Early in Harry's sixth year, he had yet another detention with Professor Snape. Professor Snape made him write about not misbehaving in class multiple times over. His hand began to hurt from all the repetitive writing, but it was nothing compared to what he went through last year when he was forced to use the blood quill by Professor Umbridge. Good riddance to her and all her obnoxious decrees.

Harry didn't notice when Professor Trelawney walked in. "I was going over some assignments and came across one that is particularly disturbing," she explained.

"Why are you telling me this?" Snape asked.

"Because it is a prediction." She paused and swallowed hard. "It's about you."

"Yes, well, in your class, I am sure most of your students are just making stuff up." Professor Snape dismissed this as rubbish.

"Ah," Harry grimaced and looked down at his paper. He knew he was completely guilty of that himself back when he took that class.

"Probably, but this rather disturbing prediction came from one of my best students. She accurately predicted several things like who would win the Triwizard tournament."

"She had a one and four chance," Professor Snape said exactly what Harry was thinking, but he pretended not to be listening. "So, pay it no mind. It contains no more truth then a Rita Skeeter article." Professor Snape went back to looking over homework assignments.

"Heh," Harry muffled a small chuckle at that.

"No, you misunderstand. She predicted this before we even knew who the contestants were," Professor Trelawney explained. "She has the most powerful inner eye I have seen since my great, great grandmother."

"What?" Harry and Professor Snape both looked on shocked.

"Let me see that," Professor Snape grabbed the assignment from Professor Trelawney and read it silently to himself. He paused in thought for several minutes after he finished reading. "There is no truth to that."

"Are you sure," Professor Trelawney asked. She took the assignment back from Professor Snape.

"Yes, this discussion is over." Professor Snape turned to Harry. "You are dismissed," he declared, then stormed down the hall without even waiting for a response. Professor Trelawney followed him, doing her best to keep up with him. She accidently dropped the homework assignment on the floor.

Ordinarily Harry would consider himself lucky if he got out on time, but this was early. He was supposed to be here at least another fifteen minutes. He gathered up his books. He picked up the homework assignment off the floor. He intended to give it back to Professor Trelawney, but curiosity got the better of him, so he read that piece of paper that got Professor Snape taking off in a hurry. It said:

Professor Snape ranted, feeling he was betrayed by Dumbledore. He thought they shared a common goal of saving Lily's son, but they didn't. Then he realized all the lying, spying and even risking his life was for nothing. Lily's son was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. Dumbledore mocked him for actually caring for the boy. Then Snape did something unforgivable.

"Definitely disturbing," Harry said to himself, then he looked to see who wrote this. "Daphne Greengrass." Of course, the name sounded familiar, but he wasn't quite sure who she was.

He met up with his friends back in Gryffindor tower. He told Ron and Hermione all about his detention with Professor Snape, the discussion between the two professors, Snape's reaction and of course the homework assignment. Then he asked, "Who is Daphne Greengrass?"

"She is this hottie in Slytherin," Ron said. "In our year."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron. "Maybe we can trick her like we did with Malfoy second year. Pose as some of her friends and pump her for information," Hermione suggested.

"If she really is a psychic, wouldn't she see this coming a mile away," Ron asked with a chuckle.

"I don't care what Professor Trelawney says. Divination or the inner eye is all a bunch of nonsense. Greengrass either knows too much about something she shouldn't, or she just made this stuff up," Hermione said.

"Yeah, I was wondering that myself. But I do have another concern about this plan. If we tried that again, I think we will get caught," Harry said. "A few years ago, when supplies for Polyjuice potions went missing, Professor Snape came pretty close to accusing me. If that happens again, I think we would be prime suspects… And he is not above using a Veritaserum."

"Not to worry. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes will be getting a supply of it soon. Polyjuice potions, already done, up to the second to last step. All we have to do is buy it," Ron suggested. Then he turned to Harry. "My brothers would probably give you some for free."

"Great! Let's see! She is friends with Davis and Parkinson," Hermione said.

"Not so sure I want to play a girl. Does she have a boyfriend?" Ron asked.

"No, she doesn't," Hermione said.

"Rats, I wouldn't mind sneaking a kiss," Ron said.

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione glared at Ron, then slapped him.

"Ah, that hurt," Ron groaned, "What did you do that for?"

"Because... because..." Hermione paused and tried to think of an answer. "It would be wrong to pose as a girl's boyfriend and make her kiss you unknowingly."

"Besides, you already have a girlfriend, Lavender. So, you shouldn't be thinking about kissing other girls," Harry said.

"What she doesn't know, won't hurt her," Ron said with a smirk

"It seems to me that you don't like her." Hermione shrugged. "You should man up and break up with her already."

Harry cleared his throat. "Back to the matter at hand… Does Greengrass have any male friends?" Harry asked. "Just friends, like you and I are."

