Sorry for the wait but got stuck in a couple parts while writing. The short lemon was one of them although its turned into more of a 'moment of lust'.

I do also add in the Anodite Race card in this one and I think I've gotten the bonuses it grants right with a bit of help.

There's also the completing of his quest to finish off Voldemort so he's now free to travel again although I figure he might hold off on doing so just to complete his year at Hogwarts. Also there is a big time-skip in the middle to get things moving straight to the tournament start and I will point out now that beyond the little bit Maxime shows I don't intend to even attempt writing a French or Bulgarian accent so its easier to assume those that should do have them.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like the Control Arts Restriction System given it weakens Kichirou and he's willingly holding it at its top level but he won't always have it at that setting as some future worlds he'll use a lower setting or not at all if things get too dangerous but at the moment its mainly to keep his stats around 'human level'. As for what happens when they release I imagine magic circles get involved when he does unlock his power. The main reason he gets away with it is that 'magic sense' is a rare ability amongst witches and wizards and even detections attached to things like Moody's magic eye is probably geared towards picking up magic enchantments on things then the level of magic people hold.

Anyway hope you enjoy the chapter.

Note: Apologies, I didn't realise when I was writing OWLs and NEWTs with full stops in between them that half of it was going missing.

(Day 100: Friday 6th September 1993)

Waiting as the others hurried out of the class, I give Bellatrix a reassuring smile before approaching the desk Moody was sat at as he spoke "Mr Black, something you want to talk about?"

"Yes Professor. I've recently come across a [White Magick] spell that allows me to restore a person's limb to full working order." I started to explain, getting a surprised look from Moody's good eye.

"You want to use this magic on me to regrow my leg?" Moody asked surprised as I nodded. He responded with a smirk as he nodded "Heh, why not. Getting my leg back would help me a lot and as long as you're not going heal anything else."

"I wouldn't heal your eye given the advantage your magical one gives you or anything else without your consent." I replied, "I figured it was best to ask today as it gives you the weekend to adjust to having it back again."

"I'll let Pomfrey know about it." Moody spoke with a nod, "Come to the Infirmary after dinner and I'll be happy to be your guinea pig for this spell."

"Yes Professor." I replied with a smile and a nod before leaving the classroom and meeting up with Bellatrix who was waiting outside.

"What was that about?" Bellatrix asked curiously.

"I just offered to try a spell on him which should restore his missing leg." I answered with a smile, getting a nod from Bellatrix as she sighed.

"Well, he'll be pleased to have it back." She commented, readjusting her bag as she added "I'm still surprised he went with putting us through Auror accuracy drills for the latter half of today's lessons."

Heading towards the great hall and trailing behind some of the slower classmates, I easily point out, "It makes sense seeing that beyond you, me and a few others very few managed to get close to hitting Moody during the test spars or the target practice he set up for the first half."

"Also, I can't believe that grease-ball tried to break your potion vial and claim it was an accident." Bellatrix spoke with a scowl as I shrugged nonchalantly about Snape.

"The man-child thinks he can do such things cause Dumbledore covers for him and I had a feeling he would try something like that so I charmed the vials unbreakable and got a vial of it myself just in case." I explained simply, "The man obviously hasn't read the guidelines about the NEWTs. either if he thinks using accidents to give me poor grades is going to make me fail. Classwork is only worth 20 to 25 percent of the whole thing and the exam is the important part. Sure his piss poor teaching would affect most people's grades but self-studying and practice can counter that. Plus my work last year at Mahoutokoro would easily counter anything he tries to do to lower my chance to pass."

"He also doesn't realise that if he managed to kick me out of his lesson it doesn't stop me from taking the exam and just gives me more time to learn the right things. That's not to mention that I could use my political power and the statements from most of the students about how he teaches and have the education department to have him investigated and sacked regardless of what strings are pulled." I added, looking knowingly at the man in the portraits that had been following us along as we spoke, "After all, there's no defence Dumbledore can muster up to explain the drop in Potion NEWTs and Potion Masters in the country since Snape took the post."

"Are we being followed?" Bellatrix asked with a frown at having caught the man in the portrait shift uncomfortably before leaving.

"More like I am although I suppose its more cause I healed Harry's scar and the waves I've been making." I answered with a shrug, "He'll probably show up to see me heal Moody depending on how much the painting heard from me."

Lapsing into a comfortable silence for the last part of the walk to the great hall for lunch, I ponder over this morning and the previous day. I'd made more progress with the [Ancient Gear City ID] and found out the four enemies who roamed around there from weakest to strongest: [Ancient Gear Cannon], [Ancient Gear Hunting Hound], [Ancient Gear Soldier] and [Ancient Gear Knight]. I'd also managed to level up both [White Mage] and [Paladin] getting them to Level 31 and Level 13 respectively and leading me to unlocking a new [Class] with the former.

[Devout]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that focuses on overpowering enemies with magicks.
-Passively increase magical healing by 10%
-Passively reduce cost of magic/[Skills] by 10%
Grants +2 INT, +4 WIS and +2 CHA per Level
Grants [Skill]: [Overcharge]

This one seems to fit with both [Magus] and [Mystic] as having a spell enhancer [Skill]. It would be interesting to see if training those two with this one will help me unlock a [Class] with a proper 'spell modification' [Skill] or magic to work with.

I'd also got a level in [Pumba], [Ambidextrous], [Gandalfr] and [Blut] from that training and a level in [Byakugan] and five levels for [Divination] from watching the couple of classes yesterday and this morning.

I'd also got [Palutena's Bow] to Level 48 and [Excalibur Blessing] to Level 53 through using their [Fusion Sword] and had also took the time to reform [Palutena's Blessed Excali-Bow] to take advantage of its much stronger base forms and newer abilities which made it a monster in damage dealing now.

Entering the great hall, the pair of us moved to take seats at the Ravenclaw table next to Luna to see how she was doing.


Stepping into the infirmary after dinner, I resist the urge to roll my eyes at seeing Dumbledore here with Moody and Pomfrey as the former spoke, "I hope its not a bother, Lord Black, but I was curious to see this 'White Magic' at work."

"That's fine." I replied with a nod, switching from [Byakugan] to [Mystic Eyes] for just long enough to give Dumbledore a brief scan to see if he had any magic on him which turns out to be only his glasses which has a 'Mage Sight' spell attached to them along with a more standard self-cleaning one and one to adjust the lens for his sight.

Albus Dumbledore
Level 50
Race: Wizard
HP: 5,000/5,000
MP: 20,000/20,000
Bio: A half-blood of the Dumbledore House, Albus Dumbledore has multiple titles and roles despite his advanced age: The Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW and Leader of Light. He is planning for Voldemort's eventual return and wondering which side Kichirou falls on and if he can be convinced to help his altered plans due to curing Harry Potter's scar.
Emotions: Curiosity, intrigue

"Let's get on with this then." Moody retorted from where he was sitting on a bed with his false leg and trousers off and a sheet over his lap for modesty's sake.

"Just stay as still as you can. I'm not sure how this will work, Professor." I spoke to the ex-Auror, moving to the side of the bed and hit Moody with a [Scan].

Alastor Moody
HP: 7,500/7,500
MP: 15,000/15,000
Status Ailments: [Lost Lower Leg], [Multiple Cursed Scars], [Lost Eye]

I could probably cure his cursed scars as well but I should just focus on the leg for now and offer it later.

Holding both hands over the portion of leg Moody still has, I channel [Holy Light Magic] over my hands to put on more of a show for this before starting a long chant in Japanese just in case Dumbledore knows the language as well as shunting a small amount of my MP into [Moderate Extra Reserve] to make it look more magic intensive as well as converting more into my SP with [Drain Energy]. Moody's leg glowed with light the moment I cast the spell and spread down as the limb grew before our eyes, ending with forming the foot at which point the light started to peel away to reveal unblemished skin underneath of the perfectly fine lower leg and foot as I extinguished the light over my hands.

"Amazing." Madam Pomfrey spoke shocked as she looked over my work.

"Marvellous." Dumbledore added amazed while Moody gave a pleased grin as he wiggled his toes of his new foot.

Stepping back so both of them could get closer, Pomfrey waving her wand to cast diagnosis charms and Dumbledore could look over the limb, I took the moment to slip out of the room and head towards the dorms to crack open the [The Primordial Codex of Magic] for the first time.

