Sorry for the wait but here is the next chapter which covers more training, the Quidditch World Cup, a bit of crafting and another dungeon. There's also some more Classes added and a couple perks. Hogwarts will be next chapter although not sure how much of the classes I'll add at the start of them in favour of Kichi's own plans and getting to having Beauxbatons and Dumstrang show up.

As for those wondering about HOTD, Kichi will go back there at times for various reasons although mainly to take useable resources that most of the other survivors aren't going to need and possibly to turn the island his group is on into a proper oasis so he can holiday there at times.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter.

(Day 67: Monday 5th August 1993)

Apparating back into my room in a ball of flames, due to being in my Phoenix form, I shift in mid-air so I could land on my feet and stretch out after spending the night in it for the most part.

From the night of copying information my [Memory Partition] had reached Level 40, [Occlumency] had reached Level 80, [Animagus] had reached Level 43 and [Byakugan] and my [Mystic Eyes] had both reached Level 60. As for the gains from the actual knowledge, I'd only gained ten levels for each Wizarding Magic as well as [Elemental Conjuration Magic], [Curse Magic] and [Enchant] gaining the same amount - making the latter unlock [Apprentice] level enchantments. I'd also managed to get a new [Skill] that I probably should have bothered to pick up earlier: [Divination] which had levelled quickly from all of the books left in the vaults.

[Divination] (Passive/Active) Level: 40 - EXP: 0%
Description: [Divination] is a branch of magic that involves gathering information from the future, present or past through various means. It's regarded as an inexact science that requires a certain mind, sensibility and logical thinking to understand what is gained through it from various tools and rituals. [Divination] also has ties with [Legilimency] and wandlore and is considered a more practical way to analyse and interpret the user's surroundings by logical thinking and sensibility of mind and body rather then the calculation based version known as [Arithmancy]. This [Skill] allows you to take greater notice of your surroundings and use logical thinking and sensibility of both mind and body to predict what occurs around the user while also allowing them to access various branches to help divine the future.
-Allows the user to use various means to get hints of the future
-Allows the user to notice their surroundings easier and use logical thinking and sensibility to predict what is to occur
-Affected by Skill Level, INT, WIS and LUC

The results from all the levels had caused my [Wizard Class] to level up twice making it now Level 27.

I had also picked up ten levels for [Eromancy] as well which allowed me to pick up four new techniques: [Touch of Pleasure], [Vibrating Parts], [Create Costume] and [Phantom Hands] which all did as you'd expect them to. [Anatomy Understanding] also gained ten levels so it now sat at Level 47.

[Precision] had gained six levels through the night and letting me gain [Neck Shot] - which inflicts [Silence] on a target if it hits - and [Double Shot] that allows me to quick fire two attacks at once.

I'd also apparated into Borgin and Burkes and stole everything there with my [Psionics] pulling it all into my [Inventory] before I'd started a controlled fire to scorch the inside out to cover up the theft. It had been a quick plan but I needed the [Vanishing Cabinet] to have a quick means of taking others around once I'd fixed the one at Hogwarts and most of the dark artifacts could potentially be useful if not in its created use but to learn some [Curse Magic] and lesser known and darker enchantments.

Sitting down at the foot of my bed, I pulled out one of my new [Library Trunks] that Kreacher had gotten me before opening it and switching my second [Class] to [Scribe] so I could get to work creating the books I had copied before use my [Psionics' Telekinesis] to file them away.

As I worked, I picked up the sound of Bellatrix moving in bed before blinking in surprise as she rose out of the shadow in front of me with a sleepy smirk and nothing but a black leather bracelet around her left wrist which was the form of her [Regal Dresser-Slime] at the moment.

She'd been taking great pleasure in using her new powers as a Shadow Panther as not only had it increased her physical abilities by a modest amount - noticeable only by a subtle firmness in her body - she'd also gained cat-like grace, a minor enhancement to her senses and the ability to travel through shadows. It was the last one that she took great delights in using as it allowed her to bypass wards much like my [Phoenix Apparation] could and enjoyed training it by appearing at random before me. She couldn't travel far at the moment but each use was increasing her range as she could probably travel from one corner of the house to the other easily now.

Harry had gained his own powers from his [Animagus] form as well, sharper bird-like vision, that would have corrected his poor vision before if I hadn't already done so, he'd also become more agile and swift in his movements and even gained a small talent in manipulating wind and air currents.

Honestly, just from the three of us it looks like the more complicated method of gaining an [Animagus] form had been well worth it and something I would train the others in, especially the girls, as part of their education into magic.

"How did it go?" Bellatrix asked as she straddled my lap and nuzzled my cheek with a pleased look before catching my lips in a smouldering kiss while I still worked and wrapped her arms and legs around me.

"Good. I'd managed to copy all the books in Gringotts and even managed to hit up Borgins to take everything in there." I answered after the kiss, slightly breathless as Bellatrix's chest rubbing against me as she regained her own breath.

"How can you focus on making those books when you have this gorgeous witch in your lap?" Bellatrix asked with a pout which soon turned to moan as I cast [Phantom Hands] on her and focused them on her breasts for a few seconds before ending it.

"It saves me putting it off for later Bellatrix. Just let me finish or we won't have time before breakfast will be ready." I replied with a knowing look to her.

"Only if you show me the other new spells you have." Bellatrix countered with a seductive smirk.

In the end, I showed off my new [Eromancy] spells on her and also took the time to upgrade parts of the [Regal Dresser-Slime] and my [Ring of Vampiric Power] so they had [Apprentice] level enchantments before giving her a 'happy ending'. [Bookmaker] also had gained five levels and caused [Scribe] to hit Level 13.


Apparating into a peaceful part of the Forest of Dean, I make sure I was on my own before conjuring a pair of stone boulders before tucking my glasses and hooded jacket into my [Inventory] and leaving me in just a pair of jogging bottoms, a tank top and trainers.

I had come up with an idea to train a few of my lacking [Skills]: [Anything Goes Martial Arts], [Psionics] and [Parkour], and after explaining about doing some physical training to Sirius and Bellatrix I pretty much had a couple hours to spend working on the trio while also including [Minor Extra Reserve], [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator].

There was one other thing I wanted to do first though as I wanted to take on a pair of new [Classes]. The first was [Scout] and the second was [Shaman] and both caused interesting results when I picked them.

[Sneak] has merged into the [Skill]: [Stealth]
[Stealth] has levelled up x5! 1 =} 6
[Stealth] (Passive/Active) Level: 6 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 100SP/Min
Description: The means to travel unseen, unheard and unable to be sensed by others. Highly skilled stealth users can move unnoticed even in a crowded room or swiftly navigate a forest without disturbing the ground or making a sound.
-Passively increase STR, DEX and END by 1% x Skill Level
-Reduce sound made by 1% x Skill Level
-Reduce physical and magical presence by 1% x Skill Level
-Reduce movement speed by 90% - Skill Level when active

[Scout] has levelled up! 1 =} 2
You have gained +3 DEX, +2 END and +3 LUC!
[Shaman] has levelled up x5! 1 =} 6
You have gained +5 END, +15 INT, +10 WIS and +10 CHA!

That's good. I can use the boost to help with training in the [ID] later and make it easier to hit the Level 10 requirement for both of them.

Starting with [Telekinesis], I lift the two boulders up about ten feet off the ground and then set off at a jog through the forest with them trailing behind me. I had even turned off my passives and took off any enchanted equipment to make things harder - although I doubt I'd be able to gain any Stat points at all this way - as well as help me judge my current, base level of physical power.

The first half of my time was spent jogging, climbing and even pulling off a few acrobatics to work on levelling [Parkour] while the second half was filled with going through the katas of the various martial arts I had as part of [Anything Goes Martial Arts] and worked towards combining them into a single seamless style although I'll have to do this more regularly to complete it along with make any adjustments to whatever additional styles I pick up in the future.

At the end of it though, I had managed to get [Parkour] and [Anything Goes Martial Arts] to both level up seven times - bringing them to 25 and 29 respectively - while [Psionics] hit Level 40, [Minor Extra Reserve] hit Level 70 and [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] only gained one level each.


(Day 74: Monday 12th August 1993)

Flying over Germany with my [Fallen Angel Wings] out and [Stealth] active, I smirk at how training over the last week has powered me up. For starters, I had kept up with my afternoon physical training and brought [Parkour] and [Anything Goes Martial Arts] to Level 45 while [Psionics] hit Level 55, [Minor Extra Reserve] had hit Level 90 and [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] had both got to 88.

I'd also been heading into the [Angel ID] for more training during the night as well and I had hit Level 82 and was comfortably over half way to my next level. As for my [Classes], I had managed to level up several of them easily so [Shaman] was now Level 13, [Scout] was Level 12, [Carpenter], [Monk] and [Tailor] were now all Level 15, [Machinist], [Sniper], [Red Mage], [Sage], [Ninja] and [Druid] were all Level 10, [Eromancer] was Level 11. I'd also unlocked a new [Class] through [Machinist] called [Engineer] and had levelled it up to Level 13 although it required two sessions due to it greater EXP requirement. The [Skill] of both [Machinist] and [Engineer] had fused with [Technology Mastery] to become the [Skill] [Mechanic] which housed all of their abilities and expanded them to include all technology instead of just machines.

From all the stat points I'd gained from those [Classes] my DEX and INT had hit 500 and earned me two new [Perks].

