Author's Note:

I'm fully aware that Lion Guard ended and Kion met some Lion kind of out of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, it's kind of cute, but I think many can agree it was rushed, because Commander Mickey gave the show the boot and they needed to wrap it up real quickly. I felt like there was a lot more room for development. Rani was kind of shoved in there as a love interest last second. Like the two last episodes her demeanor changed and she was head over heels for Kion and Kion head over heels for her. More or less forced, the more I look into it.

Anyway, I've recently got caught in the Kion X Fuli net and was hoisted aboard the ship. I mean those two got each others' backs. Fuli was second in command, Kion's helper through out his episodes in seasons 3. And on account of a circle of life rules, Lion with lion, cheetah with cheetah, that's boring and predictable. Anyway, continuing my odd thing of Male Character Takes Care of Female Character while said Female is Sick trope/cliché I seemingly like to do. Here's my latest story. Takes place in an alternate reality, where Rani is more friend to Kion and Fuli is more friend to Azzad. And Kion didn't get bitten, lol still has the scar, cause it makes him look badass. This story takes place in a different universe from my other stories. If you read this far, thank you for reading my little rant. Enjoy the story,

-Doctor DT.

The Guard was taking a well deserved break after the defeat of Scar and the Outlander War that occurred shortly after. The Evil Scar follower, Zira, met her untimely demise, which marked the end of the war. The lions of the outlands, realizing Zira's treachery sided with the Pridelanders. Kovu an outlander Lion and son of Zira, eventually betrothed Kiara, Kion's sister. I do believe that catches everyone up, so lets jump to present day.

After a long day of relaxing, which to the Lion Guard was strange, for most of the time they were defending the kingdom from danger. Having a day with nothing going on, besides hot temperatures, was a unsettling change. Nonetheless, the guard enjoyed their day off or most of them at least. The Fastest, a slim, agile cheetah wasn't with them all day. Although Kion and the Rest had frun in the springs, he couldn't get the young cheetah of his mind and worried for her. He exited the pond, finally letting his worryful mind win.

"Hey guys," The golden lion called from the shore.

An egret lifted his head after plunging it the water.

"What is it Kion?" he called.

"I'm going to check on Fuli, I-I'm worried about her."

"Go right ahead Kion." The egret smiled at him.

A honey badger, and hippo joined in.

"You go Kion!" Bunga yelled, loudly, as per usual.

"I'm sure she could use the company." A martial eagle chimed in.

"Thanks Anga, Bunga."

The Hippo called out as the lion turned away. "Thanks for stopping by Kion!"

Kion smiled, greatly appreciating his friends' companionship. He began towards Fuli's sleeping grounds. Fuli did not have a den, she slept in spots of tall grass that hide her. Kion parted the tall grass with his paw. He hated to admit it, but he keeps forgetting exactly where she stays. He came to a halt, when he parted more patches of grass and a voice called out.

"Go away." It groaned.

"Fuli?" Kion asked.

"Go away, Kion…" She groaned.

Kion knew the tone of voice very well, when Fuli would be upset her voice would dip down to a low pitch and become almost monotone, the guard jokingly calls it, "Classic Fuli". From her voice alone, Kion knew she was upset about something.

"Are... you okay Fuli?"

"NO!" She quickly and rudely retorted.

Kion was slightly taken aback, but knew something was bothering her, and needed to comfort her… somehow.

"I've… we've been worried about you all day." Kion cursed himself for his slip.

Fuli took notice of this and turned around to face where Kion's voice was coming from. The cheetah realized he was alone, which surprised her. With Kion being her most trusted friend, she broke down and decided to vent to him.


"You want to know how my day went, Kion?"


"It went horrible, I've been sick to my stomach all day, couldn't hunt no matter how hard I tried, and now I'm starving." She pouted in a quick way.

After her outburst she plopped her head on the ground and sighed. Her stomach loudly growled. Kion did not know if it was from her illness or her hunger, maybe even a combination of the two. Kion walked through the grass and into the open area of flattened grass which Fuli called home.

"Hey…" Kion called. "I know what it's like."

"You know what it's like being helpless and wallowing in your own filth?!" Fuli sarcastically retorted.

"Yeah…" Kion chuckled, a funny memory coming to the surface.

He sprawled himself next to Fuli, she groans quietly in discomfort, not being one for physical contact.