"Yes, Zabini and Pucey," Hermione answered.

"Of course, we would need to knock them out like we did last time," Ron suggested.

"Maybe not exactly like we did. I doubt Zabini and Pucey are stupid enough to take a floating cup cake," Harry explained.

"Yeah, it worked in our favor that Crabbe and Goyle were morons," Ron laughed.

"I am sure we will think of something," Hermione declared. "Or maybe I will do this mission solo, since I didn't get to go last time."

"That is a possibility." Harry and Ron nodded in agreement.

Next Hogsmeade weekend, Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Colorful plates whizzed just about their heads as they swirled around the place. Varies somehow safe mini firecrackers exploded in a myriad of bright flashes and dazzling colors.

Harry certainly felt the joy Fred and George had at realizing their dream. Ordinarily he would be thrilled about their success as many students looked around and laughed as they rummaged through the shop. He wanted a private moment with Fred and George to ask about the polyjuice potions that Ron claimed they might have. Then Harry noticed Ginny over by the love potions. She and Pansy both had their hands on the very same bottle.

"It is mine. I saw it first," Pansy spat.

"You may have seen it first, but I got it first, so let go," Ginny said, then she gave Pansy a shove. Luckily, Ginny had a good grip on that love potion.

"Oh, come on please," Pansy pleaded. "There is only one left, and besides, you don't need it. Aren't you already dating Dean Thomas?"

Ginny scrunched her nose and didn't realize, Harry, Ron and Hermione came up behind her. "Hardly," Ginny said.

"No? Then I was right," Pansy said. "You were only snogging with him to make Potter jealous. I was wondering why the kissing only started after he showed up."

"Shut up." Ginny screamed; her free hand tightened up into a fist.

"Did you catch that Potter? She didn't deny it," Pansy said a tad louder then necessary.

"He is not…" Ginny said as her heads spun around to check behind her. Those words died in her throat as her eyes met Harry's. Her face went red and she felt a sudden need for air. She set the last love potion down in the pretty pink bubbling bin. Her shoulder briefly brushed against Harry's as she headed for the door.

Pansy picked up the love potion almost immediately after Ginny set it down, then she turned to Potter. "Better go after her. She is about all you can get."

"But at least he doesn't need a love potion to get a date," Hermione said to Pansy. A thought occurred to her as she figured out how to get Pansy to voluntarily take the sleeping potion. "Malfoy dumped you, didn't he?"

"Of course not." Pansy glared at Hermione, then she too put the love potion back down again.

"Then why are you so interested in the love potion?" Hermione asked. She could tell she was lying. Pansy still has it bad for Draco. If she got a box of chocolates laced with a sleeping potion and marked them from Draco, Pansy surely would devour them. She couldn't wait to tell Harry about her plan, but definitely not here and definitely not in front of Pansy.

"I was just curious. I wasn't going to purchase it," Pansy lied. "The Weaslette harlot was going to buy it."

"Don't you dare talk about her like that," Harry scoffed at Pansy.

"I should talk to my brothers about kicking you out of here," Ron said.

"Before you do that." Hermione grabbed Ron's arm. "I wanted to ask her a question." She pointed to Pansy.

"Do I have a sign on my forehead that says information?" Pansy folded her arms.

"Did Greengrass really predict Harry would win the Triwizard tournament before the contestants were even announced?" Hermione asked.

Pansy let out a deep sigh and groaned. "Don't remind me. I had to pay that stupid girl fifty galleons when Harry actually got picked," Pansy declared.

"What?" Ron and Hermione looked at each other.

"And another ten after Potter actually won. That money should have been mine." Pansy pouted.

"You were betting against me?" Harry asked. A smirk spread across his face. He took a personal delight in the fact that she had lost the bet.

"Yeah, if it had been you who died instead of Diggory, Draco and I would have won all our money back," Pansy declared in a rub it in kind of way. "Too bad that didn't happen."

"No wonder they…" a female voice called out from behind them. Then she mumbled something under her breath that none of them quite caught. Then she cleared her throat and spoke up. "You really need to stop doing that."

"Stop doing what?" Pansy asked.

"Deliberately ticking people off," Daphne retorted. "One of these days, you will piss off the wrong person… And." She could not quite bring herself to finish that statement, yet everyone understood the meaning of it.

"Are you threatening me, Greengrass?" Pansy snared at Daphne.

"Greengrass," Harry muttered to himself. He looked her over and could definitely see why Ron wanted to kiss her. She had one of the prettiest faces in all of Hogwarts.

"Of course not," Daphne replied. "I am just warn… Just please be careful, ok?" Daphne said.

"Of them?" Pansy snickered, then she walked past the golden trio. "Please they are just a bunch of losers. They can't do anything." Pansy left the area very quickly.