[Joystick Controls] (Passive)
-Can go from standing to top speed instantly and easily change directions

[King of Mana] (Passive)
-Once per day, you can instantly refill your MP
-The cost of spells and magical [Skills] are reduced by 10%

I'd even managed to level up several swords during that training as well as some [Skills]. [Chain Sword] hit Level 33, [Murata-tou] hit Level 34, [Crocea Mors V2] hit Level 27, [Paluntena's Bow] hit Level 25, [Excalibur Blessing] hit Level 34 and [Legendary Sword] hit Level 51. On the [Skill] front, I'd levelled up [Pumba] to Level 45, [Ambidextrous] to Level 40, [Gandalfr] to Level 50, [Armor of Fafnir] to Level 10, [Light Ferry] to 34 and [Blut] to Level 38.

At the moment I was searching Germany for Grindelwald's prison of Nurmengard in Austria with my [Byakugan]. I was pretty sure I was strong enough to handle the knowledge Grindelwald had but I'd made sure to have [Red Mage] and [Scout] as my [Classes] so I had the chance to sneak in and out and get the most from the Dark Lord's knowledge.

Spotting the castle-turned-prison, I checked to make sure my wings were pure white to pull off my 'Angelic' look along with altering my clothing to fit the theme before using my [Byakugan] to check over the whole castle to both find my target as well as the position and number of all the guards. It looks like Grindelwald is awake so I imagine his seer power alerted him of my showing up now although I imagine time is difficult to track in a cell so he's probably been doing this for a while.

Coming to a hover above the castle, I apparate myself into the cell before using some of my [Holy Light Magic] to help make it seem like I appear from a gold beam of light.

"So, this is the time the Angel of Death comes for me." Grindelwald murmurs as I land lightly on my feet and fold my wings up behind me.

"That is correct Gellert." I answered in a soft tone, having used my [Limited Shapeshifting] to make myself look European and androgynous to avoid any potential pictures or news that might get back as well as turning my hair blond and having it fall to frame the sides of my face. I'd even used my [Rinnegan's Asura Path] to form the armour over my usual combat outfit to give myself a more 'heavenly warrior' look.

Grindelwald's hand swiftly jolted up to fire a ball of blue flames at me and rather then dodge it, I caught it and quickly used the [Preta Path] on it which shocked the old Dark Lord. Each spell after that was dealt with the same way as I slowly walked towards Grindelwald, my arms probably appearing as a blur, while my [Mystic Eyes] recorded and understood each spell shot at me.

By the time I'd covered the distance, Grindelwald was panting for breathe as he was probably out of practice using a lot of magic and I slapped one hand onto his chest while using my other to deflect both of his arms upwards so I could use [Human Path] on him without a surprise [Killing Curse] aimed at me.

I wasted little time yanking all of his memories into my mind before setting my [Memory Partition] to strip the emotions from them as well as organise it all while what wasn't needed was disegarded. Grindelwald's body collapsed backwards onto the bed once I removed my hand and I wasted no time apparating out to avoid the approaching guard from thinking something was wrong and reapplied my [Stealth] for the flight back to Britian, earning the [Skill] six levels in total in the end.

I'd also gain ten Levels for each of my Wizarding magic [Skills] - while [Divination] gained 15 - , [Elemental Conjuration Magic] and [Performer] from Grindelwald's knowledge while my [Rinnegan] had gained five levels from the armour I'd made and the number of times I'd used [Human Path].

As a result, [Elemental Conjuration Magic] had unlocked several more elements: [Magma], [Plant], [Ice], [Sand], [Scorch], [Boil] and [Plasma] and I'd also picked up [Protego Diabolica] for my [Battle Magic] along with a few other spells.

From all the [Skill Levels] for magical ones I've gained, [Red Mage] had levelled up three times and from a check of my [Classes] it looks like [Wizard] would level up twice as well once I equipped it.


Apparating back into my room in my regular clothes and [Race], I hum as I look over the screen that had appeared on my way back.

[Challenge Quest: Ending an Old Threat!](Complete!)
Objective: Defeat Grindelwald!
Reward: [Ring of Prediction], [Familiar Egg]

Huh... The [Familiar Egg] will hopefully be useful depending on what's inside but not sure how useful the ring will be but I suppose I'll need to check out the enchantment it has later.

"How did it go?" Bellatrix asked almost eagerly as she closed the book and sat up in bed so the sheet pooled around her waist.

"Well, we've got one less Dark Lord to deal with... even if he wasn't much of a threat to begin with." I answered as I started to pull off my clothing so I could join her.

"I can't believe Dumbledore let everyone thing Grindelwald died during their duel." Bellatrix spoke with a huff.

"I agree with you, Bella, Dumbledore should have finished him off then." I answered, letting out a sigh as I added "But I can understand why he made it look like he did given Grindelwald's forces would probably regroup if they knew he was still alive and imprisoned somewhere."

Bellatrix nodded with a grumble as she watched me let my boxers drop before she asked "When will you take me into another of those places to train? It's been getting boring fighting of those Slimes even if I've still been getting stronger."

"Well, the next one is based around Trolls so you'd either need to be good at conjurating weapons or be able to bypass their magical defence. The only other way would be learning to use a weapon and getting better at [Internal Reinforcement]." I explained, slipping into bed next to her as I continued "We could skip that I suppose as the next one is filled with someone's idea of what Angels look like... You'd have a mixture of close and range fighters there and a lot of holy magic being flung around."

"I think I'd prefer working on those angels while I work on my conjuration and transfiguration." Bellatrix answered after a moment, curling up against me as we settled down to sleep.


(Day 75: Tuesday 13th August 1993)

Looking at the rose bulb I'd planted in the garden, I hold my hand over it as I focus on using [Metamorphosis Magic] on it and making it grow before my eyes into a small bush. I could have used the [Plant Magic] I'd gained from [Druid Class] to do the same thing but I needed to train the former [Skill] more for when I moved onto working on people although with the knowledge gained in [Herbology] this is more practice then anything else to make things happen without any problems and hopefully [Anatomy Understanding] helps with people and animals.

Focusing on the [Metamophosis Magic] again I take the moment to test out altering the scent of the roses to that of chocolate while the petals changed into a fitting brown colour that makes the flowers look like they were sculpted out of chocolate themselves. Maybe if I can grab a couple orange seeds I can make actual chocolate orange tree... although that would rely on me getting coco seeds as well as working the mechanics for how they would form.

Apparating inside, I head to my desk for a more private test before withdrawing from my [Inventory] one of my own hairs as a full [Homo Magi] and a pair of feathers - one from my [Fallen Angel] wings and the other from my [Phoenix Form's] wing. If I can work this out right then I can pretty much make the source DNA for any changes I want to make to the girls although that will mean I'd need to gather the ingredients for them each time.

The last point is why I'm trying with just pieces from my various [Races] for now as realistically they contain my DNA in there but I need to see if they'll work for this - especially the [Phoenix Feather] as even if the Game does recognise it as such I'm not a true Phoenix in my [Animagus Form]. If it does work then I can easily move on to make a single bit of genetic material to merge into someone to power them up rather then having to perform multiple uses of my [Skill]. Plus I'd be able to work on removing my DNA from the collection as it'd be just weird for them any girl I alter to become related to me and I'm not particularly into incest.

Putting the trio in between my hands, I activate my [Mystic Eyes] so I can keep track of the changes as I activate [Metamorphosis Magic] again. As I work to combine them together, there is few features I want to try and keep. The first is Phoenix's regeneration, revival powers and fire affinity as they will make it harder for my girls to die if I ever go in over my head in the future and grant them the means to wield fire themselves. The second is the [Homo Magi's] impressive magical power as it'll make anyone a strong magic user. The last is the [Fallen Angel's] enhanced physical stats and CHA along with the access to [Holy Light Magic] and their longer lifespan as they'd make the girls stronger, more beautiful and make them not have to worry about old age along with a powerful sort of magic.

I make the process slow on purpose so I can watch and tweak things as they melt into each other to combine. I also worked to pluck parts of my own DNA out of the mix although its tricky without affecting the foreign portions.

Ten minutes and three Levels later, I was smiling as I looked at the deep red, almost crimson feather that sat in the palm of my hand.

[Homo Magi (Phoenixian Angelus) Feather]
Description: Created by the [Gamer: Kichirou], this feather houses the powers and DNA of [Homo Magi], [Phoenix] and [Fallen Angel] inside of it. With the right [Skill], this feather could grant someone else this [Race] and its powers. There may be other uses for this item.

Sweet. If I can get the parts of other [Races] then I can upgrade or even provide different variations for the girls although I will probably want to keep a dozen or so unchanged pieces so I can combine the fragments based on what the girls want.

As for the current feather, the only improvement I'd want to make at the moment is getting some Veela hair and merge it into this mixture. I mean the beauty of both [Fallen Angel] and Veela in a single woman would probably be hard for any man to resist.

Putting the feather back into my [Inventory] for safe keeping, I withdraw another set of the ingredients needed and set about making another feather so I could work on making them faster and with more precision. Plus I'm going to need some spares for once I find some suitable and disposable test subjects to see the results of it and learning how to extract [Races] from others or modify them should something go wrong.


"So, what are you doing?" Bellatrix asked as she looked over my shoulder to see the last of the feathers I'd made. I had managed to make dozens of feathers and hairs of the mixture of [Races] I had access to and as a result I'd managed to get to Level 20 in [Metamorphosis Magic].

"I'm just working on catalysts for an idea for you and others." I answered, looking over the last feather as the others were all safely stored in my [Inventory].

