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Say Something to Me


"You guys! Come look at this, now!" Alya shrieks, nose a half inch away from her phone screen. Nino, Marinette and I rush over to peer at the screen.

It is an amateur video that a civilian had posted to the Ladyblog just this morning of Cat Noir and Ladybug scaling rooftops. There doesn't seem to be anything remarkably interesting about the video itself, and I remember from last night's patrol that nothing eventful happened, so I am a little unsure what she is so excited about. Although it shouldn't surprise me. It is new, unseen footage to Alya. It could have been Ladybug sitting motionless on a park bench for two hours straight and the girl would still flip. Okay, I probably would, too, but with me and LB it's different.

I lean back slightly, puffing out a breath as I hit the seat back behind me and the hairs on my left arm stand up as I feel soft skin brush lightly against mine. My eyebrows raise slightly as I glance over at a fiercely blushing Marinette. It's obvious the reality of our proximity strikes her at the same time. In slow motion, I see her eyes widen and her mouth open in shock.

"ACCIDENT! So you are s-sorry me! ME sorry for you! I'M S-SORRY! Gah!" Marinette pulls her arm away and hides her face in her hands. She takes a few big, deep breaths and I notice her blush going down as a small smile begins to turn up the corner of her lips.

I place my hand on her shoulder and reassure her it's no big deal. Slowly, she pulls her hands down to expose her eyes and I can tell her smile has grown a bit. I hate that she's still hiding that beautiful smile behind her clenched fists, so I pull her hands down into my own.

"Really, Marinette, it's fine. I know it was an accident and it didn't bother me one bit!"

She looks down at my hands holding hers and her smile widens and becomes that genuine smile I love so much. I feel my eyes crinkle up as I give her one of my own and then Alya shoves the phone in our faces and the moment, whatever it was, is over.


Nino lifts his brim up again and sighs. "I dunno man, I just can't wrap my head around what leads to displacement, no matter how many ways you explain it!"

I open my mouth to try breaking down the chemistry process for him one more time but Alya and Marinette walk up (well, okay, rather Marinette stumbles up) the steps at that very moment, saving me the torture. Naturally, Marinette trips into me and I catch her on reflex at this point, leaving my arm around her for maybe slightly longer than is strictly necessary. She's a good friend after all and I want to make sure she's alright and not going to fall back down the stairs! Because I want to be a good friend to her, too. Yeah, that's all there is to it.

Although strangely, Marinette isn't moving either. Usually she jumps back as if she's been burned, and though her face definitely looks like it's burning, she hasn't budged yet. Another sneaky glance her way informs me that she has a big dopey grin on her face. Is it related to what Nino and Alya are talking about? Just then I realize I have no idea what the conversation is about, so it's entirely possible. Alya gets all into Marinette's face and she finally jumps away with a yelp. I only slightly mourn the loss of her warmth against me. Just slightly. Definitely.


"Oh man, that croque monsieur was to DIE FOR!" I throw my head back and exclaim loudly as we leave the little café and head back to school as our lunch break comes to a close.

"I mean, yeah that place is pretty good, but don't ya think you're over-exaggerating just a tad bro?" Nino asks with a raised brow.

"It's just because model boy is so starved that any meal other than salad tastes like a five star piece de resistance," Alya chuckles slightly.

"I don't think there's anything funny about that, Alya. Poor Adrien is half-starved just for the sake of looking pretty for pictures! And that's not okay!" eyes wide, Marinette quips defensively. All too soon she's realized what she said and emits a loud eep! and hides behind her bag.

Unable to resist a chance to tease some more pink out of her cheeks, I turn and face her full on.

"Sooo, you think I'm pretty, huh?" I ask, wiggling my eyebrows her way for emphasis.

If she could possibly turn any redder, she would be rivaling Ladybug's suit.

"Adrien, stop it! You're breaking my favorite girl!" Alya scolds.

I sigh. "Sorry Marinette, it was only in good fun. I know you think I'm pretty so I really didn't need to pry," I say with a wink.

She squeaks adorably again (it's perfectly normal to find your friends adorable, right?), and Alya fails to silence the little cackle that seeps between her lips before she sends another death glare my way.

I throw my hands up in surrender. "Alright, I'm done! Sorry!" I decide a change of subject is actually a good idea if I don't want Marinette to spontaneously combust, which I don't. I like my good friend too much to have her reduced to ash and cinders before my eyes.

