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"This is easy!" Sonic grinned, scribbling hastily away at the pad of paper on his school desk.

"Too easy!" Tails sighed as he read over the questions in his math text book. "I wish we would get tougher school assignments than this!"

"I can't believe how simple this is!" Amy squealed, happily scrawling down the answers to the questions without even thinking.

"I'm such a genius!" Knuckles punched the air with a confident smirk on his face and accidently snapped the pen in his hand with his own strength.

"Hmph!" Shadow shut his eyes as he folded his arms, his pad of paper blank and the pen at its side untouched. "Only a fool would waste their time on such elementary schoolwork as this!"

"Quiet please, class! Get on with your arithmetic!"

On the orders of their teacher, Miss Kitty, the young students continued with their work in silence. They all found the math questions they were faced with to answer incredibly easy.

All, that is, expect for Silver…

"What's the answer?" He asked himself, a tensed expression plastered to his face as he stared at the first question in the book. "How am I supposed to work this out?"

"Shh, Silver!" Miss Kitty commanded. "No talking in class please!"

The silver hedgehog gritted his teeth together. Beads of sweat rolled down the side of his face as his eyes turned blood-shot, filling with stress as he gazed upon the question he could not answer.

2 + 2 = ?

"Hey, Sonic…" Silver whispered to his fellow hedgehog, who was sat at the desk on his left. "What's the answer to the first question?"

"Sorry, Silver!" Sonic apologised as he continued to write quickly away on his pad without looking up. "Can't help you there!"

Silver turned his attention to the twin-tailed fox sat at the desk in front of him. He screwed up a paper ball, throwing it at the back of the kitsune's head to attract his attention.

"Hey!" Tails exclaimed, turning to glare scornfully over his shoulder at the one who had hurled the ball at him. "What ya do that for, Silver?"

"'Cuz I need you to help me with the first question!"

"Well I ain't gonna help you after you threw a paper ball at my head!" Tails turned to gaze down at the complicated methods he had written down to solve the simple sums in his text book. "You just erased my ingenious brainstorm I was in the middle of penning up to show how I work out the square root of nine!"

Silver tutted, thinking Tails was being petty and unreasonable. He stuck his tongue out behind the fox's back, then turned towards the one sat at the desk on his right. He was confident she would not hesitate to assist him with his problem.

"Oh, Blaaaaaze! I can't figure out the answer to the first question! You can help me, right?"

"Oh come on, Silver!" The purple cat raised an eyebrow as she faced her best friend with a disbelieving look. "You don't need my help for that!"

The hedgehog blinked, stared at the young feline with great astonishment. "But, Blaze! You help me with everything!"

"Yes, but this is such easy math, Silver, even you can figure it out!" Blaze shook her head before going back to her work. "Honestly, must you turn to me for everything?"

Blaze didn't see the look of pressure building up on Silver's face. He was getting more and more frustrated that nobody wanted to help him with the sum he could not answer. Desperately, he turned towards the desk which was right behind his own. Sat there with his arms still folded, yet to make a start on his own school work, was Shadow.

"Shadowwwww…" Silver pleaded, sweat now gushing like waterfalls down the sides of his head as he stared seriously his dark classmate. "Help me out here? Please?"

Shadow half opened his eyes, staring as gruffly as ever at the stress-induced hedgehog as he refused to budge, let alone assist him. "Hmph!"

"ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" Silver screamed, unable to do take the high tension any longer. "IT'S NO USE!"

All of his fellow students, as well as the teacher, were taken by surprise by his outburst. Yet before any of them could say or do anything, Silver rose up from his desk – and angrily tipped it over.

"Silver!" Miss Kitty exclaimed, her orange furry face widening with horror. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Silver didn't answer as he stomped away from his desk, which lay on its side on the floor, papers and books scattered around it. His blood was boiling with fury as he made his way angrily over to Sonic – before throwing his table over as well.

"Hey, Silver! Calm down, man!" The blue hedgehog jumped to his feet, watching with a staggered look as his cranky classmate flipped over his desk for it to crash onto the floor. "It's only a simple sum! Chill out, dude!"

"I WILL NOT CHILL OUT!" The letters which hung on the walls of the classroom were shaken loose from Silver's angry tone which caused them to crash to the floor. "THIS IS NO SIMPLE SUM! I CAN'T BE EXPECTED TO WORK IT OUT WITHOUT HELP! IT'S NO USE!"

In all his rage, Silver proceeded to trash up the classroom, much to the horror of his fellow pupils and teacher. He turned over of all the desks, he put his fists through the chalkboard, he smashed up the aquarium tank, he even threw some paint out of their pots, causing it all to splatter over Tails.

"Silver!" Tails hissed, his yellow fur stained and dripping with blue, yellow and red paint. "Why are you being a jerk and throwing stuff at me today!"

Silver took no notice of the young fox's rants as he continued his tirade of destruction around the classroom. It was only when he was knocked on the head that he snapped out of his violent mood swing, struck by a spin dash from Sonic.


For such a mild-manner teacher, Miss Kitty had never sounded so berserk. The middle-aged yellow cat's face was filled with intense fury as she glared at the silver hedgehog who had wrecked the room where she taught young animals.

Silver stared at Miss Kitty. Then he stared at the other students. All eyes were on him, as everyone was taken aback by the silver hedgehog's destructive outburst. He felt his cheeks heaing up as they started to turn red from embarrassment – then he shook his head as he got rid of the sheepish look that had been filling his face.

"Well?" Miss Kitty snapped, tapping her foot. "What do you have to say for yourself, young hedgehog?"

Giving his teacher a scornful look, Silver walked over to his desk, which was still laying on its side from when he had flipped it over. He picked up his arithmetic textbook from where it had landed onto the floor. It was still open on the pages of questions the class had been going over. Making his way bravely up to Miss Kitty, Silver held up the open book with one hand, using the other to point with a shake of his head at the question he couldn't answer.

2 + 2 = ?

"It's not use…" Silver said simply, then he dropped the textbook as if it were a microphone before marching out through the door, leaving behind Miss Kitty, Sonic and the others behind in the classroom he had trashed up over a simple sum.

The end.