"Catalyst for what?" Bellatrix asked curiously, plucking the feather from my fingers to look at it.

"It's for altering a person's biology to grant them special powers and making them stronger in various ways." I answered, drawing a surprised look from the ravenette as I continued "It still needs testing but if it works you'll be able to gain the powers of a couple races I have... access to. And before you try and use it yourself, it requires specific magic from me to actually activate it and I don't know what the process will be like."

"What are they?" She asked with a thoughtful frown.

"Phoenix - a feather from my Animagus form actually -, a stronger version of magicals and Fallen Angel - Angels who fell for committing sins." I answered, taking the feather back as I added "I've not worked out how to add Metamorphmagus' genes into it yet so its not complete and for you I was thinking of possibly getting some Veela hair into the mix."

"What sort of boost?" She asked with a interested look at the feather.

"If none of the mergings have caused degradation or incompatibility then you should get a 75% boost to all your physical traits, a boost to your mind by about 50%, a boost to your magic and stamina with the former at least 50% with your magic regenerating a somewhat better, an active regeneration that should give you near instant healing and an affinity for magic in general and more specifically with holy, light and fire elements. Oh, and the ability to speak, read and understand all languages and feathered wings which can be used to fly and easily retractable so you can blend in as human without causing discomfort."

Bellatrix let out an impressed whistle at hearing the list of improvements that could be gained with me turning her into a hybrid.


(Day 78: Thursday 15th August 1993)

Quietly humming as I run my [Byakugan] enhanced eyes over the modest sized estate, I was pleased to see that the place is empty aside from Umbridge herself which was just the way that I wanted things this evening. Even the wards over the estate were a bit of a mismatch to stop most 'creatures' from entering although the only ones that seemed to work were the ones to keep House Elves from entering or leaving, an Animagus ward that would stop them from entering, the usual anti-apparation and anti-portkey and a few wards that inflicted dark curses on those who trespassed.

It would be easy to apparate into the place but first I needed to see how protected her mind was so I could ensure she wouldn't remember what happened or only what I want her to. After all, it wouldn't do to experiment on her without a way to avoid her retaliating afterwards as while it would be easy enough to make her go missing without my involvement being found out but I might need her as a test subject again in the future.

Activating my [Telepathy], I smirk at seeing how unguarded her mind is before grimacing at the sort of things she's done to multiple muggle-born. Yeah, if there's anyone that deserves being a lab rat it's Umbridge...

Charging my magic, I cast a [Area] enhanced [Sleep] to cover the whole estate to knock everyone out before apparating inside and changing out of my [Animagus Form] and rested a hand on Umbridge's shoulder before apparating us both out to a house in an old and empty army training ground which I'd cast spells and runes over so it would remain empty and not draw any attention for what people might be out there.

Putting her onto the table with my [Telekinesis], I then turn my focus on stripping the squat woman of her clothing while using my [Mystic Eyes] to record the details I'd need to serve as a baseline for my experiments as well as allowing me to know what I would have to turn her back into to hide the evidence of something happening.

I only had tonight to work this as Sirius had arranged and prepared for us all to go to Dartmoor ahead of the Quidditch World Cup Finals and camp out for the weekend along with most of the Weasleys and Hermione before the actual event on Sunday evening and while I could hold off on this until I got some Veela hair from the Bulgarian cheerleaders, Bellatrix was at least interested in hearing what the results were now so she could make her choice with all the important information available to her.

I open an [Observe] screen, so I could see how her HP and MP would be affected along with her [Race] before moving to use [Drain Energy] to see her MP Regen at work as well so I can at least judge if that would grow stronger or not.

Pulling out one of my [Homo Magi] hairs, I put it down on her chest before holding my hand above it as I activated [Metamorphosis Magic]. The hair sunk into her body within moments and her rather weaker then average magic grew before my senses and the [Observe] screen to the point that she was about half as strong Bellatrix's MP at this point. Her [Race] had also changed into [Hybrid]: [Human]/[Homo Magi] like my own [Status] would show which is a good sign that I can hybridize someone without losing what they original was.

Using [Drain Energy] again, I'm pleased to see that her magic is restoring quicker then before although its still lower then what I'd seen with regards to usual wizards.

Undoing the change turned out to be more difficult then I expected as I had to remove the foreign DNA without messing up her original genes or accidentally leaving bits behind that might make her magically stronger then before. What came out though was a dark ooze from several pores that looked rather useless to me and so was hit with a [Clean] to get rid of it.

Working through the other bits of DNA I had there were a few interesting results. The phoenix feather had turned her hair strawberry blonde, made her body warmer and granted her a HP Regen that took care of most minor wounds I inflicted on her - as I wasn't eager to test it out on anything more permanent without having the correct [White Magic] spell at hand.

A [Fallen Angel] feather though had made her arms and legs a fraction more toned - although it wouldn't be noticeable without my enhanced eyes - and had slight changes in her face and body to make her minutely more attractive. Her HP and MP had increased as well but I couldn't test out her wings or magic without her being awake and willing to use try it. Undoing the effect was harder as the physical changes still slightly lingered but getting a hang on using this magic cut down on the time.

I'd even used the combined catalysts I'd created earlier to test out if they'd give someone the full effect of the [Race] or just partials like my own [Hybrid Race]. It turned out that it was similar enough to my own case though it was more like [Homo Magi] was fully active while [Fallen Angel] and Phoenix powers were both lesser as if they were more distantly related and somewhat weaker which is annoying and even harder to tell without being able to see someone's stats.

I spent the next few hours working with what remaining feathers and hair I had to make a suitable catalyst which would provide the full benefit of the trio of [Races] and testing them out on Umbridge only to not gain much in the way of true progress. I did manage to strengthen both Phoenix and [Fallen Angel] powers in the mixture of the trio but that had caused Umbridge's hair to turn a dark red and lessened the effect of [Homo Magi] had on boosting her MP.

I'm not sure if this is good enough for what I wanted to do for Bellatrix and the HOTD girls but I at least have more time to work on it and maybe the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts has something that can help me work on this and find any errors I'm missing.

But for now I need to get Umbridge back to normal and back to her own home.


(Day 79: Friday 16th August 1993)

Stifling a yawn as I stood in the hallway of Grimmauld, I wait for the others to be ready with Remus while skimming through my [Inventory]. I hadn't looked into one of the [Items] I'd gained from the [Quest] to defeat Grindelwald when I had gotten it but figured I should check it to see if I needed to prepare for something which turns out that I do have.

[Familiar Egg]
Description: An egg that will hatch into a helpful familiar in some manner. The longer it takes to hatch, the stronger the familiar will be.
Time till Hatching: 117 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes

That means it'll probably hatch around early December time... although as I have no frame of reference between levels of familiars I don't know if nearly four months of waiting for it to hatch would make it a strong one or not.

Shifting to look through my [Skills], I take a moment to look over the work I'd put in for the rest of the night as I had pulled an all-nighter. I'd easily gotten Umbridge back to her home and altered her memories enough to avoid suspicion from my experiments - as it would be easier to use her as a test subject again in the future - and [Metamorphosis Magic] to hit Level 33 from undoing my work. Said all-nighter had been aimed towards training up my [Minor Extra Reserve], [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] so I could max them out and see what would happen.

I'd only managed to succeed with the former of the trio and the moment it hit Level 100 it had evolved and emptied most of the extra that had remained despite using it up in using other [Skills] into this.

[Moderate Extra Reserve] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: HP/MP/SP Varies
Description: A reserve core within the user that allows them to store extra energy within themselves. This energy can be used to heal the user or restore their magic and easily convertible between any energy the user might wield. This is the evolved form of [Minor Extra Reserve] and has a larger reserve for the user to access.
-Can store up to 100 x Skill Level within
-Energy Reserve: 100/100 points
-Can pay HP/MP/SP to add an equal amount of Energy Reserve
-Can pay Energy Reserve points to add equal amount to HP/MP/SP
-Can pay Energy Reserve points to activate [Skills] in place of using normal requirement

I suppose it makes sense for it to grow larger but losing what excess reserve I had is a bit annoying as it means I have to start from the beginning again. I should be able to use the same method as before with this once I empty it which just needs two minutes of my [Mystic Eyes] or [Byakugan] being active.

The other two [Skills] had reached Level 93 and I'd also managed to get [Battle Tech] to Level 25 and [Eromancy] to Level 30 with the former causing [Squire] to hit Level 21 as well. The former had allowed me to learn [Guard Up] - a defence booster - and [Bolster Spirit] - an boost to my MP Regen through increasing my WIS - for the former and [Enhance Feelings] and [Tongue Length Manipulation] for the latter.

"I shouldn't be surprised that Sirius would arrange all this and forget to sort out the packing." Remus spoke amused.

"I'm surprised he hasn't thought that Kreacher could just as easily bring whatever he's forgot with him." I pointed out as Bellatrix came while sliding a shrunken trunk into the pocket of her jean shorts while a short sleeved purple blouse snugly conformed to her torso and bust and a pair of black biker boots were on her feet.

Honestly, if I didn't know better I would think that it was Nymphadora but the punkish shifter was already at the campsite working as security.

"They should be done in a minute." Bellatrix reassured us, "Sirius was just sorting out some rucksacks so we can blend in with the muggles better."

"Ah..." Remus spoke with a nod.