"So Nino, did you ever talk to Madame Mendeleiev about getting extra tutoring for Chemistry?"

I fall into step beside Marinette as the conversation continues. After a few steps, our arms and hands brush together. I stifle a reaction and can't help but note that Marinette doesn't immediately recoil and freak like she usually does. I cast a subtle glance sideways and notice a tiny smile ghosting her pink lips. Interesting.

After two more "accidental" brushes I turn to her slightly and she immediately yanks her arm away and apologizes. "It was just an accident, sorry Adrien! I'm totally not trying to like hold your hand or anything and I wouldn't love that!"

My eyes widen a little with confusion at her outburst, but then my smile is back and I just close my eyes and shake my head at my silly friend and chuckle lightly.

"You're so silly Marinette, if you want to hold my hand, all you need to do is ask!" I say as I grab her hand and lace our fingers together. Her eyes practically bug out of her head and I think maybe I crossed the line, so I pull my hand back out and rub the back of my neck sheepishly. "Sorry, I guess that wasn't a very funny joke."

Marinette begins to flail her hands frantically in front of herself. Adorable. "No, no, it's fine! I get it since I wanted to hold yours, I mean said I did, or didn't, so you were just funny, being funny! I was just caught by surprise is all!" she lets out a large breath at the effort of getting out a mostly coherent sentence around me. I'm so proud of her I could hug her, but that would likely revert her progress, so I settle on a friendly shoulder bump and another wink. Her cheeks flame red again and she drops her eyes to her toes. We walk the rest of the way to class in a comfortable silence.


I close my eyes as I feel my baton make contact with the ground. I arch my back just so to launch myself the correct distance to the next rooftop over. The wind whips in my hair and I let out a long exhale when my feet slam into the pavement. Nothing is better than this feeling of complete freedom I get when I am running through the Parisian nights.

Okay, scratch that. Running through Parisian nights with My Lady by my side is even better.

Striking up this impromptu game of tag, both of us giddy with laughter, is better still.

Having my love reciprocated would be the best, but for now, this is enough.

I glance over to the breathtaking vision on my right and can't stop a huge grin stretching from ear to ear. The moonlight is hitting her just right and she's never looked more beautiful.

Except she's truly always this beautiful.

She looks over at me, eyes sparkling with laughter, and I know she enjoys this every bit as much as I do.

"Hey Bugaboo, what's cat your eye? Are you by chance noticing how cathletic I am?"

"Ugh, Kitty! Stop ruining the moment!" is said with an exaggerated rolling of eyes, but I am right beside her and in the dark of the night she can't hide the slight quirk of her lips from my enhanced eyesight. I know she is barely resisting a smile at that one.

"And don't call me Bugaboo!" she tacks on, almost as a mandatory afterthought. Not something she truly means anymore.

It's subtle, so subtle I almost miss it, but I just catch a quick flick of her eyes down and back up my figure. Perhaps she is noticing my athleticism.

That makes me feel pretty smug. So smug in fact that I miss the next jump, just catching my toes on the lip of the gutter, which isn't nearly enough to stop me from lurching forward and down between the buildings with the force of my momentum. My stomach drops sickeningly and my breath catches in my throat as I brace myself for the impact. But suddenly I am jerking back upwards and into My Lady's arms. She holds me tightly to her chest.

It only takes me a moment to recover.

"Aw My Lady, you truly do care," is whispered before she is roughly shoving me away, face ablaze and telling me off. "Be more careful, you stupid mangy cat! I don't want you getting hurt, especially during something as basic as patrol!"

But she does care. I know she does.

'My Lady, please. I know you feel something for me, too. I can't handle anymore of these games. No more hide and seek. Just say something, anything, to me.

But she won't. I know there's another boy, but I can't help holding out hope that someday she'll see that I have value, too. That I could be everything she's ever wanted. That we're meant to be. That together we can touch the sky.


I pace my floor so fast and hard I swear I am going to burn a track into the carpet.

"Plagg, is it my imagination? I'm trying really hard to read between the lines, but am I seeing footnotes there that don't actually exist?" My hands find their way into my hair, tugging at it in frustration.

"You should try reading between the lines of the cheese package where it says you can never give your kwami too much cheese!" Plagg shoots me a very self-satisfied smirk.

