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Oh, summers in the city. How I forgot how wonderful you are. Well, considering how pissed off I was last summer after I found out I was leaving you. I think I'll be ok this time around. Especially since Daddy was smart and brought us to the summer house in the Hamptons. Ever since I came home, we've been here. Every day, the sun shined a little brighter. And laying by the pool made me at least three foundation shades darker.

That became my daily routine. Wake up, have a little breakfast and an iced latte of my choice, throw on whatever bikini was clean and dry, lay by the pool for a good majority of the day while overdosing on Dr. Pepper. With the exception of the quick trip to mi papi's patria. This whole summer flew by. And to top it all off, we had a fucking hot pool boy by my side for every second of it. I couldn't have asked for a better summer. Speaking of that pool boy, he joined me by the pool with a cold drink in his hand. Bless him, "Here, Rei."

"Thank you," I couldn't keep a smile off my face if I wanted to. Definitely not after catching a glimpse of the artwork on his back, "Goddamn…"


"Nothing," I ran my fingers over his wet skin, "Admiring Meditrina in her natural habitat. Holy shit, Ritsu. You have pretty tattoos."

"Only got the one, baby," Ritsu pulled me into his lap.

"We could change that," I teased, "One call to Carlos is all it takes."

"Let me finish what I got first," he settled me, "Then, I'll think about what I'll get next. Not all of us want to be covered in them."

"Your loss." I loved the thought of being covered in art. Let my body be a living museum.

"I'm just fucking with you," Ritsu wrapped his arms around me, a gentle kiss finding its way to my temple, "You know, we're going back to Japan soon."

"I know." As much as I loved being home, we could stand to go back to Japan.

"New York's been good to us, Rei," he ran his fingers over my ribs.

"Of course it has," I scoffed, feeling a sharp, metaphorical pain in my heart, "Do you expect anything less?"

"Spain was good to us, too," Ritsu kissed a special little spot on my neck. That same spot that made Spain really special for us. Well…It was the start of something special. The catalyst for something really special.

"We damn near gave Abuelita a heart attack," I tried to think more on that than the fun stuff. Or that fun stuff would repeat itself right here by the edge of the pool. And Daddy was here. That's not something he needs to walk out to. Because that would mean Ritsu doesn't walk out of here at all. If he's limping, he's incredibly lucky. If he still has his legs, I'll be surprised.

"Yeah," he cuddled me a little tighter. Someone is awfully affectionate today. Not that I'm complaining, "I miss your penthouse, though. It's about time we go home, yeah?"

"We are home," I pointed out, "I mean…My home, but still. Home is home."

"And even better," Ritsu retaliated, "It's been a whole summer of just you and me."

"Yes, it has," I knew what he was getting at. If we would've stayed in Japan (which, there was no fucking way Daddy would've allowed that.), both our phones would've been blowing up with invitations from the host club left and right. The quiet was nice. Even if it meant us hanging around the Hamptons house. I'm just glad Kyoya didn't tell me I had to be there for some sort of hosting retreat. If it were just the host club and us hanging out, that'd be fine. But if it meant honing more of my alleged natural hosting talent to sink lower than the chameleon type, then I'd rather throw my head into a fucking wall. No, thank you, "And it has been absolutely perfect. We should do this again sometime."

"Hell yeah," he wasn't going to turn me down. Not with this cute face and incredible ass, "I'd be happy to. What were you thinking for next year?"

"I don't know," I shrugged, "Maybe somewhere else. I know if I don't see Abuelita next summer, she'll fucking end me. And you've never had to deal with Abuelita disappointment. Shit cuts deep. If there's any way I can spare you from that heartache, I will."

"Thanks, Rei," Ritsu giggled a bit. He should know better, though. He's met Abuelita. Her wrath is like nothing else.

"So," I shook it off, laying my head in Ritsu's bare chest, "What do we do now?"

"I don't know about you," he admitted, "But I could stand to do a whole lot more of this."

"It'd be my pleasure." If I wasn't careful, Ritsu was going to have a hell of a tan line in the shape of my body. I could nap here with no problems whatsoever.

"Reila!" But that wasn't going to happen. Because Daddy won't allow it. It's not like he didn't trust me or Ritsu, for that matter. He knew that if we were going to have the same kind of fun we had in Barcelona, we'd be safe about it. And if Ritsu ever went somewhere he wasn't supposed to, Daddy trusted that I knew exactly what to do. It kept Ritsu's ass in line.

