individuals of various races that naturally awaken, possess and can harness psychic powers. Espers are quite rare, but once awakened can become quite powerful in their own right.
Esper Racial Bonus:
-Passively increase INT by 50%
-Passively increase MP Regen by 100%
-Passively increase EXP for [Skills] by 50%
-Passively increase EXP for 'Psychic' [Skills] by 50%
-Gain [Skills]: [Telepathy], [Telekinesis]

[Telepathy] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 50MP/Min
Description: A skill that allows you to connect with the minds of others to either send messages or read thoughts. The higher the skill, the greater the control and duration along with being able to do more complex actions including reading memories, influencing others and mind control.
-Chances of being found out using it is 90%.
-Also affected by INT, WIS and LUC

[Telekinesis] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: A type of Magic that allows its user to move and take control of things with their mind and use them for whatever purpose they wish, such as for battle.
-For every 10MP you can move (INT x Skill Level) kg

Looks like with [Hybrid] I can take advantage of the boost offered by both [Homo Magi] and [Human (Esper)] at the same time and all it'll cost me is halving the gains that I would get from each of them. I should set this up now so I don't forget in the future.

You have changed your [Race] to [Hybrid]: [Homo Magi (DC)]/[Human (Esper)]!
You have gained the [Skills]: [Mana Manipulation], [Telepathy], [Telekinesis]!
You have gained the [Trait]: [Mana Affinity]!

That is a rush... especially watching my MP jump from 206 to 629 just between my new gains. I'm pretty sure that both Gamers worked together in some regard to pick both magically aligned [Races] along with giving me [Hybrid] which I imagine is rare one to get.

Let's see about the other stuff as well.

[Scarf of the Sword Hero] DEF: 10/DUR: 1000/1000
Description: The recreation of an iconic blue scarf of the [Sword Hero] said to aid him in becoming stronger. It has been enchanted in such a manner to help the wearer in similar ways.
-[Health Restore Booster (Master)]
Passively increase HP Regen by 100%
-[Mana Restore Booster (Master)]
Passively increase MP Regen by 100%
-[EXP Booster (Master)]
Increase EXP and Skill EXP gain by 50%

The [Scarf of the Sword Hero] would be pretty good with any of those effects but with all of them it makes it hard not to want to use, especially as it'll work with [The End] and my [Racial Bonuses] to greatly increase the boost to EXP for my [Skills]. Plus, it'll double my Regens after the effects of my two boosts making my HP 16 per minute and MP is 24 per minute. Also looks like its taking after that the [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles] series in terms of how it explains enchantments' effects although the (Master) part is new and probably explains the strength of the enchantment. The Durability is impressive as well given that its only a scarf.

You have gained the [Skill]: [Light Ferry]
[Light Ferry] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 30MP/Min
Description: The ability of the Amakawa Family, the [Light Ferry] is the ability to imbue ordinary objects or weapons with light-based energy to turn them into powerful weapons equivalent to that of a legendary blade. This can also be used on the user or others to enhance their physical power and senses.
-All [Items] gain [Element: Light (Passive)]
-Increases STR and DEX by 10% x Skill Level when active on a person
-Increases an object's DUR and ATK by 10% x Skill Level while active on that object

[Element: Light] (Passive)
Description: This weapon was imbued with the power of the Light itself during its creation, making it effective against enemies weak to the element.
-Add [Light] to Element
-Increase Damage dealt by attacks by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy
Preferred Enemy: [Fiend], [Corrupt] and [Spirit] type enemies

This one isn't very good at the moment but its bound to get stronger the higher the level it reaches as the Skill Level increases the percentage at work. So when I get it to Level 100 it'll offer a 1000% boost when its used on something, meaning a tenfold increase in a weapon's attack, and while I can't use it continuously now a 30MP per minute boost is something that I'll be able to use readily when I get stronger.

You have gained the [Sacred Gear]: [Legendary Sword Blacksmith]
[Sacred Gear]: [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] (Active)
Description: A [Sacred Gear] created by ? through the merging of the [Legendary Sword] and the [Sacred Gear]: [Blade Blacksmith] to combine their properties to both help and hinder the Gamer. Still able to create swords, this [Sacred Gear] let's the user create [Holy Swords] with various abilities but they have to be unlocked through special actions or usage of materials. Swords grow stronger through continual use which in turn can also lead to the upgrading of this [Sacred Gear].
-Current Sword Creation Limit: 1
-Gain [Trait]: [Path of the Swordsman]
-Gain [Perk]: [Holy Weapon Affinity]
-Gain [Skill]: [Sword Mastery]
Abilities: [Create/Dismiss Sword (Active)], [Consume (Active)],
[Swords Forms] Available: 1
1)[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)] Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 13/DUR: N/A
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Indestructible (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:10)]

[Trait]: [Path of the Swordsman] (Passive)
Description: All swordsmen dedicate themselves to their chosen swords and would refuse to use anything else, except maybe a shield.
-Gamer can only equip and use [Sword] type weapons in battle
-x2 Base Damage by [Swords]
-Passively increase EXP for Sword-related [Skills] by 50%

[Perk]: [Holy Weapon Affinity] (Passive)
Description: [Holy Weapons] naturally take a liking to you. Allows you to wield any [Holy Weapon] without issue.
-Abilities from Weapons with Element: [Holy] won't damage the user
-Damage dealt when using weapons with Element: [Holy] is increased by 10%

[Sword Mastery] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: Throughout the entirety of the world, the one weapon that is used most often, barring the human body itself, is the sword. No matter what kind of sword it is, from Rapiers to Broadswords, from Dao to Katana, the sword has rightly earned its name as the Queen of Weapons throughout humanity's long and bloody history. Sword Mastery allows you to wield any kind of sword with ease.
-Grants the user the ability to carry a [Sword] with ease.
-Passively increases the physical damage with a [Sword] by 5% x Skill Level

[Consume] (Active)
Description: All [Sword Forms] are capable of absorbing [Material], [Items] and [Magic] that come into contact with the blue gem. Anything absorbed into the gem is stored in [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] and can not be retrieved and will be used to unlock other [Sword Forms].
-This ability is automatically bestowed onto all [Sword Forms]

That's pretty good over all. I mean [Rising of the Shield Hero] had a good idea for evolving weapons and how they unlock forms but I don't know if being limited to what material I can feed the [Sacred Gear] will hinder me much given that finding the materials might be easy to do with the multiple shops in the city. Although, now I can't use imagination to create [Holy Swords] like the original [Blade Blacksmith] but the amount of knowledge that could be needed to create a sword might be more [Shirou Emiya's] level then just working out an appearance and ability for them.