It's infuriating.

I choose to ignore him and continue my rant. I really need help dealing with these conflicting emotions so at this point I am willing to take whatever I can get.

"Then there's Marinette…I keep telling myself she's just a friend, but she's so cute when she is focusing on a sketch and her nose scrunches up and if you get real close you can see the light dusting of freckles there and the way she sticks her tongue out to the side…" I moon for a moment as I picture her doing just that and then I remember I am talking about my friend here and people don't think thoughts like this about their friends and I shouldn't be having them and agh!

"Ladybug though is amazing and completely one of a kind! Although I could say the exact same about Marinette, because she truly is amazing and…"

"Ugh you just keep going around in circles!" Plagg screams, stuffing his tiny paws into his ears.

"I know! It's playing games with my heart and I can't handle it anymore!" I cry.

"Oh really? You can't handle it anymore? How about you consider how absolutely nuts your love life is driving the rest of the world!?" Plagg gripes before phasing under my pillow and shouting a muffled "Good night!"


The sun is shining brightly on Parc André-Citroën as the class gathers for a picnic to celebrate Juleka's birthday.

I am blissfully happy. The weather is perfect, my friends are all here, and my father actually let me go! This is fantastic!

I scan the crowd.

Ivan and Mylene are fiddling with the cake and presents table, straightening things out. Juleka and Rose are playing in the water spouts that shoot up from the ground, giggling hysterically. Max and Kim are fumbling around with the sound system trying to fix the music. My eyes land on Alya and Nino. I wave to them and make my way over.

"Hey! What's up guys?"

"Dude! I can't believe your dad actually let you come!" Nino says in disbelief, pulling me into a one-armed hug.

"I know! Today is basically the best day ever!" I say breathily. "Um, but where's Marinette? I'm surprised she isn't with you guys."

Alya jerks a thumb over her shoulder and glances behind her. "She was hanging out with Luka while we waited for you to show up. He's showing her a new Kitty Section song or something." Her face is plastered with a knowing smirk.

I take in the scene unfolding beneath the large oak tree and feel my stomach involuntarily clench. Luka is strumming his guitar, eyes boring into Marinette longingly and even though I can't see her expression, I can hear her delighted giggles from here. The sound makes my stomach flip. It is music to my ears but she's laughing like that for another guy and I think I am going to be sick. Why is it messing me up so badly that she's with another guy? It's not like we're dating. She's just my good friend. And it's not like they're even doing anything wrong. They're clearly just friends, too.

Then he is brushing a strand of hair from her cheek and suddenly my feet are moving on their own, carrying me swiftly across the lawn to where the two of them sit and I plop myself down right between them.

"Hey guys! How's it going?!" I squawk probably a bit too loudly and definitely too forcefully.

Luka's smile drops a little, but this guy is good and he very quickly schools his features back into a pleasant smile. "Hey Agreste, what's up? Glad you could make it. Have you said hi to Juleka yet?"

I shoot him my best megawatt model smile. "Not just yet. I saw her and Rose in the fountain and wanted to see if Marinette wanted to join me since it's such a hot day!" I turn to her and my smile softens into the one reserved just for her. "So, what do you say Mari?"

Marinette's soft pink complexion is steadily darkening and I can't help but feel tickled that I inspired that intense blush. "LOVE IT! You're hot! I mean I'm hot! NO! I'd love to! You're right, ITS HOT! Let's go!" and she swings her arm across her chest to emphasize her enthusiasm.

As we stand up to walk away, Marinette waves to Luka. "I'll see you later" is spoken softly, which causes him to visibly deflate, but she doesn't catch it because she is already turning back to me. I put my arm around her shoulder and offer Luka a two-fingered salute over my shoulder before guiding her away. It wouldn't be a lie if I said I was a little pleased to be pulling her away from him, although I honestly can't say why I am so possessive of her when she isn't even mine. I don't even dislike Luka, but it definitely gives me some sense of satisfaction to have her choose me.

We cross the short patch of grass to the fountain in no time and Marinette runs over to greet Rose and Juleka. "You guys are soaking wet, are you nuts!? This is awesome!" she giggles with her friends. Too late she notices that she is standing over one of the fountain holes and is blasted from below with a jet of water. The other two girls burst into laughter as Marinette pushes soaked hair out of her eyes, looking like a wet angry cat before breaking down into hysterics herself. Her body slowly stops shaking from her fit and she reaches out to me. With a wide open, nothing-held-back smile, she says, "Adrien, aren't you going to get in, too?"