I hadn't opened it before because while it gave me the chance to learn any sort of magic, the limit for both cool down and number of spells meant that there was a high chance for me to get either useless spells, things I'd already had covered with my other [Skills] or some of the darkest magic ever known than getting something useful and makes it seem much like the [Gacha] in that regard. There's also a good chance I could probably recreate some of them depending on how detailed the information I get is.

Using the couple of shortcuts that'd lead me to the Ravenclaw's Dorms turns a twenty minutes walk in half that time and the common room was fairly empty as my fellow students were either in the library, outside or somewhere else in the castle.

Settling on my bed, I pull the tome from my [Inventory] and cracked it open to a random page and watched as glowing lettering covered both pages. Skimming over the list of spells, it does look like they are all random as amongst them is the simplest one was called [Magic Missile] while one of the ominous ones was called [Curse Smog of Pestilence]. There was also [Troia] from [Fairy Tail] and [Icicle Shotgun] from [Tensura] but the former wasn't needed and the latter I could easily recreate with [Elemental Conjuration] later.

In the end, I grab a spell that will probably be useful even after I have a chance to copy Rias' [Power of Destruction] with [The End].

[Gehen] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: An off-shoot spell of [Reinforcement Magic], [Gehen] allows the user to use their mana to invade the weaknesses of a target to blow it apart from the inside.
-Allows the user to destroy both physical and magical targets on magic's contact
-Cost depends on target's DUR, Skill Level, INT and WIS

I imagine once I get the PoD this will become a Technique for it which will just make this stronger and I could even make a ranged version for taking out long ranged weapons used against me.

As for the Codex, it slammed shut the moment I'd learnt the spell, nearly taking my finger off, and I'd dropped it back into my [Inventory] just as the bed shifted as Bellatrix appeared from the shadow of the sheet against the mattress, pressing herself against my back with her arms draped over my shoulders.

"Hello Bella." I replied with a smile, glancing back to see her smirk sexily at me while wearing a simple silk blouse and a knee length black skirt of her uniform.

"It's been five days, milord." Bellatrix purred predatorily, trailing slow kisses and bites over my neck as she added annoyed, "And we've not been able to even get a quickie in cause of those self-entitled brats who think they can hit on me or those whores wanting information to help them plan to claim you."

"Well, I can't leave my lady wanting now, can I?" I replied, turning to meet Bellatrix's next kiss with a heated one of my own as we started to make out and moments later she had straddled my lap.

#Lemon Warning#

My hands slid over up to cup her pliable ass as she bucked against me as I cast [Touch of Pleasure] through my hands and slid one to stroke her thong clad sex. The resulting moans filled the air as she leant back for air, making me glad for setting up my room with [Silencing Charms]. More so when when I added [Phantom Hands] and [Enhance Feelings] to the mix and caused her to buck wildly against my hand.

Stripping both of us with magic, I jolt as her hand clamps onto my manhood and wonder if I'd taken things a bit too far. It soon fades though as Bella pulls my hand away and sheathed herself with a moan of "Yes!"

She wasted little time to start riding me, filling the air with moans and slaps of flesh that only grew as I added my thrusts into the mix. My grasped hand was pressed to her bosom to continue where my spell left off. Her hands grabbing my hair to pull me into hungry kisses.

"I'mma..." Bella started before letting out a loud moan as her inside tightened and finished dragging my own orgasm out shortly after her own.

We collapsed back onto the bed for a couple minutes to catch our break, Bella lying atop of me like a contented cat while her hips still grinded away.

#Lemon End#

"As much as I'd like to keep you in my bed and pleasuring you, I do have something else to do tonight." I spoke up with a smile, getting a disappointed look from her before I added, "Although I'm sure you can help me with taking down a recovering Dark Lord."

"You know where Voldemort is...?" Bellatrix asked with a hum which soon changed into a smirk, "Alright, I want to see this 'Lord' that I would have met if not for you."


"We are definitely using this place more." Bellatrix commented as she looked around the Room of Lost Things after I'd explained what I know of it.

"I figured I'd sort all this stuff out first and use what I can before introducing it to you and some of it is probably dangerous." I replied, watching her take the lead as she wandered amongst the stacks. I'd only managed to clear out a quarter of the whole room since I started but I'd managed to grab more useful things if only for materials for future ideas.

"So why are we here first?" Bellatrix asked, glancing back at me for a moment, "Unless this place has a quick way to get out we could have just used your phoenix form to get out."

"Voldemort used various dark rituals to empower himself, one of them he kept doing was to anchor himself to life by storing a portion of his soul into an object. One of them is somewhere in here, if I'm reading the reason they've had such trouble with having a teacher last more than one year for DADA right." I answered with a frown.

"That is insane... To split your soul is to divide your power. Sure you're magic recovers over time but its never going to be at its full strength with only half of your soul in you." Bellatrix explained with a scowl, "With even less than that... Well, its a surprise he managed to last as long as he did."

"Probably cause of his reliance on the Unforgivables and having his groupies being able to use them." I pointed out, nodding to myself as I added "This way."

Turning to the left and towards the broken [Vanishing Cabinet], Bellatrix turned to follow me while looking over some of the jewellery, books and furniture on the way.

"Here it is. Huh, the lost [Diadem of Ravenclaw]." I spoke, adding some surprise as I stopped a few feet away from the diadem and the bust it sat upon.

"How could he find that and corrupt it with such dark magic?" Bellatrix spoke with a frown as she stopped next to me.

[Compulsion Charm] averted by [Gamer's Mind]

"You should stay back so the [Compulsion Charm] doesn't affect you." I spoke as I took a step forwards, activating my [Rinnegan] and preparing both [Preta Path] and [Human Path] while stopping [Byakugan] so I could scan the diadem with my [Mystic Eyes] and find along with the Horcrux was a [Bone Breaker Curse] which would only activate on someone trying to wear it.

After my next step I stopped as the Grey Lady rose through the floor in front of the diadem before speaking softly "No..."

"Milady..." I replied, surprised to see her as I'd not thought any of the ghosts would step in.

"Please do not destroy it..." The Grey Lady added sombrely.

"You must have sensed how its power has been perverted, milady." I replied with a frown, "I can undo what Tom Riddle did to your mother's diadem but you need to let me touch it."

"Her mother...?" Bellatrix asked before blinking in surprise, "She's Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter?"

"How? How do you know that?" The Grey Lady asked shocked, regarding me with a surprised look.

"Who but the daughter who stole the Diadem would know the location of it for someone else to find?" I countered with a question of my own, earning a thoughtful look from her.

"A true Ravenclaw response..." She replied with a single nod.

+10 Reputation for Helena Ravenclaw [25/100] (for showing yourself worthy of being in her House)

"And Tom Riddle?" Helena asked curiously.

"Another Horcrux he made explained his true name to Harry during his second year here. And he told me about it." I answered with a knowing look, causing her to look away.

"And you can destroy the Horcrux and curse without affecting the Diadem...?" Helena asked slowly, glancing to see me nod.

"After that, it's up to you what I do with it." I added, getting a nod from Helena as she floated to the side so I could approach the Diadem once more.

Cleansing the Diadem took only a few moments and got Helena staring at me with amazement while Bellatrix smirked as she retorted to the unasked question, "He's just that good."

With that one I just need to head over to Riddle Manor to take out Riddle and the fragment from Nagini. Hopefully, despite not getting to Crouch junior, Voldemort is still planning to use the Triwizard for his return so he would have stayed there. I mean its technically still possible with Wormtail, although I doubt he's powerful enough to mess with the Goblet of Fire, but would be more risky with Moody here. I suppose its possible that they went to another 'former' Death Eater for help but if they still use Riddle Manor as a home base then I can catch them off guard and only have to pull a few all-nighters when the Goblet is revealed to ensure any meddlers are caught.

"I think my mother would be honoured if you kept the Diadem for yourself." Helena spoke as she looked at me just as I was going to put the diadem back onto the bust.

"Alright." I spoke with a nod, slipping it into my [Inventory] by using one of my pockets as a cover.

"Bellatrix, we need to get going." I spoke up, catching her smile grow as she approached me.

"Where are you going?" Helena asked curiously.

"We're going to stop Riddle before he can become a problem." Bellatrix simply answered before I turned into my [Phoenix Form] to apparate us both away in a burst of flame.