It also tells me the abilities of each [Sword Form] from the looks of it, meaning that I don't have to remember all of their powers and I can just look at the [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] list for all the details on when a [Sword Form] will gain a new ability and they will grow stronger as well as what powers they have. Also means that like in the series, all of my swords are going to be sporting that blue gem and allowing any of them to take in materials to help unlock new [Sword Forms].

The biggest issue I can see with it is the [Path of the Swordsman] [Trait] as it stops me from using any other sort of weapon aside from unharmed fighting or magic. I could go three routes with this I suppose, either become really good with swordsmanship and work on my physical stats to make myself able to close the distance quickly or develop some sort of long ranged attack with them like [Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon] or developing an [Alteration] skill like [Archer-EMIYA] and use a sword-bow or use [Telekinesis], even if it would favour Gilgamesh's style but first I'd need to work out how to create multiple swords with this [Sacred Gear]. The EXP boost for [Skills] from this [Trait] is a surprise as well and makes me even more sure that some sort of collaboration occurred between the two Gamers to decide these things so I could easily level up my [Skills], even if this one only affects sword based ones while the others I have are mostly general ones.

I suppose, over all, its a better start up then I expected for being a Gamer even if its a bit limiting in the weapon regard.

I was jolted from my thoughts as they train came to a stop before I moved to leave the train while focusing on my HUD. I've got HP and MP on the top right of my vision while at the bottom left is a minimap and compass and top left is the digital time and date.

[Quest: Find Home!]
Objective: Find your new home
Reward: 200 EXP, ¥2000, [Skill Book]: [ID Create/Escape], New Function

So, Tutorial part two huh? No reason to decline this anyway as [ID Create/Escape] is the basic staple of Gamers everywhere and going to be my main means of grinding up levels, especially in a world that's not got much enemies available till the outbreak happens. Mentally accepting it, I'm greeted by two new screens instead.

[Home Key] x1 added to [Inventory]!
Set [Waypoint] to [Home]? [Y/N]

Mentally tapping 'Y' once more, I blink at the royal blue line that appears on my minimap and guessing that's the route I need to follow as I step off the train and make my way through the station only to be surprised by the next screen that had appeared the moment I stepped onto the streets.

As you have figured out already, welcome to [Highschool of the Dead]. This was decided to be your first world due to low ranking compared to many other [Worlds] in the [Multiverse]. It also is one of the few [Worlds] that was left undamaged during the two Gamers fight and was suitable for yourself due to your prior knowledge. I won't be able to respond much to inquiries as I assist other Games with repairing the damage but preparation has already been made for you to attend Fujimi Academy on Monday which gives you two days beyond today to prepare.

Oh and before I forget this will be how you can leave this [World].

[Quest: Survive the Apocalypse!]
Objective: Survive against 'Them' and escape the city to your [Home Base]
Bonus Objective: Save/Protect other survivors and lead them to escape the city
Reward: 10,000EXP, ¥15,000, [Skill Book]: [Kaleidoscope]
Bonus Reward: 1,000EXP per person, ¥10,000 per person, 1 [Gacha Token] per person
Restriction 1#: Can only complete this [Quest] after the outbreak happens
Restriction 2#: [ID Create] will be locked after outbreak happens
Restriction 3#: [Home Base] will be moved outside of city after outbreak happens

Right... This is going to be an interesting dilemma with this [Quest] especially with the [Restrictions] listed. The three easy ways to do this has been blocked given it sounds like I have to be in the city for the outbreak to start in the first place, I can't use [ID Create] to just waltz through the city without zombies around and I can't just hunker down in my [Home Base] to wait till the zombies thin out.

Said dilemma is about how much effort I want to put in to work on the [Bonus Reward] as the [Objective] just needs me to get out of the city and as I see it there's three main 'routes' for me to follow.

1# Follow along canon, attend school and join Takashi's group which is the safe option and ensures I'll get a decent amount of extra EXP cause the main group would or eight, I think.

2# Follow canon as in attending school and then go around saving some of the unfortunate people who get offed early on and lead those out of the city. Maybe off Shido early on and lead his cult out as well.

3# Go it alone and slaughter my way through the zombies without much care for others and use my powers to make it easier on myself.

This last option also leads to the conundrum in regards to the first two and about what I'll do in regards to my powers at that point cause being open with them will freak others out, most likely, but make things much easier for me or I can hide their use and try and get along with what I can manage which means finding a sword that can blend in and learning some sort of repair based magic to keep it in top condition so I don't have to keep creating new versions from [Legendary Sword Blacksmith].

Disregarding the new [Quest] I've gotten so quickly as its auto-accepted, I figure the first thing I need to do is find a book shop on my way home so I can see if I can get any [Skill Books] from there. It might be a bit much to put onto my plate for now but in regards to building up the passives for my other stats, it'll be needed in the long run especially so if I hit a stat limit for this world. Plus I don't know if Shido will try to do anything cause my dad is being trained to be gramps' successor for the political stuff instead of him.

For now I should work on my [Observe] and see if I can find the averages for this [World] which requires a higher level in the skill as I can't see anything beyond a Name, Level, Race, HP and MP as even the most unhealthy looking person has at least over triple my current HP.

[Observe] has levelled up! 1 =} 2

Following the [Waypoint], I take the time to note the shops around so I can see if I can find a bookshop as well as a bokken, which would be a good disguise for if I need a sword to defend myself. Also I can't help but notice that the people around here are odd as well. Not in a bad way but it seems like the average attractiveness of women here is higher then I'd expect. I mean it seems like the city is half filled with models and while that's expected for the main cast, I don't think its supposed to be like that for every woman here.

Spotting a second hand bookshop on my right, I decide to take a quick detour and hopefully try and grab some [Skill Books] now to avoid wasting time later on as well as see if I can find any manga so I know what exists in this world. Entering, I offer the old man behind the counter a smile before I move down one of the aisles to start looking, my gaze scanning the titles as I slowly run a finger along the top spines of them to see if I can get any reaction from them.

You have found the [Skill Book]: [Meditation for Beginners]. Do you want to use it?[Y/N]

Dismissing the screen, I pull the worn book out before continuing down the aisles. In the end I find [Skill Books] on [Dashing], [Acrobatics], [Climbing], [Teaching], [Training], [Cooking] and [Jeet Kune Do] in the next ten minutes along with a couple detective novels, including a Sherlock Holmes one, and an old volume of [Ranma 1/2] which offered an interesting [Skill] that'll be helpful in the long run.

