Here's the rewritten version of the third chapter and here is the start of more noticeable differences here. I still have planned that Harry Potter would be the next world and that worlds Kichirou aren't in will be paused till he goes back there. Some girls may accompany him into different worlds but also sometimes he will go on his own due to potential danger of a blind jump or the place he's going to not being something interesting to them.

Returning to my home after being in the [ID] I can't help but smile at how well the training session/test had worked. [Gandalfr] was quite the boost in the fight and I had taken down 80 Slimes in little over an hour without any issue and while the stat boost through it hadn't been particularly noticeable as it beyond being able to move faster but I was fighting much more fluidly with my swords which is probably a sign of the difference between [Sword Mastery] at Level 32 then just Level 12 it was at the time.

From it all, I had managed to gain a Level up myself along with four Levels for [White Mage] and was nearly halfway to Level 6 which did wonders to my INT and WIS especially with the help of my passive boosts with them sitting at 49 and 54 respectively although their base stat was only in the 33 and 36. I had also managed to get 4 [Gacha Tokens] from amongst the loot.

As for [Skills], I'd managed to get two Levels in [Sword Mastery], [Light Ferry] and [Ambidextrous] while [Gandalfr] got three Levels and [Mana Generator] got one.

[Ambidextrous] hitting Level 10 caused an impressive change in the skill now that I didn't have a damage reduction at work.

[Ambidextrous] (Passive) Level: 10 - EXP: 0%
Description: A skill that permits the user to use their off hand for tasks. The higher the level of this skill, the more skilled the user will become with all manner of tasks.
-Can use both hands equally. No longer have an off hand
-Passively increase DEX by 1% x Skill Level when using two weapons
-Increase Physical Damage when using two weapons at the same time by 1% x Skill Level

Another DEX boost and a minor damage increase are always going to helpful for me, especially as so far I've been training by dual wielding since I gained the option so I could handle using [Sword Forms] that came as two swords. As for the swords I was using, I had managed to get [Thunderbolt Blade] to Level 7 unlocking its elemental ability [Element: Thunder].

[Thunderbolt Blade (DQ)] (0/3) Level: 7 - EXP: 532/700 - ATK: 21/DUR: 30/30 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

[Element: Thunder] (Passive)
Description: This weapon was imbued with the power of [Thunder] during its creation, making it effective against enemies weak to the element.
-Add [Thunder] to Element
-Increase chance to inflict [Paralysis] by 10%
-Increase damage dealt by attacks by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy.
Preferred Enemy: [Aqua], [Beast], [Wind] [Winged-Beast] type enemies

I also had discovered that if I kept a [Sword Form] out it gained EXP every ten minutes, about 10 if my maths is right, before the EXP percentage boost bumped it up which shows in how [Bokken: Katana] had gained two levels just for being sheathed on my back.

[Bokken: Katana] (0/3) Level: 3 - EXP: 44/300 - ATK: 14/DUR: 24/24 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

That does explain the extra EXP I've been getting for my swords in earlier playthroughs of the [Slime ID] and also means I could just some [Sword Forms] out and let the 'existence EXP' gather in them to at least get the first couple of levels for each of them or if I'm somewhere where I can safely keep them out without drawing attention or quizzical looks.

Unequipping my scarf and dismissing my [Sword Forms] I opt to focus on training my other [Skills] with what's left of the evening as I active [Byakugan] and turn on the television to start searching for something educational so I can work [The End] before settling in to start using [Drain Energy] and [White Magick] so I can level it up as well as sneak some training of [Self Regeneration] in as well.


(Day 3)

You have slept in a bed. HP and MP has been 100% restored!

Letting out a yawn, I sit up with a stretch as I let my gaze shift over the five [Bokken: Katana] I've got scattered around the room before turning my focus onto the screen in front of me.

[Bokken: Katana] (0/3) Level: 11 - EXP: 580/1100 - ATK: 22/DUR: 40/40 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

That came out to be about a 1147 per sword over eight hours which means I could do something similar with my other [Sword Forms] nightly then I can avoid having them fall behind too much or just have one of each to provide a lesser boost and that I have a consistent means for training them even if I can't actually fight with them. With it hitting Level 10, I also got the bokken's new ability out of it.

Ability unlocked for [Bokken: Katana]: [Non-Lethal (Passive)]
[Non-Lethal] (Passive)
Description: This ability can allow the sword to avoid the deaths of those struck by it.
-If an enemy's HP would drop below 10% from damage by this [Sword Form] set enemy's HP to 10% instead (This is toggleable.)

This means I have a usable training sword as with [Non-Lethal] active I can just keep hitting someone without causing damage once they reach 10% of their total HP. Hopefully they still feel the pain cause this would be a good way to punish those who need it without accidentally killing them or teach others to do better.

Anyway, the EXP increase was both hindered and helped as well by other factors. The former was due to not having [Scarf of the Sword Hero] equipped while I was asleep but the latter was due to my training yesterday evening which brought [The End] up to Level 9 after watching a pair of old school kung fu movies which pushed [Anything Goes Martial Arts] to Level 10.

The rest of the training resulted in [Byakugan] hitting Level 11, [Drain Energy] hitting Level 8 and [White Magick] has reached Level 3, also giving me another 500EXP for [White Mage], and [Self Regeneration] gained a level as well.

Dismissing the quintet of swords, I set about getting ready for the day as I have to head into the city to sell the stuff I had got and repaired yesterday. Maybe buy some seeds for fruits and vegetables and some more books on crafting methods, maybe smithing and Carpentry.

I'll definitely have to have a look around again and see if there's anything I missed yesterday given I need to prepare for the group's survival in the future.


"Hey Kichi-kun!" Shizuka called as I walked past the her and Rika's home, drawing my gaze to the sexy blonde as she waves at me happily. Rika looked amused at her friend as she moved a duffel bag towards the small Beetle the former drove as I replied with a smile "Morning Shizuka-san, Rika-san."

Rika nodded back before I caught Shizuka pouting at my formality as she walked towards me, stopping only a few steps away before crossing her arms under her barely covered chest and leaning forwards as she retorted "...chan, Kichi-kun. Call me Shizuka-chan."

