Amidst the roars of the battlefield, Captain Phasma and Rey Solo stood feet apart, lightsaber burning and assault rifle poised to shoot. Rey stood breathless, clutching the saber's handle with both hands. The Silver suited Captain raised the gun, peering through the sight.

Without a sound, she began to dance. The whirring of the lightsaber and sounds from the rifle seemed to drown out the music of the battlefield. With one last swift slice, Phasma's helmet was then split in two. The halves fell onto the ground, dust spilling around them and onto the Chrome boots.

Phasma stood, eyes wide with teeth bared, shock, and pride in her eyes. She couldn't move, no matter how much her brain told her too. It was all too easy for her opponent to cut her down. She was stiff as a stick.

Yet, Rey paused. She looked at her, her mouth opened in surprise. The dark forest eyes, the golden blonde hair, the pale white skin...If anything she saw beautiful, they were overshadowed.

For the first time, she has ever survived, Phasma dropped her rifle. She fell to a knee, her hearing and vision belligerent to the sounds around her. She stared at the Jedi in front of her, noting the soft tanned skin, even amidst the dark sky, the only light (For this story since I haven't seen the Last Jedi, its a ship that's slowly sinking) coming from the downed Rebellion ship.

Rey knelt to one knee in front of her, slowly setting down the lightsaber beside her. At first, she raised a hand. But faltered and hesitated. Phasma didn't move. When bravery took over, the young Jedi raised her hand again and cupped the Captain's cheek.

"You're beautiful" Rey only said. Phasma stayed silent.

None of the people she served with told her she was beautiful. How can they? The only rumors that were spread were from her days surviving on her homeworld. The cuts, scars, and the other healed wounds, were serving as a reminder to her, that she would never be considered beautiful.

But with Rey, the words from the young woman's lips were magical. Without restraint, the blonde smiled. Slowly closing the distance, lips met lips. The soft electrifying touch was addicting.

The sound of a Stormtrooper engaging the Jedi made her break short and grab her weapon. In under a second, he was cut down by blaster fire. The two women looked at each other.

"Please. Join the First Order" Phasma's eyes flickered back and forth.

Rey shook her head. "I can't. That would be considered a betrayal to my friends" she responded.

The Chrome-fitted Stormtrooper looked down at the ground, pondering. She truly didn't want to fight Rey. She loved her, since the first moment she laid eyes on her, running towards the Millenium Falcon. She then got an idea.

Her head whipped up. With one fluid movement, she cupped her cheek with a loving hand.

"Then let's run away, together. No rebellion, no more First Order. Just us, and whatever the Universe throws at us" She spoke.

Rey pondered. She would still be betraying her friends. But with Kylo Ren dead and Hux decapitated, the Empire was quickly falling apart. Therefore, the Rebellion no longer needed her. Leia didn't need her, anymore.

But then she thought about Joe and Finn. The moment she met them, she felt a tug aiming towards the Rebels and their desperation to freeing the galaxy. It gave her and Phasma a chance to actually meet. If it wasn't for the Rebellion, they wouldn't have fallen in love.

She looked back at Phasma and smiled. She gently kissed her, the passionate kiss only getting longer until they had to separate for air.

"Yes," she nodded her head. "Let's run away," she said.

Phasma smiled a toothy grin and stood. Rey mimicked her and both ran for the Millenium Falcon. Both cut down Stormtroopers and knocked out Rebels that were in their way. Joe saw Rey running with the Imperial Captain and ran to stop them.

Rey and Phasma were close to the ship when Joe met them at the entrance ramp.

"Rey! What are you doing?" He asked, breathless. His blaster was drawn. BB-8 swiveled his head to look at Rey, who had a guilty side-glance looking at him.

"I'm leaving. You no longer need me" She replied.

Joe looked at her, bewildered. What did she mean by them not needing her anymore? They did need her?

"What are you saying? We still need you, Rey" Joe stood upright.

BB-8 rolled closer to his friend. The Jedi knelt to his level.

"I'm leaving. But don't worry. This won't be the last time you see me" Rey reassured. She then stood and turned to the Pilot. "You need to step aside. We're leaving" she ordered.

Joe was shaking his head.

"I can understand that you're leaving us. But why her?" He pointed his blaster at Phasma, causing the former Imperial Captain to train hers onto him.

Rey immediately stepped in between and put a firm hand on both. Joe saw the look distrust soften as the Captain looked at the young Jedi. Now he understood.

"I'll never understand you Jedi" He spoke, his voice cracking. The soft-tanned Jedi could only sigh and hug her friend. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours.

"Do you think Leia would understand since we basically won?" Rey asked. She let him go.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised" The pilot shook his head and chuckled. "Just, be safe out there, will ya? Luke will kill me if you weren't. Literally" He warned.

"Promise. Look out for Chewie" With a smile, the two women walked up the ramp of the Millenium Falcon. Joe backed up with a soft look and smile on his face as the ramp closed and the ship rose before taking off. He then continued to shoot, only later answering questions Finn, Leia, and Luke had.