Taking the decent sized stack to the counter, I set them down and let the cashier scan them in turn as he spoke "That's quite the select you have young man."

"Well, I thought some friends might like them." I answered simply with a shrug before adding with a sheepish smile "Plus I started to live alone today so I figure I need to learn to cook."

"Ah, we all need to learn to cook sooner or later. It also helps when you treating the ladies." The man chuckled at hearing that, scanning through the books and putting them into a plastic bag. He soon finished and looked at the till as he added "That'll be 1000 Yen then, young man."

Pulling out the money from my pocket by using the [Inventory], I hand it over and get the bag handed to me as I spoke "Thanks. I'll have to come back when I've got some more time. There seems to be loads more interesting books here."

Due to being friendly with a stranger, you gained +2 CHA

"Well, it'll be nice to have a proper talk with a kind young man like yourself." The man replied with a kind smile as I nod and leave. I take a moment to try and be subtle as I look around before slipping into an alley so I can stick my purchases into my [Inventory] so I can continue on my route to my new home without having to deal with carrying a bag.

After my detour, it only took me ten minutes to arrive at my new home which at first glance looks like the duplex that Rika Minami lives in and even as an identical layout although the bedroom's bed looks somewhat larger then what I recall and the living room downstairs has a decent three-seater sofa with a giant flat screen tv on the wall. I didn't see any armoured Humvee so I figure I'm at least three or four houses away from Rika's but might be in another street or something.

[Quest: Find Home!] (Complete!)
Objective: Find your new home
Reward: 2000EXP, ¥2000, [Skill Book]: [ID Create/Escape], New Function

You have levelled up! 2 =} 3
You have gained 5 Stat Points

You have unlocked BGM! See [Options] for more details.

Honestly, its surprising that I'm already Level 3 but I suppose the Game wants me to get stronger fairly quickly in this world or something. The background music is going to be great fun given looking in my [BGM] tab of my [Options Menu] shows practically hundreds of songs that I've enjoyed as well as others that I imagine fit in with my taste in music. Now, let's deal with the [Skill Book] I've gained from completing this [Quest].

You have gained the [Skills]: [ID Create], [ID Escape]
[ID Create] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 20MP
Description: Used to create instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be created at higher levels.
Available Dungeons:

[ID Escape] (Active) Level: MAX - Cost: 20MP
Description: Used to escape instant dungeons.

That is about what is to be expected from that [Skill]. Also I don't get why I have a [Slime] option available instead of the [Zombie] one which is pretty much a basic for this [Skill] in most fics I've read but I suppose there's a reason for it and probably comes down to the [Skills] from my [Legendary Gift Boxes].

Now that you've looked around your [Home Base] there are details you need to be aware of. Firstly, this home will survive the most destructive magics and powers used on it, making it a veritable fortress for yourself when the situation call for it. Secondly, amenities are all taken care of by magic and the apartment was bought so you only have to buy food and other items and they will be perfectly preserved once stored away in the [Home Base]. Thirdly, the [Home Base] can be upgraded by buying specific upgrades in your new [Home Base Menu]. Finally, as your [Home Base] it is able to be transported within this world as well as moving with you when you move to new [Worlds] if you want.

Clicking my tongue as I read the new screen before opening up the [Home Base Menu] I have, I start to look through some of the upgrades it hosts. Looks like there's everything from expanding the house size to take over the other house connected to the common wall to building a [Library] of the [Skill Books] I've absorbed or novels in my [Inventory] as well as getting a variety of fiction books for me to enjoy. Woah, there's even an option to have a [Sex Dungeon] in here or a [Gym] with all the needed machines inside. Some like the [Library] and [Gym] come with passive bonuses as well when I'm in those rooms using them, the former granting me a passive bonus to gaining more INT and WIS, an EXP gain for [Skills] and even more Affection/Reputation towards people who like books while inside. Annoyingly, both the [Library] and [Gym] I'd need ¥400,000 which is over ten times more then what I have at the moment. There's also a [Crafting Room] - ¥150,000, [Garden] - ¥100,000 and even a [Danger Room] a la X-Men for ¥500,000.

I suppose its good that it'll be able to come with me to new worlds as it means I don't have to deal with making new [Home Bases] in new worlds but... If I go on to a new [World] then bring this along with me then what happens to those whose using it? Do they get screwed over until I return to bring the [Home Base] back or does everyone on the property gets dragged along to where I summon it as well?

Deciding to push back those concerns I take a seat in the living room before pulling the bag from my [Inventory] from the shop and started going through it for the first [Skill Book] I wanted to learn.


In the end, I got several [Skills] out of the books I had gotten but one stuck out more due to how it came about.

Due to having [Dash], [Acrobatics] and [Climbing], they have combined to become the [Skill]: [Parkour]!
[Parkour] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Parkour includes running, freerunning, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement (crawling) and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation like acrobatics and swimming.
-Passively increase STR, DEX, END by 1% x Skill Level
-Passively increase Running, Climbing and Swimming speed by 10%
-Passively increase Jumping height by 10%

That turned out to be a better [Skill] over all as it not only increased my speed for running and climbing but also included swimming and expanded [Acrobatics] original DEX increase to include both STR and END which also went down well. It also means that the Game naturally opts to merge compatible [Skills] together to make stronger ones that still hold their components' abilities as well which means I'll have less to keep track off in the end and means if I get the right mediocre [Skills] then they could merge into a better one rather then me having to find it straight off.

The other [Skills] I got was a [Meditation] which adds a passive to my INT and WIS and allows me to increase my Regens by 100% but means I can't use it in combat, a one for [Training] which increases EXP Gain for Skills by a percentage equal to its level as well as increases the chances I can get Stat points by the same amount and a [Teaching] one which allows me to increase the learning rate of students by 10%, has the same increase for EXP gain that [Training] has and also means I can gain EXP for the same [Skill] that I'm teaching at the time.

The latter two [Skills] are a rather useful combo which I can team with [The End] as if I'm [Teaching] while watching my students using the same [Skill], I can get two sources of EXP gain at the same time and both will be increased by the passives from them both, [Training] and my natural EXP gains with increase them. Plus, I can level up both [Skills] just by going to some gym or school or even just exercising. Hell, I could even watch people doing much the same and take advantage of [The End] with multiplying the EXP I gain from the number of people in my view.

For working out a clever means for levelling multiple [Skills], gain +1 INT and WIS

That's a good sign. It means my idea should work when I put it into action although I might hold off a little until I get my MP Regen to the point where I can hold [Byakugan] active and I can just do it at range. The effect of the point in INT though as brought my MP to triple the amount compared to my HP.