Appearing in the graveyard, the two of us look around for a moment before checking the [Disillusionment Charm] on ourselves to avoid being caught. I had apparated us to the outskirts of the village to begin with to avoid being caught surprised and allow me to use my [Byakugan] over the whole village after returning to my human form.

It seems like luck is on my side tonight as Nagini is making her way into the graveyard looking for something to eat so I can take care of her first. Pettigrew is in the house with Voldemort preparing some sort of drink for the latter so I can get both of them soon after and properly tie up any plot against Harry this year.

"I suppose this is a smart place to hide. No one would expect a Dark Lord to decide to stay in a Muggle village." Bellatrix commented as she looked around.

"True." I replied as I focused on the approaching Nagini as I added "Get ready to help me stun a big snake."

Bellatrix nodded as she palmed her wand, turning her gaze in the direction I was looking as I rose a hand to aim. I'm not sure if the two of us can stun Nagini given the effect the Horcrux probably had on her but it should give me the chance to grab her with my [Telekinesis] when she inevitably tries to lunge at us.

"There." I snapped, firing off a [Multicast] enhanced [Stupefy] to send six spells flying at where Nagini was. Only three stuck true and seemed to slow her down, even with the help of Bellatrix's spell, before she hissed and lunged.

Grabbing Nagini with my [Telekinesis], I stop her before she could bite onto me before speaking in [Parseltongue], "Behave and I'll cure you fully, miss."

Nagini stopped resisting against my [Telekinesis] at hearing that, her eyes locked onto mine as I swapped over to have both my [Rinnegan] and [Mystic Eyes] active so I could find the source of the Horcrux on her serpentine body. Finding the soul shard was harder than with Harry seeing as she was made on purpose to be a Horcrux but my [Mystic Eyes] help me distinguish between the two souls easier and also alert me to some of the magic on her. My [Preta Path] ends up absorbing two [Monitoring Charms] and a [Tracker Charm] before I switch over to use the [Human Path] to pull out last Horcrux and absorb its memories.

Curing Nagini after that was easily enough with a [Cursna] to get rid of the [Maledictus Curse] and loosening my telekinetic grasp on her enough so the [Animagus Reversal] spell does it job to turn her back into her human form.

It doesn't look like she's aged much for her time as a snake and she does resemble her movie version, probably only appearing in her mid-twenties if I was to guess and she's even wearing the same dress as in [Crimes of Grindelwald] movie.

"What?" Bellatrix and Nagini both blurt out as the latter stumbles on her newly regained legs before I step forwards to grab her shoulder to help steady her.

+25 Affection for Nagini [35/100] (for curing her of her curse)

"She had the [Maledictus Curse], Bellatrix." I answered simply to the former before adding "I've cured a few curses before although I suppose it would be hard to hear about me curing all of the Werewolves in Britain."

Nagini's eyes widened as she looked at me before I shifted my gaze back to Bellatrix to ask "Bellatrix, can you take her back to Grimmauld and see if Andromeda is available to help her? I'll catch up once I've finished matters here."

"Alright." Bellatrix spoke with a disappointed tone, obviously having wanted to see me take down Voldemort but understanding that we couldn't leave Nagini here on her own. She moved to support Nagini before letting me step away so she could apparate away.

With that I've completed all of the bonuses for the [Quest] and just need to kill Voldemort himself to complete it and unlock my [Kaleidoscope] - not that I would leave this [World] yet as I have other things to complete before I return to [Highschool of the Dead] or move ahead. Amongst them was maxing out my Wizarding Magic [Skills], copy all the books at Hogwarts and spending some time getting to know Rias and, hopefully, Fleur but I also want to stick around for the year so I can finish schooling here and enjoy the tournament.

Walking casually towards the manor, I switch my eyes back to my [Byakugan] to scan the building for both Voldemort and Pettigrew once again before reeling in my range and layering my [Mystic Eyes] on top to allow me to see the magical protections in place as I got closer. It looks like they are hiding here through obscurity given the lack of power Pettigrew has and the limited amount Voldemort can probably channel in his current form only probably lets him use a few spells at a time.

Switching back to my [Rinnegan] after checking the doors - which only had a strong locking charm on it - I transfigure the doors themselves into water before walking inside and trying out my [Time Magick] by casting a [Reverse] to undo the transfiguration I'd done. Looking impressed at the perfectly reformed doors for a moment I readied my [Preta Path] as I headed upstairs and made my way towards Voldemort. I also made sure to cast [Silencing Charms] onto my feet and a scent blocker in case Pettigrew's [Animagus] senses transferred over along with using [Camouflage].

It turned out to be unneeded as I caught Pettigrew on the first floor and had him stunned, transfigured and pocketed before he even noticed anything wrong. I'd also stored the cup of liquid into my [Inventory] so I could examine it later but I had a feeling it wouldn't be of much use to me.

"Wormtail, what is taking so long!?" I heard Voldemort rasp out angrily as I approached the ajar door. Smirking, I undo my spells and [Camouflage] while keeping my [Preta Path] at the ready as I stepped into the room.

"Sorry, Wormtail is unavailable right now." I retorted, purposefully moving into Voldemort's view. He looks even more creepy than the book would have you believe as a deformed baby with grey skin and crimson eyes.

"Lord Black, the prodigal healer..." He rasped intrigued, "How did you find me?"

"Its rather simple given a portion of you boasted about it to Harry." I answered, watching Voldemort stiffen in shock before swiftly moving his wand to aim at me as he spat.

"Avada Kedavra!" The flash of green from the spell shot at me only to be sucked up by my [Preta Path].

"How!?" Voldemort asked shocked as I quickly closed the gap and pressed a finger against his forehead and used my [Human Path] to rip his soul out as I retorted.

"I'm not some monologuing villain like you, Riddle, and you're not going to live long enough to understand well enough." Pulling my hand back, I blink in surprise at seeing Voldemort's deformed body started to break away into fragments.

You have defeated [Voldemort]x1!
You have gained 0EXP! (6660EXP)
[Curse Magic] has levelled up x5! 68=}73
[Parseltongue] has levelled up x5! 32=}37
[Apparation] has levelled up x5! 95=}100

I suppose I should have expected that as this version of Voldemort isn't at his full power or even in the level range to get more than the minimum EXP from him. At least I maxed out [Apparation] cause of this which will make getting around easier. Still, offing him now is easier than doing so after he's in a proper body and I still complete the [Quest].

[Quest: Prophecy Unbound](Complete!)
Objective: Defeat Voldemort once and for all!
1) Destroy the Horcruxes of Voldemort/Tom Riddle [6/6]
2) Defeat Voldemort/Tom Riddle [X]
Bonus Objective 1): Ensure Harry Potter survives [X]
Bonus Objective 2): Ensure the Containers of Horcruxes survive [X]
Reward: 20,000EXP, 100,000 Credits, [Kaleidoscope] unlocked, [Gacha Token] x5
Bonus Reward 1): 50,000EXP, 250,000 Credits, [Premium Token] x3
Bonus Reward 2): Get to keep the items for yourself, [Familiar Egg] x1

You have levelled up x2! 94=}96
You have gained 10 Stat Points!
[Red Mage] has levelled up x3! 18=}21
You have gained +3 to all stats!
[Paladin] has levelled up x4! 13=}17
You have gained +8 STR, +4 DEX, +12 END and +4 INT!

The reward from it is well worth the effort and the bump up in Credits means I've got more than enough to go purchase some of the things I was after although I might hold off till I pad up my Credits a bit more.

Focusing back on the now, I apparate to Grimmauld to help Bellatrix and Nagini and hopefully I can pass on Pettigrew to Sirius and Remus so they can come up with a believable story to give the DMLE as to how they caught him.


(Day 101: Saturday 7th September 1993)

Waking up with a sigh, I take a moment to note that Bellatrix was cuddling into my side where she had fell asleep last night once we'd got back from Grimmauld.

We hadn't came back that late as once we'd explain to Andromeda, Remus and Sirius about finding Nagini and Pettigrew, the former two had scolded us briefly for taking such a risk without adult help. I'd won them over by pointing out that I didn't know how long he would stick around at the house and with Voldemort done for and Pettigrew caught there was no chance of a restarting of the blood war to happen unless the remaining Death Eaters found a new leader.