Daphne facepalmed. Her shoulders slumped down feeling a bit frustrated. "I know what you guys are planning. Please don't ask me how. I just know."

"You do?" Harry and Ron both said simultaneously as they looked at each other.

"Yes! It won't end well," Daphne warned them.

"Looks like you were right. She did see this coming a mile away," Harry whispered to Ron.

"Yes!" Daphne nodded. "Don't you dare poison my friends."

"Poison?" Harry, Ron and Hermione all exchanged a confused look.

"So much for that gift of the inner eye," Hermione said. "We weren't planning on poisoning anybody."

"We just want to talk to you. That is all," Harry said.

"Then talk to me," Daphne insisted.

"Ok?" Harry was surprised it would be that easy. "I saw one of your homework assignments for Divination class and I wanted to ask you about it."

"Which one?" Daphne asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes. If she really were psychic, she would already know which one.

"The one where you claim Snape did something unforgivable," Harry said. "You weren't very specific. What exactly did he do?"

"He killed Dumbledore." Daphne sighed. She walked over to the bubbly basin the held the one remaining love potion, then picked up the vial. She snickered at some of the images that flashed in her head. Then she grimaced and put the vial down.

"Yeah that is unforgivable." Harry nodded with a wide-eyed expression.

"Dumbledore certainly wasn't innocent, but he didn't deserve this," Daphne said.

"What do you mean?" Harry squinted his eyes as he looked at Daphne.

"I mean he is setting up Lily's son to die at the hands of you know who. Any idea who Lily is?" Daphne asked.

"She is my mother," Harry declared with a sigh.

"Then just be careful then. Do not trust Dumbledore. He doesn't have your best interest at heart," Daphne warned Harry.

"We trust Dumbledore a lot more than we trust you," Hermione said.

"Whatever." Daphne began to walk away. She went to check out the Wildfired Whizz-Bangs Fred and George were setting off in the shop.

"She isn't really psychic. She actually thought we were going to poison Parkinson," Hermione said doing her best to keep her voice down.

"Weren't we though?" Ron followed suit and kept his voice at a mere whisper.

"Ronald Weasley, honestly…" Hermione scolded him. She didn't do quite as good of a job keeping herself quiet.

"Sure, we were! It was going to be a sleeping potion, not something fatal of course," Ron laughed.

"Yeah, and if Greengrass got a future glimpse of that, how would she know the difference?" Harry asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry. "I will prove it once and for all that she isn't psychic." Then she whispered so only Harry and Ron could hear her. "I did come up with a plan for Parkinson. Let's see if she knows what the plan is."

Hermione went over to Daphne, followed closely behind by Ron and Harry. "You said we were going to poison Parkinson. How exactly did you think we were going to do that?"

"A box of chocolates with a card attached claiming they were from Draco Malfoy," Daphne answered without giving it so much as a single thought.

Hermione was all ready to laugh in triumph, instead she shied away in defeat. "Oh," she said, for once at a loss for words.

Harry looked at Hermione as if expecting her to come up with a witty retort and tell miss Greengrass just how wrong she was. Instead, she stared at the hard-wooden floor beneath her feet as if searching for an explanation. After a few moments of silence from Hermione, Harry swallowed hard and closed his eyes momentarily. "I am doomed," Harry muttered to himself, as he realized her silence could only mean one thing. Daphne got it right.

"Even if you really are psychic, I still don't trust you and I certainly don't believe you about Dumbledore," Hermione told Daphne.

"I understand." Daphne nodded. "I don't trust you either." Then she looked to Harry. "For your sake, I hope I am wrong. But I can tell you this. Pansy was right about one thing."

"Don't tell me let me guess, Ginny is the only girl I could get?" Harry asked with a bit of an eyeroll.

Daphne laughed. "Are you kidding? Pansy thinks she speaks for everybody." She rolled her eyes. "Please, I know of at least five girls that would LOVE to have you as a boyfriend and there is probably a lot more. The thing Pansy is right about is that Ginny is one of them. If you are interested go for it. If not, be careful. She isn't above using a love potion on you."

"I will keep that in mind," Harry gulped.

"And who else?" Ron asked purely out of curiosity.

"Romilda Vane," Hermione answered Ron's question with the one she knew.

"Yep, that was one of them. I won't give you names but I can tell you this. One girl from Ravenclaw became interested in you after you won the Triwizard Tournament," Daphne declared.

"Cho Chang," Hermione guessed.

"Ok, so at least six girls. That one is true, but not the one I had in mind. It was another girl in Ravenclaw," Daphne said.

"Luna?" Ron asked.

"No, someone else. And then there was this other girl in Hufflepuff who you were giving magic lessons to last year." Daphne looked at Harry. "She said she would have preferred snogging lessons. She was definitely hot for teacher."

"So, do you know of any girls that are interested in me?" Ron asked Daphne. "Besides Lavender that is."