The last two was equally as impressive as [Parkour] given the first had taken in the book on [Jeet Kune Do] I had bought as well while the second drew on past experience form my first life.

[Anything Goes Martial Arts - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: Anything Goes Martial Arts is the style of Ranma Saotome from [Ranma 1/2]. It is based on learning and adapting many different styles of martial arts, taking what works and discarding what doesn't - much like many real mixed martial artists who cross-train in many different disciplines to create a balanced, well-rounded fighting style. A practitioner of Anything Goes Martial Arts has the advantage of adaptability and unpredictability in a fight since he would ideally know moves and techniques from many different schools that complement each other and minimising perceptible weaknesses. Rather then grant the user access to Ranma Saotome's style, this [Skill] allows the user to begin to develop their own version based on the styles of martial arts that they learn.
Incorporated styles: [Jeet Kune Do]
-Grants the user the knowledge to fight unarmed with ease
-Passively increase STR, DEX and END by 1% x Skill Level
-Passively increases physical damage without a weapon by 5% x Skill Level

Past experience with [Cooking] has levelled it up x 14! 1 =} 15
[Cooking] (Passive) Level: 15 - EXP: 0%
Description: A skill to create food from ingredients. The higher the skill, the greater the quality of the food and the efficiency of which you make it. This doesn't apply to ready meals.
-Increase speed of cooking by 1% x Skill Level
-Increase success of making a new dish by 1% x Skill Level
-Increase how well meals taste by 1% x Skill Level

Well, its a good everyday [Skill] for me and means I can make chef class food when I get it maxed out which'll probably win me some allies. I wonder if I can cause a food-gasm like in that one anime...?

Anyway, I should work on seeing if I can improve [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] cause while being able to use one sword is good, using more is just so much better. Plus I need to work out if the [Strengthening Methods] apply like in [Shield Hero] with the belief/know how system to unlock them and how easy it is to unlock new [Sword Forms].

[Upgrade Quest: Legendary Sword Blacksmith's Swords!]
Objective: Unlock 5 [Sword Forms] (0/5)
Reward: Sword Wield Limit: [Sword Forms], [Sword Design] x1, [Sword Mastery] +5, [Skill]: [Ambidextrous]

[Sword Designs] are the plans for compatible swords across the [Multiverse]. These designs require no material for their unlocking within [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] but may have other requirements to wield like Level, Stat requirements and other factors but are generally stronger then swords created through the [Consume] ability and are notably rarer only obtainable through [Quests] and [Gacha Tokens].

Blinking at both the new [Quest] and the explanation, it does make sense that [Sword Designs] aren't going to be something easy to get unless luck is on my side in the [Gacha]. Accepting the [Quest], I dismiss the information screen as well so I can focus on trying to recall what the heroes used... Ren's was [Weapon Proficiency] which is already here given a [Sword Form] has a Level and EXP bar but it was more then that, wasn't it? He could transfer that experience over to his newer swords to power them up and not have to waste more time on training them to a higher level.

Due to recalling a valid [Strengthening Method], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Experience Transfer (Active)]
[Experience Transfer] (Active)
Description: The [Strengthening Method] of the [Sword Hero]: Ren Amaki. This allows the user to take levels from one [Sword Form] and apply it to another. The weakened [Sword Form] won't lose ATK, DUR or unlocked abilities due to draining but won't gain more until levelling past the level it had originally been at before being weakened.
-Limit: ([Swords Forms]/ 10) per day: 0 per day
-Transfer EXP from one sword to another
-[Sword Form] that lose Levels through have their ATK, DUR and Abilities are locked until reaching former level

So, I'll need ten [Sword Forms] to gain my first daily use of [Experience Transfer] and using it doesn't detract from the gains on the one I take the EXP from aside from its Level.

Now, let's get on to seeing if I can unlock the other methods... I know Itsuki's had to do with [Rarity Enhancement] and idiot-Motoyasu was a mixture of refining a weapon through [Ores] and giving them additional abilities through monster drops.

Due to recalling a valid [Strengthening Method], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Rarity Enhancement (Active)]
[Rarity Enhancement] (Active)
Description: One of the [Strengthening Methods] of the [Bow Hero]: Itsuki Kawasumi. This allows the user to increase a [Sword Form's] [Rarity] by sacrificing its levels. Weapons of a higher [Rarity] have increased ATK and DUR in turn. [Rarity] levels include Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Ultra Rare (UR), and Legendary (L).
-Upgrade Level Requirement: Common: 20, Uncommon: 40, Rare: 60, Super Rare: 80, Ultra Rare: 100
-Increase [Rarity] by sacrificing a [Sword Form's] Levels equal to Upgrade Level Requirement. (This resets the [Sword Form's] Level, ATK and DUR but abilities remain.)
-[Sword Forms] gains +20 ATK and +20 DUR when its [Rarity] is increased.
-[Swords Forms] Level up increase changes base on [Rarity]: Common: +1 ATK +2 DUR, Uncommon: +2 ATK +4 DUR, Rare: +3 ATK +6 DUR, Super Rare: +4 ATK +8 DUR, Ultra Rare: +5 ATK +10 DUR, Legendary: +6 ATK +12 DUR

Due to recalling a valid [Strengthening Method], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Smelting (Active)]
[Smelting] (Active)
Description: One of the [Strengthening Methods] of the [Spear Hero]: Motoyasu Kitamura. This allows the user to increase a [Sword Form's] [Base Stats] by infusing it with specific [Ore] or [Ingot].
-Upgrade Limit: (Swords Unlocked/ 10) per [Sword Form]: 0 per [Sword Form]
-Increase +15 ATK and +25 DUR by using specific [Ore] or [Ingot]

Due to recalling a valid [Strengthening Method], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Spirit Enchantment (Active)]
[Spirit Enchantment] (Active)
Description: One of the [Strengthening Methods] of the [Spear Hero]: Motoyasu Kitamura. By using specific [Material] you can infuse a [Sword Form] with an extra special ability.
-Enchant Limit: 1 per [Sword Form]
-Bestow a random special ability to a [Sword Form] based upon [Material] used

Woah, I didn't think it would be that easy to gain these but I'm not going to argue about it. Also I think out of those three I'd be most likely to use [Rarity Enhancement] and [Spirit Enchantment] as the former just requires I sacrifice Levels on a [Sword Form] while the latter just needs [Material] to use for it.

The last one I will need is going to be the most important in some regards given it means I can copy weapons of the same type into it which'll help when I run across swords others are using or get weapons from the [Gacha] that I want to add to my [Sword Forms].