Like Bellatrix had said, Sirius and Harry came down with some camping rucksacks which we each donned before apparating to an out of the way corner of the entrance to the camp site so we could appear as a group just arriving rather then deal with the hassle of portkeying here and the potential mind wipe on the owner of the place especially as there has probably been a number of them done already.


Stepping through the enchantments that concealed the whole field, I can't help but look surprised at seeing how many people were already here. Harry echoed the sentiment with a soft "Wow" that got a chuckle from both Remus and Sirius as the latter explained while leading us towards where we would be staying.

"There's normally a whole week of build up to the Quidditch World Cup. Stuff like broom racing, seeker competitions and all sorts of other things and some of the parties..." Sirius spoke with a wistful tone at the end as Remus gave a fond smile.

"The last one the Marauders attended Sirius nearly was neutered after he tried to sneak into the tent of the French mascots as Padfoot and one of the ladies caught him with the reveal spell."

"I've never been more afraid of a bunch of ladies then that." Sirius admitted with a shudder.

It only took five minutes to reach where our pitch was and set up the Wizarding Tent as the charm on it allowed it to be easily set up. The tent was made out of dark green canvas and clothe but looked similar to a modest bungalow in tent form and was tall enough to allow someone to enter without having to bend over. The insides though revealed to be spacious enough for all five of us to move around without issue in just the main area that was decorated as both kitchen and dining room with a table and chairs in the middle.

"We've got running water - hot and cold - five proper bedrooms, a fully equipped bathroom and a fully working kitchen." Sirius explained as he showed us around, "Each of the other rooms are expanded inside to give you a decent amount of space as well so each of us will have our own rooms here."

"Brilliant." Harry commented with a amazed look as he took in the space.

I'm in agreement with Harry on this and before I leave this [World] I'm definitely going to buy a decent one of these just in case I end up in a medieval fantasy [World] in the future as while I could probably take my [Home Base], a Wizarding Tent would be portable and not stick out as much in such [Worlds]. Hopefully, I can get one with enough space for a lab as it would mean I'd have means for both making potions, clothes, weapons and armour.

The only issue would be needing to put down protections or wards around the tent each time I set it up to avoid being caught by surprise but I had a feeling that there was a [Class] for that and I just needed to find the prerequisites for it. If I was to guess I'd need to unlock a [Class] to use runes first before getting to the warding one from that. As for getting a rune [Class] my best guess is that its probably tied into [Scribe] because there is a tentative link to writing there and I recall seeing a technique for [Bookmaker] to do with making a 'spell scroll' there.

I'll have to work on that after the World Cup as I don't think I could manage to sneak off with the likely parties going on without having to stick to staying up till the early hours of the morning. Plus I had a feeling I could work on levelling up [The End], [Byakugan] and [Mystic Eyes] a lot during the daytime by watching the festivities amongst the large gathering.


Walking around the campsite on my own as we had all decided to split up, I smile as my enhanced eyes take in dozens of conversations at the same time and with [The End] and allowing me to I'd gain some understanding of Irish, French and Bulgarian and they had merged probably with my unspoken [Skills] for English and Japanese to form a new [Skill] called [Linguist].

[Linguist] (Passive) Level: 20 - EXP: 0%
Description: Languages divide the people of the world and those who understand two or more are bridges between them. [Linguist] allows the user to learn languages at an accelerated rate and even aids with the sentence structure, syntax and other rules involved on being concisely understood by those you are speaking with.
-Allows you to speak, understand, read and write in various known languages
-Increase speed of learning languages by 1% x Skill Level
Known Languages:
-[Japanese] Level: MAX
-[English] Level: MAX
-[Latin] Level: 3/10
-[French] Level: 3/10
-[Gaeilge (Irish)] Level: 3/10
-[Bulgarian] Level: 1/10

Annoyingly, and understandably, this [Skill] actually needed me to hear what people were saying and understand it to gain EXP for it as I could only get so far with lip-reading unless they were using translation charms which my [Mystic Eyes] could take advantage of otherwise I had to rely on [Holmesian Deduction's] ability or turn myself half [Fallen Angel] to take advantage of my [Rosetta Stone Trait] and around so many people I'd like to avoid anyone sensing my power change.

The only other [Skill] I'd gained so far was something that I hadn't expected to gain from catching a girl riding a horse at the edge of my immense range and was called [Mount Mastery]. Although that [Skill] didn't stick around long as it merged with my [Vehicle Mastery] to form [Riding] which obviously comes from the [Fate-verse].

[Riding] (Passive) Level: 23 - EXP: 0%
Description: Riding is the ability to operate and ride all vehicles and beasts with ease, allowing them to bring out the best of whatever they are riding.
-Grants the user the ability to operate and ride any sort of [Vehicle] or [Animal] with ease
-Passively increase speed and efficiency of [Vehicle] or [Animal] being used by 1% x Skill Level
-Passively increase the ease of repairing a [Vehicle] by 1% x Skill Level
-Passively increase stamina and recovery time for [Animal] being used by 1% x Skill Level

It's going to be useful in the future at least if I have to try and ride a horse or trying to work out how to operate any sort of spaceships as they should all fall under this. I think it should also count brooms and magic carpets as well but it does mean I could probably ride the dragon in the first task without much issue if I felt like doing it.

There was no sign of Veela about so I'll have to wait at least on the Bulgarian cheerleaders coming before I can get my sample and use my [Mystic Eyes] to boost [Anatomy Understanding]. Also no sign of Leprechauns either so I'd probably have to wait to the actual match to scan them and see if they had anything that would be helpful.

Turning to head towards the stalls, I was hoping to meet up with the others as that was where we had agreed to regroup and was a good sign that one of my ideas in the Wizengamot had struck gold.


"So, what do you think of all this so far?" I asked Bellatrix as I'd 'found' her first amongst the stalls selling memorabilia for both teams and other Quidditch related things.

"It's rather exciting although I only enjoyed watching the accidents that happened from the players being either not observant enough or too arrogant." Bellatrix replied with a small smirk to me and ignoring the wizarding pictures of the two Quidditch teams' players.

Moving on from that stall, we walked around and looked at other ones before taking five minutes to wait to get an ice cream cone each to enjoy that was run by a pair of Fortescue's staff.

"Looks like Fortescue's is glad for your idea to the Ministry." Bellatrix commented between licks of her blueberry ice cream as I glanced back at the man.

"Huh, I didn't know that was Fortescue but you're right he does look pleased." I commented as the older man of the duo continued to serve more people who was approaching the stall before taking a lick of my chocolate orange ice cream.

From then on things seemed to go like a fairly normal date. Exploring the stalls to see if there was anything good to buy here before finding a food stall doing fish and chips for a late lunch. There wasn't many purchases but amongst them was a set of Quidditch armour which I intended to [Enchant] and use as a back up or something I could use if my normal set of battle [Equipment] was used for a disguise form.


Finishing up enchanting the [Quidditch Armour] I run my [Mystic Eyes] over the gauntlets to admire my work in the low light while the others were all asleep.

[Quidditch Armour Gloves] DEF: 15/DUR: 50/50
Description: A pair of leather gloves used for protecting players in Quidditch. These have been enchanted by the [Gamer: Kichirou] to make them self-repairing, reduce physical damage and also offering a boost to all areas of the wearer.
-[Self-Repair (Apprentice)]
Restores 2 DUR every minute
-[Aura Boost (Apprentice)]
Increase all stats by 22%
-[Body Guard (Apprentice)]
Reduce physical damage by 11%

They had originally only had one empty slot so I'd been able to take advantage of the extras my [Enchant Skill] allowed me to add on and make the whole set a decently powerful set of armour between the gloves, shin and elbow pads, helmet and chest plate. The rest had all gained the same enchantments and allowed me to get 55% reduction in damage and a 120% boost to all my stats.

Storing it all away, I open my [Log] only to blink at the level up some of my [Skills] have gone through. The largest happens to be [Marital Arts Mastery] - that now sat at Level 40 - which only probably been something that happened in the last couple hours with all of the couples in the campsite and the advantage of Wizarding Tents. [Performer] had reached Level 61, [The End] had reached Level 55, [Byakugan] had got to Level 65, [Mystic Eyes] got to Level 65, [Internal Reinforcement] had hit Level 57, [Limited Shapeshifting] had hit Level 56, [Holmesian Deduction] hit Level 54 and [Empathy] hit Level 50. Also my training of [Moderate Extra Reserve] through the day had got it to Level 15 and both [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] had gained two levels each leaving them only five left before they are maxed out.

Closing the [Log], I decide to see about speed running the [Slime 2 ID] and trying out my new armour and see if the [Regal Dresser-Slime] was a one off or not. I can also look into if my hunch about [Scribe] being tied into some rune based [Class] as well by equipping it for the EXP I'm about to gain and see if [Chemist] is even more similar to [Squire] in that it has another set of [Classes] at Level 20 - while I probably won't get enough to do it tonight I can at least make a start with it.


(Day 81: Sunday 18th August 1993)

Walking behind Harry as we go wait for the Weasleys and Hermione's arrival I couldn't help the amused smile on my lips at how eager he was to see the latter.

From my speed run on Friday night, I'd found out that the items a Boss drops were one offs and so meant I'd need to work on creating my own version of the [Regal Dresser-Slime] for myself and others. I had tried last night but while I knew the enchantment and the construction of it, I needed to get [Enchant] up to allowing me to cast [Adept] ones to be able to finish the work as at the moment I had a [Slime Bracelet] which I'd made out of [Slime Jelly], [Slime Gel (Black)] and some [Slime Core Shards] together but without the [Shift Form] enchantment it was little more then a black, stretchy bracelet which was sitting in my [Inventory].