Andromeda had agreed to help Nagini adjust to being human again and catch her up on what had happened over the years while Sirius and Remus had agreed to come up with a story for catching Pettigrew in the lines of tracking him to Riddle Manor and surprising him when they handed him over to the DMLE at some point today.

Opening up my [Store], skimmed through what I had looked up before and tried to decide what to do. I could easily buy the [Anodite Race] and the two martial arts: [Ssam-Su Taekkyeon] and [Renewal Taekwondo], but I would be down to only 42 Credits. It would mean I'd have to get to work making and selling materials from my gem and magical metals [Sword Forms] to try and make some back.

The other would be buying just the [Race] or both martial arts and while I could still make a start on my 'get rich' plan anyway to make the money back, I could also use the extra to buy materials to work on crafting simple rings and accessories with various enchantments as 'EXP boosters', 'stat boosters' and 'Regen boosters' will always be useful for Gamers and their allies.

Opting to buy the [Anodite Race], I move to my [Status] to look over the details.

[Anodite (Ben 10)]
Anodites are a free-spirited race of humanoid energy beings from the planet Anodyne who draw life from the mana around them as well as use it to defend themselves with various magical powers and even manipulate it to allow them to form disguises.
Anodite Racial Bonus:
-Passively increase STR and END by 50%
-Passively increase INT and WIS by 75%
-Passively increase MP and MP Regen by 75%
-Passively increase effect, duration and damage of 'Magic' and 'Psychic' [Skills] by 100%
-Passively increase EXP gained for 'Magic' and 'Psychic' [Skills] by 100%
Gain [Skills]: [Greater Mana Manipulation], [Mana Sense], [Mana Sight], [Psionics]
Gain [Traits]: [Greater Mana Affinity], [Mana Absorption], [Anodite Form], [Ageless],

The stats boosts might not be in effect from my [Passive Switch] but the amount of increase in my MP should be much more than what I got from the original [Mana Affinity]. Also I imagine [Mana Sense] and [Mana Sight] are both already part of my [Mystic Eyes] and I already have [Psionics] so the only addition would be my [Mana Manipulation] evolving. I won't even need [Hybrid] equipped unless I want to take advantage of this [Traits] with my [Homo Magi] ones but that would explode my MP even more than I would ever need. [Greater Mana Affinity] allows me to triple the MP gained from my INT and the others are pretty obvious and [Greater Mana Manipulation] increases my total MP by 15%. The only downside would be the minor decrease on how quick most of my other [Skills] would level up but it wouldn't affect me too much in the long run.

Equipping my new [Race], I let out a slow breath at seeing my MP rocket over 80k - over double what it was before - before another screen popped up to tell me I was right about the two 'mana' [Skills] I would gain.

[Mana Sense] and [Mana Sight] have merged into [Mystic Eyes of the Analytical Mage]!

Closing the screen, I raise a hand to the side and used my [Psionics] to see a pink glow form around the pair of glasses on the desk as I pull them towards me. It looks like the change in [Race] changed the colour which I suppose makes sense as I'm not an [Esper] at the moment.

I'll have to try out my [Anodite Form] later in private so I can get comfortable in that form although I imagine I won't need to use it unless I want to try it out especially as I could just use my [Control Art Restriction System] release my sealed power. In that same vein, I shouldn't need to use both together unless I'm dealing with someone around my level or stronger.

Putting that to the back of my mind, I decide to use what time left before Bellatrix wakes to work on my [Eromancy] by the easiest way that I know of which is creating sex toys and costumes. It does mean I'll have a lot to clean up afterwards but it can also help me work out the limits seeing as I don't use them when with Bellatrix. I could just turn on the [Aura of Lust] technique but that would cause more trouble... I could use [Alter Flavour] though without getting any suspicion or [Erotic Scan] - although that could make things weird with others if they've got something odd. Hopefully, I can unlock some form of 'appearance alteration' spell cause then I can spam that in place of [Limited Shapeshifting] and keep working on my [Eromancy] without worry then.

Plus learning more about [Eromancy] should help with my [Metamorphosis Magic] if it continues in the line of affecting people's physical appearance like I think it will and probably also lead to flesh crafting which will be more handy for that magic.


"Morning Harry." I spoke with a smile as I sat opposite him in the great hall and started to plate up some food as I asked, "How was your first week?"

"It was good aside from Snape's usual antics." Harry replied with a smile between bites of bacon while sending a glance to Snape's empty seat.

With a quick use of [Byakugan], I found Snape in Dumbledore's office with him while examining the former's bare forearm as the Dark Mark had disappeared. I suppose the mark coming back was tied with Voldemort's magic and how strong it was at the time. It also looks like Voldemort never incorporated any counter measures or side effects in the Dark Mark in case he died which makes sense as he expected to live forever with his Horcruxes.

"Yeah, he was trying to get me into trouble as well by accidentally dropping my potion vial so it would break." I answered amused, "It was fairly easy to get around though by making them all unbreakable and making sure I had a second vial filled as a precaution."

"That sounds like a good idea to avoid him keep giving me zeroes." Harry muttered thoughtfully, "He did get surprised that I turned in a perfect potion now that I've got a better memory cause of my Occlumency and those lessons you gave me over the summer."

"Honestly, Snape's grudge is rather childish and you can easily get around what he does by studying what he's supposed to be teaching." I replied with a nod, "He can't really affect the results of the OWLs or NEWTs beyond his subpar teaching. As for the other years he has a little more but he can't actually remove you from the class as its a core one until after the OWLs."

"Not like I would want to study it after that anyway." Harry muttered with a nod.

My [Byakugan] has also allowed me to check that the whole hall wasn't too busy so I could sneak a [Privacy Charm] up around the two of us - which I was pleased to note that Harry picked up on it - before I spoke "Also, you won't have to worry about Voldemort again as I dealt with him last night."

"Really!?" Harry asked surprised before looking around.

"Yeah, let's just say that I managed to use that fragment that I removed from you to help track down the others and one was him. Luckily he wasn't really able to fight back and in a homunculus so I pulled what's left of him out with the same spell I did for you. He was long overdo his final judgement after all." I explained with a smirk.

It took him a couple minutes before he sagged in relief as the realisation settled that he didn't have to worry about Voldemort any longer.

"Thanks, Kichi."Harry replied with a relaxed smile, "It's going to be nice to not have to worry about bad stuff happening here. Well, beyond the usual trouble from Snape and some of the Slytherins."

"Don't worry about it, Voldemort would be trouble for everyone if he came back properly. Honestly, I'm surprised Dumbledore hasn't acted to stop him from coming back somehow seeing as he became involved in your first two years." I responded with a shrug.

Ending the [Privacy Charm], Harry glanced around before asking "Do you have any ideas about how I can stop Ron's moaning about no Quidditch this year? It's really getting annoying especially as I've been working a bit harder on studying."

"Well, its rather simple idea but just cause the teachers cancelled the official House matches this year, it doesn't mean students can't get together to have their own pick up games throughout the year." I pointed out to him, Harry blinking as I added "Maybe when the other schools come for the tournament there can be matches with them included as well. I mean its a waste to have a group of them come for only one from each school to actually get into the tournament."


Stepping into the Room of Lost Things after lunch while Bellatrix took to exploring the castle once more, I moved deeper in between the piles of various items so I wouldn't be seen if someone else somehow came into the room as I open up the [Trait] I was going to try to check over the details.

[Anodite Form] (Active) Cost: 2,500 MP/Min
Description: The body of an Anodite is a humanoid-shaped construct of pure mana with streams of glowing bright pink energy which symbolizes hair.
-Can survive in extreme environments like space due to not needing to breathe, eat/drink or sleep
-Temporarily un-equip all clothing and armour
-Increases all STR, DEX, END, INT and WIS by 100%
-Increases effect, duration and damage of 'Magic' and 'Psychic' [Skills] by 100%

Channelling my magic into my body, I activate my [Anodite Form] and watch as my whole body turned dark purple while my clothes vanish and I shrink back to my natural height. Its odd that I feel lighter and stronger with this change and my magic is stronger although its disconcerting to not have a sense of smell, lips and ears as my hands feel around my face. I probably don't even have a voice in this form which means I'd have to rely on [Telepathy] for communication.

