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The Test

Lizzie McGuire was very apprehensive as she went into the bathroom. She has missed her period for the past two months and is nervous that she is pregnant. What will she and Gordo do if she is they're only seventeen. She and Gordo have been dating for the past three years and had started having sex about a year ago. She looked up at the test when she the color of the stick she screamed.

" Lizzie". Gordo said as he ran into the bathroom upon hearing his girlfriend's scream. " What's wrong are we going to be parents or was it just a false alarm.

" It's blue Gordo it means I'm pregnant". Lizzie said now walking towards Gordo. " What are we going to do we're so young. What will our parents say I can just imagine them". Lizzie said as she began to break down into tears.

Gordo drew Lizzie body to his chest in an effort to comfort her. " Listen don't worry about it we'll figure out something. This child was made from love. Yes I said it love. I love you Lizzie McGuire". He said as he kissed her sweat lips and caressed her forehead.

" I love you too David Gordon". She said as she put her arms around him. " one thing I do know for sure and I don't know if you agree but I don't want to give the baby up for adoption". Lizzie said in a very sure manner.

" I would never even think of it. I always thought of fathering your children I just didn't think it would be so soon but it doesn't matter. What does matter is this baby will have two parents who love and support it".

" You always know what to say. Now I think we should tell Miranda. She's at home sick but I bet she's dying to know if I'm pregnant or not". Lizzie said now breaking away from Gordo.

" You told Miranda that you thought that you were pregnant". Gordo said a little surprised at what Lizzie had just told him.

" Yeah of course she is our best friend and you know I tell her everything" Lizzie said making her way towards her bedroom phone. Lizzie picked up the receiver and started dialing Miranda's number.

At the Sanchez house when Miranda heard the phone ring she looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was Lizzie. Se picked up the receiver and quickly answered. " Lizzie so are you or aren't you"? Miranda asked.

" I am". Lizzie said happily.

" Wow Lizzie you don't even sound a little disappointed are you okay"? Miranda asked her friend.

" Why should I be angry. Me and Gordo just talked about it, we've always wanted to have children together. So what's the big deal if it's happening a little early". Lizzie said explaining to her friend while looking at Gordo. I Really love him she said in her mind.

" Well Lizzie", Miranda said impressed with how her friend was taking the news. " if you're happy I guess then I'm happy for you. Wouldn't it be great if it was a girl then we could dress it up.

"Oh please let this baby be a boy". Gordo said as he overheard what Miranda said. Lizzie gave him a quick glance which in that time he mouth the words I love you. She then did the same to him.

" Oh Miranda Gordo just said he wants the baby to be a boy. Well maybe if it's a boy we could dress him up in clothing and give him a name like uh Jude". Lizzie said looking over towards Gordo. She knew that, that would make him a little nervous and scared. She turned her direction back to the phone. " Don't worry Gordo the baby won't be for another–"

Miranda then got a major pause. " L-lizzie when is the baby going to be born. You can't be that far along you're not even showing.

" I don't know how far along am I", she said continuing to inform her friend. " But I do know that I've missed my period for the last two months maybe I'm two months pregnant, but I guess won't know till I have a check up at the doctor's office".

" Before we have a check up we need to tell our parents". Gordo said hitting Lizzie with a hard dose of reality. Hurry up I have something I want to ask you in private.

" Miranda I have to do something with Gordo I'll call you back in an hour or so".

" You better cool it the both of you, that's how you got into this mess". Miranda said with a little humor.

" Miranda". Lizzie said beginning to laugh. " Bye", she said now hanging up her friend. " So what did you want to ask me"? She said looking over in Gordo's direction.

Gordo looked sort of nervous. He was about to ask the biggest question he ever asked in his life. " Lizzie McGuire I love you and our new unborn baby with everything that I am and I promise to spend my life loving you and the person inside of you who we've created. So Lizzie McGuire will you marry me"?

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