"Yeah, Daddy?" I yelled back, "What do you want?"

"You're needed, princess," Daddy came outside and stood over Ritsu's and my chair, "Do I have to peel you off him or are you good?"

"We're fine," I rolled my eyes. It's a good thing Daddy loved Ritsu like he did, "What happened?"

"Someone tried starting a fight with the family," he reported, taking the empty seat next to us, "I'm guessing it was some small time hood thinking he had the big dick in the locker room. Or he was trying to prove himself to someone else wanting to take a piece of our pie. Rumor has it, he came from the Bronx."

"Is that bad?" Ritsu wondered.

"We're not exactly on the best of terms with a couple families in the Bronx," I filled him in, "I wouldn't say it gets messy, but it can. So, is he waiting in the narrows or is someone getting him as we speak?"

"He's waiting," Daddy assured, "I just got the call a little while ago."

"Do I have to?" I groaned, "Can't I just outsource this beating? It's my last few days of summer vacation and I'd rather not lift a finger today for some small time piece of shit thinking he's something."

"You feel ok, Rei?" Ritsu lifted my chin up, "You get too much sun lately?"

"I'm fine," I promised, "Why?"

"Because," Daddy picked up on it, too, "You never turn down the chance to kick the shit out of someone when I ask you. Usually, you're ready for your coach to put you in."

"I know," I whined, "But I just don't have it in me today. I kind of felt like doing some more of this, then moving inside when the sun went down to watch cartoons, and then, think about going out tonight."

"I know what the problem is," Daddy figured, shooting a look at Ritsu, "The boy made you go soft, Reila. You were one of the hardest people I had ever had the honor and privilege of knowing. Then, this little shit wandered his way into your life."

"He bumped into me, Daddy."

"Excuse me?" Ritsu jumped on the defensive, "What the hell, Frankie?"

"Daddy…" I scolded him, "Play nice."

"I know," Daddy giggled to himself, "I shouldn't rile the kid up, but it's too much fun."

"Great," Ritsu relaxed a little, "There's two of you."

"We are a package deal, baby," I gave him a pat on the shoulder, "And sometimes, we share a pack mind. We do make a hell of a team, though, Daddy."

"Damn right, we do, baby girl," Daddy and I shared in a wonderful high five at my boyfriend's expense, "So? Does this mean you're going to go take care of the asshole in the narrows for me?"

"Fine," I grumbled, "I'll do it. Is my bat at home or is she waiting for me?"

"She's still in the case at home," he got up from his chair, offering me his hand, "Come on. We need to get going. It's a couple hours to get there. You can rest up on the way."

"Ok," I stumbled a couple steps before regaining my footing. Goodbye, house in the Hamptons. You will be missed. But right now, I had some skulls to go crack and assorted other cliché bullshit that came along with being a mafia baby like myself.

As much as I was going to miss it in the Hamptons and as much as I didn't feel like kicking the shit out of this guy, I couldn't wait to get back to the narrows. My home sweet home. Where I could walk into any business down there and get whatever I wanted for free. Why? Because it was my territory. The owners didn't pay their protection to Daddy. Oh, no. They paid their protection to me. The Queen of Diamonds deserved to be dripping, too, didn't she?

When we got to the warehouse, I was helped out of the car by my favorite lackey. Well…I don't think I could call Ritsu my lackey. That'd be insulting his position. He liked to call himself my knight. In a way, he was. And I loved him for it, "Got your bat?"

"I sure do," I pulled my Burmese blackwood beauty out of her case. And she still smelled like polish. With as much blood as this baby has had on her, I'm surprised it wasn't smelling more like iron. Nope. Lemon, "Care to join me?"

"Really?" Ritsu gasped, "You want me to lend a hand?"

"It wouldn't be the first time."


There were few people in this world that I wanted to fight by my side. Ritsu happened to be one of them. Daddy rolled down his window, "You kids go have fun. Don't get too banged up. I'll take a ride around the block. Be done by then."

"We will." Daddy insulted me. I could have this guy worked over by the time he hit the light.

"So?" Ritsu wondered, following me toward the warehouse, "What routine are we going with this time?"

"I was thinking…" I mulled it over for a second, "You go in, scare the shit out of him. He'll be expecting something like that. But then, I'm going to come in and save him."

