MUST-READ!: Okay, so, as promised, here is the backstory for this fanfic:

Percy Jackson and all of the other books by Rick Riordan (except ToA) will follow the same plot they did in the books so no changes there. Harry Potter on the other hand...well, let's just say it did not happen like it did in the books. Voldemort didn't come back. In Harry's first year, Quirrel was just evil and wanted the stone for himself, the second and third years don't change very much, in the fourth year, Wormtail was also just evil and wanted to kill Harry himself, and in the fifth year, no dementors attacked Harry. He was just taken to Grimmauld Place because it was more convenient for everyone. Okay, I think that's it.

Hi guys, this is my first fanfic so please review it and tell me if you have ideas or if I do something wrong, none of these characters are mine, they belong to Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. Some of these ideas come from a fanfic by Zebra wuz here called Demigods and the World of Magic so go check it out, it's really good. This fanfic takes place 1 month after HoO and during the 5th book in HP but I probably won't be using any of the plot from the 5th book. Also, Leo is back, anyway, on to Chapter 1!

The Beginning

Percy's POV

Percy was just relaxing on the beach, minding his own business when Leo ran up yelling "NO! NONONONONO! DON'T MAKE ME GO!" With Frank and Hazel running behind him trying to convince him to calm down.

"What's going on?" Percy asked Hazel.

"Leo just found out that Chiron wants to meet us in the big house ASAP." She responded and then proceeded to chase Leo around yelling "Stop running Leo! It's ok! I'm sure Chiron doesn't know about the time you burnt one of his CDs."

Now, most people would have found that strange but Percy knew Leo. This was just an average day.

He went to go tell Annabeth what was going on when she walked up behind him and whispered "BOO" his my ear as loud as she could.

"GAH!" Percy said and then jumped as high as he could. "A little warning next time?"

"Sorry Seaweed Brain but your reaction was priceless." She said. "Don't even start Wise Girl," He said. "Anyway did you hear that Chiron wants to see us in the big house?"

"Yeah." She said. "I was coming over here to tell you but seeing you sitting there in peace...well...I just had to do something about that."

"I wasn't sitting in peace!" Percy complained. "I was throwing bread at the ducks!"

Annabeth laughed. "That's your version of peace. Anyway, we better head over to the big house. I wonder what Chiron whats."

Nico's POV

Nico walked over to the big house wondering what Chiron wanted with them, a few minutes ago Will had come over to where he was sitting and told him that Chiron wanted to talk. He probably just wanted us to find the CD that Leo had burned last week.

"What are you thinking about?" Will asked, ripping Nico out of his thoughts."Oh, nothing." He said. "You sure?" Will asked. "You were glaring at the ground."

"Sorry," Nico said. Will still eyed Nico suspiciously but he dropped the subject.

A few minutes later they walked into the big house to find Jason, Chiron, Percy, and Annabeth already there. "Hey," Will said.

"Hi." Piper said. Percy and Jason didn't respond because they were too busy trying to out-sing each other in what looked like a karaoke contest. Annabeth smiled at Nico but then went back to trying (and failing) to make Percy stop singing The Beatles. Chiron was pacing up and down muttering to himself.

Finally, Leo, Hazel, and Frank walked into the room and had to stop Leo from bolting out the door.

"Can we start now? Everyone is here." Piper said to Chiron.

"No." He muttered distractedly. "Still waiting..."

~time skip dedicated to Charles Beckendorf~

Hazel's POV

After a while of waiting, the last person walked into the room.

"Thalia?!" Jason exclaimed and then ran to greet his sister. "Hey, little bro." She said. "Why are you here?" Jason asked.

"I dunno." She said. "Same as you I guess."

Suddenly, Chiron stood up. "Demigods..." He began. "I'm very sorry but you must go on another quest."

"WHAT?!" Everyone in the room stood up and started shouting at Chiron. "Children, children," Chiron said. "You can not refuse. This quest has been issued by Zeus himself." That quieted everyone down. "He demands that you must go to London and protect a boy named Harry Potter and his friends from an Ancient Greek force that is out to destroy him and you.

"Is he a demigod?" Hazel asked.

"Good question," Chiron said. "Not that we know of but one of his friends, Hermione is a daughter of Athena." At this Annabeth smiled.

"You must find a way to tell her without letting anyone else know about it." Chiron continued. "With the exception of the teachers. They already know. In fact, their principle, Dumbledore and I go way back...we met at a concert and had to work together to defeat a rogue Dragon, but that's a story for another time."

Chiron proceeded to tell them about Harry Potter and his friends who were wizards (at this Leo snickered) and went to a wizard school (at this Leo started laughing) that was called Hogwarts (by this time Leo was rolling on the floor shaking with laughter).

It should be hard to hide our identities from the wizards, Hazel thought. Especially if one of them is a daughter of Athena.

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