The training from last night had been of great help though as now I was sitting at Level 85 and had gotten [Scribe] to Level 22 and [Chemist] to Level 20 which had unlocked new [Classes] for me as well as proving my hunch right.

[Runesmith]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that involves creating and using runes to create a variety of effects.
-Increase effect and duration of runes by 10%
-Reduce cost of runes by 10%
-Grants +2 DEX, +3 INT and +2 WIS per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Rune Magic]

[Conjurer]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that involves creating things out of thin air to use for defence and attack.
-Increase duration of conjurations by 10%
-Reduce cost of conjurations by 10%
-Grants +3 INT, +3 WIS and +1 CHA per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Conjuration Magic]

[Diviner]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that involves predicting the near future.
-Increase success of [Divination] by 10%
-Increase INT by 10%
-Grants +2 INT, +3 WIS and +2 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Divination]

[Alter Mage]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that involves temporarily altering everything around them and even themselves to aid in battle.
-Increase duration of magical alterations by 10%
-Reduce cost of magical alterations by 10%
-Grants +3 INT, +2 WIS and +2 CHA per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Alteration Magic]

[Runesmith] looks to be exactly what I'd expected and will probably speed level cause of my [Rune Magic Skill] and [Diviner] and [Divination] will probably do the same. [Conjurer] looks like its based on the conjuration aspect of [Transfiguration Magic] while [Alter Mage] looks to be either actual that magic and/or [Charms Magic] depending on how wide the field covers. Learning [Alteration Magic] probably would take those two magics and most likely fuse them together although [Transfiguration Magic] also has a part that would also cover [Conjuration Magic] so not sure if there's an order I'd need to go through to avoid losing the experience from either of them but either way they'd both of those new magics would automatically hit a high level. I'm not sure if I should wait till after Hogwarts or not to gain these two [Classes] cause of this as well.

Anyway, I'd also managed to get [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] to Level 98 and [Moderate Extra Reserve] to Level 25 through the course of yesterday along with another 6 levels for [Holmesian Deduction] and 10 levels for [Empathy] and [Linguist] each. I'd also gotten [Pumba] to Level 46, [Gandalfr] to Level 52, [Armor of Fafnir] to Level 11, [Blut] to Level 40 and [Light Ferry] to Level 36 from the [IDs] and got [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] to Level 56 and [Legendary Sword] to Level 58.

Shaking my head, I blink as my [Byakugan] catches the group's arrival and how most of the teens landed hard on the ground although my [Mystic Eyes] showed that they had only gotten some bumps and bruises. I can also pick up the Bulgarian and Irish mascots arriving as well so I'm bound to get some levels for [Anatomy Understanding] now from learning about both of them. I might even be able to learn something from them with [The End] if they use any of their active powers.

"Harry!" Hermione called once she, the Weasleys and the Diggory males passed through the protections, the bushy brunette glomping onto him.

"Hello everyone." I greeted the others with a smile and a wave.

"Hello Lord Black." Amos Diggory spoke with a smile, turning to wave a hand to Cedric as he added "This is my son, Cedric. I believe you'll be in the year ahead of him at Hogwarts."

"Nice to meet you, Cedric." I replied with a nod, accepting the young man's hand for a handshake.

"You too, Lord Black." He replied with a friendly smile.

The Diggorys headed off towards their own pitch which was rather close. Harry and I joined the Weasleys and Hermione towards walking to there's which was luckily rather close to our own tent and I ended up talking to the twins. It was during that talk that I got a bit of a surprise as my [Byakugan] had picked up the Delacours and her arriving over in the opposite corner of the whole site. It should be an interesting meeting before the match if they are in the minister's box like we will be.


A good portion of the day was spent helping the Weasleys and Hermione explore and stopping the twins from making a bet with Ludo Bagman by mentioning the chance of Leprechaun gold being used by bookies to deceive any winners. I'd also managed to find and track Barty Crouch Junior with the help of my [Rinnegan] as he was still hidden under magic in Senior's tent and under his [Imperio].

I'd even managed to learn a new [Skill] from the Leprechauns called [Luck Magic].

[Luck Magic] (Passive/Active) Level: 10 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: A magic based on the manipulation of Luck used by Leprechauns to bless or curse those they wish.
-Passively increase LUC by 1% x Skill Level
-For each 1000MP, you can increase or decrease the target's LUC by (1% x Skill Level) + (total Gold/(100 - Skill Level))
Time Limit: 1 minute x Skill Level

It's nice to see a [Skill] that will help boost my LUC now especially as it will help me boost it for my friends as well.

From the Veela, I'd gained a [Technique] for my [Eromancy] which was a surprise as I thought it would be something I couldn't learn.

-[Aura of Lust] Cost: 150MP/Min
Allows you to give off an aura of lust which lowers inhibitions and raises lust and desire of those around you up to Skill Level times

At the moment though, both the Black and Weasley groups, which included Bill, Charlie and Percy now, were heading towards the massive stadium amongst the crowds and vendors.

"What are these?" Harry asked curiously to the man with strange instruments that resembled binoculars... which means those are the Omnoculars.

"These, sir, are Omnoculars. They allow you to zoom in an out and can focus on different parts of the game at once. It even has a play-by-play function." The man replied with a friendly smile.

"How much?" Harry asked intrigued as I approached.

"10 Galleons, but I can reduce it to 7." The man replied, pleased for the sale he was about to make.

"Three pairs please." Harry replied with a smile as he handed over the money and got the Omnoculars in return which he moved to hand the extras to Hermione and Ron.

"I'll have two please." Bellatrix spoke up with a knowing look to me. She must have saw me contemplate buying one for myself after I'd bought us both Ireland scarves to wear for the match.

"Thanks." I replied as I accepted the Omnoculars from her as we moved to join the others as Sirius and Arthur talked to the man at the staircase entrance.

"Top box, Arthur, Mr. Black, just go as high as you can." The man replied friendly, ushering us to head inside and up the wooden staircase. The sheer size of the building was impressive even after the two days I had let my [Mystic Eyes] study it and the magic woven into helped ensure it stay standing.

Once we reached the top it was to see Fudge talking to the Bulgarian Minister with the former turning to see both me and Harry as he spoke "Harry, Kichi. This is the Bulgarian Minister of Magic..."

Fudge faltered as the name slipped his mind although the Bulgarian Minister didn't seem to notice as he saw both Harry's faded scar and my hairstyle and started to talking excitedly in Bulgarian, "Ah. It's nice to meet both the Boy-Who-Lived and the young Lord who found a cure for werewolves."

Huh, looks like my [Linguist Skill] has reached a good enough point to be able to fully understand most words in Bulgarian.

"Well, at least that's effective." Fudge quietly spoke with a grin as he sat down with the man.

As I and Harry took our seats with the others, I get my first proper look at Fleur Delacour and I gotta admit she looks more gorgeous then the books and movies portray her. Five foot nine with a perfect hourglass figure that looks based on [Senran Kagura's Leo] she's also has a face that would easily allow her to be a supermodel with her long silver-blonde, waist-length hair left free behind her and curling lightly around her sky blue eyes. She was wearing a simple sundress of the same colour under a white cardigan and strappy sandals on her feet.

Focusing my gaze on the others as we take out seats on the left, I try not openly stare at the surprising addition to the Delacour family as I'd never expected to see Rias Gremory here although there are some changes to her. She was an inch taller then her canon self and her body was more curvier and sculpted although she seems slightly older as well as her eyes being jewel toned violet instead of her canon blue-green. Rias was wearing a pair of worn jeans with slight rips in them, a red top that had three-quarter sleeves and a v shaped neckline that helped accentuate her bust and a pair of black ankle boots.

Interesting... It seems like Rias is looking at me curiously as well... I assume she's aware of the plot here and finds me as an unexpected disturbance to things especially as she's also looking intrigued at Bellatrix as well.

"Ready to begin Minister?" Ludo Bagman spoke up with a childish grin, getting a nod from the man so he could start proceedings while putting his wand to his throat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome! To the 422nd Quidditch World Cup Finals!" Bagman began with his magically enhanced voice, "Join me in welcoming the Irish team! Troy! Mullet! Moran! Connolly! Quigley! Ryan! And Lynch!"

The crowd roared as Irish team shot off from the ground in green blurs, for others bar myself, while green fireworks erupted around them as they flew around as a flashing Leprechaun formed from the fireworks and started dancing for the crowd while multiple real Leprechauns threw showers of fake galleons around.

Bagman took a moment to clear his throat before he continued "Now, let's give a big hand and welcome the Bulgarian team! Ivanova! Dimitrov! Levski! Volkov! Vulchanov! Zograf! And Krum!"

The crowd's roar grew at the mention of Krum as his team shot into the air in their red uniforms while the Veelas came onto the pitch, triggering a large amount of whistling and yells. Music started to play as the Veelas started to dance in typical cheerleader fashion.

[Veela Allure] negated by [Gamer's Mind]!

+18 Affection for Fleur Delacour [18/100] (for appearing immune to Veela Allure)
+9 Affection for Gabrielle Delacour [9/100] (for appearing immune to Veela Allure)
+18 Reputation for Apolline Delacour [18/100] (for appearing immune to Veela Allure)
+18 Reputation for Jean-Luc Delacour [18/100] (for appearing immune to Veela Allure)

I figured as much that [Gamer's Mind] would block it and even if it didn't with [Occlumency] and my massive INT and WIS I'd be able to resist it. Also looks like the Delacour family was watching all of our reactions as well.