"Only you're not going to save him, are you, Rei?"

"Of course not," I scoffed, "He was bold enough to come fuck with us. In a way, I have to respect that. But it was a stupid move."

"So," he figured, "Give him a little bit of hope and take it away in one fell swoop?"

"That's the plan."

"You, my dear Reila," Ritsu put his arm around me, "are one of the most sadistic people I have ever met in my life."


"And I love you so much," he gave me a little kiss, "I'll go set the stage. Come in any time you want."

"Will do," I sent Ritsu off and stood in the hall, waiting for my signal. Wait a second…Son of a bitch took my bat.

"Who are you?" the guy took immediate notice of the even bigger guy coming toward him.

"That's none of your fucking business," Ritsu twirled my bat around. Alright. He can play with it, too. But he really should've asked me first. Although, I will admit…Seeing him work my bat was kind of hot. He needed to stop doing that before I break into a cold sweat. We still needed to be relatively professional here. The Mendoza family had a reputation to uphold here. Ritsu lifted his chin up with the end of my bat, "What'd you do?"

"Look, man," the guy freaked, "I don't know who you think you are, but I know damn well you didn't come from the Mendoza family."

"If you ask Francisco," Ritsu had that damn smirk on his face. The one that did things to me and he fucking knew that did things to me, "I am part of the Mendoza family."

"There's no fucking way." Daddy was right. This guy did think he had the big dick in the locker room. Little did he know, I was about to flop mine on the table. And cause an earthquake in comparison, "You're not a Mendoza."

"You're right," Ritsu put my bat down and gave him a heavy handed punch to the jaw. Now, I understand why he thought it was hot when I did it. Look at my baby go. He really shouldn't have hurt himself on someone so insignificant. But I understand, "Mafia…Yakuza…Same difference."

"So, what are you going to do to me?" the guy spat a mouthful of blood on the floor.

"I'm not going to do anything else to you," Ritsu picked my bat back up and rested it on his shoulder, setting my fucking hormones on fire. Get your shit together, Reila. Remember? Professional. Family reputation and all that, "But she is."

I thought I was going to come in and "save" the guy, but it looks like we've called an audible. That's cool. I walked out, ready to do what we came here to do with a big ass sadistic smile on my face. And I watched as the color drained from this guy's face, "No…Please…No…"

"Do you know who I am?" I asked, sitting in front of this asshole. I feel like this isn't the first time I've fucked this guy up. Maybe I really should start handing out punch cards. With the tenth beating, I'll spare them. But where's the fun in that?

"You're her…" his breathing quickened and his pupils covered most of his irises. Such a shame. Those pretty blue eyes were going to be black in a second, "The Queen of Diamonds."

"If you know who I am…Ritsu, my bat please."

"Here, Rei," Ritsu surrendered my weapon of choice.

"Thank you," I graciously accepted, "If you know who I am, then you really should know better than to fuck with us."

"Please, Your Highness," he begged, jostling around in his chair, "Don't do this. I swear, I'll never come near your family again. I promise! Please don't!"

"My god," I gagged, "At least have a little dignity. And a little more respect."


The end of my bat collided with his shoulder, effectively knocking him over. His tears fell to the floor, "What do you mean, respect?"

"When you address royalty," I gave him a swift kick to the ribs, "Your Highness is meant for a princess. Your Majesty is much more appropriate for a queen."

"Fine, fine!" he wept, "Your Majesty! Please! No more!"

"I don't think so," I grabbed a handful of his hair, yanking his neck back, "Because you don't get to say when in this situation. I do. We don't play with a safe word here."

"What about the other guy?" he pleaded, "Come on, man. We can call this water under the bridge. Get me out of this!"

"No," Ritsu shot him down, nursing his bleeding hand, "Your fucking teeth caught my knuckles. Damn…Rei, do you have any bandages around here?"

"There's a roll of ace bandage and medical pads in the office," I directed him.

"Thanks, baby," Ritsu started heading for the office.

"No problem!" I smiled, turning my attention back to the task at hand. And Daddy says Ritsu's a distraction, "Now…Back to you."

"I swear…" This guy didn't know when to stop, "Your Majesty, I'll never come back here again."

"I want to trust you, my guy," I played nice for a minute. Just enough for him to catch his breath, "But Daddy didn't raise an idiot. Not to mention, you scraped up my boyfriend's knuckles. That wasn't a good move on your part."