"I got so sick one day, Mom had to get me food, carry me to watering hole…"

Fuli turned away, as she cracked a smile. The thought of Kion, being a momma's boy amused her greatly.

"Are you a mommy's boy, Kion?" She teased, her smile growing wider.

Kion caught eye of her widening smile and gladly fell victim to her teasing for her sake.

"Yeah…" He playfully admitted "I'm a momma's boy."

Fuli laughed, way different from her loathing state she was in a minute ago.

"And one night I asked mom if she could lick my forehead." Kion added in.

Fuli burst out laughing.

"I never would've expected that. Little Kion asking mommy for help…" She teased.

Kion only smiled, thankful she is in a much greater mood. He decided to playfully defend herself.

"Well, when she did, it relaxed me… and according to her, I feel right to sleep."

Kion wasn't thinking with what he did next. His mind switched on autopilot.

"Well, why don't we give it a try?" He teased.

Before Fuli could realize what, he was doing, she felt a tongue slide across her forehead. She jumped back. It was at this moment Kion's auto-pilot shut off and he came to reality. He stumbled back, stammering.

"Fu-Fuli, I-I... I'm so sorry, I don't know."

Fuli admittedly zoned out during Kion's panicked babbling. Lost her own thoughts, she found herself staring into a Kion's eyes. A thought dared to enter a mind, but trying to keep her composure, she flicked it away. She decided, though, he had enough panicking, and figured she needed to stop him before he babbled his teenage heart out.

"Kion, stop." She said sternly. "It's fine, I-... I know you didn't mean it."

Kion's shoulders relaxed.

"I'm sorry Fuli," He apologized for what seemed to be hundredth time. Poor Fuli lost count at this point.

Kion's ears suddenly perked up.

"Hey, why don't I make it up to you?" He suggested. "I'll get you something to eat."

Fuli's head dipped down.

"I don't know Kion, whatever I did eat today, I wasn't able to keep down very well."

And she knew she would rather die, than throw up in front of Kion, or anybody for that matter.

"I'll get you something small and easy on your stomach."

The golden lion was already about to head out into the prairie. Fuli knew too well that arguing with Kion is a ninety percent lost cause. She gave in and sighed and layed herself down.

"Fine…" She grumbled. "Just… promise me you…" She did not find the confidence to finish it. She was going to ask him to turn away or run off in case she started heaving. She avoided saying that.

"Be right back, Okay?" Kion lept out of the clearing. "Sit tight!" his distant voice called.

Fuli was then alone with her own thoughts for a short while. During that time she cursed herself and pondered. Why had she been staring into his eyes? Why did she find his stammering so… so…. Cute? For once, it wasn't just her stomach that was feeling funny, now her chest was as well. She took many deep breathes and hoped it would go away. She had to quit as she got lightheaded and felt an sudden surge of nausea. The best thing she could do, she thought, was lay down. Fuli wondered if her illness was getting worse. A knot in her stomach and now in her chest. Her nervousness about the situation was not helping either. As in a cascading effect, it only made her more nauseous. She felt her cheeks becoming very green. Finally, the grass stirred and out popped Kion, holding a small rodent in his jaw.

"I'm back!" He cheered.

Fuli was yanked from her thoughts and although her nausea went down, the knot in her chest, did not.

"It's small, not very fatty… I think. It should be easy on your stomach…"

Kion let out an awkward chuckle. "If not, you have permission to smack me."

Fuli felt her mouth pull into a small smile. Kion had always somehow found a way to be playful in the most awkward situations. Fuli wanted to hold out, not wanting to risk getting sick in front of Kion, but her loud stomach, which decided to imitate a whale at that very moment, said otherwise.

She looked up at Kion, who nudged the rodent over to her with his muzzle.

"Eat it slowly, don't rush."

"I know Kion, you don't have to parent me…" She paused. "Mommy's boy."

Kion chuckled and glanced as she took the tiniest bites from the rodent.

Fuli was thankful to has something on her stomach. She wanted to just inhale it but knew better. In time and patience, she ate the whole thing. At that point she wanted nothing more than to sleep. To wake up the following morning refreshed and ready to face the day. She yawned, something she hates doing.

"Fuli?! Tired?!" Kion blurted out.

She shook herself from dozing off.

"What!? No… I'm a cheetah, cheetahs don't get tired."

Against her better judgement, she yawned again.

Fuli laid her head down but kept her eyes open.