Conjuring a full length mirror in front of me, I see the white triangles that are my eyes shrink in a sort of blink at looking over my featureless body. Turning my focus to my hair, I look amused at seeing that while it resembled my natural hair it was more spiky in a way that would make it similar to the [Super Saiyan] form if it wasn't bright pink energy.

The passive magic sense of my [Mystic Eyes] is also much keener and gives me a glimpse of how much magic went into the creation of this room and also let me pick out the enchanted items littered around me and even the mirror was chock full of magic as I had conjured it.

Activating my [Byakugan], the eyes turned lilac but showed no additional effect, before I used [Telekinesis] to work on sorting more of the room's contents into my [Inventory].


(Day 150: Wednesday 30th October 1993)

The last almost two months were fairly relaxed between classes, homework and emptying the room of lost things which had netted me enough material and valuables to help me with crafting. Moody's return with his leg regrown had got the ex-Auror eager to push the students a bit more now he didn't have to worry about miss stepping.

Harry had also taken my suggestion and, with Madam Hooch's and the older students' help, that had led to some pick up games arranged during that time. They even had some mixing of Houses although the Slytherins stuck together as a team. That had been till yesterday when Dumbledore said that the Quidditch Pitch would be out of use due to the Tournament but would be available at the start of December.

I was nearly finished with emptying out the 'Room of Lost Things' as well with only a few trunks of random items to go through although I'd gained some more [Sword Forms] from the various cores from the dozen and a half wands - broken or otherwise - in there. Amongst them was [Phoenix Tail Sword], [Unicorn Sword], [Dragon Sword], [Kelpie Sword], [Thunderbird Feather Sword] and [Horned Serpent Sword] which brought my number to 101.

The most improvement for myself had been through my [Skills] as I'd got [Byakugan] and [The End] to Level 73 from watching the classes and also resulting in me getting my first two levels for all of my wizarding magic [Skills] getting them to sit at 87 while [Potion Creation] was at 92. [Gourmet Cells] had reached Level 10 just from eating modest amounts of food and [Ultraspeed Regeneration], [Mana Reactor] and [Moderate Extra Reserve] had all reached 35 just from using the latter for my [Skills] while mixing between MP and SP to feed into it. My [Limited Shapeshifting] had hit Level 70 as well though that was more due to focused training on it as holding my taller form was going slower now and [Scholar] had hit Level 69.

[Eromancy] had reached Level 60 and [Marital Arts Mastery] had gotten to Level 45 with the former allowing me to get ten new spells: [Phantom Shaft], [Alter Fertility], [Alter Sensitivity], [Imbue Stretchiness], [Alter Libido], [Alter Tightness], [Shrink], [Enlarge], [Mirror Feeling] and [Enhance Pleasure]. As a result of my [Skills] levelling up, I'd also got [Red Mage] to Level 22 and [Eromancer] to Level 12.

I'd also worked on my [Anything Goes Martial Arts] raising it to 55 and adding [Ssam-Su Taekkyeon] and [Renewal Taekwondo] due to making back my money through the [IDs] and selling magical metals through the [Store]. Amusingly, I'd also seemed to have gathered a female audience for most mornings as I moved through the katas at a smooth pace or exercised.

I'd started to take Bellatrix back into the [IDs] with me and also completed the first level of [Ancient Gear City] and saw me have to take down an [Ancient Gear Golem] as the boss. I'd completed it seven additional times and got [Paladin] and [Machinist] to Level 22 and [Devout] to Level 13 now and also gained my 500 END [Perk].

[Overwhelming Vitality] (Passive)
-Reduce damage taken by 20%
-Increase HP/SP Regen by 50%

Also from the [IDs] I'd managed to get [Legendary Sword] up to [Legendary Rarity] and [Pumba], [Gandalfr], [Ambidextrous] and [Armor of Fafnir] reach Level 57, 62, 50 and 35 respectively.

At the moment myself and pretty much all of the student body was waiting outside on this chilly afternoon for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to arrive. I'd used [Area] help cast a [Warming Charm] on all of the younger students in one go which had got me a thankful nod from Madame Sprout.

Activating my [Byakugan], I extend it to full range to see if I would pick out either group's transport. The Durmstrang ship should be harder cause I'm assuming some sort of Portkey was involved in moving a whole ship here unless there's an underwater ravine leading to the Black Lake from the ocean which I've not seen.

Oh, looks like Beauxbatons are just coming into view.

The arrivals of both schools happens much like in the movies and I hide a smile at seeing Rias amongst the Beauxbatons students; walking alongside Fleur and honestly the silk uniforms certainly flatter their figures although they do look a little chilly. I wonder why they haven't used a [Warming Charm] on themselves...?

"My dear Madame Maxime." Dumbledore greeted, "Welcome to Hogwarts."

"Dumbly-dorr," Madam Maxime asked in a deep voice with a heavy French accent, "I hope I find you well?"

"On excellent form, I thank you." Dumbledore answered.

"My pupils," Madam Maxime introduced, waving one hand carelessly behind her.

"Has Karkaroff arrived yet?" Madam Maxime asked next, glancing around for the other Headmaster.

"He should be here any moment." Dumbledore replied, "Would you like to wait here and greet him or would you prefer to step inside and warm up a trifle?"

"Warm up, I think." Madame Maxime answered before starting to add, "But the horses..."

"Our Care of Magical Creatures teacher will be delighted to take care of them," Dumbledore replied, waving off any concern she had as he added, "the moment he has returned from dealing with a slight situation which has arisen with some of his other... er... charges."

There was a few mutterings from the students at the hint of the Skrewts and I'd had to use my [White Magick] to cure more than a few burns or cuts they'd caused to my housemates.

"My steeds require... er... forceful handling. They are very strong..." Madame Maxime explained with a doubtful look.

"I assure you that Hagrid will be well up to the job." Dumbledore spoke with a smile.

"Very well." Madame Maxime conceded, bowing slightly, "Will you please inform this Hagrid that the horses drink only single-malt whisky?"

"It will be attended to." Dumbledore replied with a similar bow.

"Come." Madame Maxime imperiously ordered her students, leading them through the parted crowd of Hogwarts students to enter and I caught Rias glance over at me before she passed me.

The students started to gossip about how Durmstrang would arrive before a noise coming from the lake drew their attention before a few pointed out the bubbles started to cover the surface and the skeletal ship rose from the suddenly forming whirlpool before gliding towards the bank.

It wasn't long after that, that the fur covered Durmstrang students and Karkaroff trooped their way towards us as the cheerfully greeted "Dumbledore! How are you, my dear fellow, how are you?"

"Blooming, thank you, Professor Karkaroff." Dumbledore replied.

Karkaroff used both of his hands to shake Dumbledore's when he reached him, turning his gaze to Hogwarts as he spoke "Dear old Hogwarts. How good it is to be here, how good... Viktor, come along, into the warmth... you don't mind, Dumbledore? Viktor has a slight head cold..."

Karkaroff is making Viktor Krum sound like a weakling with his coddling but I suppose he's probably very happy to be rid of the Dark Mark. Him and his students head inside soon after and the whispers about Krum being here start up as the Hogwarts students, a good chunk of them moving to badger Krum for a autograph - including Ron.

Heading into the great hall, I raise an eye amused at seeing Rias sitting on the end of the group of Beauxbaton students at the Ravenclaw table and giving me a subtle beckoning wave.

Sitting down opposite to the crimson haired beauty, I greeted her and Fleur with a smile, "Bonjour ladies."

[Veela Allure] negated by [Gamer's Mind]!

+18 Affection for Fleur Delacour [36/100](for proving that your immunity wasn't a one off)

"Hello Kichi." Rias replied with a smile while Fleur looked over me curiously from where she sat on Rias' right. She looks like she's expecting some sort of reaction from me cause of her allure, probably to see if what happened at the Quidditch World Cup was just a one of or something.

"Bonjour Lord Black." Fleur greeted with a small smile and an accent that made her words more sensual.

"Miss Delacour." I replied with a nod before catching some of the Beauxbaton girls shivering a little, "Are your classmates going to be alright?"

"Oui, they are just a little cold... I don't believe they thought to learn how to do a [Warming Charm] before we came." Fleur replied with a impish smirk.

"Those three are the most envious of our classmates." Rias chimed in amused.

"Ah. Well, I suppose it'd be rude to cast even a helpful spell on someone without their permission." I replied with a knowing nod that caused the pair's smiles to grow wider.

