Two Little Jumpers

"So how come we're doing this again?" Ron asked as he unwrapped the parcel his wife had given him.

It was Christmas Eve. Rose and Hugo were both asleep and he and Hermione had spent the last couple hour's assembling and wrapping gifts. It was past midnight and knowing that the kids would be up in a matter of hours, Ron was desperate to get to bed. Hermione however had asked him to stay while she retrieved a small parcel. She had insisted he open it before they went to bed.

"Don't you remember when we were dating and we would each open a gift on Christmas Eve?"

Ron furrowed his brow, "Yeah. Do you want me to get you your gift now?"

She shook her head, a few loose brown curls bounced around as she did. "No, this isn't your actual gift, it's just a little something I made that I think you're going to love."

"It's not something you cooked is it?" he jokingly asked.

"No. Now open it you prat." Hermione glared playfully at him.

Under his wife's gaze, Ron unwrapped the parcel and opened the top of the box. He reached in and pulled out two small maroon jumpers each with a W on the front.

He held them up and looked at Hermione with a confused look. "Did mum make these?"

She shook her head and smiled, "No I did…they are not as good as your mom's but I think they turned out okay."

"More than okay love. They're brilliant, but um I think they might be a bit small for Rose and Hugo."

Hermione smiled and let out a small laugh, "Ron they aren't for Rose and Hugo."

A confused look appeared on his face, "Okay well I know they aren't for us so are they for Crookshanks? That's not a good idea because last Christmas that bloody cat nearly took my arm off when I tried to put that bell on him."

Hermione giggled at the memory and at her husband's naivety. It was cute.

"So who are they for?" Ron asked, still confused.

Hermione glanced down at her stomach and then looked back at Ron, a bright smile of her face.

It took him for him to figure it out. He looked back and forth between the jumpers and his wife before it dawned on him what she was trying to tell him. A look of amazement appeared on his face.

"You're pregnant? But how? The healers said that after Hugo the chances of having another child were very low."

"It wouldn't be the first time you and I have beaten the odds."

"So you're really pregnant?" Ron asked, beaming.

Hermione smiled brightly and nodded, "Yeah, with twins Ron. That is why there are two little jumpers. I know it's a lot to take in and the healer said I will probably have to go on bedrest for the last couple months of the pregnancy, but by that time you'll be finished training the new auror's and I think I should be able to do some work from home. The deputy head of the department can handle things while I'm on leave and the days your actually at the store I'm sure your mother can help out. Finically we're more than stable so-."

Hermione was cut off when Ron pressed his lips against hers. She moaned and intensified the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I bloody love you Hermione Granger." Ron's eyes were wet as he smiled affectionately at Hermione.

Hermione smiled and beamed at her husband, tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. "That's Hermione Granger-Weasley." She signed contently, "Happy Christmas Ron"

"Happy Christmas Hermione."

The following Chritsmas Mrs. Weasley had two more jumpers to make.