"I want to thank you Kion." Fuli said. "You really helped me… as much as I don't want to admit it."

"Anytime Fuli."

Kion turned to leave, the sunset growing more orange by the second. However, the knot in Fuli's chest lunged when she saw him starting to leave.

"Kion!" She blurted aloud.

Kion jolted around, quite startled and concerned.

Fuli let in a deep thought in her mind. It rolled around but didn't quite come to the surface. She stared into the lion's eyes, no words finding their way to her mouth. Kion stood there, staring into her eyes as well, locked in place. Fuli then made a startling realization. For once she didn't want to be alone. For once she wanted someone, needed someone even and it was staring her right in the face. That pain in her chest was no illness.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, Kion but…" She paused, having a small hiccup in her confidence boost.

She started scanning him. His lean muscular body, his red flowing tuft of hair, suddenly stood out to her. She could see the muscle on his forearms, albeit tense from this stare down they seem to be having. Kion himself found himself lost, staring at Fulis slime, delicate frame. Despite her fur being so short, it waved angelic like in the wind. After what seemed to be an eternity of staring into one another's eyes, Fuli found her confidence again.

"Kion, c-could you stay with me?" She finally pushed out. Asking him that alone made her stomach churn.

She swallowed hard, both out of anxiety and to keep her recently eaten meal where it belongs.

Kion's face relaxed and he stepped forward.

"Of course, anything for you." He said, as smooth as he could. In his mind he thought it was sexy, something he does not have quite down yet. But… he tries.

Fuli chest felt a sudden release. The knot greatly loosened but wasn't completely gone. The thoughts of the future graced her mind, and the uncertainty of it all, made her nervous. She shook her head, shoving it in the back of her mind for later.

For the first time, in a long time, she welcomed someone near her. Kion slumped his body down next to Fuli. She herself subtly slide over so their sides were touching. She was experimenting with her own limits, and found his muscular body, quite relaxing. Kion slide one leg under his chin and the other to his side, which Fuli gradually lowered herself into. Kion then slowly leaned his head into her shoulder and his heart paused. She was purring. It was soft and barely audible, but she was purring. A tell-tale sign, a feline is content and comfortable.

Kion sighed… a little too loudly.

"Enjoying yourself?" She teased lightly.

"You're one to talk, Miss Purrs A Lot."

Fuli's mind went blank.

'I'm purring?' She thought to herself.

She listened very closely, and made the startling, surprising discovery.

'I am, I am purring!'

She tried to get herself to stop, but Kion, the troublemaker just HAD to move his arm around her back, without warning. Her purr only grew louder. Finally, she gave in.

"Alright!" She called. "I enjoy it, you happy?"

Kion quickly removed his arm from Fuli's back. Fuli turned her gaze.

"Kiongozi, put your arm right back where it was, I said I was enjoying it."

Kion didn't know what to make of this. The Fuli he knew would shutter at any physical contact, where did this one come from?!

"Who are you and what did you do with Fuli?" He asked softly.

Fuli rolled her eyes. "Hardy har har…"

Fuli suddenly smirked, now hearing two sets of purring.

"Seems like I'm not the only one…"

"What can I say you fur is sooooo soooooffffft." Kion commented whilst rubbing his cheek across Fuli's shoulder.

Fuli started to surrender to weight of her ever-closing eyelids. She yawned once more.

"What was that about not ever being tired?" Kion asked.

"Kion… If I wasn't so… um…" She tried to find a way to word her sentence without usung the word 'tired'.

"So tired?" Kion completed.


Kion boomed with laughter.

"Okay… okay…"

Fuli rested her chin on Kion's other arm. It was not the most graceful way to sleep, but it was comfortable to them. Fuli gave up trying to contain her purring and just go, full volume. Kion's purr surpassed her's however, but Kion himself could only hear Fuli's.

"Goodnight Fuli." Kion yawned.

"Wait…" Fuli's ears perked up. "C-Could you lick my forehead again? I…"

"You find it relaxing, don't you?" Kion teased.

Fuli was thankful her face was full of fur, had it not, she would be red as a rose. Kion completed the request and upon a few licks, found Fuli in a deep slumper, purring. Kion relaxed himself, and mumbled in a tired state,

"I love you."

Fuli although sleeping, felt her chest ease further, and her lips curl into a smile.

The two rested in each other's arms, in their own world, purring the night away and Fuli, felt much better already.