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It was a goat. A goat saved me. A tall goat in purple robes with a strange symbol on the front. I still can't get over that fact that it's a goat. Help me. I need to get out of this place. Or this dream. I don't even know what's going on anymore. Suddenly, the goat starts speaking.

"Ah, do not be afraid, my child. I am Toriel, Caretaker of the Ruins. I pass through here everyday to see if anyone has fallen down." Wait what? Are animals sentient here or something? And, Toriel just met me and I'm already her child? I am so confused. I guess she must've noticed that because she spoke again.

"I see you are confused, my child. Let me guide you through the Ruins, it will be nice to have some company on the way. By the way, my child what is your name?"

I am still lost in my own thoughts, so it's a while before I respond. "Oh-Um… My name is Fr-" Wait what? My name is Frisk. No! My name isn't Frisk! My name is Frisk! …Why can't I say my real name? I'll figure that out later. For now, I'm Frisk. I corrected my posture. "My name is Frisk."

Toriel kept walking and I followed her. "That's a nice name, my child! If I may ask, how old are you?" The question was a bit unexpected, but I still answered truthfully.

"I am 15 years old. It's my birthday soon." She smiled at this.

"Well then, happy early birthday my child!" She stopped in front of a bunch of spikes. I wondered why they were there. Was she expecting me to walk across?! Well… I stepped and stood beside her, and as is that was some sort of trigger, she started talking.

"I wonder if you can do this puzzle, my child…" I immediately stepped back. This was a puzzle? I don't really like puzzles… You have to twist your mind in complicated ways to solve them and it hurts my brain just to think about it. Luckily, she was a bit hesitant to send me across the sea of spikes on my own.

Toriel offered her hand. "Here, my child. Take my hand, I shall guide you across this puzzle." I took her hand, and she confidently took a step and her foot landed right where one of the spikes was. I was just about to scream and call for help, when I realized that the spikes weren't… There anymore? She kept walking, spikes retracting each time she took a step. I carefully followed along, glad she was there, and I didn't have to solve this puzzle by myself.

When we reached the end of the spikes, she let of my hand and turned to me. "Puzzles seem a bit too dangerous for now." She must've noticed the relieved look on my face, because she started laughing. Toriel composed herself and kept going. I followed.

The next room was a long corridor with a couple of pillars at the end. She turned to me once more and with a grave voice, started speaking.

"My child, I'm afraid I must leave you here. I will see you later." Then she left me alone. I was stunned. She seemed like a motherly figure, why on earth would she ever leave me alone?

I snapped out of my thoughts and started running after her. Unfortunately, she was already gone. I rushed to see if I could catch up to her, but there was no luck in that endeavour. I slowed down; I was approaching the end of the hall. I stopped in between the pillars, and guess who was there? The goat lady herself, Toriel!

She laughed again at my expression. "I'm sorry my child, but that was a necessary test to measure your independence. I'm afraid I must leave you here for now. Would you please stay here, I must run some errands." She looked a bit sad to be leaving me here, but then her face lit up with the joy of an idea. "Oh, I know! My child, I know some humans of your age have cell phones, do you have one?"

I was a bit confused because, why would there be cell phones underground? But unfortunately, I did not have a cell phone. "Uh… No, Mom I don't…" I instantly covered my mouth at accidentally calling her 'Mom' but she seemed ok with it.

"Would it make you happy… To call me 'Mother'?" Man, was I relieved that she was fine with it. Damn it, you stupid brain! "Um… If you're okay with it!" my voice was a bit of a squeak at the end.

Tor- Mom nodded and reached into one of the pockets of her robe. "Here, my child, I have a cell phone for you." She handed me an old Nokia that looked like it was tired of living. I immediately pocketed it and promptly thanked her.

She turned around and spoke. "I will see you later, my child." And left. I was… alone now.

So the chapters are going to be short. I'll update when I feel like it, no specific schedule. Thanks for reading!