"Ah... Alright then, Shizuka-chan." I reply after a moment, wondering why I get the feeling she recalls our first meeting perfectly clearly as she relaxes with a bright, pleased smile on her lips. Rika lets out a chuckle at what's going on before she calls over, interrupting whatever Shizuka had planned next, "Come on, Shizu-chan. Leave the poor guy alone. He's probably got other things to do and you promised to take Kyoko home."

"Kyoko...?" I asked curious, wondering if she was on about the only Kyoko I'm aware of in the series as Shizuka smiled innocently as she explained "A friend from Fujimi Academy where I work..."

"Oh... That's where I'm going as well." I reply innocently as Kyoko Hayashi steps outside in a simple yet form fitting, red dress. She looks like she could easily rival Shizuka in figure, even if her bust is a bit smaller and a tired look adorned her face. I imagine she's a bit hung over from whatever celebration they were having last night although I'm soon distracted from that line of thoughts as Shizuka lets out a happy squeak before she called to the red haired beauty "Kyoko-chan, come meet our new student."

"Please don't shout like that Shizuka." Kyoko grumbled as she approached, taking her time to clean her glasses. Shizuka looks rather eager over the fact I'm going to Fujimi, despite knowing I'm related to 'uncle' Shido, while Kyoko was seeming to take her time to look over me before focusing on my eyes. I'm wearing another long sleeved top and jeans combo today, despite it warming up today to hide that I don't look like I've only recently came out of hospital, although Kyoko soon gets a dusting of red on her cheeks which she covers with a cough before asking "So, you're the new transfer student?"

"Yes, Sensei." I spoke with a bob of my head. I get the feeling that Shizuka may have said things to her about me as Kyoko added "Well, I look forwards to seeing how you do in my classes."

"This will be great, you and I can have lunch together tomorrow to see how you're doing and maybe give you a tour as well afterwards." Shizuka suggested with a friendly smile at me before Kyoko retorted sternly, "He won't fit in if he doesn't spend time around his peers, Shizuka. Plus you can't leave the infirmary in case something serious happens."

"It's just lunch, Kyoko-chan." Shizuka countered with a childish pout, Kyoko shooting her a stern look while Rika looked like she was going to step in until I decided to chime in myself as I suggested, "You could always join us, Sensei? If you want to that is."

The red on Kyoko's cheeks returns a bit darker as she gives me a small smile at my suggestion before saying "I'll keep that in mind."

"It was nice to meet you, Sensei. I should get going though. Shizuka-chan, Rika-san, have a nice day." I add with a nod to the two other women before I take a step back onto the pavement as Shizuka spoke with a wave "You too, Kichi-kun."

"See you, Kichi-kun." Rika calls with a nod before turning her attention to her two friends with an amused look as as Kyoko adjusts her glasses as she spoke "I shall see you tomorrow then, Kichi-kun."

With that, I managed to restart my trip while turning my focus to the ignored [Relationship] screens that had popped up during the whole conversation.

Due to defusing a potential argument before it could start, you gained +2 CHA

+5 Affection for Shizuka Marikawa [25/100] (for not blowing off her idea and being fine with being informal with her)
+5 Affection for Rika Minami [10/100] (for disarming the tension between her two friends)
+10 Affection for Kyoko Hayashi [10/100] (for not making her feel left out)

Picking up my pace, I started to jog into the city centre so I can work on [Parkour] some more while trying to find some pawn shops where I can sell what I've fixed up.


It only took me about two hours to find a couple shops that would buy the CD Players and portable TV I'd fixed, spreading it out mainly to avoid making it seem odd to be selling off multiple things at one time. In the end, I managed to get a bit under 16k Yen for them all, a [Skill] called [Negotiate], which was obvious about what it did and quickly got to Level 5, and two more CHA points, bringing it up to 25 without my glasses' reduction, for having to barter with two of the more unsavoury shopkeepers who were trying to short change me. I also managed to get a level for [Holmesian Deduction] through picking up their false expressions or micro-expressions while trying to barter me down in price, a level for [The End] due to [Negotiate] and two levels in [Parkour] for jogging around the city centre to find the places.

[The End] hitting Level 10 had caused another change in the [Skill] which came in the form of a reduction of the MP needed for me to learn new [Skills] through it by 500MP, meaning I need 9500MP now.

The only other training I've decided to do during this time was level [Telepathy] to 13 through picking up the surface thoughts of people around me, [Drain Energy] to 11 and [Self Regeneration] to 18 which brings it and [Mana Generator] up to the same Level although I figure the latter will level up soon enough.

Also I came to the realisation that I don't really need to keep buying books to help the group as I can just raid a book store or library for everything I might need after Z-Day to save my money. I'd just need to find a good moment to slip away if its during the journey out of town or make it out to be a trip to get supplies after finding out where my [Home Base] is moved to. I'll have to make sure that I buy the [Library] expansion although from digging through my menu for it all, I need to get the [Expansion] upgrade first and doing that now, as I have the money for it, would draw unwanted questions about how and when it was done.

Now that my follow up plan is not needed, I really need to figure out what to do with the rest of my day. I could just head back home and go back to [Job] grinding but I don't think I should waste this time here either as I can spend my time training [Skills].

Yeah... I should have a last look around for anything useful and also spend some time working on [Telepathy], [Parkour] and my HP and MP boosters with the help of [Drain Energy] and [Byakugan] before heading back to use the rest of today for [ID] grinding.

Ooo... Maybe I could keep entering and leaving [Empty IDs] in rapid succession to work on levelling it up although I'm not sure when the next dungeon would appear on the list for it and how many times it would need me to repeat the process to level it up.

Either way, I should make the most of today as I probably won't have as much time available to me once I start school.

*Ring~ Ring~*

"Hello Uncle." I answer my phone quickly, curious about why he's calling me now.

"Nephew. I'm just calling to ensure that you're ready for tomorrow. It wouldn't do to make a bad impression on your first day." Shido replied in a faux concern as I rolled my eyes and answered "I've got everything ready for tomorrow, Uncle. I'm just having another look around the city centre to learn my way around."