The rest of the students soon entered, drawing more focus on us in the form of the males' gawking at Fleur and Rias and/or glaring at me for talking to them.

That quietened down the moment the teachers started to enter and head to take their seats at the top table with the three headmasters entering last which saw the Beauxbatons students to stand. Rolling my eyes at the few Hogwarts students that laughed at the show of respect to Madame Maxime.

Dumbledore remained standing once the display ended and started to address the whole hall, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and - most particularly - guests. I have the great pleasure in welcoming you all to Hogwarts. I hope and trust that your stay here will be both comfortable and enjoyable."

One of the Beauxbatons shivering students let out a derisive laugh which was ignored by most as Dumbledore continued "The tournament will be officially opened at the end of the feast. I now invite you all to eat, drink and make yourselves at home!"

Dumbledore sat down afterwards and Karkaroff was quick to engage him in conversation as the food arrived - including dishes of both French and Bulgarian origin. The conversation between me and the two young women were fairly mundane with the others around. I even managed to have a dish of Bouillabaisse passed over from the other Ravenclaws for Fleur with earned me some Affection from her and an amused, knowing look from Rias.

Once the golden plates had been magically cleaned and everyone was full, Dumbledore stood up again - drawing attention to both Bagman and some older man who had taken the two previously empty seats.

"The moment has come," Dumbledore started to the growing tension in the room, a smile on his face, "The Triwizard Tournament is about to start. I would like to say a few words of explanation before we bring in the casket just to clarify the procedure which we will be following this year. But firstly, let me introduce, for those who do not know them, Mr Anthony Brown, Head of the Department of International Magical Co-operation..."

There was a smattering of polite applause from the students then and Lavender eagerly waved at her father before Dumbledore continued "...and Mr Ludo Bagman, Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports."

Bagman got a much louder applause due to his Quidditch career, which he acknowledged with a jovial wave.

"Mr Bagman and Mr Brown have worked over the last few months on the arrangements for the Triwizard Tournament" Dumbledore continued, "and they will be joining myself, Professor Karkaroff and Madame Maxime on the panel which will judge the champions' efforts."

Dumbledore smiled at the attentiveness of everyone before he added, "The casket, then, if you please, Mr Filch."

Filch brought up the jewel encrusted wooden chest from where he had been lurking in the corner of the room as Dumbledore continued "The instructions for the tasks the champions will face this year have already been examined by Mr Brown and Mr Bagman and they have made the necessary arrangements for each challenge. There will be three tasks spaced throughout the school year, and they will test the champions in many different ways... their magical prowess - their daring - their powers of deduction - and, of course, their ability to cope with danger."

"As you know, three champions compete in the Tournament." Dumbledore went on calmly while the rest of the hall was in silence, "one from each of the participating schools. They will be marked on how well they perform each of the Tournament tasks and the champion with the highest total will win the Triwizard Cup. The champions will be chosen by an impartial selector... The Goblet of Fire."

With a draw of his wand, Dumbledore tapped the chest with it three times causing the lid to creak over. He reached inside to pull out a large roughly hewn wooden cup which was full of dancing blue-white flames. He put the Goblet of Fire onto of the closed chest so that everyone could see it before speaking "Anybody wishing to submit themselves as champion must write heir name and school clearly upon a slip of parchment, and drop it into the Goblet. Aspiring champions have twenty-four hours in which to put their names forward. Tomorrow night, Hallowe'en, the Goblet will return the names of the three it has judged most worthy to represent their schools. The Goblet will be placed in the Entrance Hall tonight, where it will be freely accessible to all those wishing to compete. To ensure that no underage students yields to temptation I will be drawing an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire once it has been placed in the Entrance Hall. Nobody under the age of seventeen will be able to cross this line."

Dumbledore paused at some of the groans and murmurs of the younger students before adding, "Finally, I wish to impress upon any of you wishing to compete that this Tournament is not to be entered into lightly. Once a champion has been selected by the Goblet of Fire, he or she is obliged to see the Tournament through to the end. The placing of your name in the Goblet constitutes a binding magical contract. There can be no change of heart once you have become champion. Please be very sure, therefore, that you are whole-heartedly prepared to play, before you drop your name into the Goblet. To allow Hogwarts' students the chance to thing such a thing through there will be no classes tomorrow. Now, I think it is time for bed. Goodnight to you all."

As the students started to disperse back to their dorms, I headed with them and after saying my 'goodnights' to both Fleur and Rias I headed back to my room while looking over the new [Quest] I had.

[Quest: Triwizard Tournament]
Objective: Enter and win the Triwizard Tournament []
Bonus Objective #1: Only use 'Wizarding Magic' to compete []
Bonus Objective #2: Take first place in each Task for the Triwizard tournament []
Reward: 20,000EXP, 1000 Galleons, [Triwizard Cup], [Title]: [Triwizard Winner], ?
Bonus Rewards #1: ?, ?, ?
Bonus Rewards #2: ?, ?, ?
Failure: 100EXP x Points earned, 1 Credit x Points earned,

"Hey Black, don't think about entering for us. I don't want you taking the attention from a true Hogwarts student." Roger Davies retorted with a sneer, "Plus I can show those two beauties what a true Wizard is capable of."

"Why shouldn't Black enter? He beat you in Moody's class enough times. I think by your definition he's a true Wizard already." A male, Thomas Belby I think, retorted back with a smirk. He's not wrong though as I've sparred with Davies a few times and not had much in the way of challenge against him.

"Really? What's to say a Witch isn't going to get picked by it for Hogwarts." One of the girls behind me retorted with a roll of her eyes, drawing my gaze to Cho Chang as she added, "If anyone is going to be Hogwarts Champion its going to be my Cedric."

Rolling my eyes at the others who were putting themselves forward to enter the tournament, I turn my gaze back to the [Quest]. From the looks of it, if I even enter then I'll get chosen as Hogwarts champion although I imagine that would happen either way between my Level, base stats and [Skill] levels that regardless of how the Goblet judges those that enter I figure I'm the strongest student in the school.

The EXP reward would be worth the effort as I can't get any from most enemies - unless I start hunting down more Dementors or see if the Acromantulas are strong enough - and should push me to Level 97 with my boosts in effect. It also would be an interesting challenge if I opt to limit myself to Wizarding magics which should include my [Elemental Conjuration]. The hidden rewards would be handy as well and I already know what the tasks are so I can easily prepare for them. Plus the [Quest] doesn't say I can unseal my stats and use that instead although I doubt I'd need to.

Yeah, I think I'll enter tomorrow although I want to test out how good Dumbledore's 'Age Line' is given I already know at least one way to get around it. I suppose it depends on if the Goblet uses the magic of the person putting the paper in or if it only needs the magical signature connected with anything I write on.

For now though I should properly prepare for an all-nighter to make sure no one is going to mess with the Goblet of Fire.


(Day 151: Thursday 31st October 1993)

The next morning saw me joining Harry, Hermione, Ron and Bellatrix at watching students mill around the [Goblet of Fire] and the golden Age Line around it.

Flicking on my [Mystic Eyes], I scan the [Goblet of Fire] and the [Age Line].

[Goblet of Fire] DUR: 200/200
Description: The Goblet of Fire is the selector for those entering the Triwizard Tournament and enchanted with magic to be able to perform this feat. It analyses the magic of each entrant's handwriting to determine the best competitors for each of the school submitted prior to being open for entrants.
-[Bluebell Torch (Master)]
This item emits bluebell flames
-[Magical Selector (Master)]
This item selects those most capable of competing

Looks like I was right about it being reliant on the handwriting's magical signature and given Crouch senior was never put under the [Imperious] he wouldn't have the chance to have a fourth school added so Harry can be entered.

[Age Line]
Description: An enchantment over an area that stops people below the selected age from passing over it. This can't be fooled by other magical means as it scans the person's magic and rebuffs those who try with prank based effects.
-[Age Scanner (Master)]
This enchantment scans the ages of those crossing it.
-[Beard Grower (Master)]
This enchantment makes those not eligible grow a beard.

It does look like I can do what I was thinking to get around it. I mean neither say they obstruct people from throwing things over it and the Goblet doesn't say it needs people to put their entrance in by hand.

Turning at the sound of laughing, I saw Fred, George and Lee hurry down the stairs with extremely excited looks on their faces.

