The sun rose gently across the savannah. The streaks of light stretched beyond the horizon and lit up the rustling grass. Despite a young golden cub's efforts, the sunshine always found a way into his eyes. No matter how tightly he shut them, the light shone through, thus forcing him awake. He carefully opened his eyes and wriggled a bit to find a way to get up, when he felt something hold him tighter. He tried to move away from whatever had him wrapped up, but when he moved, he was only squeezed tighter. That is when his head was up against something incredibly soft. His ears then picked up a small soft rumble. He instantly deciphered what it was, purring. Even with the bright sun casting its' rays into his eyes, his lids shot open.

A blurry slim yellow figure filled his eyes. It groaned lightly whenever the lion would wiggle.

"Fuli…" The cub whispered. Saying out loud who had him all wrapped up.

"Kionnnnn…." The slim cheetah groaned. "stoooop iiiiiit…."

Kion, the lion, cocked his head to the side.

"Stop what?" he asked.

"I'm ticklish… stop it." The cheetah mumbled.

It clicked in Kion's head that his cheetah companion was sleep talking. Most likely having a dream. Kion was smart enough to piece together that the dream was about him. The events of last night flooded his mind. His cheeks grew hot, he had forgotten that snuggled each other to sleep the night prior. Kion glanced at Fuli's soft fur, tracing it down to her face. She was breathing rhythmically, still asleep. Kion didn't want to wake her up, but the lack of blood to his legs may force him to. Wiggling did not seem to work, so he thought of the next best thing. Fuli giggled lightly has Kion licked the top of her head.

"Stop it… I said I'm tickl…" Midway through her mumbling she opened her eyes, to see Kion directly in her face.

"AAAH!" She screamed and jumped up, flinging Kion up.

She got to her feet and stumbled backwards, breathing very heavily. Kion was just as scared as she was, it is not every morning you wake up and get screamed at. The cheetah clutched her chest panting. Once her vision cleared up, she saw who it was, and fell victim to the blood rushing to her cheeks.

"I-I'm so sorry Kion, I…" Fuli was obviously embarrassed, which of course, Kion found cute.

Kion felt his breathing ease as Fuli spoke.

"I'm not used to the whole… waking up next to someone thing… especially since I normally sleep alone."

"It's okay Fuli." Kion paused. "OH! How are you feeling?"

Fuli smiled, a good sign.

"I'm feeling a lot better, thank you."

Kion smiled back, glad that his friend is normal again. The two awkwardly looked at one another, both unsure of their next action. There was an uneasy silence around them, seems not many other animals woke up yet. Fuli felt an odd sensation was over her suddenly, her mind took control.

"Y'know Kion, I think last night's sleep was the best…" Her voice was oddly low, but not upset.

Kion chuckled, these feelings are brand new for Fuli and she is more or less experiencing them for the first time.

"What am I saying?" She suddenly shook her head.

Kion laughed.

"What's so funny?!" the flustered cheetah spat.

"It's called 'Flirting', Fuli."

"What now?" She cocked her head.

"Flirting, y'know when you say something really, nice to a person you like."

Fuli was unsure of this whole flirting thing, and why it happened so suddenly. It even bothered her more that she didn't even stop herself or try to.

"I figured a gorgeous cheetah like yourself would be used to flirting." Kion smirked, knowing exactly what he did.

Fuli felt her body temperature jump up and a tingle down her spine. She hated to admit it, but she liked it. Kion gaver her quite a confidence boost and she quickly fired back.

"Well you're not so bad yourself, ya hunk of lion."

"See?! You're getting the hang of it!"

"HMMMmm." Fuli beamed. "I could get used to this." She said softly.

Kion chuckled at the thought he had just taught Fuli about flirting. Now she likes it so much his next goal may have to be to get her to stop flirting. The warm moment was loudly interrupted when two sets of growling stomachs echoed.

"I'll get something to eat!" They said in unison.

Fuli glared at Kion, but not in a angry way.

"Kion, you got me food, and took care of me yesterday evening. The least I can do is hunt for both of us."

Kion wanted to argue and offer to hunt again, but Fuli kind of had a point.

"Plus, I want to get out and run." She stretched her form out as much as she could.

Kion got a glimpse of just how slim Fuli was. Fuli smirked once she stood back up, she had caught Kion staring.

"Like what you see?" She teased.

Kion rolled his eyes, but chuckled.

"You enjoy this too much."

"You're quite the sight if I say so myself Kion."


Fuli laughed.

"Alright, alright, I'll be right back." She dropped to her sprint stance playfully. "Quick as a cheetah!"

She leapt out of the clearing and into the savannah. Kion smiled to see her so full of energy again. Kion's smiled soon faded, as he thought about his relationship with Fuli. What would other animals think, what would his father think. He then felt a wash of relief when he remembered he is friends with a bunch of hyenas. Kion's father liked them, once they proved themselves. But this, is very different. This is love, and a love between two different species at that. Kion shunted those thoughts out of his head, not wanting to worry himself. He crossed his paws and waited patiently for Fuli to return.

"Look what I got!" A voice called triumphantly.

Fuli dragged a gazelle carcass for them to share into the clearing. Fuli seemed to be very happy being able to hunt again.

"How'd it go?"

"Amazing, not a ounce of nausea, they never heard me coming." She said, quite proud of herself.

"As much as I would love boasting about my kill, I think I speak for us both that we are starving." She said.

Kion smiled at the cheetah, who's own smile grew wider. They then had their morning feast and ate until they were full, with little left to spare. Kion rested on his back, resting a paw on his stomach, a little uncomfortable from eating a tad too much. Fuli did not eat as much, trying not to push her luck. The last thing she wants is to get sick again. Kion tried to sneak out a burp but failed.

"Heard that, Kion." Fuli joked.

"Uh…. Excuse me?" he grinned innocently.

The two laughed for a moment. Fuli placed her paw on her chest.

"Luckily, I a lady don't burp like you heathens!" She teased, boastfully.

Karma however, had a different idea, as a small high pitch burp escaped her lips. To which she blushed and covered her mouth.

"Excuse me." She said meekly.

The two roared this time, nearly loosing their balance through their laughing fit.

"That wasn't very lady like Fuli." Kion poked her shoulder.

"Oh, hush you! At least mine didn't sound like a failed elephant impression."

Kion looked at the position of the sun, it was much higher than it was earlier. Kion knew the guard should start a patrol soon. Kion would not be surprised if the others were already at the lair.

"We should get going Fuli, the rest of the gang probably getting worried about us."

Fuli sighed, their responsibilities slipped her mind with the fun she was having. But smiled, knowing she would spend the patrol with Kion, no doubt.

"Right let's head that way."

"Um…" Kion looked quite worried. "Maybe you should run ahead because if we show up at the same time…"

Fuli's ears lowered,

"Oh right… good call."

"Run ahead, I'll follow behind."

Fuli started out the grass that marked the edge of her clearing but stopped.

"Oh Kion, before I go can you uh…"

Without saying a word Kion licked Fuli's head. She giggled very lightly.

"There. Happy?" He asked in a low flirty voice.


Fuli lept out of the clearing.

"See you at the lair, muscles!" She called.

Kion rolled his eyes.

"She's already coming up with pet names…"