A Little Muggle

By: B*u*T*t*E*r*F*l*Y

A/N: There will be NO SEQUEL TO THIS! Because you already know what happens after it. This story is about Hermione the day she got her Hogwarts letter...I just felt like writing it. Also I have an IMPORTANT FAVOR TO ASK YOU! My friend (pen name: Sicilianangel19) Gets NO REVIEWS but shes a really great writer so I'm asking people, if you like my stories its guranteed your gonna like hers! Please check out some of her work and review them please because..if your a writer..don't you want reviews? Thanks!

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A small girl sat on her porch swing swaying up and down and smelling the wonderful summer scent. That very day she turned eleven and soon would be starting Middle School. This girls name is Hermione Granger. She was an excellent student and known as a "goody-two-shoes" But did she care? No way! Her life was perfect. She lived in an ordinary house, with an ordinary famile and an ordinary annoying sister..she was pretty ordinary.

"Hermione, time for lunch." Her mother called. Hermione hopped off the porch swing and walked into the kitchen.

"Wheres daddy?" She asked. She sat down next to her little less perfect sister and began to nibble on a cracker.

"He had to go down to the office. A boy and a girl were kissing at the park and got there braces stuck togeather." Her mother explained.

"Hermi is gonna kiss a boy! She likes ERIC!" Her little sister Sophia taunted. Hermione glared at her.

"Sophia.." Her mother warned. Sophia just crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

Just then the sound of the mail coming through the slot starled everyone.

"Hermione, go get the mail and put it on the counter." Her mother said without looking up from her baking.

Hermione sighed and went to pick up the mail. She didn't notice the letter in thick, heavy parchment or the giant green H printed on the front, she just put it down on the counter and sat back at the table.

"Anything interesting?" Her mother asked. Hermione shurgged.

After eating her lunch Hermion went up to her room to read. She was currently read. She was currently reading a book about a boy wizard she saw in her mothers library. So far she found it very interesting.

"Hermione! You have a letter!" Her mother called ( A/N: Man I write "Her Mother" alot. Short story huh? Its gonna end soon SORRY)

Hermione climbed off her bed and walked downstairs and her mother handed her a heavy envelope. She read the the letter then looked at her mother her face white.



"I'm a witch!"

A/N: I know this is VERY SHORT! I was just bored and felt like writing it. Like I said in my first A/N Please read and review some of Sicilianangel19's work. Shes a very good writer!