Harry Potter x 16 Wishes

Summary: Arthur Weasley, is on a field trip for Hogwarts to be a researcher on Muggles. He's accompanied by Celeste who is a god-mother, and he follows the teen Abby, from her sweet sixteen years. Abby is hoping to change her life a little with Jay and Krista before she graduates. But can she make her improvised wishes work to her advantage before it messes her relationship with everyone she loves?

Chapter 1

"This is Celeste. She will be your guild as you go on your trip to observe the muggles. Remember, no magic. Just observe." Dumbledore said.

Arthur watched as most of his classmates just ditched and left him alone. he wasn't popular, but he was a bright student.

"Well, since the others have left, are you interested in observing?" Celeste asked.

"I'm very interested." Arthur said.

"Great! Right this way!" She said.

Arthur was lead to a small house in a little town where a young girl was getting along with her friends.

"Krista! That's cheating."

"No it's not. I got five, and I went to five."

"How long has it been since we played hop scotch again?"

The first voice was Abby. Second voice was Krista. And the third was Jay.

"These are high schooleres. The boy is Jay, the taller girl is Krista, and the red haired one is Abigail, or Abby. All are 18 and getting ready to graduate. What do you think about them?" Celeste asked.

Arthur observed for a little bit and got a theory. "They are prepared to graduate. But..Abby looks like she's got something else on her mind. She's ready but she's holding back. Which is why she's playing an old game?" Arthur said.

Celeste smiled. "Good. See, the one thing about observing muggles, you can use this, or I can, and see what's on their mind." She pulled out a small wand and waved it in little circles.

What appeared was images over their heads. Jay's was being in a real lab. Krista was in Hawaii. And Abby's was when she was younger and it was the three of them hanging out.

"Maybe she would like for things to go back." Arthur said.

Before Celeste could say anything, he cast a spell and next thing Abby knew, she was looking at two young..."Krista? Jay?!"

"Yes. What's wrong?" Krista asked.

"Abby. Why are you looking at us like that?" Jay asked.

Abby's mouth was dropped to the ground seeing her friends looking there, she quickly pulled out a mirror in her purse and saw herself, being little once again as well.

"Arthur! You can't do that. Your not supposed to use magic." Celeste said.

"Oops! Sorry." Celeste reversed the spell before anyone saw or noticed.

But Abby already knew about magic. So she wasn't going to forget this.

"I'm starting to lose my mind."

"Come on. graduation isn't that bad." Krista said to her.

Abby was glad they were back to normal again. But she felt like this might not be the end of the crazy. Something was up, all she wished was for it to be over soon.