"Hmm~ good, good. I take it you know the way to the school then?" Shido asks as I nod and answer cordially "Of course, Uncle."

"Then I shall see you at the school then. You're uniform is on the coffee table." Shido replied before ending the call. I shook my head in exasperation before stowing away my phone. That's both good and bad, good that I wasn't away in an [ID] at the time but bad as I figure Shido is going to make it a daily thing keeping tabs on me but at least now would be a good time to start grinding for [Job Levels].


Returning back home, the rest of my second look around the city centre was rather unsuccessful aside from finding a open market that looked to have some sales on food which I going to keep in my [Inventory] for when its needed. I did manage to get another two levels for [Telepathy], [Parkour], [Holmesian Deduction] and [Mana Generator] but only got one level in [Byakugan] and [Self Regeneration].

With those boosts, I've got my HP and MP to 1376 and 6143 and my Regens had reached 69/min and 187/min respectively which kinda makes it weird that I'm more of a swordsman then mage although I should be able to start fixing that when I can change my [Job] into [Squire].

After a quick look around to make sure there's no bugs left around the house again, I opted to start working on [ID Create]. Quickly entering and exiting the [Empty ID] was a bit disorientating to do as it was the world in grey-scale and the change sees the world lose or gain its colouring but by 2:24pm I had finally got it to the right level to unlock a new dungeon for me.

[ID Create] has levelled up! 4 =} 5
New Dungeon available: [Troll]

So my next [ID] is full of trolls, huh? I wonder which sort they are going to be and where it'll be. Should at least be tougher for me to fight then Slime still and I should get more EXP out of them. I just need to get ready and also use those four [Gacha Tokens] I got yesterday.

You have gained [Accessory]: [Ring of Vampirism]
You have gained [Armour]: [Scaly Might Gloves]
You have gained [Item]: [Rapid Ager]
You have gained [Sword Design]: [Gambol Shroud (RWBY)]

Huh...? Looks like I've got some interesting things this time. Let's start from the top then.

[Ring of Vampirism] DEF: 1/DUR: 20/20
Description: A simple blood red ring that was enchanted by a Vampire to heal while in the midst of battle.
-[Violent Heal (Apprentice)]
Restore HP equal to 5% of physical damage dealt to enemy

That'll probably be useful especially if I can't heal myself with [White Magick] when I'm in a fight. Plus with the amount connected to how much damage I do its possibly that I'll gain more from this then my [White Magick] at the moment.

[Mighty Scale Gauntlets] DEF: 8/DUR: 25/25
Description: A pair of finger-less gauntlets made out of treated dragon scales and enchanted to increase the user's strength and repair themselves.
-[Sturdy Grip (Apprentice)]
Increases Physical damage dealt by 10%
Decrease chance of being [Disarmed] by 20%
-[Strength Booster (Novice)]
Increase STR by 50%
-[Self-Repair (Master)]
Restores 5 DUR every minute

These gauntlets are great, a STR booster and a means for them to repair themselves. Plus with the [Sturdy Grip] enchantment extra means I'll deal even more damage while wearing them. They also looks rather cool as they are made out of gleaming silver-white scales that are slotted perfectly together to make them look more knight-like. They cover my arms from my knuckles up to just short of my elbows as well as protecting both sides of my forearms while the inside has white fabric to make them comfortable to wear when I tried them on. It's just a shame that they stand out too much otherwise I'd try and wear these to school.

The [Rapid Ager] is more of a novel item that I imagine would be useful if I get into making alcohol as its a wooden cask that for every day a liquid is inside is equivalent to a month's worth of normal ageing.

[Gambol Shroud (RWBY)] (0/3) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/300 - ATK: 49/DUR: 60/60
Description: The signature weapon of the Faunus, Blake Belladonna. This is classified as a "Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe" (VBCS), Gambol Shroud is capable of changing from a cleaver-like sword to a katana, and a gun. It can also take the form of a Sickle or Kusarigama and be used as such with the aid of the ribbon attached to the hilt and a second edge to the upper portion of the katana blade. Its sheathe can also be used as a sword as it has a sharp edge and a space and grip to hold it.
Type: One-Handed Sword: Katana/Cleaver-like Sword/Sickle/Gun
Rarity: Rare
Element: [Holy]
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Transformable Weapon (Passive)], [Element Bullet (Passive/Active)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:20)]
Spirit Enhancement: None
Requirements: 30 STR, 35 DEX

Ah, Blake's weapon is going to be useful in the future although its bit annoying I'm not anywhere near being able to use this or [Miló] for the moment but I should be able to make progress on that soon. Plus this might be another good sword for Saeko or pistol to Kohta and the others. Just need one more [Sword Form] as well and I'll have 40.

Donning my new gauntlets and ring, I change into my few 'battle clothes' so I can be prepared to enter my new [ID] before sheathing [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] onto my hips in their curved swords form, looking like the polearm form had been split into two at the middle and each sporting a blue gem that fit perfectly in the v-cut out of each blade.

"[ID Create: Troll]" I command so I can enter my new dungeon. The pulse of power from the [Skill] swiftly changed my surroundings until I was standing a few feet outside of the large mouth of a cave, dusty ground underfoot and a skeleton collapsed against a worn sign as if to warn those who would enter and behind me was a thick wall of fog which was obviously to dissuade people from entering it.

"Looks like I've got to go into the cave then." I mused aloud, taking a few steps closer towards the mouth and activating my [Byakugan] so I can see in the dark. The inside of the cave looks like a large pathway going down, obviously large enough for a Troll to use, and seems fairly straight.

Drawing both of my twin swords, I feel the boost from [Gandalfr] activate as I walk inside the cave and down the path. It looks like there's only a single path for me to follow as I quickly move to the point where the ground levels out.

After few feet after that, the cave opened out into a large chamber that stunk and occupied by five large Trolls. Each was about twelve feet tall with greyish skin and bulky builds, wearing nothing more then a loincloth to cover their groins and large clubs in one hand as they lumbered around the room. Taking a slow few steps into the chamber, I use [Observe] on the nearest Troll to find out what I'm up against.