I hesitate just a moment before taking her hand and letting her pull me in. She's drenched and before I know it I am, too. But we're both laughing with a pure, unadulterated joy. There's water dripping off the tips of our hair and noses and we both look like drowned cats but suddenly I don't think anyone has ever looked more beautiful. My eyes blow wide at the realization. Even with these sopping clothes weighing me down, in this moment, I know that when I'm with her I touch the sky.


I am uncharacteristically quiet tonight and I know Ladybug is taking notice. But I can't help it if my thoughts are occupied by another super amazing, super cute girl who happens to be wonderful at everything she does. After we've been patrolling in silence for over a half hour, she finally stops dead in her tracks, arms crossed over her chest.

"What's up LB?" I ask innocently, coming to a stop a short distance ahead of her.

"Alright, spill it!" she demands, arms still crossed, brows pointed down in what would be a glare if she didn't look so concerned.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about Ladybug."

Her eyebrows raise up. She takes a few long strides towards me and is standing right beside me, placing a tentative hand on my arm. "Well, for starters, I can't really remember the last time you called me My Lady or Bugaboo or anything other than Ladybug or LB."

Hm. So she had noticed then. "Well, per your request, I have been making an attempt to keep things strictly professional."

She scoffs. It doesn't seem like she is buying that response. Which is fair, because we both know that until recently I'd been failing miserably in that regard.

And I don't know what to say.

Because I've finally come to the realization that what I felt for her was just infatuation.

Because over the past few months, all I can think about is a future with Marinette and how absolutely perfect that sounds.

Because even though I would always care deeply for Ladybug, with or without the mask, the fact of the matter is that she will always be just the mask. Her sense of duty is always going to be stronger than her feelings for me, and we weren't given these masks to fall in love. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion, too long, but I know now that we absolutely need to uphold that sense of duty.

And love needs to be separate from that because love needs to be something that is real and tangible, tactile and there, ever-present. Not like Ladybug, who is only there when she needs to be, then gone like a vapor in the wind.

Marinette is a constant in my life, always there when I need her most. Someone real that I can build a future and a family with. A future where we run away to an island, far away, where we'll live off nothing but fruits and we'll have a little pet hamster named -

"Cat Noir?" I look up and see the concern in her eyes, but that's all it is. All it will ever be. Just friendly concern from one partner to another.

I make the very difficult decision to tell Ladybug then and there that I've found someone else and she no longer needs to worry about me pining for her. I ask her to wish me luck in pursuing this new girl. And she does, with what seems like a glimmer of sadness, but maybe it's just my imagination.


Kitty Section's outdoor gig has been talked about by everyone in our class for months. It's the first weekend of summer and everyone is still riding the high of classes finally letting out.

Backstage, I am playing a few chords on the keyboard, warming myself up for the show.

Luka turns my way and I acknowledge him with a friendly grin and a nod of my head. I haven't forgotten how he feels about Marinette, but I don't bear any ill will towards him, not really. How can I disdain him for being drawn the way I am to Marinette? She is amazing, after all.

Luka pauses in front of me and is silent for just a beat too long to be comfortable. He stuffs his hands into his pockets before leveling me with a look. "Listen Agreste. I don't dislike you. You're a talented musician and actually a pretty cool guy." He sighs and takes a deep breath before continuing, "but Marinette is very special to me. Just know that I'll always be here waiting to pick her back up if you knock her down."

I feel as if I have been slapped. What in the world is that supposed to mean? I know this guy isn't great with words but, just, WHAT!? How could he even suggest that I might ever consider hurting Mari? I hope that the disbelief is evident on my face, because I want what I say next to be heard with zero room for misinterpretation.

"Marinette is very special to me, too, Luka. So special in fact that I can't imagine my life without her, and I don't want to. When I'm with her I feel like I can do anything. She makes me feel special and valued and like I am so much more than just a walking billboard. I can promise you that I will do everything within my power to make her feel just as valued and appreciated. Not a day will go by that she doubts my love for her."

I can tell that my passion has worked me up a bit and made the atmosphere a little uncomfortable, so I take a deep breath to try and clear the air.