"He's the one who punched me!"

"You were the one that said he wasn't part of the family," I retaliated. With a good stomp to one of his knees. If I said it once, I've said it a million times. If whoever walks into the warehouse doesn't walk out with a limp, I didn't do a good enough job. His screams would put me to sleep tonight, "But whoever sent you doesn't care about you. Especially if they knew you'd be coming to me. Now, if you promise me you'll behave yourself from now on, we won't have to do this again."

"I promise!" Aww…They're so cute when they're so predictable.

"Good," I helped him back to his feet, "Then, we're done here."

"Really?" Tears flowed like rivers from this guy's eyes, "Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you so much…"

"Hold on," I stopped him, "There is one thing I'm missing…"



I got him again. This time, my bat knocked him over. And it might have left him with a nice bump on the head. I didn't hit him hard enough to crack his head open, but it was just enough to knock his ass out. Of course I wasn't going to play nice with him. He should've known better. They never do. And that's why I'm still in business.

"Hey, Rei," Ritsu came back out, "I couldn't find the bandages, so I just got some…What the fuck happened here?"

"You missed a hell of a show," I chuckled a bit, "It was definitely a sight."

"Is he still breathing?" he wondered, looking the guy over.

"Yeah," I nodded, "I mean, he's going to have one nasty concussion, but other than that, he'll make it. We'll have our guys come clean this up. For now, though, I'm fucking exhausted."

"You want some coffee?" Ritsu offered.

"I think I might need more than coffee," I sighed out, "I need a Rosco."

"What's a Rosco?" he asked as I brought him into the office. I know we have ace bandages in here somewhere. Ritsu just didn't look hard enough.

"Rosco's not a what," I found them in the bottom drawer of the big, metal desk and took his hand, carefully cleaning and wrapping up his knuckles. Goddamn, Ritsu. Asshole got you good, "Rosco's a who. He's my massage therapist. And I wouldn't mind an hour on his table."

"He's your massage therapist?" Ritsu got a little defensive. He trusted me, but his knee jerk reactions worried me.

"Yes," I settled him, "He's been my massage therapist for years. Rosco's a good dude. I'm going to be gone for a couple hours, so I can spoil myself. Is that ok with you?"

"Fine by me," he allowed, "Who am I to stop you?"

"Thank you," I finished wrapping his hand and kissed his knuckles, "When I'm done, how about we meet up for dinner, just the two of us?"

"Sure." There you are, Ritsu. Nothing warmed my heart more than when that boy smiled, "Do we do dinner downtown or in the narrows?"

"Surprise me," I followed him out of the warehouse where our ride was waiting.

"So?" Daddy asked from the window, "How'd it go?"

"Ritsu's got a nasty scrape on his hand from punching the guy," I reported, "But other than that, just another day at the office."

"You don't need stitches, do you, Ritsu?" Daddy worried.

"Nah," Ritsu flexed his fingers, "Rei took care of it. I think I'll live to see another day."

"Good to hear."

"Hey, Daddy," I chimed in, "I'm going to go pay Rosco a visit. Is that ok?"

"Go ahead, sweetheart," Daddy took his black card out of his wallet, "Tell him I said hi."

"I will," I gladly took the black card and shoved it in my back pocket. Then, I gave Ritsu my bat, "Guard her with your life."

"I will," Ritsu promised, sticking his head out the window. I gave him one last kiss, "I love you."

"Love you, too."

"Eww…" Daddy teased, "I'd tell you two to get a room, but…"

"Thank you, Daddy," I held my face in my hand, "Very mature."

"What's the point of having kids if you can't occasionally fuck with them?" he gave me a little pop to the shoulder, "Go, Reila. Go see Rosco. You earned it. I'll call your uncles to take care of the asshole likely knocked out in there."

"Ok," I held back a smile, "You two play nice while I'm gone. I kicked the shit out of one guy today. I don't need to pick another fight."

"That's my girl," Daddy melted inside, "Alright, Rei. We'll play nice."

I watched the limo drive off and I flagged down a cab. Goddamn, it's good to be home. It's a shame I'll be leaving soon. I'm going to miss you, New York. And I know damn well when I go to see Rosco, it'll be even harder to say goodbye. But I know where I'm going to be going back to. My other home. My home away from home. Maybe I need to find a Rosco there. But first, I needed to see the original recipe.