A glance over the others and see the Weasleys are mostly glassy eyed with Arthur and Ginny being the only ones not affected. Hermione and Harry was trying to fight Ron back into his seat and the Weasley twins were looking to try and climb over the barrier along with Sirius - who was leaning over with a hand out - and Remus was even struggling to control himself.

Pulling on my magic, I sighed at having to create a [Skill] on the fly for this sort of situation before twitching a finger forwards and making an orange, curved but still noticeably hexagonal shield burst into life to stop them just as Sirius' balance failed him so it looked like it was there from the beginning. I'd stretched the shield over the whole top box so that them and some of the others in the top box wouldn't injure themselves from trying to 'escape'. The orange 'AT Field' suddenly shifted into a silver-blue colour and stretched more as I glanced to the corner of my vision to see what had happened.

[Light Ferry], [Summoned Swords] and [AT Field - Gamer Edition] has merged to become the [Skill]: [Aegis Shield - Gamer Edition]!
Due to the experience from the former three [Skills]: [Aegis Shield - Gamer Edition] has levelled up x14! 1 =} 15
[Aegis Shield - Gamer Edition] (Active) Level: 15 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 150 MP/Min
Description: Based on the [Charyeok] of Na Han-Sung, the [Aegis Shield] which was named after the legendary shield. This takes the form of tiny bluish-silver, semi-transparent shards that forms over the user's body and can be telekinetically moved around by the user, can be reshaped at will to form shields, weapons, their own attacks or even fuse together to become stronger as well as being able to augment weapons and allies by strengthening them.
-Create floating Shards of mana up to or equal to Skill Level that are capable of altering their shape up to or equal to the Max. Size Limit
-Max. Size Limit of 1 Shard: (INT x Skill Level) cm2
-Weight Limit of 1 Shard: (INT x Skill Level) kg
-Shards can combine to increase their bonus by the number used
-Each Shard has ATK equal to (INT x Skill Level)
-Each Shard has DUR of 200% of (INT x Skill Level) and regenerates 1% of DUR per minute
-Increases a weapon's ATK and DUR by 20% x Skill Level per Shard used on it
-Increases STR and DEX by 20% x Skill Level per Shard used on it on a person who is a recognised ally

Blinking at my new [Skill], I glance around to see no one seeming to have connected the sudden shield to me although from the glances of both Fleur and Rias I probably was caught by at least those two and Bellatrix if her discrete smirk is anything to go at.

As Bagman starts preceding's again much to the anger of the crowd as the Veelas' left and I cancelled my [Skill], I took a quick moment to work out the limits of my [Aegis Shield]. It looks like max capabilities of a single 'shard' is 1,105.65m2, 110,565kg, ATK: 110,565 and DUR: 221130 - that regens 2211/min - which honestly is really overpowered especially as my current INT is sitting at 7371 between my passives and [Ring of Vampiric Power]. It's a bit annoying to lose [Light Ferry] but this is double the strength and each shard can increase the effect even further although my real annoyance is directed at the fact I could have got this near the start of things if I'd just created a shield [Skill] during the first time I fought the Slime Titan.


The match turned out to be rather exciting despite knowing the end score although I could track the match with my [Byakugan] and used the [Omnoculars] more to track the snitch for my own amusement and test out what it could do. I'd also kept an eye on the 'cloaked' form of Crouch junior and Winky as I wanted to make sure he didn't get away while also letting the tip of a false wand I'd enchanted stick out from a pocket.

I'd also caught Fleur and Rias glancing at me and whispering about how powerful my magic feels and how I didn't react at all to the Veela cheerleaders which seems to fit with the relationship screens that had perked up after their first attempt and the one I'd gotten from Rias once they had started chatting.

Leaning back on the camp chair I as sitting on, I smirk at hearing and seeing Ron's little speech about Krum in the movie with Fred and George chanting as they circled him while the others chuckled and I prepared for the fight to come while sitting outside and drinking a butterbeer with the adults and Bellatrix now that the youngsters were all asleep.

There wasn't much to prepare outside of making sure I had [Sage] as my second [Class] for boost to all my magic although I only intended to mainly use [Holy Light Magic] and [Aegis Shield] against them.

"The Irish seem to be enjoying their victory." Sirius spoke with a grin, a glass of fire-whiskey in his hand as a gout of flames went into the air before screams followed and the sound of an explosion filled the air.

"A riot? The Bulgarians must not be happy about losing..." Bill spoke up surprised and confused.

"That's not rioters..." Remus spoke concerned as he spotted the family being floated above the Death Eaters' heads.

"I think they are heading this way." I commented as I get to my feet and activate my [Lucky Hour Perk] as Arthur, Charlie, Percy and Bellatrix getting to their feet.

"We need to get the kids out of here." Arthur spoke concerned, heading into his family tent while Remus moved to the other one.

"Bellatrix, can you go with them for safety's sake." I spoke up, getting a nod from her although the look in her eyes and emotions told me I would have to make it up to her later.

"You should go as well." Sirius spoke with concern as I shook my head and countered.

"I'm a capable healer so I should stick around and make sure I can save lives here."

"What's happening?" Harry asked concerned as he, the Weasleys and Hermione came out of the two tents. The explanation was rather hurried as screams and cries for help filled the air along with flames, flashes of light and explosions.

"That's my cue." I spoke as I broke into a run towards the nearest screaming person - a man with a large laceration across his chest. A quick [Scan] and [Cura] later fixed that and I ducked between two tall tents before apparting skywards so I can don my disguise as I had both my [Status] and [Equipment] screens already open and enough practice with [Limited Shapeshifting] to perform the physical change easily.

Hovering in the air on twelve golden wings, I transfigure my armour to be the same as when I'd gone after Grindelwald before diving out of the sky with my enhanced eyes tracking both the group of Death Eaters and the cloaked Barty Junior.

Landing before the group, I fuel [Holy Light Magic] into [Aegis Shield] and summon the golden shards in a curved shield in front of me to block the dark blasting spell easily with one shard.

"What are you, filthy creature?" One drunkenly blurted out with a snarl which I recognised as Lucius Malfoy and confirmed with my [Byakugan].

"...'filthy creature'. I am here to deliver judgement on you villainous heathens." I retorted before firing the other 'shards' after shaping them to be corkscrew shaped spears as more dark spells impacted my shield.

The wizards quickly switched to casting shields only for my 'spears' to easily pierce through them before killing three, including Malfoy, while the others threw themselves to the sides and leaving me to easily catch the muggles with my [Telekinesis] and start to float them over towards the Aurors as I recalled my shards and sent them flying after the rest who was starting to pepper my barrier with magic.

They fell easily to my shards as I reshaped them in flight to various weapons as I walked towards the fearful magicals and soon leading to them all on the ground in various severity of injuries.

Scanning the whole campsite again to make sure I hadn't missed any of these 'rioters', I disappear in a burst of speed and flap of wings to rocket towards where Barty Junior was. A quick pair of [Sleep] spells knock him and Winky out before I grab him by the front of his shirt and sling him over my shoulder after liberating the wand he'd stolen from Ron and apparated back to the Death Eaters to wait for the arrival of Aurors and Ministry workers.


"Put that man down creature!" One Auror shouted venomously, pointing his wand threateningly at me as I silently sighed and turned to face him and his partner.

"I'll only put him down when your boss is here as they'll find this man interesting." I countered with a smirk at spotting the approaching Crouch senior with Madam Bones along with a group of others.

The pair of Aurors shared a look before starting to cast stunners, hoping to distract me for the pair behind me only for my [Holy Light Magic] enhanced [Aegis Shield] to form a spherical barrier around me to stop being hit.

"What's going on here?" Madam Bones demanded as she arrived on the scene.

"Director, this... thing won't surrender to us." The man who had started this incident explained.

"I have a name Auror Rowle, you were just eager on getting revenge for me putting down this sinful rioters." I retorted coolly, drawing gazes towards me as I added "And this sinner with me here has been hiding too long."

Dropping my shield, I use [Telekinesis] to float Barty Junior's body in front of me drawing shocked looks and blubbering from his father as Madam Bones "Barty Crouch Junior."

"That can't be him he died in Azkaban." She snapped her head to Crouch Senior's instant lie in the next moment before I hit junior with [Waken] so he could damn himself.

"Come to taunt me again, father." Junior rasped before he opened his eyes, drawing attention of the group as he cackled "Oh, this is brilliant... The truth comes out!"

"Restrain Director Crouch." Madam Bones ordered, two Aurors grabbing the man's arms before she turned to the floating junior and asked with a frown "Bartemious Crouch Junior, how are you still alive?"

"What makes you think I will tell you?" He spat back with a smirk.

"Thank you for bringing this to light..." Madam Bones started,

"Castiel." I answered simply drawing a nod from the woman as she continued

"Castiel. I'll ensure he and his father face justice if you release the son into my custody."

With a nod, I move Crouch junior towards a pair of Aurors before ending my [Telekinesis] and turning to Mr. Weasley and pulling Ron's wand as I added "This, I believe, is your son's. That sinner had intended to use it for his own ends."

"Thank you." Mr. Weasley spoke as I floated the wand to him.

"Madam Bones, what about these upstanding wizards he's killed?" Rowle asked shocked, pointing accusingly at me.