"Done it." Fred spoke in a triumphant whisper to us, "Just taken it."

"What?" Ron asked confused.

"The Ageing Potion, dungbrains." Fred retorted with a roll of his eyes.

"One drop each," George added, rubbing his hands together with glee, "We only need to be a few months older."

"We're going to split the thousand Galleons between the three of us if one of us wins." Lee chimed in, grinning broadly.

"I'm not sure this is going to work, you know." Hermione spoke warningly, "I'm sure Dumbledore will have thought of this."

The trio ignored her as they quivered with excitement as Fred asked "Ready? C'mon, then - I'll go first -"

Fred pulled the slip of parchment from a pocket as he moved to the edge of the line and paused there for a few moments. He took a deep breath and stepped over the line to the surprise of the crowd. George let out a yell of triumph and leapt in after his twin but the next moment saw a loud sizzling sound and the twins being thrown back over the Age Line. They landed painfully ten feet away and now sporting long white beards like Dumbledore's which caused the others to start laughing.

"I did warn you," Dumbledore spoke amused as he left the Great Hall, his gaze surveying the twins with twinkling eyes, "I suggest you both go up to Madam Pomfrey. She is already tending to Miss Fawett, of Ravenclaw, and Mr Summers, of Hufflepuff, both of whom decided to age themselves up a little, too. Though I must say, neither of their beards is anything like as fine as yours."

"Maybe you should both wait." I spoke up drawing their attention, "After all, there is an easier way past the Age Line."

"Really?" Dumbledore asked curiously as he looked to me.

Pulling out the slip of parchment with my name on, I pull out a larger piece and crumple them together into a ball as I explained "The Age Line only stops people from stepping near to the goblet... It doesn't stop anyone from putting anything in from afar..."

With a flick of my wrist, I lobbed the parchment ball into the [Goblet of Fire] with ease as I turned back to Dumbledore and retorted "I honestly expected someone like yourself, Headmaster, would have had more protections to it than just an [Age Line]. I mean anyone could just levitate their entry in or just throw it in. I means those only came to mind in the last few minutes while examining this set up."

The gawking from the other students and shocked blinking from Dumbledore was interrupted by several people letting out laughs, Bellatrix being amongst them while Moody gruffly laughed, "He's got you there Albus, and I did warn you about an Age Line not being good enough."

There was a scramble of movement by several students, including the twins and Lee, left in search of parchment. This included Ron although Harry and Hermione was still somewhat in shock as they followed me and Bellatrix into the Great Hall, the bushy haired fourth year retorted "What? How?"

"The [Goblet of Fire] just decides based on the magic it senses with each name and school that's put in and whenever you write with a quill a tiny bit of your magic is imbued into it. That means you don't need to put in the paper yourself." I explained as I took my seat at the Gryffindor table, "I mean, really, if it was smart enough to analyse and remember your magic in the millisecond it takes you to put the slip of parchment into it than there wouldn't need to be an Age Line in the first place as someone could probably set it up to only pick people 17 or older before setting it up. Plus magic would be much more advanced than it is."

"I can see your point." Hermione spoke with a frown, "Still, isn't it dangerous to tell those not eligible how to get past the Age Line?"

"Sooner or later someone would have came up with it. I imagine that's why its only taking entrants in one day to limit people from coming up with ways to get past." I answered, "Showing the how now with Dumbledore there means he can work on fixing his shoddy defence before someone else got in and seeing as I'm already 17, its not like I'm breaking any rules by entering."

"I had a feeling it was you causing that commotion." Rias spoke amused as she slid into a seat on my left, leaving enough space for Fleur to sit between her and me.

"Well, I had to point out how silly just using an Age Line would be." I replied with a smile before opting to introduce the two groups to each others, "Ah right. Rias and Fleur Delacour meet Bellatrix Black, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter."

"Bonjour." Fleur greeted them with a small smile that grew as she noticed Harry seemed unaffected by her allure as well. Her gaze turn to meet mine as she asked "So, you are entering the Tournament Kichirou?"

"Yes. Though it's not for the prize money but more to challenge myself and see how good a Wizard I am especially compared to the Western magicals." I replied with a nod.

"You could probably defeat most of our year easily if you didn't worry about collateral damage as much. Plus they don't teach Elemental Conjuration here barring a few spells." Bellatrix replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Perhaps we will be rivals then, Kichirou." Fleur replied with a glint in her eyes.

"What about yourself, Rias?" Hermione asked curiously.

"Oh no, I've not entered myself." Rias replied with a wave of her hand, "I'm not as skilled as Fleur is and still have a bit of trouble controlling the power of my spells which wouldn't be good for this sort of tournament where you need to think on your feet. Especially if I accidentally burn out my wand."

"That would be bad." Harry muttered, "I didn't realise that could happen though."

"Its rare thing to happen but I had a rather explosive growth in power over the last year which has affected my wand compatibility and the one I went to was a bit puzzled by it." Rias explained, withdrawing her wand as she added, "Best they could explain was that I just needed to get better control with my magic so I can hold back the power I use."

"Kichi can help with that... I mean, he was pretty good at teaching me and Hermione this summer." Harry replied with a smile, "He's really helped with controlling the amount of magic I use in my spells."

"If you want, that is." I added with a shrug.

Fleur gave Rias an amused look before turning back to me as she answered "I hope you don't mind another student as it does sound useful to be able to control the amount of magic in each spell. Just don't have any hard feelings if I beat you in the tournament."

"I doubt that's going to happen, Kichi's power is on another level to most people." Bellatrix retorted with a snort, "This isn't even his..."

"Bella..." I chimed in, making her stop as she realised what she was going to say as I explained "I made a bit of a joke during the summer of changing my hair colour and eyes when duels with her got particularly heated and joked that..."

"'this isn't even my final form'" Rias and Fleur chimed in together amused before the latter giggled, "Yes, Rias has used that one before with my little sister."

The conversation turned more casual as Hermione asked where Fleur and Rias lived in France and the talk turned to the French beaches and attractions. I waved over Luna to join us while Harry expressed an interest in travelling. Introducing Luna to the group was amusing in itself as she expressed she was happy I'd got rid of Harry's magical blockage.

It was about five minutes later that Ron came grumbling into the Great Hall with a ball of parchment in one hand as he slumped into an empty seat on Harry's left, Luna having taken to sitting next to Hermione after I suggested that maybe some of her magical creatures were known in the Muggle world under other names.

"Dumbledore has stopped people from entering while he fixes the protections." Ron grumbled out, shooting a glare at me as he added "Why didn't you tell me how to get past them before you did that?"

"Ronald, the Triwizard Tournament has killed people before, it was why they stopped it centuries ago." I started to seriously explain, "What I did was show a loophole because if someone underage got around it and got selected then it would most likely lead to their death or loss of magic because of whatever tasks were chosen. I mean they are set up for seventh years and so whatever you've learnt so far isn't going to be enough to complete them."

Ron still didn't seem convinced and started to dig into a large pile of food he'd amassed as I'd spoken, disgusting the others who had luckily managed to mostly finish their breakfast. Hermione asked Luna if she wanted to continue talking in the library and Harry soon followed with a mumbled excuse of homework.

"If you want, Bellatrix and I can give you both a tour?" I offered Rias and Fleur, getting nods from them as the four of us - including Bellatrix - got up and left the hall.


"I did not think you were serious about the lack of manners of that Weasley boy." Fleur muttered to Rias while adding milk and sugar to her tea. I'd had the Room of Requirements take the form of an outdoor café I remember from [Highschool of the Dead] - minus the zombies - after having taken them on a brief tour of Hogwarts.

Once we'd gotten here I'd clarified a few things, mainly for Fleur and Bellatrix's benefit, before getting Kreacher to bring a pot of tea so we could sit down and talk.

"I don't think his banshee of a mother ever taught him table manners in the first place." Bellatrix retorted before taking a sip of tea.

"It was bound to happen with how controlling that woman is with her older sons." Rias pointed out.

"Oh yeah." I chimed in my agreement, "Most of the others are fairly decent folk. Wouldn't accept anything the twins offered me with their perchance for pranking and Mr Weasley is fascinated with Muggle technology but everyone has their own quirks."

"What about this returning Dark Lord you told me about Rias?" Fleur asked concerned, Rias glancing to me as I answered.

