I didn't go through and edit this beforehand, I just started writing like crazy and didn't want to stop and possibly interrupt the temporary period of not having writers block.

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I love art.

I spent most of my childhood elbow deep in paints or working on my shading skills with pencils or even taking the best photograph with my camera. Art is one of the most important things in my life. It can take on so many shapes and styles, it can encompass something deep and raw or be as colorful and unrealistic as you can imagine. Art is everything… so when I got the chance to accept an academic scholarship to an art school to continue honing my craft while finishing out high school, I couldn't say no.

My best friend was mortified. She cried for three days any time she saw me. Shay has a flair for the dramatic.

She and I spent our entire lives together. Best friends since birth thanks to our parents being so close. Frequent family dinners, vacations, and holidays celebrated together. Our families felt like one and the same. This is why my decision was hard.

My parents were ecstatic of course, but sad nonetheless. Due to their jobs and financial issues they couldn't follow me. I'd be all the way across the country, and by myself no less, they weren't thrilled. Still, they allowed it.

I spent the last week with Shay and her boyfriend (and my other best friend) Embry.

Embry was a quiet kid. Shy around new people, but he opened up around his friends. Shay was his polar opposite, which seemed to work for them. He and I lived next door to each other on the reservation our entire lives. It took years, but he finally got comfortable enough with me to come hangout with me and Shay. Thankfully that ended up where it did, because Embry balances her out likes no one else can.

I remember the last time I had seen them at the airport. They dropped me off, hugged me tight, cried with me, and told me to become the best damn artist I could be. After several promises to FaceTime them and many tears, I boarded my plane and left La Push, and Washington, for the first time.

This was the beginning of a crazy 4 years. With every waking moment spent learning and practicing art, I didn't have time to go home and visit like I wanted. But that would change when I graduated. I'd be moving back home and taking up a position as an art teacher at the local school. It's been my dream to bring art to La Push, and I was excited to do that.

But if I would have known what was to transpire upon my arrival… well I may have just stayed in New York.