Mike was walking to his first period class when he saw Cheryl and he tried really hard to avoid her but he couldn't "wheeler" she said "shit" he mumbled "what Cheryl?" He asked "idiot" she said "of course your gonna continue to bully because you think your the hbic" mike said "cause I am Micheal" she says as she shoves him tawords a locker and walks away "still the same old bitch god damnit" mike mumbled as he walked to his class


At lunch mike sat with his friends and with his other friends "so mike?"Archie asked "yeah Archie "how'a Nancy Doing?" He asked "ask her yourself pal" mike said "and of course she's hanging out with Cheryl" mike said to himslef then he saw Cheryl get up and walk over here "Veronica lodge I heard somethings" Cheryl said "Cheryl said" "why does she have it bother us mike" will asked "I don't know will" mike responded with trying out for "cheerleading?" Cheryl asked "is cheerleading still a thing?" Kevin asked making mike and Dustin and max and eleven to laugh "is still being a gay best friend stop as thing" Cheryl said with sass "follow me on Twitter @thecherylbombshell and I shall do the same thing" Cheryl said then she walked "she's such an asswhole" mike said "gonna try out too betty" eleven asked "Cheryl said she needs girls that have energy" betty said

"SCREW CHERYL BETS" elven said "you me and Veronica are going to tryout for that team today" mike looks at Dustin and max and will and Lucas "guys we have to meet up with jughead" mik says "we do?" Will asks "yes rember he needs help with his book" mike says "ugggg we always have to" Dustin said

"We did promise him that we would held him Dustin" Will said

"Okay okay we better get going". Will said "bye el" mike said before kissing her