"Hey, let's just put on a great show, okay? Our whole class has been looking forward to this all year."

He nods and I can tell he is relieved for the conversation to be over. Everyone moves to grab their instruments as the band before us wraps up their set.

As they descend the platform, we compliment them on a job well done and begin pushing and pulling our instruments out onto the stage.

The crowd erupts into cheers, and I notice one section in particular sounds the loudest. My eyes find the section where our class is hooting and jumping up and down and I lock onto Marinette. Her cheeks are flushed and she's glowing from the stage lights and whistling and cheering and I can't help but feel like it's all for me. Even though I know she is there to support the whole band, she's looking at me in a way that washes all my nerves away and warms my heart. I know I need to tell her how I feel, before Luka or Nathaniel or even someone new makes a move. Or before I find myself in another Ladybug and Cat Noir situation. Not one for wasting time, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, I try to psych myself up to tell her tonight, after the show.


I make my way over to our group of friends and she's there, beaming at me like she's never been happier to see anyone ever. Like a radiant ray of sunshine, I feel myself grow warmer basking in her presence.

"Great job today Adrien!" she says shyly, looking at her feet while her cheeks glow that wonderfully adorable shade of pink.

Then, Marinette leans up and kisses my cheek. Just like she did at the class picnic last summer. And I am frozen because I can't tell if she's flirting or if this is just a platonic kiss.

And I curse myself for being so awkward and sheltered.

This should probably be obvious, but it's not at all, at least not to me.

It would be so easy to wrap my arms around her and kiss her senseless, to tell myself that the adorable blushes are because she feels the same way. But her erratic behavior and flat-out insistence that she doesn't have a crush on me tell me otherwise. All these mixed signals are messing around with my mind. I'm worried that if I make a move I might regret it because it could ruin our friendship and what we have now. We've made so much progress, after all.

I am keenly aware that I've been in my own head for too long as she's been waiting patiently for me to say or do something and I have just been staring blankly like a lunatic.

"Um..well, I think I am going to go see the rest of the band and...Adrien?" she is startled when I grab her arm to stop her from leaving.

My mind is racing, screaming at me to not blow this perfect chance to show her how I feel.

To stop feeling what I feel so I don't ruin our friendship. So I don't regret it.

But I know I'll regret letting her go more.

Because she's one of a kind and I simply can't live another day without her. So I cup her face gently in my other hand and pull her close and pray this isn't just another stupid dream.

"Can I kiss you?" I whisper, a mere breath away from her lips, green eyes filled with longing.

Her huge pools of blue glitter from the stage lights and a barely audible "please" slips between her perfect pink lips. That's all the incentive I need to close the gap and feel her warm lips on mine. I slide my hand off her arm and wrap it around her waist, pulling her even closer, angling slightly to deepen the kiss. As if it's still not close enough, she wraps her arms around my back and clenches my shirt in her fists. Finally, I pull back, sucking in a deep breath and resting my forehead against hers.

"Marinette, will you be my girlfriend?"

She gasps lightly and I'm worried again that I am making a mistake.

I open my eyes to see her reaction and there's tears building up in her eyes and now I'm really worried, until she speaks.

"Oh Adrien, you have no idea how much I've dreamed of this moment! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" Relief washes over me and I pick her up and spin her around and it feels like we're floating on the clouds.

"I'm so glad. I've liked you for a long time. It just took me a while to realize it." I admit sheepishly.

She beams at my words.

"I've been in love with you since the day you gave me your umbrella. I still have it you know," she quietly confesses. I'm surprised to learn that she's had feelings for me for as long as I've loved Ladybug.


"Listen, Marinette. We've been dating for about a year now. We're graduating next month. We're going to university after that. A lot is about to change for us."

"Mmm. But not really. A lot will stay the same, too. We'll still be together and still have each other, handsome," Marinette cooed as she ran her fingers through my hair. The gentle gesture always had a calming effect on my nerves. It gives me the courage to say the hard things I have been bottling up for too long now.

"That's true, but that's something I wanted to talk to you about. See I haven't been entirely honest..." I begin, and notice her eyes widening with each word until she cuts me off with a yelp.