BGM: E For Extinction - Thousand Foot Krutch

Level: 10
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 1500/1500
MP: 0/0
Bio: Trolls are beings with prodigious strength but lacking in brains. They are incredibly resistant to magical damage compared to physical damage but the thickness of their hide and muscles can make them resistant to physical attacks as well.
Emotions: hungry

Right... So this is going to be harder then I expected as its defence will be fairly high for its Level as is its HP, I guess. Now I just need to work out how to find one at a time otherwise I might get overwhelmed by them although I think my speed should be enough to avoid that as well.

Walking towards the group, I use [Observe] on the other Trolls so I can keep track of their individual HPs before one of them spot me, letting out an animalistic roar as it alerted the others and started lumbering towards me. Running to meet it, I jump over the wild swing of its club before swinging both of my swords down and scoring two light scratched over its torso before I have to jump back to avoid its free hand trying to grab me.

Troll #2
HP: 1044/1500
MP: 0/0

I end up having to use my boots' [Light Step] ability to alter my jump to avoid a overhead swing aimed at me by another Troll and letting me land a wide slash across the third's stomach before landing with my back to the group of them although I could hear the heavy footsteps charging at me, enraged.

Troll #3
HP: 1272/1500
MP: 0/0

228 per strike from the looks of it, then...

Turning to face them, I dash forwards towards the group as I activate [Light Ferry] over myself, greatly boosting both my STR and DEX along with [Gandalfr]. Two Trolls had abandoned their clubs and opted to lunge forwards to grab me with a wide swing of their arms which I jumped over before having to use my boots' power once more to jump towards the ground so I can dodge under the next two Trolls' clubs that were aimed at where I had been in the air. Landing, I swung a sword at both club wielding Trolls as I passed before landing a double swipe on the last one.

Troll #1
HP: 1170/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #4
HP: 1170/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #5
HP: 840/1500
MP: 0/0

I barely get a moment to check before I have to dodge a heavy kick from behind, sidestepping it and then bringing down a sword to attempt to cut it and only score another light cut after he struck his ally.

Troll #3
HP: 942/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #5
HP: 820/1500
MP: 0/0

Jumping back, I watched the two Trolls grunt and roar at each other as the one that had been kicked pushed away the kicker. I should probably get involved before one of them kill steals me...

Rushing forwards, I land three quick strikes on the weaker of the two and making it topple over before it dispersed into fragments and leaving me with four Trolls left to deal with. The 'kicker' gets dealt with next be three more slashes and leaving me with the two unarmed and one still wielding a club who all had over 1k in HP and are growling at me.

Troll #1
HP: 1170/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #2
HP: 1044/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #4
HP: 1170/1500
MP: 0/0

Deciding to act first, I dashed forwards and jump over the club swing and swing both swords down on its head and take it out in a double Critical Hit before using [Telekinesis] to send myself backwards to avoid the two remaining Trolls trying to grab me before slashing out at both fists.

Troll #2
HP: 714/1500
MP: 0/0

Troll #4
HP: 840/1500
MP: 0/0

Just need to hit them three times each now...

Landing a few feet away from the pair, I wait for them to charge forwards before dashing forwards and using a second [Light Ferry] on my swords before landing two strikes onto each Troll before skidding to a stop as they were destroyed behind me.

Critical Hit! x2

You have defeated [Troll] x5!
You have gained 2625EXP!
[White Mage] has levelled up! 5 =} 6
You have gained +2 INT, 3 WIS and 2 CHA!
[Ragged Cloth] x15
[Troll Hide] x25
[Troll Whiskers] x25
[Troll Club] x5
[Sword Mastery] has levelled up! 14 =} 15
[Gandalfr - Gamer Edition] has levelled up! 4 =} 5
[Light Ferry] has levelled up! 10 =} 11
[Ambidextrous] has levelled up! 10 =} 11

Letting out a sigh of relief as I relax, ending both [Light Ferry] I was using before the sound of a stone door falling drew my gaze to the new opening in the cavern. That makes me think this is going to be like one of those gauntlet style dungeons through similar looking rooms so I should be able to handle this easy enough as I'll be running into manageable groups of enemies.

The EXP and money is good as well although not sure on the rest of the loot although I figure I can use the [Ragged Cloth] at least when I get chance to try tailoring, maybe try [Repair] on it later to see if I can make it something more usable. The level ups of those [Skills] are going to be helpful as well given they'll increase the damage I can dish out.

Using [Repair] onto my [Sword Form], I move towards the new opening to see what the next room is like only to find myself staring at eight Trolls identical to those I had just fought with.

Right... This time let's go in using [Light Ferry] on both myself and my swords as it should make this quicker.


The next two 'rooms' had been easier as I'd only needed three hits for each Troll to go down with my [Light Ferry] both enhancing myself and [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] I was using. The third room had eleven Trolls meaning I'd taken out 24 Trolls over all so far, with 19 from the last two rooms being more then enough to gain a level for myself and [White Mage] with the latter over halfway point to its next one. I'd also managed to get two [Gacha Tokens] for my trouble.

As for [Skills], I've levelled up [Mana Generator] twice along with [Gandalfr] and [Byakugan] while I gained a single level in [Light Ferry], [Household Magic], [Ambidextrous], [Observe] and [Sword Mastery]. Between my level ups, both [Skill] and [Job], my MP has hit 7174 and my Regen is up to 440/min with my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] at work.

I had also gotten two levels for [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] from using them.

[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/3) Level: 9 - EXP: 0/1800 - ATK: 51/DUR: 82/82 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A

Walking towards the entrance to the fourth room, I blink at seeing what is in the next room. It wasn't the fourteen normal Trolls that concerned me but the one Troll that sported several scars and was draped in animal hides while sporting a wooden club that had curved blades embedded into it to make it more like a spiked mace and [Observe] easily explained why.