Due to recalling a valid [Strengthening Method], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Weapon Copy (Active)]
[Weapon Copy] (Active)
Description: [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] can copy sword into itself and store them for later access. Doing so doesn't destroy the original sword.
-Create [Sword Forms] by pressing the gem of [Legendary Sword] against a compatible weapon

That's that for now then. Those five were what showed up in the anime although not explained very well outside of [Weapon Copy]. I wonder if I can upgrade more [Skills] or if this is just a one off?

You can only take one [Upgrade Quest] at a time and only one every three days. Not all [Skills] have a [Upgrade Quests] though!

Right that makes sense. So even if I complete the one I've got today I'd have to wait three days to start the next one and I can only have I one [Upgrade Quest] going on at a time.

Let's try this [Sacred Gear] out now then.

"Legendary Sword" I mutter, deciding to summon the only [Sword Form] I can to see if I can recreate a useful [Skill] myself while getting more information from it.

It takes a couple minutes to bring out my MP but [Mana Manipulation] helps before I focus on what I want it to do which is scan and understand everything about the [Legendary Sword] before letting the MP flow over the sword. After a couple of minutes I get a 'ping' as two windows open up in front of me.

Through a special action, you have gained the [Skill]: [Structural Grasp]
[Structural Grasp] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 30MP
Description: A magecraft that allows the user to analyse the contents, structure and purpose of the item. As the level increases, more information can be gained at a quicker rate.
-Passively increase WIS by 1% x Skill Level
-Creates mental blueprints of whatever its used upon
-Can create recipes for Craft based [Skills]

Sweet, another passive boost for WIS although I'll need to level it up to get it to be a useful one. Also it'll help me with learning how to make thing when I get some sort of [Crafting] skill and means I can cheat a bit on that front. With the successful use of this [Skill] though there's a second screen for me to look over.

[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 13/DUR: N/A
Description: This is the [Legendary Sword] of the [Sword Hero] who succumbed to Greed and Gluttony. This sword is well known for absorbing materials through the blue gem on its cross guard, storing them within [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] to be used in unlocking new forms.
Type: One-Handed Sword: Longsword
Rarity: Common
Element: [Holy]
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Indestructible (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:10)]
Spirit Enchantment: None

Looks like its got the additional stats added to it from the [Strengthening Methods]. I figure the [Locked] ability is something it'll get when I level it up enough and I already know what [Consume] does so let's see what the last two listed [Abilities] can do.

[Holy Aura] (Passive)
Description: This sword gives off a [Holy Aura] and as such deals [Holy] Damage to enemies.
-[Holy] damage dealt to nearby Preferred Enemy within 5 metres of this weapon is equal to this Weapon's ATK per minute (This is toggle-able).
-Increase Damage dealt by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy.
Preferred Enemy: [Evil aligned], [Fiend], [Undead] and [Corrupt] type enemies.

[Indestructible] (Passive)
Description: This sword can not be destroyed.
-No Durability Stat

The latter is the obvious one and means this [Sword Form] will be good to use where I need to defend myself as it won't be destroyed by attacks or magic used on it.

[Holy Aura] on the other hand is the uncomfortable, and damaging, aura that a [Holy Sword] gives off to those weak to [Holy Weapons] and also has the damage increase worked in. It also looks like the [Types] of enemies are being categorised using the types of monsters from [Yu-Gi-Oh] although I imagine there's extra ones about as well.

Looks like I've got a couple hours before Shido might contact me around lunch time so I should probably try out [ID Create] for a bit. But first I need to equip my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] which wraps around my neck twice before both ends fall down my back down to just past my hips. I also should probably use up my Stat Points I have to have a better chance in there.

Name: Kichirou Shido
Age: 17
Class: The Gamer
Title: N/A
Level: 3
Experience: 0/3000
Race: [Hybrid]: [Homo Magi (DC)]/[Human (Esper)]
HP: 230/230 (+1)
MP: 699/699 (+1)(x2)(+35%)
STR: 5 (+2%): 5
DEX: 5 (+2%): 5
END: 5 (+2%): 5
INT: 7 (+31%): 9
WIS: 4 (+27%): 5
CHA: 4
LUC: 10
Health Regen = 10/min (+1%): 10/min (+100%): 20/min
MP Regen = 10/min (+51%): 15/min (+100%): 30/min
Stat Points: 0
Money: ¥3000

In the end, I put one point to each of my STR, DEX and END and the rest on LUC should be enough, I think as the latter will help with finding better Loot in the dungeon so hopefully have an easier time getting the money together to start upgrading my [Home Base]. Plus I should be able to get some [Material] that I can use for something.

"[Create ID: Slime!]" I spoke calmly, watching as the pulse of power leaves me and started to reshape my surroundings. The lavish home turning into a rural village out of a fantasy novel with me standing at the entrance under the large wooden archway. Inside the village looks to be multiple, different coloured slime which were, oddly enough, large enough to match up to a Great Dane but with a heart sized orb of a dark shade of their body floating in the middle of their mass.

Welcome to your first [Instant Dungeon]! [Instant Dungeons] are filled with monsters which allow you to gather [Material], [Equipment] and other [Items] like [Gacha Tokens] when you defeat them. You can leave at any time with [ID Escape] but doing so resets the [Instant Dungeon] for the next time you enter.

That's to be expected. Oddly, this place probably isn't bigger then a city block so I could easily finish this in the time I've got but there's no need to rush for now. I'll have to be careful when I enter them as well given I don't want Shido to find out about it and he's the most likely to have a key to this place to keep an eye on me.

Taking a calming breathe and adjusting my grip on the [Legendary Sword], I approach the first and nearest of the slime, an aqua blue one, and use [Observe] on it as I get ready to fight.

Blue Slime
Level: 5
Type: Slime
HP: 100/100
MP: 100/100

Looks like its going to be a fairly easy enemy for me to start with although I'm going to need a couple hits with my current stats.

Casting [Light Ferry] over my sword, a bluish-silver aura flares over the blade unlike the orange-yellow of [Yuuto Amakawa's] own version of the power. Its not much of a boost at its current level but I can hold it indefinitely as long as I don't use any other [Skills] so this should be a good staple for me when fighting.

Bouncing on the balls of my feet, I take a moment to judge the Slime's movements. It isn't fast by any stretch of the imagination but they move faster then the average shuffling a Zombie would make well... those old school ones rather then the fast ones.

Opting to close the distance with it, I swing my sword in a wide horizontal slash at its blob before jumping back to avoid a lance shooting out of it in a counterattack.

