Harry Potter x Twitches Too

2: Anything We Do, Is Always Together

Late that night, the whole school shook like an earthquake.

Camryn screamed waking Alex from sleep as most the school was being escorted out.

"Come on now, this way!" Mrs. McGonagall spoke to the other children.

Camryn and Alex worked fast to get out of their room and follow the other children.

"What was that?" Alex asked.

"I don't know." Camryn said.

As they all got outside, it shook again.

Everyone was screaming more terrified that they weren't safe even inside a school.

"Hold on!" There was a voice.

"There he is. If anyone can figure this out it's them." Professor Potter spoke.

"Mrs. Ginny." Alex exclaimed.

"Who are they? Wait, isn't that professor Granger and your brother?" Camryn asked.

Ginny nodded. "Yup. And my husband too." She smiled.

Both girls watched as the three wizards and witch fly around casting spells.

"What is making the whole school shake like this?" Alex asked.

"A creature. Harry has learned a few things about magical creatures like Luna. And my brother has learned many things from our older brother Charlie about dragons." She said.

"Dragon?! There's an invisible dragon?!" Camryn asked in shock.

With a roar that answered Cam's question.

It was a dragon, but how did a dragon become invisible? That should be impossible...wait. So is magic.

"Ginny. There's a problem." Neville spoke up.

"What's wrong?"

"Um...the dragon, isn't shifting. So, it's really invisible by...not nature." He explained.

"Are you saying someone made an invisibility potion and threw it ON THE DRAGON?!" She asked sounding very...not happy.

"Cam. We didn't make one of those did we? In class?" Alex asked.

"No. But..I have to tell you-"

"I knew that you've been drawing. Or sketching anyway. Now I can see. You've been seeing this dragon, but invisible. Which explains why there's no color this time." Alex said.

Camryn sighed. "I should have told you. I'm sorry. But this is such a great time for us and-"

"Don't worry about it. Twitches for life." Alex said.

Camryn smiled. "Twitches forever."

So when no one was looking they headed right back inside to help Ginny's husband and their two teachers cure this dragon.

"Okay, so, what do we need to cure an invisibility potion?" Camryn asked.

Alex was looking through the book to find the page so they could work fast before the school fell to pieces.

"Cherries, Chicken, and Spiders. Okay. Oh! Spider EYES! My bad." Alex scoffed. "How to cure one?" Alex scrolled through the pages on the potion, but nothing was mentioned about a cure. Nor to use in on animals.

"I have nothing! There's nothing." She couldn't believe there was nothing that they could do.

"No! We can do something. We are Twitches! Alex, let's go and do this ourselves. I'm sure we can cast some spell." Camryn said.

"How?! We aren't here for that long, and we are learning so much at the same time, we actually should be in our fourth year, not learning seven years worth of things in one year." Alex said.

"Come on! Let's try." Camryn said.

"What would we do? What spell would we cast or chant?" Alex asked.

Camryn didn't know what to say. She had nothing. She hand't paid that much attention in class.

"See. There is nothing-"

"That's not great for a student of Hogwarts to be saying. If you believe hard enough and strong enough, you can overcome anything." Where was that voice coming from?


"Who is this?"

Both girls didn't understand, but like that, the voice gave them just what they needed.

"We CAN do this! We. Are. TWITCHES!" They both shouted.

They ran back outside and called for their brooms.

"what are you- Stop!" mcGonagall shouted.

But the girls were already flying.


"Whoa! Sorry, can we try something?" Alex asked.

"Why you- What do you two think your doing?!" Hermione asked.

"Let them. They are quite powerful." Ron spoke up.

"Alright." The third was a tall man with dark hair and glasses. "Harry Potter. Camryn and Alex right? Ginny's my wife. Do what you twitches do best, we'll keep it distracted. If we can see it." He explained.

"Thank you." Camryn said.

"Let's do this! Save Hogwarts!" Alex shouted. She and Camryn held hands as the three flew around them to protect them and draw away the dragon if they could see it.

Camryn and Alex spoke a small chant, (which I'm not typing because I suck at it.) and began casting a more powerful spell. Their own kind of magic style.

"Do you think this will really work?" Alex asked.

"Come on. Alex, we are Apollo and Artemis. Sun and Moon. Sisters for life." Camryn said. "We SO can do this." She said.

Alex smiled. "Alright. Anything We Do,"

"Is Always Together." Camryn said.

Then, at that moment, there was a blast of bright light.

No one could see what was going on, but what happened as it dimed down, the girls were shaking their heads. And the dragon was sleeping.

"What? Was that us?"

"I don't think so." Alex said to Camryn.

"That was me."

"who is he?"

"Ozzy!" Hermione flew over and hugged him.

"Hello Hermione. Your star pupil is here. I forgot to tell you that I was sending over a new dragon I had found over with Charlie. Sorry. And who are these two?"

"These are my students." Ron said flying over.

"Camryn and Alex."

"Ah. Nice to meet you girls. Ozzy Ozwald. A Warlock. Descendant of the great Merlin, some say." He said.


"Cam!" Alex snapped.

"It's alright. I may not look it, but I am just under 18. I skipped a year due to family problems. Mrs. Granger covered for me. But now I'm back. I hope to get to know you girls." He said.

"Yes. Indeed." Camryn said.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Yes. And Cam, your drooling."


"I'm sorry. But why in the bloody hell did you girls go out there and fight?!" Ginny sounded very pissed.

"It's alright dear. Without them, I think the three of us wouldn't have held on long enough to get him here." Harry said.

With that, the girls smiled. Saving the day again.