Troll Warrior
Level: 12
Type: Beast-Warrior
HP: 1750/1750
MP: 0/0
Bio: Trolls are beings with prodigious strength but lacking in brains. They are incredibly resistant to magical damage compared to physical damage but the thickness of their hide and muscles can make them resistant to physical attacks as well. Troll Warriors are those amongst the strongest of the tribe, capable of winning fights and bringing in most meals for the group.
Emotions: hungry, eager to fight

It's not the greater number that's the worry but the fact the Troll Warrior seems to be even stronger, tougher and more dangerous then the normal variety and probably has some form of regeneration that unlike my own does work in battle and its rather eager to fight someone which means it'll attack me on sight, most likely. I just hope that my speed can outmatch it so I can zip about and cut down the normal Trolls first before focusing on the Warrior.

Stepping into the room, a rumble from behind made me dive forwards to avoid the crashing of rocks behind me which blocked my escape route. A Hulk-like roar quickly brought my attention back to the Troll Warrior as it charged at me, getting me to jump to my feet as I moved to one of the slower moving Trolls that was also charging at me as at the end of the last group I was able to take out a Troll with just two attacks.

In the end I only managed to cut down two Trolls before the Troll Warrior swung its bladed club at me and forcing me to dodge while managing to land a cut on its arm.

Troll Warrior
HP: 1101/1750
MP: 0/0

Jumping back from the backhand aimed at me, my eyes widen at seeing the cut start to heal itself before my eyes and maybe me feel that this fight would be even tougher due to the Troll Warrior having some form of active regeneration at work.

Troll Warrior
HP: 1136/1750
MP: 0/0

Landing briefly, I had to jump again to avoid a Troll swinging at me with its club before bringing a sword down to cleave its head in two with a pair of Critical Hits before bouncing off the air with [Light Step] to cut through another two Trolls' heads with my swords before I landed on the ground. Jumping to the side, I avoid the Troll Warrior's weapon once more before using both of my swords to cut open another Troll's gut before jumping to the side to avoid grasping arms.

I land several feet away before dashing at another two Trolls, landing attacks across their legs once before turning so I can deliver the second against the back of their thighs and reducing their numbers to 6 Trolls and the Troll Warrior, the latter whom has regained his HP now.

The Warrior lets out a threatening roar at the other Trolls, making them back off and leaving it and me to face off. Circling each other slowly, I keep my focus split between the leader and the other Trolls before the one in front of me charged with a powerful overhead swing with its bladed club using one hand. I manage to dodge it with a simple sidestep only to get a knee to my torso that sent me skidding back.

-163HP [1213/1376]

Damn... That's a heavy hit.

I counter quickly with a diagonal slash along the chest before jumping over the upwards swing of the mace before landing another slash along the Troll Warrior's side.

Troll Warrior
HP: 487/1750
MP: 0/0

+33HP [1246/1376]
+33HP [1279/1376]

Looks like the [Ring of Vampirism] is working well enough for me although the Troll Warrior's Regen has already kicked in as it roars in pain before wildly swinging at head height for me. I duck under the attack before reversing my grip on both swords as I jump and deliver the final blow in two slashes across its neck.

Landing on the ground with a sigh, I turn to the last remaining Trolls as the Warrior crashed backwards onto the ground and flip the grip on my swords as I smirk at the wary Trolls before one charged with a roar.

The last six go down with little issue at the hands of my swords, leaving me out of breathe from the long fight as I look over the results.

You have defeated [Troll] x14 and [Troll Warrior] x1!
You have gained 8100 EXP!
[White Mage] has levelled up! 7 =} 8
You have gained +2 INT, 3 WIS and 2 CHA!
[Ragged Cloth] x45
[Tiger Hide] x5
[Troll Hide] x75
[Troll Whiskers] x70
[Troll Club] x14
[Troll Spiked Club] x1
[Gacha Token] x1
[Observe] has levelled up! 8 =} 9
[Gandalfr - Gamer Edition] has levelled up twice! 7 =} 9
[Light Ferry] has levelled up! 12 =} 13
[Ambidextrous] has levelled up! 12 =} 13
[Physical Resistance] has levelled up twice! 8 =} 10
[Self Regeneration - Gamer Edition] has levelled up! 19 =} 20
[Mana Generator] has levelled up! 22 =} 23

Another [Job Level]... I think I'm going to have to start using this [ID] given I've gotten three already over the four rooms. The Stat Points from that teamed with the level ups of both [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] has pushed my HP and MP to 1405 and 7714 along with my Regens to 140/min and 470/min.

The [Tiger Hide] is a curious addition to the Loot but I figure its to do with what the Troll Warrior was wearing and probably make better equipment then the load of [Troll Hide] I've got now although not as magic resistant if I recall the [Observe] screen correctly and hopefully whatever is made won't stink either by that point.

Shaking my head, I dismiss the screen and start walking towards the new opening which lead to a slope down to the next room and opens out wider to reveal a crude campsite which has 14 Trolls and 5 Troll Warriors all wandering around.

The campsite might actually make this easier given I've got actual structures to use for cover... Maybe go a bit [Assassin's Creed] and speed kill a few of the Trolls so I don't have to keep my focus on so many enemies at one time. I'll have to use [Light Ferry] in burst though as its too noticeable in this darkness and probably the reason I've been swarmed by them in the earlier rooms.

Reaching the edge of the opening, I sheathe both swords at my waist, keeping one hand on one of them to prevent losing the boost from [Gandalfr], and then end both uses of [Light Ferry]. That's most of my light emitting [Skills] taken care of so I can move a bit more stealthily as I crouch down slightly and slowly and quietly move to behind a large boulder that would hide me from view... only to hear a ping from the Game as a new screen appeared.

Through a special action, you have gained the skill: [Sneak]
[Sneak] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: Sneaking is the art of moving unseen and unheard. Highly skilled sneaks can often hide in plain sight. More effective in dark environments or behind cover.
-Passively increase DEX by (5 + Skill Level)%.
-Reduce movement speed by 90% when active.

Convenient to get something like this now and its always good to have another DEX boost, I suppose. Now I just need to move around and find a good place to take out the first of the Trolls here and figure out the timing to invoke [Light Ferry] to take them out in two hits without drawing much attention.

Moving from the boulder to a bark wall, I use my [Byakugan] to take in the whole camp so I can avoid drawing attention to me. There is two Trolls nearby that I can take out in quick succession without drawing attention from the others.