Blue Slime
HP: 59/100
MP: 100/100

41 damage, huh? That's pretty good and means I only need three hits to take a Slime out although the wound on the one in front of me closes up like its nothing. Dashing in to last the next to hits on it, I end up taking off its left arm - which soon reforms - before taking a leg before its whole body dissolves in front of me and the orb shattered the moment it hit the ground.

You have defeated [Blue Slime] x1!
You have gained 150EXP!
[Slime Gel (Blue)] x3
[Water Mana Crystal (S)] x1

Looks like each Slime gives me 100 EXP normally but its still not much. I suppose it'll add up in the end and grinding is a staple for RPGs.

Retrieving the [Water Mana Crystal (S)] from my [Inventory] I press it against the gem of my sword where [Consume] activated of its own accord and pulled it inside before greeting me with two screens.

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Aqua Saber (FFTA2)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

Due to unlocking your first [Sword Form], [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] has unlocked a new ability: [Change Sword (Active)]
[Change Sword] (Active)
Description: Allows the user to change a sword into another unlocked [Sword Form]
-DUR remains the same when changing [Sword Forms] (when applicable)

Looks like its only giving me the important details for a new [Sword Form] so I'll have to look into it later but I recognise this one already and I guess the [Locked] ability has something to do with the element. The new ability for [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] is helpful as well given it allows me to switch between swords on the fly.

If I'm guessing right then maybe the colour of the Slime determines its element and if that's the case then I can easily fulfil my needed [Sword Forms] to complete the [Upgrade Quest].

Well... I best get to work then. No point wasting time now.


After about two hours of fighting, I slipped out of the [ID] and stored my scarf and dismissed my sword as I waited for some kind of contact from my 'uncle' while looking at the results, which I think ends up speaking for itself.

Through pushing yourself through combat, you have gained +2 STR, +2 DEX and +2 END
You have defeated [Blue Slime] x9, [Red Slime] x10, [Green Slime] x10, [Yellow Slime] x10 and [Brown Slime] x10!
You have gained 7350EXP!
You have levelled up x2! 3 =} 5
You have gained 10 Stat Points
[Slime Gel (Blue)] x27
[Slime Gel (Red)] x30
[Slime Gel (Green)] x30
[Slime Gel (Yellow)] x30
[Slime Gel (Brown)] x30
[Water Mana Crystal (S)] x9
[Fire Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Wind Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Thunder Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Earth Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Gacha Token] x3
[Observe] has levelled up twice! 2 =} 4
[Sword Mastery] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4
[Light Ferry] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Mana Generator] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)] has levelled up x5! 1 =} 6
[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)] Level: 6 - EXP: 193/600 - ATK: 18/DUR: N/A - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Over all, its a good haul of [Materials] over such a short time, especially the Stat points, Levels and [Legendary Sword] but I think the latter has more then just what its getting from defeating enemies helping it along.

The [Skills] I managed to level up haven't had much of a change aside from increasing the damage I can deliver with [Sword Mastery] going to 20% boost and [Light Ferry] offering a 30% boost and [Legendary Sword] has grown stronger as well although I'm surprised at the speed its levelling up but then I guess I get an additional 123% worth of EXP between [Path of the Swordsman], [Scarf of the Sword Hero], [Training] and [Teaching] passive boosts. With [Mana Generator], its helped to grow my max MP to 748 now while my Regen hasn't changed.

While I'm waiting I use each type of [Mana Crystal (S)] I got to unlock the [Sword Forms] for the other elements.

[Fire Blade (DQ)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

[Wind Sword (FE)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

[Thunderbolt Blade (DQ)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

[Earth Sword (FF:4HoL)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

With those four, I've completed the [Upgrade Quest] as well so I can start dual wielding when I start training again later.

[Upgrade Quest: Legendary Sword Blacksmith's Swords!] (Complete!)
Objective: Unlock 5 [Sword Forms] (5/5)
Reward: Sword Wield Limit: [Sword Forms], [Sword Design] x1, [Sword Mastery] +5, [Skill]: [Ambidextrous]

You gained [Rare Sword Design]: [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)]
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/200 - ATK: 35/DUR: 50/50
Description: A modified version of the original married blades who was used by an [Archer] whose memories are damaged and his past similarly lost. They are capable of changing into actual blades vaguely similar to the original swords, along with connecting them to create a dual-bladed melee staff.
Type: Dual One-Handed Sword/ Dual Handguns/ Polearm
Rarity: Uncommon
Element: [Holy]
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Transformable Weapon (Passive)], [Element Bullet (Passive/Active)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:20)]
Spirit Enchantment: None
Requirements: 20 DEX, 20 INT

[Transformable Weapon] (Passive)
Description: This weapon can change forms, granting it additional means to fight with but doesn't change the type of weapon it is.
-Sword can be summoned or change into any form by stating form name in Type

[Element Bullet] (Passive/Active) Cost: 10MP
Description: Form a magical bullet of elemental magic which the user can fire like a normal bullet.
-Only usable in Dual Handgun Form
-Forms an bullet of [Sword Element] that deals magical damage equal to 250% of (ATK + INT) on whatever it strikes
-[Sword Element] can be substituted by alternate elemental magic

Hehehehe. The twin guns-blades of [Alter Emiya] which are the altered forms of [Kanshou and Bakuya]. Looks like my LUC is on my side if its just given me these as they'll be useful for taking out Zombies if I opt to reveal my powers. I just need to get a [Skill] to learn how to use guns, and staves/polearms, and I can use these without too much trouble although I'll still need to reach to the Requirement first. It also looks like the EXP needed to level them up is double what I currently need but I suppose it makes sense for a rarer [Sword Form] to need more compared to a [Common] one.

Also the boost to [Sword Mastery] means its at Level 9 already and now gives me a 45% increase in damage. Now just need to look at my new [Skill].

[Ambidextrous] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: A skill that permits the user to use their off hand for tasks. The higher the level of this skill, the more skilled the user will become with all manner of tasks.
-Passively reduce physical damage from weapons in off-hand from 95% to 80%

[Ambidextrous] will be a good help in damage output once I get it levelled enough to remove that pesky damage reduction on it but even now it'll help me with levelling the swords and [Sword Mastery].

*Ring~ Ring~*

Oh, that's my phone... Looks like Shido is calling me now.

"Hello Uncle..." I answer it, after flipping the phone open, trying to keep my voice friendly before Shido's voice came back in a barely civil tone, "Hello Nephew, I take it you've found your new accommodations without any troubles."