"Oh my gosh, are you breaking up with me? Please don't be trying to break up with me! I knew this would come at some point. I knew this was too good to be true! You just dragged it out this long because you're such a nice person and you couldn't find a way to say it without really hurting my feelings and.." I silence her ramblings with a deep kiss.

"No, Marinette, relax. I am definitely not breaking up with you. I could never live without you again. And because of that, I need to be completely honest with you. There's a part of myself that I've been keeping secret from you and I really I need you to know my whole self."

Marinette looks pensive for a moment before opening her mouth again. "There's actually something I've really been needing to tell you, too, but I'll let you go first. I have a hunch that I know what you're going to say."

I chuckle lightly. "Yeah, I really doubt that, but here goes. So….I guess I'll just start at the very beginning. A long time ago, on the first day that I convinced my dad to let me go to public school, I met two of the most important people in my life. Each one gave me a very special gift that would change my life forever. One of them ended up being the love of my life, giving me the gift of friendship, and more importantly, her heart. And I am pretty sure I gave her mine when I handed her my umbrella that day in the rain, without even realizing it. But obviously you know about this girl." I tickled her pink-stained cheek and Marinette let out a little giggle.

I continued. "Anyways, the part of this story I really need to tell you about is the other gift I received that day. I helped out an elderly man that had fallen down in front of the school and he gave me the gift of freedom. A way to break the chains of confinement my father had placed around my sheltered life. The ability to don a mask and an indestructible super suit, and fly across the rooftops of Paris. A way to help others less fortunate than myself without my father dictating if it was beneficial to the brand or not. You've probably guessed it by now, but what I am trying to say is that I am-"

"Cat Noir."

I finally looked up from where I had been absently tracing circles on the back of her hand to see her eyes were wide and accepting, full of adoration.

"You're….not mad, that I didn't tell you sooner, are you? I wanted to so many times, but I was worried that Ladybug would kill me. She might still kill me, I probably should've talked this over with her first, but I hope she'll understand. I couldn't keep this from you anymore."

Her whole demeanor softened even more. "Oh Kitty. I'm not mad. And actually I've had a hunch for a while now, but I wasn't completely sure. There have been little clues here and there that were too big of coincidences to overlook. The cat puns alone were a pretty big indicator," she giggled.

"Wait, what? Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Marinette beamed at me and I was filled with intense yearning. "My Lady?" I asked hesitantly, hopefully.

She nodded enthusiastically, her smile growing ever bigger still. "It's me Kitty! For so long we've been going around in circles, dancing around each other! But no more."

I pulled her into a fierce hug, finally seeing her, all of her, for the first time.

"I can't believe this! You're really Ladybug! It's so obvious now. And somehow I didn't even see it. I guess it's true that love is blind."

She snorted. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, just that I was so blinded by my love for Ladybug that it took me giving up on her to see Marinette as an option. Then once I fell for you, that love was so consuming that I never even considered you could possibly be Ladybug because Marinette was so much more than I deserved or could've ever dreamed for."

"Oh Kitty. I'm so sorry I ever made you doubt yourself by pushing you away as Ladybug! But I was hopelessly in love with a kind boy that gave me his umbrella when he realized I forgot mine, even after I had been so cold and judgemental. He showed me the shape of his heart and from then on, like you said, I was blinded to any feelings for anyone else. Even while Cat Noir was slowly sneaking his way into a special place in my heart."

I paused for a moment to let that information sink in. "You're telling me that the other boy was, me? All this time?" I asked in disbelief.

"Of course it was you silly kitty. It's always only ever been you."

"So we were trapped in some sort of With ourselves and our alter egos? Geez, we really were hopelessly blind!"

"Sort of like playing a really elaborate game of hide and seek. But we've finally found each other. Truly found each other. And I don't want to play anymore."

"My Lady, I will never hide from you ever again. I'm yours forever. I love you. So much Marinette."

Her breath hitched in her throat, but she said nothing. The silence began to stretch on and on, seconds felt like minutes, minutes turned to hours. It was beginning to eat away at me. Why didn't she say anything back?!

After a few minutes more, I couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Marinette? Say something to me."

After a large intake of breath, she whispered, "I love you, too, Adrien. How soon would it be socially acceptable for us to get married?"

And then it was my turn to be stunned into silence.

She giggled and nuzzled my nose with hers, weaving her fingers slowly into my hair, before bringing her lips to meet mine in a passionate and loving kiss.