Drawing my two swords, I dash forwards as I activate [Light Ferry] on both myself and my swords so I can land two slashes against its back before jumping to take out the second one and land behind a ragged cloth covering where I end [Light Ferry] and [Sneak] off and avoid the Trolls coming to investigate the flash of light. Doing it two more times as I [Sneak] about, helps level the [Skill] to Level 3 as I take out five more Trolls and leaving me with 7 Trolls and 5 Troll Warriors left to deal with.

Looks like the remaining enemies are sticking close to the middle now so I can't just pick them off unless I go full speed and power from now and the DEX boost from [Sneak] should just make me faster. I just need to avoid this fight drawing out too much given my Endurance isn't suited to drawn out ones and I haven't exactly rested much from the previous rooms.

Taking a calming breathe, I step out to the middle of the pathway and draw the gaze of my remaining enemies before I activate [Light Ferry] again as they charge at me before charging to meet them as I cover both of my swords in the same light. I jump to dodge the first two attacks, swinging both blades down onto their heads and landing a Critical Hit on both of them to destroy them. Using my boots' [Light Step], I jump forwards at the next pair and slash the next pair along their necks in another pair of Critical Hits.

As the lead Troll Warrior swung his spiked club down at me, I summoned eight [Legendary Swords] before using [Telekinesis] to make them form a spinning circular shield in front of me and using their [Indestructible] ability to block it before jumping to my left to take out the Troll Warrior who had tried to attack me from the left with three swift strikes.

Pulling the [Legendary Swords] towards me, I arrange them behind me as I take one of the remaining Trolls with the swords in my hands before using my floating swords to block another spiked club from my right as I take out the first Troll Warrior to have attacked me.

That leaves three of each for me to deal with...

The first of the last three Trolls falls as I cut it open at the waist with both my swords before having to block a Troll Warrior's spiked club with my [Legendary Swords] and opening up the opportunities for me to land the needed strikes on its torso before I moved onto the last two Trolls behind it.

The roar of the two Troll Warriors behind me signalled their attacks as I move the group of [Legendary Swords] into two smaller, spinning shields to block both of their clubs before I turned to face them and finish them off in a flurry of slashes.

Phew... Glad that's over with and looks like my idea with [Legendary Sword] worked as well.

Dismissing all of my swords and ending [Light Ferry] and [Byakguan], I decide to leave the [Troll ID] for now so I can rest before turning my gaze onto the result screen from the last 'room'.

You have defeated [Troll] x14 and [Troll Warrior] x5!
You have gained 11100EXP!
You have levelled up! 13 =} 14
You have gained 5 Stat Points!
[White Mage] has levelled up! 8 =} 9
You have gained +2 INT, 3 WIS and 2 CHA!
[Ragged Cloth] x57
[Tiger Hide] x5
[Wolf Hide] x10
[Deer Hide] x10
[Troll Hide] x95
[Troll Whiskers] x70
[Troll Club] x14
[Troll Spiked Club] x5
[Gacha Token] x2
[Sneak] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Telekinesis] has levelled up! 9 =} 10
[Byakugan] has levelled up! 14 =} 15
[Light Ferry] has levelled up twice! 13 =} 15
[Sword Mastery] has levelled up! 16 =} 17
[Gandalfr - Gamer Edition] has levelled up trice! 9 =} 12
[Mana Generator] has levelled up! 23 =} 24
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] has levelled up twice! 9 =} 11
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/3) Level: 11 - EXP: 13/2200 - ATK: 55/DUR: 90/90 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A

Over all that fight has been good for myself, getting a Level and a [Job Level], and the level up of my [Skills]. I mean my [Byakugan] has a range of 930 metres now and I can lift 620kg for every 10MP I use with [Telekinesis]. [Light Ferry] has grown to give me a 150% boost when I use it and [Gandalfr] gives me a 32% increase to both STR and DEX along with EXP bonus.

The combination of [Mana Generator's] level up and my stronger INT and WIS has also brought my MP to 8270 and my Regen to 254/min without my scarf doubling it.

Exchanging my scarf and gauntlets for my glasses, I take a seat on the sofa and check to see how much EXP I need for [White Mage] to hit Level 10 which turns out to be only 700. That should be easy to make given I got 250EXP for each Level [White Magick] had gained so I just need three more levels in that and I'll be able to change [Jobs] again as well as gaining new techniques for the [Skill].

It should be something easy enough to do between being able to use both [Scan] and [Cure] on myself as long as I use [Drain Energy] to drop my HP a bit. After that I should probably focus on working on [Self Regeneration] for a bit before using my new [Gacha Tokens].


In the end it took about two hours to get the needed level for [White Magick] and at Level 5 I picked up [Waken], the cure for [Sleep] status, and [Paralyna], the cure for [Paralysis] status. The [Job Level] for [White Mage] had also pushed my base WIS to 51 and caused a new screen to appear.

For base WIS reaching 50, you've gained the [Perk]: [Mana Factory]
[Mana Factory] (Passive)
Description: You naturally recovers mana at a greater amount then others.
-Increase MP Regen by 100%

That new [Perk] increases my MP Regen from 271/min to 427/min easily which seems like more then enough for my current needs especially with my MP sitting at 8667 now. It also means that I will be gaining more [Perks] once I get my other Stats to 50 which will be interesting to see. If my memory is correct then after that would be 100 for the next one but after that I'm not sure if its 200 or 250... Oh well, I'll find out in the future.

Looking over the rest of my Stats, I use ten of my Stat Points on my LUC to boost it from 15 to 30 - [Lucky Rabbit's Foot] adding half of my base 20. That should improve my luck with the [Gacha Tokens] I've got now...

You have gained [Item]: [Gold Bar]
You have gained [Food]: [Raw Meat] x5
You have gained [Armour]: [Bronze Helmet]
You have gained [Item]: [SNES Controller]
You have gained [Weapon]: [Excalibur Blessing (DxD)]

Looks like my improved LUC has worked somewhat given what I've got from this batch. I can easily see that I'll use both the [Gold Bar] and [Raw Meat] in the future and I can probably sell the [SNES Controller] if I find a good old school gaming shop here before Z-Day happens. As for the helmet...