"Of course." I reply calmly before grimacing as he spoke "Good... I'll be busy tonight so I shall be visiting you tomorrow I've finished my duties with my club. Be sure to have everything unpacked by then as I'll be bringing around one of my students who has offered to show you around the city."

"Alright then, Uncle." I reply with a nod before the call ended aburptly. I wonder who that's going to be... I mean if our roles were reversed and I wanted to garner some sort of advantage I'd use a girl to try and lower their defences, someone I'd already be sure of their loyalty or someone they know well enough to take advantage of. So... Yuuki Miku is the most likely candidate out of the known cast.

Shaking my head, I bring my focus back to the remaining screens in front of me, my smile growing as I read what was there.

By reaching Level 5, you have unlocked the [Job System]. The [Job System] works by assigning yourself a role which will grant you extra Points in certain Stats once a [Job] has levelled up. You can only select one [Job] at the moment but in the future the option to gain extra ones may appear. New [Jobs] may appear once you reach the correct Level in a prerequisite [Job(s)] depending on requirements. To gain EXP for a [Job] you either have to defeat enemies or perform tasks that fit with the chosen [Job] and each one's maximum Level is 50. To be able to change to a different [Job], the currently equipped [Job] needs to have reached Level 10. Currently, the [Jobs] available are [Squire] and [Chemist].

[Squire] - A basic [Job] for those who fight at close combat. Passively increases physical damage dealt by 10%. Passively increases HP Regen by 10% Grants +2 STR, DEX and END when Levelled up. Grants [Skill]: [Battle Tech]

[Chemist] - A basic [Job] that focuses on using items in battle. Passively increases damage dealt by Potions/Elixirs by 10%. Passively increases healing by Potions/Elixirs by 10%. Grants +2 END, INT and WIS when Levelled up. Grants [Skill]: [Potion Creation]

Hmm... Looks like it might be a butchered version of the [Final Fantasy Tactics] [Job System] with the [Tactic Advance 2] version but requires Levels instead of mastering abilities from the weapons so after [Squire] would be more physical [Jobs] while I'm assuming [Chemist] leads to the magical [Jobs]. For short term, [Squire] would be the best as it would allow me to increase how well I can fight with my swords and boost my physical Stats but [Chemist] would help with my HP as well as my magic and the sooner I get my MP Regen up enough to let me use [Byakugan] or [Telepathy] constantly and would work to increase the effects of my [Racial Bonuses] and I still need to invest in increasing both my INT and WIS to a decent level and doing it sooner means I can use my more MP heavy [Skills] easier.

Looks like for the long run, I need to pick [Chemist] for now and hopefully I won't have any trouble until I can tap into the higher [Jobs] or switch to [Squire].

You have gained the [Skill]: [Potion Creation]
[Potion Creation] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: A skill that allows the user to combine organic [Material] and [Food] to create [Potions/Elixirs] that offer a variety of benefits or dangerous effects. Tools may be required to make higher ranked [Potions/Elixirs].
-Increase speed of making [Potions/Elixirs] by 1% x Skill Level
-Increase success of making a new [Potions/Elixirs] by 1% x Skill Level
-Increase how effective [Potions/Elixirs] are by 1% x Skill Level

Looks like [Potion Creation] is going to be useful when I head out to explore the [Multiverse] given that it means I can make a steady supply of medicine for myself to use on those who need it when I want to hide any future magic use I might get. Actually, that is probably why I have the [Slime ID] for me as its probably where I can gather ingredients for the simple potions. I'll have to use [Structural Grasp] to figure out the effects of the [Slime Gel] and see if the different colours means their properties are different.

Anyway, I should probably have lunch now before heading back into training and maybe work on [Meditation] a bit as well as seeing about using those [Gacha Tokens] and see if I can get something good from them.

Lunch turned out to be a simple affair as I ended up only having a sandwich before I pulled out the three [Gacha Tokens] I had gotten only to be greeted by another screen.

[Gacha Tokens] can be spun to gain a variety of things, ranging from [Material] to [Skills] and even [Equipment], [Sword Designs], [Companions] and [Familiars]. They have various levels of Rarity starting from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and, finally, Legendary.

Is there really a point for a tutorial on [Gacha Tokens] when I pretty sure I know what it does? I know the rough mechanics from other Gamer fics I've read so [Companions] are people from other worlds or timelines which I can summon to aid me in a variety of ways and [Familiars] would be the animal version.

You have [Gacha Tokens] x3! Would you like to spin now?[Y/N]

Yes please.

You have gained [Skill Book]: [Everyday Magic for the Household]
You have gained [Item]: [Bonsai Tree]
You have gained [Equipment]: [Nerdy Specs of Normality]

Well... That's an interesting selection although it looks like I only got one joke item from it. Let's see about this [Skill Book] first then.

You have [Skill Book]: [Everyday Magic for the Household]. Do you want to use it? [Y/N]

Tapping Y, the book disappears from my grasp before an new screen appeared detailing what I had learned.

Skill Gained: [Household Magic]
[Household Magic] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% Cost: MP Varies
Description: Magic created by Wizards to make taking care of their homes easier. Thought to be the tools for housewives although there are some useful spells for everyone there.
-[Clean] Cost: 10MP
Remove dirt, blood, sweat and other bodily fluids from the target (works on both items and skin)
-[Repair] Cost: 30MP/Min
Restore durability on weapons, armour and other items equal to [Skill Level] per minute
-[Dirt Repelling Aura] Cost: 50MP/Min
Prevents dirt, blood sweat and other bodily fluids from attaching to target area as long as its active

[Clean] and [Repair] are both going to be useful in the long run with [Clean] meaning I can get rid of any blood, prints and fluids that would end up identifying me and also mean I can quickly clean myself up to avoid drawing suspicion while [Repair] will let me make my [Sword Forms] and [Armour] to last longer. Heck, maybe I could fully repair a broken building once I get this [Skill] to a higher level and head into renovating buildings with it. [Dirt Repelling Aura] seems like something to avoid leaving tracks and the ideal spell for a thievery... May be useful to avoid leaving prints when in disguise or to avoid people realising I had been there.

Now let's look at the [Equipment] piece I've got.