A quick use of [Telekinesis] had all of the bodies' left sleeves pulled up to reveal the Dark Mark on each of them as I spoke "These sinners were attacking people, both magical and muggle alike, and using dark magic to do so. If you wish to rebuke my words then first check the history of spells their wands have. There souls have also been tainted by the blood of many before this so do not presume you can interfere with divine justice."

As a show of force, I conjure over fifty [Light Spears] in the air around me. I don't intend to use them but this 'Archangel' persona I'm using for now has to show he's leagues beyond the average magical to dissuade any attempt at capturing or fighting me. The fact I'm not wearing my [Foci Rings] either should muddy my 'magical signature' so they won't be able to connect me with the 'Lord of Blacks' and healer which is my normal personality.

"I take it that they used dark magic against you?" Madam Bones asks with a stoic gaze as I nodded.

"That is correct. Even before I could voice a demand for them to desist." I answered simply, getting a nod from Madam Bones.

"Its self-defence then." She answered, much to the protests of a few others before she barked "Anyone has a problem with that will be put on Azkaban duty for the next month."

The protestors sullenly gave in and I dismissed the [Light Spears] before taking to the air with a single flap of my wings and disappearing into the distance where I apparated away.


Changing back to the normal clothes and using [Performer] to remove the persona I'd adopted to avoid anyone getting any ideas that it was me at work I let out a sigh as I turn to check the [Log] with regards to the one sided fight with the Death Eaters.

You have defeated [Death Eater] x7 and [Inner Circle Death Eater] x1!
You have gained 9750EXP! (13,000EXP)
[Sage] has levelled up! 10 =} 11
You have gained +4 INT and +4 WIS!

It looks like Lucius counted as a separate sort of enemy compared to the rest of the mooks and probably worth more EXP in that regard. I'd rather not bother looking at the Loot either for the moment as I'm currently switching back to my normal clothes and [Race] while healing up a couple people who was still injured around to validate my alibi and levitating others behind me as I walked towards the meeting spot.

[Challenge Quest: Reveal the Barts](Complete!)
Objective: Expose Barty Crouch Snr and Jr to the DMLE!
Reward: [Curse Magic] +3 Levels

This [Challenge Quest] I should have seen coming honestly as its an obvious difference I imagine most people in my place would do, even if its not in the 'flashy manner' I did it in.

"Can I have some help here?" I called, seeing some of the healers jump into action as I put the people I'd brought with me down onto some conjured beds.

"I managed to heal most of their injuries but a few need some more work." I explained to one of the healers before they could ask and cast a few [White Magick] spells to help out before leaving to find the others.


(Day 82: Monday 19th August 1993)

I grin at seeing the two screens in front of me, pleased to see what had occurred once I'd gotten them to Level 100.

[Self Regeneration - Gamer Edition] has evolved into...
[Ultraspeed Regeneration - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: The evolved form of [Self Regeneration], [Ultraspeed Regeneration] increases the speed that the user's damaged body is regenerated and further bolster's the user's life force. Both increasing in power as this [Skill] levels up.
-Passively increase HP/SP per END by 5 x Skill Level
-Passively increase HP/SP Regen by 5% x Skill Level

[Mana Generator] has evolved into...
[Mana Reactor] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: The evolved form of [Mana Generator], [Mana Reactor] increases the speed that the user's Mana is generated as well as increasing their reserves. Both increasing in power as this [Skill] levels up.
-Passively increase MP per INT by 5 x Skill Level
-Passively increase MP Regen by 5% x Skill Level

The only downside is the sudden drop in my HP, MP and SP as well as my Regens but given my stats its not going to be much of an issue and I can spend the time to easily work on these new [Skills] to get it up to at least give me somewhat the same amount as before by just getting them to Level 20.

"Are you alright?" Bellatrix quietly asked as she leant against me, "Your 'magic aura' really dropped just now."

"I'm fine, Bellatrix, its just an upgrade, I suppose, and it'll come back better and stronger soon enough." I answered with a reassuring smile, getting a nod from her. I wonder if I can teach others the more invisible [Skills] I have...? After all, Bellatrix would probably love the ability to increase her magic by using it constantly.

Turning my focus back onto Sirius as we eat breakfast, I watch his face as he reads the article about the World Cup. From what I had read it mainly focused on the result of the match and the fact Barty Jnr is alive due to his Snr although there is mention of a 'winged magical' dealing with rioters dressed as Death Eaters although no mention of them dying which makes me think the Ministry wanted to avoid scaring people about someone going around killing people. There's not much else about Barty Jnr and Snr in it but Skeeter's written it as if she'd have the scoop once the Aurors are done with their investigations.

"I can't believe that man..." Sirius muttered with a scowl, "Crouch went along with putting me in prison without a trial and yet he goes and saves his own son after he's been convicted. They should pump them both with truth potion and dicta-quill their answers as they rip every dark secret from them."

"I imagine they'll set things right, Father, just give Madam Bones time." I speak up, drawing his gaze as I add "After all, given the good press I've caused for Fudge he's going to want this done right to avoid me stepping in. They'll also have to put at least senior on trial as well."

Sirius nods after a moment of thought before smiling at the idea of the older Crouch being put on trial.

Glancing to Harry, I smiled at seeing him talking to Hermione - who had decided to stay with us to give the Weasleys a bit more space with Bill and Charlie staying for a few days before going back to their jobs.

Finishing my food, I head to my bedroom and start pulling out a few [Ragged Cloths] so I can make a start on attempting to craft something that I can later [Enchant] as I need to get the latter to allow me to make [Adept] level enchantments so I can put the right ones on my [Slime Bracelet]. Plus, [Tailoring] is going to be easier to do on the fly then [Blacksmithing] even if I have the equipment.

I start by hitting the [Ragged Cloths] with [Clean] and [Repair] spells first fix them up before hitting them with a [Transmute] to turn them into a [Bolt of Fabric] to up the quality of the [Material] I'll be using. Next I use [Telekinesis] to spread out the bolt and with the aid of my [Mystic Eyes] I use a shard of [Aegis Shield] to cut out the shapes I need for the clothing I intend to make. Hopefully this counts as EXP for [Tailoring] as this would make it a lot easier with my magic.

The next part is equally delicate as cutting the shapes out as I take the [Mystic Needle] out and use [Telekinesis] to guide to its movements even as I feed MP into it to make the thread and start stitching the parts together and resulting in me having a rather simple grey pair of boxers.

The next step is rather easy: enchanting them for use and once I've done that this is what I've got.

[Boxers of Training] DEF: 5/DUR: 25/25
Description: A pair of grey boxers made and enchanted by the [Gamer: Kichirou]. They have been enchanted to repair and clean themselves and allow them to gain experience quicker.
-[Self-Clean (Apprentice)]
Keeps item perfectly clean at all times
-[Self-Repair (Apprentice)]
Restores 2 DUR every minute
-[EXP Booster (Apprentice)]
Increase all EXP gains by 22%

Yeah, I think these will be pretty useful and they'll always be in effect as long as I make sure they're clean although once I get [Enchant] up to Level 30 I can then add an [Aura Boost] enchantment to give me another small boost that would be near permanent.

Using the [Inventory] to don them, I store away the remaining scraps and [Mystic Needle] before setting some clothes aside in it so I could work on enchanting some more later and come up with some more ideas for other clothes to make although I may as well see what the others are doing first.


(Day 86: Friday 23rd August 1993)

Appearing in the bare throne room of the [Troll ID], I look around for the entrance to the next part of the [ID] only to see a large slab of wall drop out of sight to reveal some sort of crude lift system with a dented metal plate held aloft by thick chains that secured the corners. It doesn't looks very stable but I suppose it will have to do and if it does break I can always use [Telekinesis] or my [Fallen Angel] wings to descend safely.

Standing on it, there was sound of clunky gears moving before it started to go down and leaving me time to skim through my [Log].

Since Monday, I had focused more on my [Skills] and crafting then using the [IDs] as I want to start be able to make things for the girls to give them better protection in their clothing. I'd made at least a dozen different pieces of clothing although I hadn't worked out how to properly dye them so were all in the grey that was my [Ragged Cloth] but it had at least resulted in me getting [Tailoring] to Level 10. I'd also worked on [Enchant] and managed to get it to Level 40 so I can use [Adept] level enchantments which allowed me to finish the project I had worked on earlier today.

[Slime Guard] DEF: 15/DUR: 50/50
Description: A special slime created by [Gamer: Kichirou] that can alter itself based on the wearer's wishes, repair itself, boosts all areas of the wearer and aid in increasing healing and recovery.
-[Shift Form (Adept)]
Allows this to take the form of any clothing or accessory including under- and footwear
-[Self-Repair (Adept)]
Restores 3 DUR every minute
-[Aura Boost (Adept)]
Increase all stats by 33%
-[Regen Boost (Adept)]
Increase all Regens by 33%

Unlike Bellatrix's [Regal Dresser-Slime] - which I'll have to upgrade later - my [Slime Guard] is shifted to be a bodysuit underneath my clothing to help without having to worry about making it resemble a whole outfit like she does. Plus it means I can stack my boosts some more with my normal armour on top.

The experience from [Enchant] had also got me enough EXP to get [Red Mage] to hit Level 14, thanks in some part from my [Boxers of Training]. Other [Skills] I'd worked on had been [Moderate Extra Reserve], [Ultraspeed Regeneration] and [Mana Reactor] getting the former to 25 and the last two to Level 10. I'd also got [Aegis Shield] to Level 20 and got [Psionics] to Level 60.

