Chapter Three:

Somewhere in the world, a fourteen year old girl was lazily enjoying a nap in a tree, bathing in the final lights of the day. The girl in question had rather long hair, a nearly pitch black shade of dark purple, a pale complexion and a rather well developed figure for her age. Located on the left side of her neck was a small crest. Two snakes biting each other's tails, forming a stylized infinity symbol with the center of the symbol at the center of a circle. The girl was wearing a content expression on her face as she snoozed in the tree, until she suddenly sat up straight, fully awake, silvery grey eyes wide open. Something unknown had just latched itself onto her magic. Not really knowing what to do, she held up a hand, a magic circle with the same crest she had on her neck forming in her hand, the circle rotating clockwise as a projected image of a nearly visibly identical being appeared from the magic circle.

"Is something wrong Blake?" Asked the projection in a tone akin to worry and concern.

"I'm not sure, but I think something just latched itself onto my magic." Replied the girl, now known as Blake. At that, the projection's expression shifted slightly into something resembling a frown, or at least something close enough.

"Hmm. I think I have an idea of what's going on. Let's see here, locating magical signature, tracing the foreign signature and… ah. There it is. It appears, through the use of a magical artifact, that a group of wizards have forced you into a magically binding contract. I'm afraid that I can't get anything more than that. Those guys managed to drag you into their mess quicker than I expected, though I admittedly hoped that you didn't have to get involved with them. Shall I sever the connection with the artifact?"

"Nah. I'll go and see what it's about and maybe have a bit of fun while I'm there. I've been rather bored recently." Exclaimed Blake, causing the projection to release a sigh of both understanding and maybe mild annoyance.

"Very well then. As unlikely as it is for something to happen that can actually harm you, but still. Be careful Blake."

"I will, mom." And with that, Blake ended the call, making the magic circle in her hand disperse, before standing up on the tree branch she had been sleeping on and did a few stretches. She then closed her eyes, concentrating on the connection between herself and the magical artifact that had latched itself onto her magic. Eventually, she opened her eyes again and created a new magic circle underneath her, before flashing an excited grin and jumping off the tree branch through the magic circle, instantaneously transporting herself to the location of the artifact.

Elsewhere, in the great hall of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry to be more specific, the announcement of the apparent fifth champion in the Triwizard Tournament just been made, something that shouldn't have been necessary to happen. Hell! There shouldn't even have been an announcement of a fourth champion in the tournament! Who happened to be the (so-called) Boy-Who-Lived, Charlie James Potter. As pretty much everyone in the hall share looks of confusion amongst themselves, someone noticed a pale purple light originating from the ceiling, causing everyone to turn their attention to said pale purple light, which in turn revealed that the light came from a magic circle that was spinning clockwise. The very second everyone's eyes were on it something unexpected happened.

A person appeared falling feet first out of the magic circle, revealing it to be the destination circle of a pair of transportation circles, at rather high speed. The use of spontaneously made transportation circle was extremely rare, but not unheard of for wizards and witches. While they could use them, in theory, most of them lacked the necessary magical power and reserves to actually use them. The person traveling through the transportation circle landed on the floor with a loud crash, in a pose that a random muggleborn excitedly and cheerfully informed was a so-called superhero landing, somehow causing the formation of a rather large dust cloud from the impact. Once the dust settled, everyone got themselves a good look at the person who caused the formation of the dust cloud in the first place.

Said person turned out to be a young girl with rather long hair that was a nearly pitch black shade of dark purple, in her early or mid-teens, probably fourteen or somewhere close enough. She had a rather well developed figure for her age, and despite having such a figure, she still a rather high amount of well defined muscle (if one actually knew what to look for and where to look). She wasn't ripped for her age, but her muscles were still noticeable. Something that quickly caught people's attention was the girl's choice of attire, which definitely wasn't something that a witch would(/should) wear. The most eye catching article of clothing on her was her pitch black long coat, which was only partially closed, giving people a good look at the girls white top that barely covered her rather large chest and her very well-defined abs. The pants were made to be both flexible and comfortable. And finally was the rather unique boots, which were covered by dragon scales that were as black as the deepest darkest abyss. What they couldn't even guess on however, was what species of dragon the scales came from.

The sound of the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, clearing his throat snapped pretty much everyone out of their minor trance and their attention, including the new arrival, to him. Not that the old man would admit it, but he was quite unnerved by the expression the silvery grey-eyed girl wore as she faced him. An expression of boredom with a barely raised eyebrow, turning what would have otherwise been considered a deadpan into an expression of curiosity and intrigue.

"What do you want?" Asked the girl in a tone of what was clearly boredom.

"Young lady, do you have any idea of who I am?" Asked Dumbledore.

"No. Should I? All I know is that something latched itself onto my magic with and the connection led me here. Do me a favor and don't waste my time."

"Young lady! You should respect-" this was Professor McGonagall, who clearly got pissed by the girl's disrespect, only to be cut off by the girl.

"Respect is earned. And neither of you have earned mine. Can you please hurry up with this? I don't have all day." The fact that the girl said that in a perfect deadpan only managed to make the old witch even angrier as McGonagall and Dumbledore led the girl to Hogwarts' trophy room, where the other champions were.

To say that the other four champions were surprised by not only the fact that there was a fifth champion in the tournament but also said fifth champion was the same age as the fourth champion was a major understatement. And the fact that she somehow managed to keep her face in a perfect deadpan while still making it clear that she was losing her patience was both impressive and disturbing. The barely noticeable similarities between the new arrival and the fourth champion, Charlie James Potter the (so-called) Boy-Who-Lived, didn't go unnoticed by the older champions.

As the Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess observed the other so-called champions in disinterest, she took note of two of them in particular. One of the two, the only other female champion beside Blake herself, had slightly larger magical reserves than the others, but that was it. Compared to Blake, the other girl was a termite. The other person that she took note of was the youngest champion beside herself, and the only reason she even took note of the ant was because of a barely noticeable magical link between herself and the ant. It wasn't exactly of any significance to the Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess, but she could definitely feel it, though what kind of link she had with the ant wasn't something she knew, which as a result raised her curiosity.

Eventually the older female champion appeared to have gotten fed up with the silence and underlying tension of the atmosphere and decided to do something about it. Namely speak up.

"While I wish it was under more preferable circumstances, I'm glad to have another girl with me in the competition. The name's Fleur Delacour by the way." Exclaimed the older girl amongst the champions, introducing herself as Fleur Delacour. Which surprisingly prompted the other three to introduce themselves as well.

"Cedric Diggory."

"Viktor Krum."

"Charlie Potter." Exclaimed the three males, in chronological order, before turning their attention towards the youngest girl in the room, who merely raised an eyebrow, staring at the others for about a minute until she eventually shrugged and returned the courtesy.

"Blake Ouroboros." Deadpanned Blake, using the title her mother, Ophis, had started using as a family-name for both itself and Blake. Making Blake's full name, as far as she's concerned, Blake Ophis Ouroboros.