[Nerdy Specs of Normality] DEF: 10/DUR: 100/100
Description: A pair of plain black glasses that are much better then those used by those like Superman/Clark Kent. These are enchanted to ensure no power used discretely connects back to you and helps with studying. You just need to make sure they stay stuck to your face.
-[Normality Aura (Master)]
Makes it harder for others to connect unusual/supernatural powers used discretely by you by 100%
-[Study Aura (Master)]
Increases chance of getting INT and WIS Stat Points by 50% when studying
-[Nerdy Look (Master)]
Decrease CHA by 50%

Heh, these are really useful for me and will probably be the way to avoid people from connecting me using any small bouts of my powers. They also help me work on increasing my INT and WIS during time at school, however long that lasts here, although it doesn't help with my looks although that might be useful when I have my CHA get really high. Looking at them, they are large round glasses that appear based on the protag's ones from [Persona 5].

Now I've done that, lets get back to training.


Another three hours in the [Slime ID], with one of those hours letting myself get hit by the Slime over and over again, I stepped out after using [Repair] to undo the damage to my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] and the [Aqua Saber] I was using.

Through a special action, you have gained the [Skill]: [Physical Resistance]
You have defeated [Blue Slime] x10, [White Slime] x10, [Orange Slime] x10, [Pink Slime] x10, [Purple Slime] x10, [Silver Slime] x5 and [Black Slime] x5!
You have gained 9000EXP!
You have levelled up! 5 =} 6
You have gained 5 Stat Points
[Chemist] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4
You have gained +6 END, INT and WIS
[Slime Gel (Blue)] x30
[Slime Gel (White)] x30
[Slime Gel (Orange)] x30
[Slime Gel (Pink)] x30
[Slime Gel (Purple)] x30
[Slime Gel (Silver)] x15
[Slime Gel (Black)] x15
[Water Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Ice Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Defence Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Heal Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Light Mana Crystal (S)] x5
[Dark Mana Crystal (S)] x5
[Gacha Token] x4
[Self Regeneration] has levelled up x4! 1 =} 5
[Physical Resistance] has levelled up x5! 1 =} 6
[Ambidextrous] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4
[Light Ferry] has levelled up thrice! 3 =} 6
[Sword Mastery] has levelled up twice! 9 =} 11
[Mana Generator] has levelled up! 3 =} 4
[Meditation] has levelled up! 1 =} 2
[Household Magic] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Aqua Saber (FFTA2)] has levelled up x6! 1 =} 7
[Aqua Saber (FFTA2)] (0/0) Level: 7 - EXP: 194/700 - ATK: 21/DUR: 30/30 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

The results are great and the [Skill] gains will be great in the long run. [Physical Resistance] doesn't do much in the way of damage reduction, only 8% at the moment, but at least I now have the [Skill] available to me so I can work on it long term. Between the level ups for [Self Regeneration], [Chemist Job], [Meditation] and [Mana Generator] has brought my HP to 490 and Regen to 27/min while my MP is 1399 and my Regen to 40/min which is showing the boosts from both [Homo Magi] and [Human (Esper)] now.

With [Ambidextrous] levelling up means that I only lose 50% of the damage caused when I attack with my off hand as each one brings the percent down by 10%, [Sword Mastery] now adds 55% to the damage I cause with a sword and [Light Ferry] gives me a +60% as I had been using it to boost my STR.

The last big thing that happened was with [Aqua Saber] hitting Level 5 which caused its [Locked] ability to become available to me.

Ability Unlocked for [Aqua Saber (FFTA2)]: [Element: Water (Passive)]
[Element: Water] (Passive)
Description: This weapon was imbued with the power of the Water itself during its creation, making it effective against enemies weak to the element.
-Add [Water] to Element
-Increase chance to inflict [Encumber] on enemies by 10%
-Increase damage dealt by attacks by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy.
Preferred Enemy: [Pyro], [Rock], [Winged Beast] type enemies

There also was a new [Locked] ability that was labelled for Level 20 so it looks like my [Sword Forms] will gain extra abilities as they grow stronger and unlock their earlier ones. It also looks like that by dual wielding the same sword means it gains more EXP somehow but I'm not sure why that's the cast yet.

Dismissing the screens, I move to the kitchen to grab three plates before sitting down on the sofa after dismissing my [Aqua Sabers] before grabbing the remote and turning on the TV so I can see if a hunch I have about how far [The End's] power works with regards to my sight. I'm hoping that watching TV will be enough to trigger it and as long as I find a useful program, ending on a cooking one, I should be able to see if that [Skill] started to gain EXP through it.

That's not to say I'll just focus on jut that as I can also work on my [Telekinesis] and [Meditation] as well as working on [Mana Generator] and see if that's enough to trigger my [Training] skill as well as I can use [Household Magic] so I can keep repairing the plates if I accidentally drop them.

At the end of the hour long show I had quite the list of level ups to peruse along with another screen that I hadn't been expecting.

Due to coming up with an ingenious method to train multiple [Skills], you gained +2 WIS
[The End - Gamer Edition] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Cooking] has levelled up! 15 =} 16
[Telekinesis] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Meditation] has levelled up twice! 2 =} 4
[Household Magic] has levelled up! 3 =} 4
[Mana Generator] has levelled up twice! 4 =} 6
[Training] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4

The extra WIS has helped jump my MP Regen to 50 with the extra boosts from [Mana Generator] and my [Racial Bonuses] and [Meditation] helps as well as it now gives my INT and WIS a 4% boost now.

The main help though is that now [The End] gives me 23% increase in [Skill] EXP while [Training] has gone up to 4% which isn't much on its own but teamed together with [Teaching], my [Racial Bonuses] and [Scarf of the Sword Hero] I've got a general EXP boost of 128% for my [Skills] at the moment and if my maths is right when I manage to max Level those three [Skills] I'll have an EXP increase in general [Skills] of 420% including my [Racial Bonuses] and [Scarf of the Sword Hero] into the mix.

Also I'm not sure if its cause I'm an Esper now or just how [Telekinesis] works normally but the plates I was moving holding with it were wrapped in an emerald aura in a similar manner to [Tatsumaki] from [One Punch Man] when I was using it so I won't be able to be too discrete with it.

The next program I manage to find was a fight in a martial arts tournament which helped me get [The End] to Level 6 while [Anything Goes Martial Arts] got to Level 6 due to the two combatants - also leading to Taekwondo (a style focused more on fast and power strikes, mainly kicking) and Kyokushin Karate getting added to the incorporated styles - and as I was still training my other [Skills] from before I managed to get two more Levels for both [Telekinesis], [Mana Generator], [Meditation] and [Training].

The good thing out of all that is that I can now actually use the [Byakugan] as long as I've got my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] or [Meditation] active and [Telepathy] even without either of those boosts.

It's 5.15pm, so that means I should have some dinner and then see if I can squeeze in another training session in the [Slime ID] before I make a start on training [Byakugan] and figuring out a means to train [Telepathy] without getting too close to others or found out.