Daphne paused and took a deep breath. "No, not that I know of." Then she winked at Hermione with a bit of a smirk on her face.

Hermione's eyes opened a tad wider and her jaw dropped, but after a few moments, she returned to a poker face.

Later Harry met up with Ginny outside of the joke shop. She looked up at Harry and couldn't even bring herself to speak. She still felt so embarrassed at being caught about to purchase a love potion to use on him. "You weren't really going to use a love potion on me, were you," Harry asked.

"No." Ginny averted her eyes and nodded not even realizing she was doing it.

"You don't need a love potion. You are doing just fine all by yourself," Harry echoed what he once heard Fred and George say to their sister not so long ago.

"Really," Ginny looked at him with wide puppy dog eyes. She leaned in and kissed him. At first it was a gentle peck on the lips, but as Harry leaned into the kiss, her kisses became more passionate.

"I will have to let Dean Thomas down easy," Ginny said. Harry reluctantly smiled with a nod.

Later that evening, during dinner, Harry couldn't help it but to look around the great hall. Even though he already started a relationship with Ginny, he couldn't help being curious as he scanned over all the girls at the Ravenclaw table wondering which of them Daphne referred to. Next his eyes scanned over the Hufflepuff table. He tried to remember which girls were in his Defense against the Dark Arts class, but try as he might, he couldn't remember. He went over the count in his head. She said, Ginny, Romilda, a girl in Hufflepuff and another in Ravenclaw. Daphne said there were at least five who were interested in him. Now he couldn't help wondering who the fifth one was. Daphne gave him no clue, so he had no idea where to look. He was certain Ginny was the one he wanted, so it didn't matter anyway. He was only looking out of curiosity and to distract him from what was really bothering him.

Harry looked to the head table. He hated it that Daphne got him questioning Dumbledore. Something was definitely up with Professor Snape. He clenched his steak knife so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Snape's eyes narrowed; nose scrunched up ever so slightly every time he looked in Dumbledore's direction. To Harry Snape looked like a serpent ready to strike.

A few moments later, Dumbledore said something to Professor Snape, then he slapped his hand over his mouth and got up from his seat and made a hasty retreat from the dining hall. Harry wondered if he had been poisoned, so he trailed him out of there as did Professor Snape.

Dumbledore went to his office. He tried to close the door, but Snape forced his way in, with Harry following not so far behind. "So, tell me, what is your plan for young Mr. Potter," Professor Snape insisted on knowing.

"If my suspicions are correct, he will have to die," Albus said. "That scar he is so famous for; I believe was an accidental horcrux. So long as he lives, you know who will always be able to come back."

Harry raced back to Gryffindor tower to go find Ron and Hermione. Ron had left with Lavender for the night and nobody seemed to know where Hermione went, so Harry pulled out his trusty Marauders map. The map confirmed that Ron was with Lavender and Hermione was nowhere to be seen, but another name managed to catch his attention, Daphne Greengrass. She was alone in the astronomy tower, so he made his way over right away.

Harry raced up the stairs of the tower not being particularly careful to be quiet. He saw Daphne sitting on the floor Indian style with her arms folded across her chest. She looked up at him and smiled. Then she pinched herself. "Ouch," Daphne said. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

"You were right." Harry knelled down beside her.

"About what?" Daphne asked. "I said a lot of things."

"Everything," Harry slapped his hand over his mouth as he realized the implications of that. "Well, er, um, except no, we weren't going to poison Parkinson." One glazed overlook from Daphne and Harry knew right away she wasn't buying it, not one single bit. He gulped. "Ok!" He put his hands up in defeat. "Ok, so we were planning on giving her something to knock her out, so one of us could impersonate her and ask you some questions. Sorry." He let out a heavy sigh. Then he explained what he overheard from Dumbledore. "Do you think Dumbledore is right? If I live, can Voldemort use me to come back?"

She paused as if in deep thought for a few moments. "Yes," she choked out with a raspy voice.

"I know what I must do," Harry sighed.

Daphne put her arm around him. She half expected him to brush her off, but he didn't. "Too bad you can't go back in time and save your parents." Daphne tapped her finger against his scar. "Then this never would have happened in the first place."

"All the time turners were destroyed."

"Wait that is actually possible?" Daphne questioned and Harry nodded half-heartedly. "Then we will have to make a new one."

"We? Why would you help me?"

Daphne blushed and blinked a few times before finally giving her answer, "I don't want you to die. I mean... I wouldn't want any innocent to die, you know? And you're innocent. Helping you is the right thing to do."

Harry remembered that Daphne mentioned five girls who would love to have him as a boyfriend, but she gave no details about the fifth one. Could she have meant herself? Nah, probably not, Daphne was just doing the right thing, like she said.


I would like to thank CSGT for his help on this story.