"I dealt with it during the first weekend here. No more Horcruxes, no Dark Lord. Even Nagini has been cured and is adjusting to being a human again." I explained, "If the second 'blood war' starts up again it'll be cause the remaining Death Eaters decide to be stupid."

"That is a great relief." Rias spoke with a smile, "So we just have to enjoy the year then."

"That's right." I answer with a nod, before adding amused, "And a dangerous tournament that has cost people's lives before."

The trio of young women rolled their eyes at the latter comment while still looking pleased before Bellatrix asked curiously, "I take it that you won't need to step out as Castiel again?"

"Probably not unless I decide to spend some time hunting Dementors down." I answered with a shrug.

"So you were that Angel..." Fleur hummed curiously.

"Yep~. I used my Metamorphmagus powers to change a Fallen Angel to look like that." I answered with a nod, "I can change my race with some effort but all of those I have so far at least have a human form for me to use so I can blend in."

"So that's how you got the samples for your work into granting others powers." Bellatrix mused while Rias raised an eyebrow at me.

"I've got a magic which is called [Metamorphosis Magic] which allows me to alter people, animals and plants but using it to make hybrids of some races is rather difficult especially as I want to give those I use it on the full power of those races rather than the normal equal part." I explained, "At least I worked out the part of having them retain their original look from their DNA and reversing the changes."

Both Fleur and Rias glanced to Bellatrix for a moment before I shook my head, "I haven't done any tests on her."

"Not for lack of trying after he explained the advantages a Fallen Angel has..." Bellatrix muttered with a pout, hands moving to squeeze her breasts to the other two young women's amusement.

"I was hoping to get good with making hybrids so you'd only have the change done once unless I gain access to something better in the future." I pointed out, shifting a glance to Fleur and Rias before adding, "Plus I'm pretty sure someone is going to notice if you suddenly become even more sexier now."

Bellatrix caught my look before her eyes widened as she blurted, "You were thinking of adding some Veela?"

"Actually, I was thinking Fleur is probably the best step for discovering how hybrids can mesh well with strong powers from both sides as, unless I'm wrong, she's at least quarter Veela and the rest normal magical." I explained, adopting a thoughtful look, "I wouldn't ask for it for free though... and I can probably see about ensuring there are more Veela if that is an issue."

Fleur's lips parted in surprise at my mention of making more Veela while Rias also gained a look of realisation that with the right samples I could probably bring back the 72 Pillars in [Highschool DxD] or the Pure Blood Houses here as well.

"I won't rush you either so take your time thinking on this Fleur." I added and getting Fleur to relax slightly.

"What would you even gain from being able to make more Veela?" Fleur asked with a slight frown, "There has never been a male Veela and even that sort of powerful magic wouldn't change that."

"I had a feeling that was the case. In truth, I only want it for the option for those who travel with me in the future. I mean Veela have an affinity to both fire and air so I imagine it'd help those who want to focus on those magics while also gaining more beauty." I answered with a shrug. I could easily gain the same CHA boost and influence power from an [Incubus] or [Charmian Race] just by buying them from the [Store].

After that things settled down and I ended up doing a bit of 'show and tell' with some of the magics I had available. Learning I could use [Holy Light Magic] had unsettled Rias a little but soon disappeared when Bellatrix brought up my [Eromancy] and [Internal Reinforcement]. That had lead into a lesson about the latter to get Fleur and Rias the basics down which was helped by the boost from [Scholar].

I had also mentioned I was getting into making things and enchanting which seemed to perk up Fleur's interest especially once Bellatrix showed off the [Regal Dresser-Slime] which ended up with me giving a [Slime Guard] to each of them after getting a promise that they wouldn't use them openly given shape shifting, enchanted clothes would others to be eager to get their hands on them to use it themselves or try and work out how they were made.


The Halloween feast that evening was filled with a tension with the coming announcement of the champions and the impatience of most of the students. Roger Davies was shooting me glares from further down the table but hadn't actually confronted me about putting my name in cause Fleur was sitting on my right.

As everyone finished eating and the plates were cleared, Dumbledore stood with Karkaroff and Maxine on either side of him and Bagman and Mr Brown and the tension grew with their expectant faces.

"Well, the Goblet is almost ready to make its decision," started Dumbledore, "I estimate that it requires one more minute. Now, when the champions' names are called, I would ask them to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber where they will be receiving their first instructions."

Dumbledore had signalled the way while he was speaking and moved to draw his wand to extinguish all of the candles except those inside the carved pumpkins, plunging the room into semi-darkness and making the Goblet of Fire's azure flame stand out even more.

A few whispers started up as they waited before being quietened as the flames turned red for a few moments. During that time, a tongue of flames shoot into the air before revealing a charred piece of parchment which fluttered down to be caught by Dumbledore.

"The champion for Durmstrang..." He started in a strong, clear voice, "...will be Viktor Krum!"

A storm of applause and cheers filled the hall as Krum got up from the Slyerthin table and slouched up towards Dumbledore before turning right and head into the next chamber while Karkaroff cheered loudly, "Bravo Viktor! Knew you had it in you!"

The clapping and cheering died down soon after as everyone turned their attention to the Goblet once again. Seconds later, its flame turned red and a second piece of parchment was ejected from it.

"The champion for Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour." Dumbledore spoke, Fleur smiling brightly as she gracefully got to her feet while I clapped and gave my congratulations as did Rias. The few of her fellow students hadn't bothered clapping and even two were crying as Fleur made her way into the next chamber but most at least gave a polite applause.

For the third time the Goblet turned red once everyone had settled down waiting to find out who would be Hogwarts' champion. The third parchment came out soon after and floated down to Dumbledore's hand.

"The champion for Hogwarts is..." Dumbledore started, pausing to read the parchment once, "...Kichirou Black!"

The reaction as I stood up was stilted as only those I knew started to clap and cheer along with most of Ravenclaw as I'd spent time teaching and tutoring others and even Flitwick joined in. The Weasley twins even let out wolf-whistles as I headed into the next chamber and showed they didn't have any hard feelings about me not sharing the means to get past the [Age Line].

The next chamber was much like it appeared in the movie: small, lavishly furnished and having a roaring fire which seemed to be the only light in the room. Fleur and Krum were both by the fire and watching the door, waiting to find out who their fellow champion would be.

"Kichirou." Fleur spoke up with a smile, "I had thought that it would be you after this morning's show."

Krum rose an eyebrow to the blonde before nodding to me, "Black."

"Krum." I replied with a nod.

We didn't have long to wait before the trio of Head teachers, Bagman and Mr Brown enter, Bagman taking the lead as he spoke "Gentlemen and lady. Congratulations on becoming the champions for the tournament. Now, Mr Brown has the instructions for the first task."

"Ah, yes." Mr Brown spoke, withdrawing a piece of parchment to look over before continuing, "The first task is designed to test your daring and courage. Courage of the unknown. As such we're not going to tell you what it is but I will tell you the when. This task will be held on 24th November in front of the other students and the panel of judges. You also won't be permitted to ask for or accept help of any kind from your teachers to complete the tasks in the tournament and can only face the first challenge armed with your wands... erm... magical foci."

Mr Brown glanced to me at the slight addition and probably remembered I used a pair of [Foci Rings] instead before continuing, "You'll only receive information about the second task after the first is over and owing to the demanding and time-consuming nature of the Tournament, the champions are exempt from end-of-year tests. And good luck to each of you."

With the instructions given, Fleur and Krum were guided out by their Head teachers and the two Ministry employees opted to leave as well. That left myself and Dumbledore standing in the chamber as he kept his gaze on me as he spoke, "What you did this morning could have endangered many students, Lord Black..."

"Really? If an Age Line was the best protections you could put around the Goblet then someone else would have came up with that idea sooner or later." I pointed out with a raised eyebrow, "By showing the weakness in front of you and them, I forced you to improve those protections then and there so someone else wouldn't sneak their way in by that same way or by others."

Dumbledore looked rather put out at hearing that and I get the feeling he was still somewhat embarrassed about overlooking such a simple means to bypass the [Age Line] as I asked "If there's nothing else Headmaster, I'd hate for the other schools to think some sort of cheating was going on..."

"You can go, Lord Black." Dumbledore spoke up quickly, signalling towards the door and watching as I left.