[Bronze Helmet] DEF: 5/DUR: 25/25
Description: The roman helmet made out of bronze.

I'd say its decent bit of [Armour] if not a bit basic but I should still use it for now as I don't have any other headgear that would be better to use.

[Excalibur Blessing] is the jackpot of this lot though. I mean one of the seven pieces of [Excalibur] from [Highschool DxD] is something important, even if its the weakest of them. I'm still probably nowhere near being able to use it either but I can at least get the [Sword Form] version safely away in my [Sacred Gear].

[Sword Form] Unlocked through [Weapon Copy]:
[Excalibur Blessing (DxD)] (0/4) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/400 - ATK: 65/DUR: 80/80
Description: One of the seven [Excaliburs] created after the original [Excalibur] broke, [Excalibur Blessing] holds the ability to 'bless' and empower holy rituals, strengthen an exorcist's power as well as weaken Devils and Vampires during an exorcism.
Type: One Handed Sword: Longsword
Rarity: Super Rare
Element: [Holy]
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Blessed Empowerment (Passive)], [Self-Repair (Passive)] [Consume (Active)] [Locked (Lv:30)]
Spirit Enhancement: None
Requirement: 50 STR, 50 DEX

The requirements aren't as high as I was expecting them to be although I suppose they are made for any human exorcist with the right light affinity to use. At most they are probably at peak fitness or enhanced in regards to their Stats so I guess 50 there and here is the border between human and enhanced or something. Anyway, let's check those abilities do and see how useful they'll be.

[Blessed Empowerment] (Passive)
Description: This sword naturally enhances the power of holy magic and abilities.
-Passively increase damage and duration of [Holy] based magic and abilities by 100% within Level metres

[Self-Repair] (Passive)
Description: This sword repairs itself from damage over time.
-This sword regains 5 Durability every minute

[Blessed Empowerment] is actually a lot better then I expected, I mean team it with [Holy Aura] and I can inflict double damage when fighting a [Preferred Enemy] and also means that the damage caused by those in range would be double the attack of this sword. [Self-Repair] is also great as well as it means I don't have to keep track of its durability between uses as given enough time it'll restore it itself.

The only way this could be better is if I can figure out a way to fuse two swords together cause then I can have [Blessed Empowerment] helping with stuff like [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns'] [Element Bullet] and enhance the damage I can cause with it. Heck, if I work out how to fuse swords together and get the [Excalibur Fragments] I could made the [DxD] version of the [True Excalibur] to use.

Either way, there's no way I'm going to be able to use [Excalibur Blessing] in the near future given my [Stats] but it at least puts me at 40 [Sword Forms] now.

I should probably start using those [Experience Transfers] I've got so I can prepare a few [Sword Forms] I'm going to need in this [World].

[Experience Transfer] activated!
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/4) Level: 10 (11) - EXP: 0/2000 - ATK: 55/DUR: 90/90 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A
[Bokken: Katana] (0/4) Level: 13 - EXP: 293/1300 - ATK: 24/DUR: 44/44 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

The bokken is gonna end up being my starting weapon during Z-Day but I'm going to need it to be stronger to make up for my lack of STR. Also while I can safely rely on it gaining more EXP just for carrying it around with me, I've got no clue when Z-Day will happen and how long I've got to build power in it so this boost should help avoid getting caught unaware.

[Experience Transfer] activated!
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/4) Level: 8 (11) - EXP: 700/1600 - ATK: 55/DUR: 90/90 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A
[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)](0/4) Level: 10 - EXP: 125/1000 - ATK: 22/DUR: N/A - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Ability Unlocked for [Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)]: [Element Slash (Active)]
[Element Slash (Active)] Cost: 50MP
Description: By channelling magic into this [Sword Form], the user is able to release the built up power in a slash of elemental energy.
-Deal magical damage of [Sword Element] equal to 150% of (ATK x Level)

[Legendary Sword] won't be probably needed here but I figured I should at least unlock its first ability before I opt to transfer all its EXP into another [Sword Form] to unlock other abilities. As for [Element Slash], that will allow me to dish out 330 [Holy] damage with one use although that'll go down when I transfer all its EXP elsewhere.

[Experience Transfer] activated!
[Legendary Sword (Shield Hero)](0/4) Level: 2 (10) - EXP: 25/200 - ATK: 22/DUR: N/A - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Bronze Sword (FE)] (0/4) Level: 10 - EXP: 0/1000 - ATK: 24/DUR: 36/36 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Ability Unlocked for [Bronze Sword (FE)]: [Loot Up: Small (Passive)]
[Loot Up: Small (Passive)]
Description: Gaining Loot with this sword became a little bit easier
-Increase amount and rarity of Loot from enemies by 20%

An ability to increase the amount and rarity of Loot I get from enemies... Hmm, that's gonna be good for building up money when I use it. I'd also get some better gear out of it as well. Plus it at least shows that not all [Sword Forms] are going to have the same first ability.

[Experience Transfer] activated!
[Bronze Sword (FE)] (0/4) Level: 1 (10) - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 24/DUR: 36/36 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Barrier Blade (FE)] (0/4) Level: 10 - EXP: 0/1000 - ATK: 20/ DUR: 43/43 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Ability Unlocked for [Barrier Blade (FE)]: [Barrier Generator (Active)]
[Barrier Generator (Active)] Cost: 50MP
Description: This sword possesses the power to create a magical barrier
-Create a transparent barrier with DUR equal to (ATK x Skill Level)

And that's my last use for today... [Barrier Generator] is going to be much better then my attempt earlier as while it worked it relied on me using [Telekinesis] to take the brunt of the attacks hitting against them where this ability has its own durability to it and its no mention of what shape the barrier actually takes.

Now I should prepare some [Sword Forms] that I want to gain EXP in now before I settle down for trying to work more on [The End] and [Self Regeneration].


(Day 4)

In the end, I only managed to get [The End] to level up once but also did the same for [Cooking]. The real gain came from working on [Self Regeneration] as I managed to get three levels in that with larger uses of [Drain Energy] which gained two levels. I managed to make some progress with the [Sword Forms] as well although I opted for spreading it out rather then just focus solely on one form so had four copies of ten forms out during the night.