Oh yeah, I should get to work on seeing if [Runesmith] will lead to a 'warding' [Class] or something so should use it for my second [Class] now. Plus I can use the EXP from [Rune Magic] to give it a good head start on levelling it.

[Runesmith] has levelled up x7! 1 =} 8
You have gained +14 DEX, +21 INT and +14 WIS!

Grinning at seeing how much of an effect the EXP had on my new [Class], I summon a [Angel Sword] to try out. It was a bastard sword with a white metal blade with a gold cross guard in the form of angel's wings which curved around the blue gem at the centre. The grip was white with gold thread wrapped around it and the pommel was a smooth, gold dome.

Spinning the sword once to adjust to the longer reach of the blade, I took a ready stance as a briefly expanded the range of my [Byakugan] to allowed me to spot the approaching exit for this lift. I'd set it around twenty metres so I can see what's going on while also having a bit of surprise left over.

Once the lift stopped, I stepped out to find myself in a massive hall-like cave with stone pillars propping up the ceiling which reminds me of how the [Mines of Moria] looked in the [Lord of the Rings] movies although there was sconces on the walls lit to provide a low level of light to the whole place.

At the edge of my vision I could see seven feet tall, bulky warriors that looked like Trolls in some regards but had brownish, blotted skin and knife-like ears like Goblins. Each was dressed in a few pieces of armour that made them look like barbarians and held a crude looking sword that looked more like a large bits of metal beaten into the rough shape of one.

After a few steps, the stone wall closed behind me with a loud thud and then the mini-trolls charged forwards like a horde of goblins as I used my [Mystic Eyes] on one of the leaders.

Level 15
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 1800/1800
MP: 0/0
Bio: A magically created chimera of Goblin and Troll, a Gob-Troll is the experimental foot soldiers of ?. They have the viciousness of both but lack the brains of complex strategies.

Right... So I'm looking at experiments made by some mad individual to build the starts of a 'Troll army'? The question mark must be for the boss of this level of the [ID] although I imagine the 'creator' of this sort of cannon-fodder would be the boss of the last version then a mid-level boss.

Swinging my sword, I lopped several heads off of the [Gob-Trolls] closest to me from the first group that charged before having to parry another slash aimed at me by the remainder of the group, even while more groups appeared at the edge of my vision. It looks like this [ID] is even more of a swarm type then the first [Angel ID] and definitely geared towards physical fighters although myself back at that their level would have probably needed to rely on both [Battle Tech] and [Green Magick] to strengthen myself enough to match them and I'd need one of my strongest [Sword Forms] or even others to help me.

The current me though has an easy time cutting through them and my only concern is my [Angel Sword] breaking.


Taking a slow breathe I sheath the [Angel Sword] on my back as I push open the large wooden door and enter what looks to be some sort of dusty forge which had well-worn tools and scraps of metals around. Most of the things here would be useful for my [Blacksmith's Portable Station], although I haven't brought it out to see what comes with it, and I quickly store away in my [Inventory].

The important find though was two books. The first held the basics on making various weapons using metals which will be useful as while [Smithing] gave me the basic knowledge of how to do it, I would still need to learn how some weapons were made as there was only so far you could go with just hammering metal into a shape.

The second one explained about making alloys by mixing metals and even making magical versions and even listed recipes for making most of the common ones. Most of the magical metals listed needed [Mana Crystals] of various elements like those I had picked up from the first [Slime ID] and would be a good project to work on while at Hogwarts as it would allow me to expand my [Legendary Sword Blacksmith's] arsenal and even lead to making weapons for others.

Leaving the room, I head to the near identical room on the other side and loot the tools from the second forge room although this one had tools for gem crafting from the book I found which leads to this place having been home to Dwarves or crafters before being taken over by whatever made the [Gob-Trolls]. No sign of gemstones though so they were probably taken or there hadn't been any left to begin with.

The other rooms off the corridor were bedrooms and messed up that only scraps was left over as even the metal frame beds were broken up or twisted out of shape.

Heading back to the main 'hall' of the [ID], I unsheathe my sword as another 'squad' of [Gob-Trolls] came rushing forwards for me to deal with.


As I reached the halfway point of the hall, I ducked behind a pillar to avoid a dozen quick fire rounds of mana from hitting me before turning my focus to the Troll that had shot it at me. At first glance it was a small Troll of a similar size as the [Gob-Troll] but had jagged crystal sticking out of its arms. Luckily, my [Mystic Eyes] had more to explain about what I'm facing now.

Troll Mage
Level 18
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 1500/1500
MP: 1000/1000
Bio: A normal Troll that has been experimented on to grant it magic only for it to develop magic from the implanted [Mana Crystals] in its body. It can only fire simple blasts due to its lack of intelligence.

Definitely dealing with a 'mad scientist' type and a half-decent one if they can give Trolls magic...

Dashing out, I slash the [Troll Mage] in half with a single swing before having to dodge another mage's attack. The group of fifteen was easy to take out though in the end as they seemed to shy away from using their bulk up close.

The double doors behind them consisted of thick metal that made it seem like somewhere secure it behind them or they were made to keep something out given the lack of visible locks. I get the feelings its a Boss room as well cause from what I see with my [Byakugan] the insides looks to be some sort of coliseum.

Pushing the doors open with a blast of [Telekinesis], I head inside at a steady pace while looking for what the boss could be while moving towards the door on the opposite side of the room. When the stone was replaced by sand under my feet, I paused as the doors behind me swung shut of their own accord.

A slow clap drew my focus to a floating crystal ball near the middle of the ceiling before a distorted voice spoke up "Welcome invader. You have allowed me to test my experiments thoroughly despite how quickly they fell to your blade but this shall be your tomb as you face the magnus opus of my work! Come Alpha-X-37, destroy this fool!"

The metal grating to the left quickly dropped so a large Troll could lumber into the room, it looks larger then even the normal ones and possibly could even be half-Giant as it was nearly fifteen feet tall. One arm had the similar [Mana Crystals] included like the [Troll Mages] had while the other was clad in armour with the hand replaced by a spiked ball and more armour covered most of its body.

Troll Experiment: Alpha-X37
Level 30
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 20000/20000
MP: 7500/7500
Bio: A Troll that has been experimented on by ? to grant it magic. It's also been bred to have a giant's tougher skin and strength to make it a more formidable weapon.

RIght... I think I'm going to need a stronger sword for this one or at least use [Aegis Shield] to enhance my own.

Opting for the latter, I activate [Aegis Shield] and wrap ten of the shards around my [Angel Sword] and giving it a 3000% boost while the remaining five shards spread out to block the barrage of mana bullets shot at me.

Leaping forwards, I decide to end this with one strike as I go for a gap in the armour around the neck before I land with a slid on my feet behind the Boss which seconds later loses its head before its body shattered into pixels.

You have defeated [Gob-Troll]x120, [Troll Mage]x15 and [Troll Experiment: Alpha-X37]!
You have gained 210900EXP! (258400EXP)
You have levelled up x3! 85 =} 88
You have gained 15 Stat Points!
[Red Mage] has levelled up x4! 14 =} 18
You have gained +4 to all stats
[Runesmith] has levelled up x6! 8 =} 14
You have gained 12 DEX, 18 INT and 12 WIS!

Ignoring the rest of the screen, I turn to the other one that had popped into view with a smile.

For reaching 500 WIS, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Wisdom of the Grand Caster] (Passive)
Description: You have wisdom on par with a Grand Caster, being able to help others and yourself get stronger at a faster rate.
-Increase all EXP by 50%
-Increase all EXP for Party Members by 75%

That's going to be useful for me as it means with [Sorcerer's Wisdom Perk] I can double the EXP others training with me and for someone like Bellatrix that's going to be impressive power boost. Another 50% boost to myself is going to be very helpful in the future.

I think I'll go have a peek at the next level before heading back so I can see what I'm up against next here.

Heading towards the door on the opposite side, I blast them open with my [Telekinesis] and walk out into a similar hall-like corridor from before the Boss room although the enemies looked more like Trolls in metal armour and underneath that they had brown, scaled skin and webbed hands and feet.

Battle Troll
Level 20
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 2500/2500
MP: 0/0
Bio: A normal Troll that has been enhanced with Lizardman and Orc powers so that its skin and muscles are as strong as iron and fast moving before donning iron armour to further protect them. They are considered the elite troops of the ? army.

Serious...? This guy is taking inspiration from the Orc army's powers from [Tensura] now. I mean Lizardmen in that series are fast type while the Orcs are strong type. Still I wouldn't expect they would put up much of a fight against the current me but they probably have a decent resistance to magic and physical attacks that should make them harder for when I was back at that level.

Actually, maybe this enemy could be useful beyond the EXP. I mean if I can use my [Mystic Eyes] to understand how that guy hybridized Trolls in such a good way I can take another step of progress in my own project to combine [Races] for the girls to become stronger and be able to live as long as myself.

But I suppose I should hold off on properly scanning the [Battle Trolls] till next time as my [Mystic Eyes] probably need more time to understand the aspects about genetic manipulation used so I can get better with my [Metamorphosis Magic].

Nodding to myself, I leave the [ID] so I can get some sleep as tomorrow would be the shopping trip for Harry, Bellatrix and I with regards to our Hogwarts letters which had came this morning. It had been odd that they'd sent me one without much issue to my transfer but I guess they got my transcripts from Mahoutokoro without any problems.