[Wind Sword (FE)] (0/4) Level: 5 (8) - EXP: 304/500 - ATK: 22/DUR: 32/32 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Earth Sword (FF:4HoL)] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 18/DUR: 24/24 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Shining Blade (FF:4HoL)] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 18/DUR: 24/24 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Iron Blade (FE)] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 19/DUR: 26/26 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Copper Sword (DQ)] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 17/DUR: 24/24 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Steel Sword (Fairy Tail)] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 22/DUR: 31/31 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Mirror Sword] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 16/DUR: 21/21 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Black Slime Sword] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 8/DUR: 16/16 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Blue Slime Sword] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 8/DUR: 16/16 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Red Slime Sword] (0/4) Level: 4 - EXP: 364/400 - ATK: 8/DUR: 16/16 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Now though, I'm currently walking towards school for my first day with my school bag hanging on my left hip due to the satchel strap across my body while the clothe bag that currently houses a [Bokken: Katana] and two [Shinai] I've prepared just in case is slung over the opposite way by the thin strap it has. I'm also dressed in just the black gakuran of the uniform atop of one of my tops and black jeans along with my [Nerdy Specs of Normality], [Onyx Boots], [Lucky Rabbit Boot] and [Ring of Vampirism].

The only worry I have is that those I've met notice that I'm suddenly more attractive due to the increase in CHA as I'd even had to take a second look in the mirror to make sure the bishonen in the reflection was actually me which was a bit disconcerting until I realised it was a result of my training yesterday. At least my specs negate that somewhat but there's still a difference that makes me look more dorky-cute, if that's the right way to explain it.

Turning my focus to look around at the other approaching students through my now active [Byakugan], I resist letting out an annoyed groan at finding myself being stared out by the small groups. I suppose its normal for new students to get curious looks but some of the stares are a bit much and... Is that girl staring at my ass?

A quick use of [Telepathy] explains the stares as apparently people are surprised and interested in me given I'm a new student here. The guys want to figure out if I'm a new rival for their sports clubs or plans for some of the girls, who are equally curious about me and wondering if I'd look better without the glasses and if I favoured brains or brawn.

The whispers only grew as Yuuki glomped on my arm from behind, smiling impishly as she spoke "Morning Kichi-kun."

"Morning Yuuki-san." I replied with a smile before asking "How was the rest of your weekend?"

"It was alright, I suppose. I ended up having to finish off some homework." Yuuki answered with a smile, freeing one hand to brush back her loose bangs as she asked "How about you, cutie?"

"Well, I just looked around the city some more so I could learn my way around." I answer with a shrug before adding "Oh, I also ran into Busujima Saeko-san... and kinda asked about joining her club."

"Already seeing other women behind my back, Kichi-kun... Am I not enough for you?" Yuuki spoke with a faux pout, making me roll my eyes as I feel my cheeks grow warm as I rolled my eyes and retorted with the first thing that came to mind "Well, you didn't say anything about us being exclusive, Yuuki-san."

Yuuki let out a laugh at hearing my words, seeming downright pleased at my retort and the whispers it had caused as she continued to lead me towards the main building as she spoke "I'll show you to the reception so they can give you your timetable and show you to your class."


Once Yuuki had lead me to the teacher's lounge she left me in the slimy clutches of my 'uncle' who seemed to keep up his visage of familial kindness as he explained the rules.

"Grandfather suggested that you should have the time to socialise amongst your peers and so it was decided to have you attend second year classes for now." Shido spoke with a slimy smile as he walks ahead of me, looking over his shoulder at me for a brief moment.

Yeah, right... I can see you trying to do the same to me as you did to Rei although you'll need to actually have proof in case 'gramps' looks into it. [Telepathy] makes it easy to see his plans now and those he knows of the old man's, especially as he's intending to talk to those students who bully Kohta as well to give me a rough time. Well, we can't be having that then... Let's begin the extraction...

"Okay, Sensei..." I spoke with a nod, stepping more out of the way so any onlookers can't accuse me of pushing him as I pull pieces of knowledge from him in rapid succession and making him miss the next step on the staircase. Shido fell forwards hitting his head several times on the steps as I called out in the appropriate shocked and worried tone, "Uncle!"

Due to copying a lot of knowledge through [Telepathy], you have gained the [Skills]: [Persuade], [Encourage], [Lying], [Seduction] and [Manipulate]!
Due to copying a lot of knowledge through [Telepathy], these [Skills] have levelled up!
[Training] has levelled up x15! 9 =} 24
[Teaching] has levelled up x20! 1 =} 21

Due to having [Negotiate], [Persuade], [Encourage], [Lying], [Seduction] and [Manipulate], they have combined to become the [Skill]: [Silver Tongue]!
Due to the experience from the former [Skills]: [Silver Tongue] has levelled up x19! 1 =} 20
[Silver Tongue] (Passive) Level: 20 - EXP: 0%
Description: The art of a skilful orator to use words in a eloquent, artful, seductive and or persuasive way. This can be used to turn your voice and words into a subtle weapon, able to come up with convincing arguments, perform successful negotiations, persuade people to your side, manipulate people to do what you want, tell convincing lies and encourage or seduce people.
-Passively increases CHA by 1% x Skill Level
-Chance of negotiate, persuasion, seduction, manipulation, lying or encouragement working: 1% x Skill Level
-Also affected by INT, WIS, CHA and LUC

Hurrying down the stairs at hearing the sound of people approaching, I mentally sigh in relief as the two male teachers and Kyoko approaching before one decides to head back to contact the ambulance for Shido as he's still breathing.

"What happened?" Kyoko asked me, leading me away from the scene as I explained "He j-just seemed to miss the step and next thing I knew he was on the ground like that. I think he hit his head a couple times on the steps as well."

It's a bit disgusting how easily the words and tone make what I say sound so honest as my [Silver Tongue] skill gets to work. It's a CHA boost as well so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not at the moment.

"Alright... He'll be fine. Let's get you to class." Kyoko spoke soothingly, resting a hand on my shoulder as my gaze is drawn to the last screen that had popped up in my view.

[Hidden Quest: Cult of Shido](Complete!)